Nykkus Trachspyr

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AlaMhigo.png Nykkus Trachspyr
[[Image:C ffxiv nykkus by bchart-d75lyzq.jpg|250px]]
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ala Mhigo
Age 35
Height 7'3"
Weight 290
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde w/blue hightlights
Hangout locations The Quicksand in Ul'dah/The Observatorium in Coerthas
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Basic Info

"Professionally trained and heavily experienced Warrior with a history full of brutality and loss. Uncomfortable in social situations and prone to fits of violence and rage. Seems to remain stoic and unapproachable for a multitude of reasons, one of which likely being an attempt to control otherwise destructive nature. Quick and concise in battle - does not bother with honorable combat - will win at any cost. If enraged applicant likely will attack enemy and ally alike. Should be sent to and kept at front line posts with heavy action."

-- Maelstrom Applications Officer Coburn Blackfish, behavioral observations of recent applicants, fem Roe, Trashspyr, Nykkus.


Though being the firstborn of her parents lineage, Nykkus was the second child for the couple, having adopted the son of their friends, who both tragically perished. The boys father giving his life to defend their homeland from beast tribe incursions, the mother only weeks later in a mining accident.

As fate would have it an unscrupulous Hyur merchant, having braved the trip to Abalathia's Spine saw an opportunity in the couple and convinced them to follow Hellsguard tradition in giving up the girl, despite her still being an infant. He took her to the black markets of Ala Mhigo where the wealthy were known to purchase the latest and greatest. Sure enough, a noble family with an interest in having a trophy child adopted her as their own.

She was enrolled in the best academies and training programs the city-state had to offer. No expense was spared, no request was denied. However being the single Roegadyn among her peers was a difficulty, and she soon became aggressive towards others. Her strength soon attracted notice and found her enrolled in military training academies, where she was tutored by a Sea Wolf lieutenant who understood her better than any other. Skyltbhar Agatgeisssyn became her mentor, her father figure, and her only true ally. He taught her all he knew of the Hellsguard, all he knew of their ancient language, and all he knew of warfare and discipline. By the time she entered military ranks proper, she was among the youngest ever recorded being just 14, and faced a promising future with an officer recommendation within weeks of enlistment.

Her looks became noticed as well, and soon she was called "The Rose of Abania". She served for a year in a prestigious guard unit, taking leadership of the group just over a month before the Empire came. Though she had held her unit together through the tyranny of their king, the tumultuous day to day business of keeping order in a self destructing city, and the initial purging of Theodric's enemies, her unit was one of a select few that chose to fight their "liberators", seeing the Empire for what they truly were. The excessive use of airship might to put down the initial resistance caused much damage to the city and surrounding areas and bred a mistrust and hatred of the technology in Nykkus.

After the loss of the city, she joined a group of former soldiers still using guerrilla warfare tactics to hamper Imperial forces and cause losses where possible. The unit was led by a powerful ex-soldier named Rhuvian Vastitas who, unbeknownst to Nykkus, supported their king in his campaigns against his own people. Soon his charisma and leadership would have all convinced to follow him blindly and they began to strike at any target of opportunity, including the outlying villages and caravans of refugees trying to flee to the Shroud.

When finally Rhuvian decided it was time to abandon their home and move operations into Eorzea proper, Nykkus was forced to face a hard truth. She had turned into a murderer, a pillager, a savage bandit with no moral compass. She had turned on her own people, brutalized enemy personnel and equipment, and now faced abandoning the very home she had turned her soul over for in the first place. It was too much to bear. The groups first night in the Shroud would prove it's last. Though Rhuvian had sent his multitude of spies and scouts to do his bidding, the bulk of their raiders slept in camp. So sure were they of their superiority they did not even post guards, save for their leader himself. Nykkus slit the throats of all who slept and hunted for Rhuvian. But he found her first. He had been watching, and found her actions amusing. She screamed in rage at the realization that he'd seen this coming. Ny charged in and fought him with all the strength and skill she could muster. She even lasted a while. He simply laughed at her, deftly dodging or deflecting her attacks. When she lost she was tied to a tree. For hours he tortured her, beat her, and raped her. When he finally tired of his prey he simply let her go and set to looting his own men. He never bothered to bury them.

Nykkus was never the same. For what seemed like ages she wandered the Shroud. She stumbled through the forest alone, weak and terrified. Out of her mind and utterly without a soul, she joined other bandit gangs found hiding deep in the woods. Often their entrance fees were steep, and there was little to pay them with. She killed and pillaged. She fucked, she drank herself to madness. Sometimes she even let her new friends live. When she grew sick of the trees, she simply swapped identities and disappeared somewhere new. For years this continued, moving from one area to another until finally she awoke one morning in a soft bed, in a warm and private room in Limsa Lominsa. She did not know who she was. Her past was lost to her. The only clue was a Maelstrom application near her bed, a name she assumed to be her own on it, and some equipment in the armoire. She had almost no gil and took odd jobs here and there for weeks, her days often beginning and ending in brawls with pirates in the city. Sometimes this was just for the leftovers on their plates.

Eventually she found the Vylbrand Academy and a routine set in. Eventually - her past found her.


Nykkus is sometimes cold and distant, but is always stoic and formal. She keeps all at arms length and oft remains so tense it is painful simply to sit. Likely any attempts to touch her would be met with force, possibly lethal. Sometimes she has flashbacks to a previous life and the things it entailed. Her awkward social demeanor acts as a shield however - she is well aware of her capabilities, and strives to keep herself in check.

In a typically opposite act of intimacy, she often takes strangers - male or female, to her inn room for sex. It helps her unwind; even just a little. Keeps her emotions and energy in check. It is often after an outing, when her rage is still active. Rarely is the other party glad for the encounter however, unless they are of tough constitution.


1.)The Vylbrand Academy 2.)A loose group of friends and adventurers formerly of the Hydaelynsworn.

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