Yorumei Uranakei

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Yorumei Uranakei
~the Path Weaver~

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CURRENT ALIAS || Yorumei Uranakei (and many others)

BIRTH NAME || Uranakei no Yorumei

RACE & CLAN || Au Ra Raen

GENDER || ♂-ish

AGE & NAMEDAY || ~24 years old, 22nd Sun of the 6th Astral Moon.

ORIENTATION || Gods only know.



NATIONALITY || Once Doman, now unaffiliated.

CURRENT RESIDENCE || It's a mystery.

OCCUPATION || Strategist, Diviner, Witch, Whatever he needs to be.

PATRON DEITY || The Dawn Father, The Spinner, + eclectic Spiritualism.

HEIGHT || 7 fulms, 2 ilms

WEIGHT || ~ 233 ponz

ALIGNMENT || Good Question


Yorumei symbol.png
Yorumei symbol.png

♦ In-Game Brief

HELLO, HI. This page is a HUGE WIP. I'm basically just placeholdering everything until I slowly fill it in. So uh. I apologize for the mess and lack of Actual Info about this guy right now. A lot here is basically me making fun of my character. It will get better soon, I promise.

As for a summary... Yorumei is a divining, wandering, witchy strategist lord of shite. He's beauty, he's grace, he's freakin terrible and I am so sorry you may have met him.

Yorumei's a man of many talents when he isn't gambling, drunk somewhere, wandering through the woods, or doing gods know what singing hauntings into clear, starry nights. Often, a strange, subtle wind can be felt in his presence, and he is likely to be heard by tunes he hums or the small chiming bells he adorns himself with before he's seen. The Raen has a number of witchy tendencies alongside, a notable proficiency in some 'magics', and ever seems interested in people watching. The topic of something new to learn, especially in the Aetherical department, is like to grab his attention.

But currently, his horns are far more turned toward matters of refugees, smugglers, and what's happening with the Garlean empire. One could guess that he might be desperately looking for something, or someone, like so many others that came over from Doma once upon a time. But then again, it might only be a guess. Perhaps he wants to lay a curse, or fortell the fate of some poor, hapless soul. Gods only know with how strange this one is.

Open for Walkups when: There's a W in Player Search Info.
In general, please send a tell first!
Yor is a shitelord. You have been warned.
Click the RP Hooks tab above for a few ideas if you're looking for a reason to play with Yorumei. Or just talk to me! We'll figure something out.


When winds brush by haunted with the sounds of lost songs, the one who walks like a wraith of the woods is not far behind.

Yorumei Uranakei has ever been a man of many plans and many faces. But when all plans fall apart, when the life he had been meant to live and made for comes undone just as Doma had fallen twice over, what happens then?

With all family gone and gone, the witch and once-maybe-still criminal seeks out a new path. A path that will show him if he could ever truly have the ‘personhood’ he was never meant to know, while following the hopes he can seek out a certain someone who'd been left behind in the ashes.


Yorumei tends to be heard before seen, but if he is to be seen, he’d like to make it worth the while.

The man is a brown-skinned Raen with golden eyes and a smile of knives. Long, immaculately kept, cobweb white hair is always brushed well, lacing through a crown of horns to fall past his knees, it’s often kept tied and ruly with ribbons and small bells. His features are long, rounded, and sharp with a face and body dotted by small, golden-white ‘freckles’ (small scales in truth,) found around the larger shifts between skin and plate-like or spiny scales. Eyebrows are thick while his nose is long with a birdlike curve. When Yorumei smiles, smirks and sings, his teeth number far too many and far too sharp.

The carefully composed Raen is tall enough and strong enough to lift most people, and as is prevalent through his family, he has notably wide hips. Some scars cut through his meticulously kept appearance, the most clear across his face up from his neck and jaw, to over his cheek and brow on the other side. Palms and fingers are also heavily scarred, as though something had been torn from them again and again.

Finally, Yorumei often moves like the winds that keep his company and billow the robes he wears most. It’s all very theatrical. It’s all very dramatic. It’s all in the hopes to give the impression that he is exactly as beautiful and ethereal as he presents himself to be. Perhaps he is. He’d certainly like to think so.


