Paerl "Rita" Guldbloewyn

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Paerl "Rita" Guldbloewyn
Rita and Powder.png
Retired Bandit Queen
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Lohengarde
Citizenship Ul'dah
Alignment Chaotic Good

♦ In-Game Brief

Tall and Bothersome, Rita walks and talks like she's seen and done it all. Obnoxiously butting herself into other's lives, this old Roegadyn has lived many lives. Almost always accompanied by her personal entourage of voidkin Bombs, who she herself breeds and raises.

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♦ General

Paerl Guldbloewyn, present assumed named Rita, is an old Lohengarde Roegadyn currently living in supposed retirement after a storied life. Born into a later exiled lesser Syndicate family, Paerl took full advantage of the benefits and education of her class during her early upbringing, which would ultimately allow her eventual rise, fall, and reemergence in society. Her list of skills and titles stretch from being an Alchemist, Kobold Company Member, noteworthy Bomb Breeder, Bandit Queen, Revolutionary and Antiquarian, to name a few.

Born the youngest of a rising ( at the time, ) Syndicate family, Paerl enjoyed a strong if somewhat distant relationship with her parents, whose far reaching mercantile contacts and businesses allowed for a rigorous and hefty education in multiple schools of the arts and sciences. The most significant and disastrous being a rare apprenticeship under 157th Order Alchemist Bi Za, a result of a controversial business venture made by her late father, whom sought an unprecedented trading relationship with the Kobolds of La Noscea for rare earth metals. This would ultimately become the family’s downfall, as rival Syndicate families used this controversial venture as a means to demonize and criminalize the family. With most of her family either dead, exiled, or left to rot in gaol, Paerl was secreted away by what few loyal retainers were left, and fostered by Bi Za, where she continued her apprenticeship under him as an unwanted surrogate of the 157th.

Disliked and often abused by her fellow Order members, Paerl would focus her energy into her master’s teachings, with Bi Za being one of the few who welcomed her presence. It was here that the lone child of man would find her passion and talent in the breeding and raising of Bombs, a voidkin species who were uniquely used by the Kobolds for blast mining within U’Ghamaro Mountain. Noted by her own master, the girl had a talent for taming their usual furious temperament, producing a high quality of docile and obedient Bombs, a practice which was only replicated much later after the Calamity by the industrious beastmen.

Upon completing her apprenticeship under Bi Za, Paerl would eventually depart the mountain, recognizing the growing hostility of the beastmen. She would reintegrate herself back into the races of Man, entering civil society as a noteworthy bandit queen, as she cut a trail back towards the sands of Thanalan. She grew to become a prominent and unique threat to the current Syndicate families, harassing and pillaging Syndicate holdings and, trade routes with her own unique brand of explosive vengeance, labeling herself and her comrades as revolutionaries in defense of a hamstrung Sultanate. Her persistence and affinity for avoiding capture would eventually force the families to invest heavily into the dismantling of her Bandit clan, culminating into a year long operation which would be later waylaid by the coming Calamity, which ultimately would be the final nail in Paerl’s career as a revolutionary, with her enemies and what remained of her comrades deeming her lost in the chaos that followed the Calamity.

She survived her reported death, and would soon emerge under the alias Rita. Having made use of what was left of a treasury intended for the now deceased members of her own band, she was able to establish herself into a position of wealth in the modern age, a feat only possible as a result of the horrors brought to Eorzea during Dalamud’s fall, allowing her to insert herself into post-disaster investigations, which she used to forge evidence of her own death.

Thinking herself as too old and tired to reacquire her thirst for vengeance, as well as sobered by the losses suffered, ‘Rita’ would fall into a life of supposed retirement as an Antiquarian, all the while using her collected wealth to finance and build various businesses in Eorzea, much like her father had original intended. A core focus being her own alchemy Lab, which specialized uniquely in Bomb breeding and raising.

♦ Appearance

With seven fulm to her height, Rita boasts a hardy and well worn appearance earned from a lifetime of working and wandering. Her cheekbones high, eyes narrow, strong nose and well built jaw give her a rough cut appearance. A storied woman now entering into the fifties of her years, with greying auburn hair. Her body is overly marked by nicks, burns and scars, which she normally covers, as they are one of the few identifiers she has left of her old life.

♦ Demeanor

Simple if somewhat fancy clothing is all she seems to desire, with the woman often happy to don a simple sundress and sunhat. However, her simplicity in cloth is completely contrasted by her complete excess in jewelry, to the point that some may call gaudy. An eccentric by heart, she carries copious jewels, golds and silvers on her person. From simple things as a gold chain necklace, to a brilliant ruby ring on her forefinger. The number of decorations on her can go from anywhere to a number easily counted on one hand, or to a massive shining collection hanging from her neck and shoulders, with ornamental plate pieces fashioned onto her ceremoniously. She wears these regardless of it being appropriate to what setting she finds herself in.

♦ Personality

Rita would like to style herself as a writer, a scholar, a fighter and a lover. However, she tends to present herself as intentionally slow witted, lazy and self-deprecating. Her sense of humour bizarre and sometimes inappropriate, she is really quick to laugh and jest at herself and others though more often than not it is never above a childish tease. As a retired bandit and adventurer, she has largely backed away from the heat and pressure of her old life, instead choosing to live out the rest of the life she has in luxury and to hope for contentment. She reacts slowly to events, and sometimes will even play herself as just dimwitted to achieve this. It’s important to note that Rita is a massive workaholic in denial.

