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Orphaniel is a young child, if a bit precocious. He is not "an adult in a child's body", in spite of the number of years he has been alive. Heavy/dark themes may be RPed around or concerning him. ERP is not acceptable around him. Thank you.

Orphaniel is also semi-independent. As long as he has a roof over his head and access to food or to a cook, he does not need a babysitter. This is for those who are concerned about him being a burden.


"Orphaniel Bunansa" is a child Lalafell who stays a child and doesn't age due to having been an alchemist's guinea pig for an elixir of unaging. He has been around for over twenty-five years, but he is physically and mentally somewhere between two and five years old. According to my RPed narration, "even Lalafell can't tell how old they are at that age-- unless they were keeping track-- since Lalafell grow so much more slowly than other races."

Orphaniel's intellectual development is also stunted by the elixir. However, since he has been made to work hard as a street ward and as a house servant all these years, he has mildly-developed language skills and has developed many different work skills.

In the future, with the use of aether and stoneskin-- he has the potential to participate in battle with moderate conjury and with mild effectiveness in the Way of the Fist. (He has none of these fighting skills at first, and will have to learn them across his character arc.)


Orphaniel is a rich character with an eventful history. About twenty-five years before the in-character introduction, an alchemist in Limsa Lominsa was seeking to create an elixir of eternal unaging so he could live in his prime forever. He kidnapped several young orphans to use as guinea pigs so he could quickly observe results, and eventually the elixir was successful. Orphaniel was one of the orphans, and so he and the others don't age. The alchemist sold the children off to various homes and owners-- as that was the most useful course of action for him-- and he ran off. [There is no sexual abuse implied. I keep my RP clean.] The whole incident is known among traffickers and scholars; but so far, no one knows where the alchemist went. Orphaniel's last two owners kept him as a possible link to tracking the alchemist, as a possible tool to reverse-engineer the elixir, or as a way to observe any negative side effects of the elixir.

No one knows Orphaniel's real name, age, or family. His name was given to him by his first owner-- a thief with the last name of "Bunansa"-- who named the child "Orphaniel" as a cruel joke. Orphaniel would later be called by the thief's last name. Orphaniel has worked for several masters-- first in Limsa Lominsa and later in The Goblet-- before eventually escaping. In Limsa he lived on the street or in the wilderness, where he learned to panhandle, pickpocket, housebreak, play flute and harp, camp, trap, gather, and cook. When he was sold into The Goblet, he lived with wealthy lords in large estates, where he refined his cooking and musical skills and learned to keep house, serve, greet, and behave as in high society.

Orphaniel has lived through abuse and "abandonment" many times. Some of Orphaniel's owners were very cruel and they would punish him harshly. His latest owner, "Master Atoya" as Orphaniel called him, was particularly harsh. For example, Atoya had been attempting to force Orphaniel to learn to write; but Orphaniel could not write acceptably due to his underdeveloped coordination. Atoya would beat him for his failure until Atoya eventually gave up.

Orphaniel's introductory RP has him hiding from Atoya at a strange FC in The Goblet. Orphaniel had been suffering from clinical depression and existential issues, and he lost the energy and motivation to work. Because of this, he began hiding instead of working, and Atoya soon found out. Atoya proceeded to beat Orphaniel nearly to death. After spending a few days in Atoya's infirmary, Orphaniel was told he would be put back under his service. But Orphaniel felt he wouldn't recover from his emotional state soon enough to prevent another beating, and-- fearing for his life-- he ran. Atoya has Brass Blades hired and stationed in The Goblet so they could find and return Orphaniel.


Orphaniel is very clearly a child. He is a bit shorter than an adult Lalafell and notably smaller in frame. He has a very fair complexion and a sweet but intelligent-looking face. He has medium blonde hair which is somewhat unkempt. Orphaniel likes to make his own clothing and loves to dress up. He has clothing for many occasions-- casual, work, or formal. He almost always dyes them his favorite color-- sky blue. Orphaniel is very easy to pick out from a crowd.

Orphaniel has underdeveloped coordination and strength. Because of this, he may struggle to do tasks he enjoys such as cooking and crafting. However, he often makes up for his trouble with clever problem-solving, such as making wooden lids for teacups when he carries them. He climbs and descends stairs one step at a time and often asks for help with many things.