Everything he does is for The Plan. That weird creature he brought home that has not stopped skittering along the ceiling yet? The Plan. Pulling out half the neighbor's vegetables from their garden to arrange in the other neighbor's lawn in a ritual circle? The Plan. Vanishing for days on end into the woods (or maybe the Golden Saucer)? The Plan.

Don't worry. He knows what he's doing.

A list of accurate traits include: Why, help, what are you even doing, DON'T YOU DARE PUT THAT NEAR ME YOR OR SO HELP ME, yodeler, wanting more than this provincial life, too hot, (hot damn), he will pick you up don't tempt him, criminal, white wizard divining witch weirdo, weaver of auguries, gambling son of a crimelord, liar, man of many faces, UP UP.

Yorumei symbol.png
Yorumei symbol.png
RP Hooks and Potential Connections


He's beauty, he's grace, he laughs like a jackal and slaps tables too much.
He totally wants to wrestle. Punch him. Have him start the barfight you always wanted.
He may or may not have a different act every time you meet him. (Try to collect them all!)
Meeting him will give you a weird story to tell your friends later, maybe.
He's into some odd magical practices and at least seems to know what he's doing. He'd certainly welcome those of similar persuasion.
Are those winds singing? Or is it him? Weird.. maybe he'll talk about it if you ask him.
He wanders quite often, but all in all, is still pretty new to Eorzea. Anything you can show him or tell him about the place will be taken with interest. Also, he's potentially lost.
Want something spelled, enchanted, or otherwise Aetherically modified? That old, sentimental, 'lucky' heirloom armor just not as lucky as it used to be? Look no further, he will work magic (literally) into the item you possess to grant what you ask for! ... For a small price, of course.
Yorumei will occasionally perform Readings for those who catch his interest (or entice him with some favors). There is no denying that anyone who finds themselves with one will certainly get something out of it. . . ((This requires OOC communication, but I'd be happy to provide catalysts for your character's plots this way. Just let me know what you want, or if you want to be surprised.))
If you want to speak with spirits, incite a haunting, or be rid of a curse Yorumei can help. Tell him your woes, and he'll come up with a ritual just for you! ... For a price, of course. ((This also will likely require some OOC communication, as with Readings above!))


If your character is from this weird village, maybe they'd know the Uranakeis.
Idk we'll figure something out.

Currently Looking For

Someone who truly understands the merits of yodeling at siblings and kin at 5 in the morning.
Info on the status of a friend he... lost track of in Doma. During an escape from Garlean occupation. Oops. Ironically, getting him to talk directly about this incident might prove difficult, so this in itself is an endeavor.
Anyone he can make useful. Don't worry, he'll find a way.
Those who have a strong interest in Aether. He would like to learn wherever he can.
Contacts that have any propensity of furthering the Family's goals.
Someone who can provide him with a rideable chocobo. He doesn't even care how, but he's looking to make it happen. And if you can aid in this endeavor, he'd be happy to speak with you.
Anyone interesting. No, really. He just enjoys being around people.
... Trouble. Someone who will give him some conflict. Please punch him in the face for any reason you can come up with.
Friends. But uh. *laughs and sobs*
People he can give readings to. Not that he tends to just do that unless it's part of the plan, but it'd be pretty freakin great if someone could get one out of him.
... Basically everything here and everything I forgot. Remind me of your idea, it might just be on here.

Yorumei symbol.png
Yorumei symbol.png


His hair
His Job (when interesting)
His Body (sighs a lot)
White, Silver, Gold
The Woods
(String) Music
Picking up the Sister
The Sister in General
Starting Ridiculous Rumors About Kaiten
Kaiten in General
Travels with Mom
People Watching
Throwing People
The Stars
The Heart of the Cards
Being a vagabond wanderer, Yor please.
A lot of other things, LIVE AND LOVE LIFE.