She is also an impressively maternal person, who is somewhat notorious for picking up strays and caring for them.

However, she is also an incredibly restless and rambunctious old woman, with far too much energy that often boils over into immediate fits of adventure and wanderlust. She is prone to leave any of her homes unoccupied for months at a time, only returning once she had returned from some grand epic, or at least with a good story to tell.

Stories are an incredibly important part of her repertoire and motivations. They are the single greatest thing she seems to seek out at the middling of her life, willing to go to extraordinary lengths to collect them. Stories as simple as those from long lost cultures, ancients, gods. Or tales as grandiose as long arduous epics involving clashing heroes. The romance of such real life events stirs the fires in the Roegadyn's heart, urging her onto often ill-advised quests of her own.


A dusty old tome, long forgotten by those who penned it. Rita finds the prospect of finding lost literature to be one of her greatest treasures. She values her library above even herself.
Her beloved pet Bombs, Powder Keg and Neige. She lavishes both of these bombs with tailored outfits and styles their flames as if it were hair. She is prone to taking either of them with her on a leash, if she is able.
Gold, jewels, diamonds, fabrics, furrs. Rita pretends that she does not understand the definition of the word 'subtle'. Rita collects and wears all sorts of adornation, especially if they have a story associated with it. A ring she often wears? Once belonged to an affluent Allagan. The silver necklace? Was crafted in the name of a King's unrequited love.
Ambition. Rita is absolutely tickled by any who show any desire to rise above, regardless of context. She finds it to be one of the most important indicators for a great individual.
Myths and Legends. Rita absorbs herself into the misty stories of the past. A great part of this were the stories her father used to tell her when she was young.


Monetarists. Rita's long list of sins in her past as a Bandit made her much an enemy of the wealthy and affluent in Ul'dah. Even in the present, she sees their influence as a corruption that taints the very foundation of her beloved home nation.
Lalafell. Rita has developed a very deeply rooted bias against this race, whom she sees as untrustworthy and greedy. There are exceptions to this, as Rita is an avid Royalist and supporter of Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo.
Slavery and related trafficking of both the beast races and those of men. In her career as a Bandit, Rita went above and beyond for her own reforms within her ranks. Those associated with any of these trades were immediately put to the axe.
Oath Breakers. Rita expects any promise made to her to be kept. She expects the same from herself.


Story Teller
Treasure Hunter
Bomb Enthusiast
Cid nan Garlond


Impulsive. Contrary to what is expected of her age, Rita leads her current life by the very bridge of her nose, her attention turning to whatever immediately tickles her fancy. This has led her into more than her fair share of trouble.
Wayword Souls. She often gets a bit too friendly with the downtrodden and the lost. She sees a great deal of herself in them, and thus often finds herself pushing herself into a matronly position.
Age. She knows very well that she cannot keep up the pace she's maintaned since she was young. Even now, her old bones are begining to ache. She'll fight this until she's fallen into her grave, but sooner or later, the steam is going to run out on this particular train.


Platonic Love Crush Romantic Love In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
¿We Just Don't Know
Aurorane Saielle – Spouse

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"You know, I heard a few people caught her roughing up a pair of Wailers. Something about her deviled voidsent pet lighting up a bush."
"She got out of a fine from the Yellow Jackets by playing herself off as daft and old."
"She orders tea at the pub! I'm serious!"
"She keeps stealing and eating the fruit from my shop! Everytime, I have to tell her to pay!"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"There's been rumblings that she keeps a dormant bomb in her basement. Not just any ol' Voidkin bomb either. But one of the big ones. One summoned by the Allagans... Y-You don't think it could.... Blow? Do you?"
"The way she waxes on about that Cid fellow, you'd think she would faint at the sight of him."
"She used ta' frequent the local brothel - though haven't seen her sneak off there recently."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"So. Keep this down low, mate. I was commissioned for a very hush-hush repair job on that woman's Mammet retainer. I did not get why she wanted it so secretive until I actually started the job. Under that fresh paintjob, clothes, is parts older than I am. For fuck's sake, I think they even further back than her whole family. I'm talking about bits and pieces that looked to be Allagan, originally. Whoever first built him, they're long dead. I kept trying to tell her that I couldn't feasibly do this on my own, kept trying to get outside help. She kept turning me down and just offered more gil instead."

Player Character Rumors

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"She's dim as a guttering candle and overly fond of bombs. Not the exploding kind, the other exploding kind. Probably pretty easy to fleece." - Spahro Llorn
"She keeps asking for grilled cheese. I don't know what that is. I don't offer that service. Why does she keep asking for a damn grilled cheese?? Pays well, though." - Z'zhumii Umi
"I haerd she wendway the full o' Eorzea! I reck she's treasure in her dwell! Gryr mouns of klybrighy gold ayn geim!" - A Roegadyn lass
"The woman seems to mean well, but she's strange... very, very strange. Perhaps a little strangeness can be refreshing, though." - Faye Covington

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