Paradyme Capellago

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Paradyme Capellago
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Occupation Goldsmith and Piercing Artist
Likes Tinkering, Archaeological Digs.
Dislikes Cactuar.
Theme None yet!
Class (In-game) Any Crafter Class


Height: 5'7"
Hair: Naturally red.
Eyes: Her eyes are coloured a brilliant amethyst.
Mouth: She has one. Got a set of teeth... What else do you want?
Complexion: She considers herself 'fair-skinned' by normal standards.
Build: Lithe.
Voice: Gentle.
Misc: The scarring that she once had has seemingly disappeared. Not very many people are knowledgeable as to why this happened, nor will they be.

Current Happenings



The young mageling was born in Limsa Luminsa and moved to Gridania when he was young, with his parents. They were a loving couple, ran a small shop in Limsa that made enough to get them through. It was a cosy family, Paradyme being the only child meant he got the attentions of his mother and father completely, not having to share. He enjoyed that, and was thankful for it, completely. He didn't really make many friends when he was in Limsa however. The young boy grew up as did those around him, but it was only a few years into his living life that he found his parents wanting to move to another city. They didn't explain why, nor did they really give a reason. They just upped and left with him one night, embarking on an airship to the city of Gridania.
It was here that would mark the start of a bad era for the working family. His father and mother both passed away due to unknown circumstances three months into the new living situation. It was never figured out and the young boy was taken into a Gridania foster home. He grew up there in the company of what he thought were siblings. And he disliked it. He enjoyed having parents to himself, and now he had to share them with these... Other kids. He grew up, quiet and alone for most of his life after that. When he reached the age of 16, he left the home and began his own journey of discovery. This would lead him down many paths, some bright, and others dark.
The first of his paths however, were his learning that he had an affinity to magic. He honed and trained this skill to a beginners level, meaning that he was able to at least start to earn money doing basic jobs around Gridania and outside of it for various companies. The pay was never great, but it was enough to get him through, for the most part. He lived on the breadline, enjoying life as a lone, simple man. He got to travel alone and work alone, no sharing with others. And he got to see some amazing sights in the Twelveswood. Serene scenes and tranquil little hideaways that he managed to find on his own exploration of the forest around Gridania.
One of these paths featured himself teaming up with a mysterious male, he needed a guardian on his travels, and it was seemingly a fairly easy travel. So the mageling took up the job and helped the man to his destination. He stayed with the man for the night before he decided to leave for home the next morning. Little did he know however, that he was tied up during the night. He awoke to finding himself tied down to a bed, on his stomach. He was wearing a blindfold, so he couldn't even see what was about to happen. What was next caused severe pain and plenty of screaming. And not a single person was around to hear the cries of pain.
This man that had joined up with Paradyme had him pinned to the floor with a heated knife against his back, carving away at it while murmuring something. It wasn't audible over the cries of pain that were coming from the young mage's mouth though. He screamed and cried as this man did as he wished, carving his little pattern into the other's back. Paradyme's senses dulled as the pain became too much, passing out to let the mysterious male do his thing freely. When the redheaded mage awoke, he found himself with sharp pains in his back, but it was covered with bandages and various other healing aids. There would be sufficient scarring soon after the wounds would heal.
This resulted in the male never removing his shirt for anyone. There would be times where he simply refused to sleep without a shirt on, knowing that there were people in the vacinity that could walk in on his quarters at anytime. He was ashamed of it, and he didn't want the world to know what he suffered that night. So he left it to heal, but the scar remained. An intricate set of patterns on the mage's back that no-one has seen, aside from the one who carved them.
Between that day and this late day, not much really happened, he trained his skills further, working on his magical skills to get closer to attaining a little more power, so that he could save himself from another situation like that night. He's now years older, travelling the world for himself, and working for others. He occasionally picks up items to sell on as well as jobs to earn money. He kept himself going with enough extra to travel, keep his supplies stocked and then some. He was making it on his own. And he was proud to be doing so.
Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Music
  • Goldsmithing
  • Miqo'te
  • Beaches
  • Ul'Dah
  • Cactuar
  • The Void.
  • Color: Red
  • Food: Rolanberries (Strawberries)
  • Drink: Apple Juice
  • Place: Ul'dah


  • Pugilist
  • Fists
Agile and fairly light on her feet, Paradyme is often found looking for an opening in her opponent's defense.
She's missing a hand. A magitek one now takes it's place.

Other Information

  • Orientation: Pansexual.
  • Home: Mists, La Noscea.
  • Profession: Goldsmith/Archaeologist.
  • Family: Dawn Capellago - Her daughter.
  • Hobbies: Tinkering with precious metals.
  • Marital Status: It's complicated.

Friends and Associates

Jun'to Nharuya: Coworker at Kastner's Academy. He's still... One day he'll call me Paradyme. One day.
Kotone Shimayasu: She is comforting. Very comforting. And I cannot express my gratitude for her assisting me. Though I am worried about her...
Sasha Ramsey: She keeps disappearing for months at a time WITHOUT TELLING ME. One day she'll come tell me before she leaves. I'm very glad she's back.

Character stuff

Aliases: Paradyme, Para, Bitchboy, Parasympathetic Nervous System.


  • "Him? Yes, his hair is quite stunning but I cannot recall his name. He came for tea once... reminds me of a little girl looking for her mother." - Deirdre Ta'ea
  • "Ever wonder why Para is so soft and feminine looking? He learned Lady Amandine's youth restoring ritual! Consequently, that's why his hair is red when he's actually a blond: virgin blood~" - Xenedra Ambreaus
  • "He spoils me so. Quite the lover of courtesans, between you and me." - Andromeda Dulaque
  • "Paradyme Capellago? He is a fine man who is trustworthy and has many talents. Afraid of Cactuar? Well he certainly has a strange fear of them and he tends to lose his clothes a lot. He is quite the attentive lover and isn't quite what he seems... But you didn't hear it from me! " - Teirra Lihzeh

Behind the Scenes (OOC Information)

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay: Everyone! Plots or no plots!

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