Being touched without permission
People disrespecting the Family
Cute Things (What gave them the right to be that adorable? Disgusting.)
Those who severely lack intelligence
Being Bored
Having Secrets Revealed
Being Disrupted when The Stars Are Doing A Thing
Being kept against his will
Non-flexible Schemes
Getting in trouble caught
SHARING OF FEELINGS (without the use of throwing people) (gross.)
Himself (it's complicated)


Plotting: THE PLAN.
Acting: He can be anything you want him to be.
Info Gathering: From everyone, everything, all the time.
Gambling: I'm not addicted, you're addicted.
Completely Lacking Long-Term Ambition: He's really good at this, let me tell you.
Exploration and Travel: HOPELESS WANDERER.
Making Too Many Weaving Puns: Don't let him pull your strings.
Playing String Instruments: ...He just really likes strings, ok.
Card Tricks: Whether this extends to divining or not is up for debate.
Blowing Smoke Rings: Apt to stave off boredom for a few minutes; you take what you can get.
Aetherical 'Coaxing': Whether he's in control himself, or 'carrying out The Will' of.. gods know what is anyone's guess.
Dancing with the Wind: Or asking the wind to dance. Either or.
Knife Play: Only apt with blades shorter than his forearm. No, really.
Creepy Rituals: ... Shh. We don't talk about the creepy rituals.
Big Yodeler: He'll just break out into obnoxious songs at the most inopportune moments. Not even real songs either. Usually some weird ad-libbed thing to express his complete dismay with his current living situation. Or consequently, complete dismay with someone's life choices. On the less annoying (maybe) side, he does hum less beguiling tunes fairly often. He's a decent singer, at the very least. But pillows thrown at his face are the more likely reaction than wanting to hear his glorious serenades of longing for more.


Terrible: Everything is wrong with Yorumei, please.
Wasted Potential: The whole thing about 'once you get it you no longer want it' should be Yor's mantra.
Regular Liar: What are you talking about, he always tells the truth!
Morally Questionable: Certainly not above dubious or morally deplorable means to get what he wants. (It certainly wouldn't be completely deplorable though; if you're going to be disgusting, it's got to be done right.)
Vain: Some recent incidents have taken his overall arrogance down a few notches, but his selective vanity still thrives.
Fake it Till You Make it: Unless it's crucial, he won't tell you he doesn't know how to do something; he'll just pretend he can until he figures it out. ... Or not. Obviously this doesn't always provide the best outcome. This extends to assumptions other people openly make about him; sometimes he'll just take them and run with it as opposed to ever (willingly) revealing the truth.
Manipulative: While not entirely without empathy, he mostly uses this to his ends to get what he wants out of people.
Terrible with Swords: Or honestly, any weapon that isn't knives, a bo, a deck of cards, or his wit. Really. He's exceptionally bad. He will take a long sword and smack someone with it like a paddle, or lob it at them before showing any remote deftness with the thing.
Lofty: He can be vague as heck, using all manner of metaphor and strange word choice, especially when he starts going on about Aether, the stars, and other things of interest. Dissecting communication and quick problem-solving are some of his strongsuits, but boy, can he be difficult to understand for those who don't know any better sometimes.
Cold Realist: Oddly, for all his lofty ways, Yorumei's sense of 'what needs to be done' can supersede all manner of sympathies. He will sacrifice others and their wants with little to no remorse if he feels it 'needs to be done' or will result in 'the best possible outcome'. Family, however, supersedes this, but if family itself is in the way of its own success, he isn't afraid to let his thoughts on the matter be known. ...Consequently, the results of recent events have had Yorumei questioning this philosophy, but certainly not discarding it.

Yorumei symbol.png
Yorumei symbol.png
Screenshots & Art



Yor FormalClothing.png Yor Awful Grin.png Youmei body sketch sm.png Yor warmup doodle.png Yor weird birb.png Yorumei avatar.png