Aspects that stand out:
Clearly a young child, but sometimes capable of some more complex tasks and communication than would be expected
Almost always seen in sky-blue clothing
Baby chocobo facepaint on right cheek


Orphaniel is sweet and helpful, and childlike in most of his personality. He is neutral good-- following the rules unless he deems them harmful. He loves to share new experiences with others, and he can serve and entertain others with various skills while doing so. He loves to be outside and he loves nature, animals, and camping. He likes to play, whether through exploring, hands-on observation, games, singing, or pretend play with others or with toys.

Orphaniel is overly trusting of people who do not appear intimidating to him, and he doesn't hold grudges.


Most everything. Orphaniel has a childlike love for the world and most things in it, from nature and animals (especially chocobos and carbuncles) to crafting and working to friendship and a wide variety of experiences.
The Eastern way. Orphaniel once attended an Eastern Way and Way of the Fist festival with his previous-to-last owner. Since then, he has greatly loved the culture, including the food, dress, and the Way of the Fist.


Fighting among friends. Orphaniel loves almost everyone and hates to see them failing to get along, especially to the point of violence or separation.
"Adult" food. Orphaniel dislikes green tea, coffee, bitter ale, and the like.


Culinary arts. Orphaniel loves to cook, especially for friends. He can fully prepare and cook a freshly-caught fish and cook many other things.
Crafting. Orphaniel likes to make his own clothing, as well as many other things including stuffed toys.


Helpful. Orphaniel continues learning regardless of his age otherwise, and is mildly good at problem-solving. He has a wide variety of skills that he can eagerly use to help or to serve people.
Compassion & friendliness. Orphaniel always believes the best in people, and he is compassionate and gentle with people at times that others would be angry with them. Orphaniel can make a lot of friends in a short amount of time and can be very easy to like.


Vulnerable. Orphaniel is too trusting of people and can be taken advantage of. He lacks wisdom about what would be a safe social circumstance and what wouldn't be. He isn't very strong and he isn't always quick to take action in a crisis.
Poor Coordination. Orphaniel has much of the coordination expected of a two-to-five-year-old. His large muscle control is better than his small muscle control; and so with a good stance, good form, and enough practice, he may be able to do Way of the Fist. However, he struggles with using his fingers and he has to deliberately and carefully take each step up or down stairs, among other things.


Family & peace. Orphaniel has had a rough, loveless life in which he was not allowed to be a kid. His primary motivation is to be surrounded by family and friends and to be able to enjoy life, whether through work or play. He can be a bit existential as well, and hopes one day to fully understand who he is and what he should expect from himself.
Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.



Personal RP Limits
I play light, medium, and heavy RP. Walk-ups are fine. Orphaniel has an on-going story; so if I want to RP with someone, but it doesn't make sense for the character to be with them at the time, I will call it "asynchronous RP" and try to fit it somewhere else in Orph's timeline of on-going events.
I will play heavy or dark content as long as there is no sexual themes, gore, torture, dark possession, or the occult. I will also RP combat, though Orph's contribution will depend on what he has learned so far. I will RP with anyone who is willing to RP with me, unless the sentence-writing is just really bad. No offense. ^^;
I won't play Sexual themes, ERP, gore, torture, dark possession, or the occult.


Potential Plot Hooks
Orph is always expanding his skills and he has a somewhat mysterious past with many terrible people in it.
Orphaniel wishes to learn conjury and the Way of the Fist so he can defend himself, especially from Brass Blades traffickers.
Orphaniel can heal using his hands as a focus, so there is conjury talent to be explored.
The Brass Blades traffickers are still around, and Master Atoya still wants Orph back.
The other orphans that the alchemist experimented on are still probably slaves.
The alchemist's whereabouts are still unknown.
No one knows who Orphaniel's parents were or are or what happened to them.
Character Lore Adherence
As far as I know, nothing about Orphaniel breaks lore.
No changes required.

Known Name: Orphaniel Bunansa
Birth Name: Unknown
Race: Dunesfolk Lalafell
Age: 2-5 years old?
Actual Age (Time Alive): 25+, not including pre-alchemy and post-slavery. He is a smart child, not an "adult in a child's body".
Name Day: Unknown
Gender: Male

Citizenship: Probably Limsa Lominsan
Background: Street/house slave
Skills: Conjury, Way of the Fist (eventually), panhandling, pickpocketing, housebreaking, playing flute, playing harp, camping, gathering, trapping, cooking, housekeeping, greeting, serving, high-society behavior
Hair color: Pale blonde
Eye color: Deep, vivid blue
Complexion: Exremely fair
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: Baby chocobo facepaint, for OoC identification as a child
Alignment: Neutral good
Favorite Food: Any fine cousine with meat
Favorite Drink: Tropical juices or punches
Favorite Color: Sky blue
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