Yorumei symbol.png
Yorumei symbol.png
Relationships and Rumors


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
Yorumei sings well, much, and often, his voice sometimes sounding like it comes from the wind instead of his mouth. One would likely hear him singing or the humming of a haunting tune before actually seeing him.
Often glimpsed about the woods, seeming quite at home in the outdoors.
Yorumei's some sort of diviner, or a witch, maybe both. He can read one's past, present, or future and speaks frequently of the 'watching stars'.
Once was around a shop in the Lavender Beds far more often than he is now. The shop is since closed, though sometimes, he might still be spotted there.
A Raen with long white hair dressed in grey has been seen speaking to refugees, particularly from Doma, in both Mor Dhona and around Ul'dah.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
The shop he frequented in the Lavender Beds was a front for drug trade. They had been getting somnus from Ul'dah and pawning it close to the Ishgardian border.
Some say that he's taken up conjury by how he heeds and treats the forests, but others would insist that his unsettling presence wouldn't be allowed into Stillglade Fane.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
“Yorumei? You mean the Uranakeis' son? Been a while since I heard that name. He and Matsukai - was that the name they gave him? They were inseparable. The Uranakei boy took that one in off the streets, an' they ran around causin' trouble ever since. But don't you get me wrong, if it weren't for the pair of them and his sister, I wouldn't be standing here ta speak with ya now. For all their trouble, they helped get us out in the end, an' I say that's what counts.” --A cross-armed refugee.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add anything here!


  Colour Key
In A Relationship: romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: considers this person family.
Friend: considers this person his friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: consider this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict near every time he gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
¿ Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but isn't fully aware of it yet. Or just will never tell.

Relations (NPC)

   Itsohei Matsukai ( ¿ ) - The Daring Spirit
It's always hard to find the words to describe one's closest friends, until the first few are hesitantly, thoughtfully, plucked. Then the rest just spill out in falls and falls and never seem to stop. There seems to be too much to catch in mere phrases, because you always know that they're more than those words could ever really convey. That would be Itsohei to Yorumei. But once where he would at least try, let them spill, laugh at himself and choose carefully in case the words got back around to Itsohei and then Yorumei'd never hear the end of it... Everything's changed since the war. Everything always does. Now, even instead of a name, a slew of laughing incompetent phrases, the closest friend and self-appointed brother became what is not spoken of.

Relations (PC)

  Chise Tobukizu ( ) - Younger Sister of Stars
Despite Yor's occasionally odd, and potentially frustrating antics, he cares a great deal for his younger sister. Their upbringing instilled a sense of the utmost importance in family, and so the siblings had grown up rather close since the start. The pair can speak with glances, easily discern the other's vaguer, share a very prominent 'family pout', and rely on the other in a number of ways. Especially since she's the ambitious one. She is the one who picks up near all of her 'errant genius' brother's abandoned achievements, and puts them to good use. And Yorumei has little problem sharing his gains and lifting her up, so long as it means something intriguing for him to do.

Of course, for how well they get along, they're still siblings, and not at all without whining grievances of the other's behavior, little spats, getting chased by the other around the house for doing that thing one more time, and the occasional jab just for a reaction. But, especially now, Yorumei feels a strong loyalty to her, and a need to support his sister (and by extension, the family)'s endeavors however he can.
  Kaiten Tobukizu ( ) - The Brother Lost
Kaiten had been around since the Uranakei siblings were children, with his to-be arranged marriage with Chise. From the outside, it had always appeared that they'd had something of a friendly rivalry. Though Kaiten is younger than he, Yor was always rather tough on his brother in law; picking him up and tossing him around when he was nervous, instigating all manner of reaction from him, and for a while, instilling the 'fear of the Partner's Judging Older Brother' in him. However, Yorumei cares a great deal for Kaiten as well, likely more than Kaiten realizes. Though proud and fond of how far his 'sibling out of blood' has come, Yorumei still quite enjoys leaving a lot of this nebulous to see how well Kaiten can figure it out. ... in addition to enjoying starting ridiculous rumors about him.
  Staelufre Lysmerl () - Hunter of the Blue Seas
What an excellent, well-speeched Hunter of Seas.
  Qara Qalli () - Curious Hunter of Strings
What a strange, Reading hunter.
  Yagaan Malaguld (  ♦) - Doctor of Ashes
What a curious, skilled doctor.
  Hannah Miller () - The Learning Shadow
What a good, sneaky smol.
  Rin Naeuri () - Starlit Dancer of Ashes
What a pretty, curious payer of debts.
  Erlanis Shadir ( ) - The One of Wandering Song
What a devoid, watchful wanderer.
  Abeodan Silverbrand () - The Rose Boy
What a loud, violent child.
  Seitsuda Gladepetal () - The Reckless Warrior
What a nervous, but grateful customer.