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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Xenedra Allard
Word Weaver
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 31 (36 if time skip included)
Nameday 3rd Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon, 1544
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Occupation Treasure Hunter, Entertainer
Marital Status Wed to Castus Allard
Pronunciation ZehnEEdruh ALahrd (AMbrose)


Height: 5'0"
Hair: Red. For many years, she's made a habit of straightening her hair and keeping it up in a ponytail. Lately, however, when not on the field, she's taken to leaving it down and letting it keep its natural curl.
Eyes: Her left eye is a blue-gray and her right is blue-green. As a Sun Seeker, she has slitted, cat-like pupils.
Mouth: Her often painted lips can usually be found in a mischievous smirk.
Complexion: As she spends an unnecessary amount of time on her appearance, Xenedra's skin is what she'd like to call "perfect." Her complexion is pale, but rosy.
Build: Xenedra's preferred place in battle involves the bow and song, leaving her with a lean build over all, but curves in all the right places.
Voice: As a practiced songstress and storyteller, Xenedra tends to speak with a lot of expressiveness. Meanwhile, as a practiced flirt, she tends to croon as she speaks in a lower, smooth tone that one might describe as sultry.
Style: She prefers dressier or more fashionable clothing and she goes through pains to keep her hair immaculate. Her favorite colors to wear are blue, red, black and white and she has a secret fondness for flowers and bells as accessories. She has been known to outright tell people in public that their outfits are terrible, but then also takes these people shopping to pick them out better outfits. Because of this, a number of people have turned to her for fashion advice and often.
Misc: She lacks the markings that a lot of Miqo'te sport, so if one were to ignore the obvious tail, eyes and slitted pupils, she could pass for a Hyur woman. Often she catches herself humming aloud without meaning to when at ease. If a scent won't interfere with a mission, she loves to wear perfume. Her favorites are clove and blood orange.


At any given time it's not unlikely to find Xenedra flitting about, grinning about some mischief she's making. Some of her favorite past-times include attempting to embarrass people (in a mostly good-natured fashion) and playing little (mostly harmless) jokes on the unsuspecting. Throwing people out of their comfort zone is something she just can't help but find amusing. She is a very physical person and thinks very little about the implications of physical contact. This sometimes leads to confusion on the part of "suitors," but she does attempt to be very clear about her intentions. She has been known to break hearts, but she prefers to avoid it, though she would never admit to this softer side.
Some have exasperatedly told her that she is never serious, and while this is close to the truth, it's not entirely accurate. When necessary, she can be deadly serious. Necessary usually constitutes a nasty monster in need of trouncing, a serious mission, or a treasured friend in dire straights. She may come across as fickle and shallow at times in regards to people, but when a person earns her trust she is fiercely loyal.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Morals: For Xenedra morals are a set of rules other people follow out of guilt and for the most part, she prefers to do as she pleases. Thankfully, her whims don't usually involve screwing over people who didn't already deserve it, at least in her eyes.
  • Music
  • Stories
  • Dancing
  • Stars
  • Making people blush
  • Clothes/fashion/jewelry
  • Her chocobo, Mandorallen
  • Rain
  • Ul'dah
  • The Black Shroud
  • Mismatched clothing
  • Arrogant people
  • Most authority figures
  • Children
  • Person: Castus
  • Color: Blue
  • Food: Rolanberries (Strawberries)
  • Drink: Rolanberry Wine or Blood Oranged Rum
  • Place: The Sea


  • Archery
  • Thaumaturgy
  • Conjury
  • Daggers
  • Small Sword/Rapier
Quick and agile, Xenedra can avoid most physical trouble during combat. She keeps a cool head, making it hard to shake her focus.
Though she's not a powder puff, persay, she is a petite woman who has only recently started training in close combat. If a stronger opponent gets a hold of her, she could very easily be over-powered and put out of commission.
  • Weaver
  • Alchemist
  • Goldsmith
Xenedra has a not-so-secret love of fashion, so it only makes sense that she should dabble and excel in weaving.
Though she loves jewelry, she finds goldsmithing tedious and hardly ever works at it.
  • Storyteller
  • Singer
  • Musician
  • Dancer
From a young age, she was trained in music and dance, so her skills are top notch. Her great love for the fields put an extra flair in her performances.
At times, Xenedra has been known to get wrapped up in her music to the exclusion of all else.

Bard's Tales

  • Romancing the Moon - One version of the story of blossoming love between Oschon and Menphina Show text
  • The Wind's Love - A shared tale of two bards singing of the Wind's love for a mortal woman. Show text
  • Between the Sea and Sky - Why sunsets and sunrises came to be. Show text
  • The Tale of Zolku Elku - A humorous tale of heroism.Show text
  • A Ballad of Oschon and Menphina - The Wanderer and the Lover resist their feelings for one another, so Azeyma, Llymlaen and Rhalgr step in. A collaboration with Kari Illderthane.Show text
  • The Fury and the Matron - The origin story of the rivalry between Halone and Nophica Show text
  • Thal's Respite - One tale on how the twin Gods of commerce and death came to be Show text
  • Spears - A tale of Halone's loves and the war they began.Show text

Friends and Associates

  • Abaigeal Causland - After a brief interview in which Abaigeal demonstrated not only her proficiency in sword dancing, but also her cheeky attitude, Xenedra hired her on the spot as a server for Tavern Soliloquy. The two have a great deal in common when it comes to what they enjoy and run the tavern in giggling tandem. Xenedra loves torturing Abaigeal when it comes to her various love interests.
  • Castus Allard - Barely more than an associate prior to the fall of Dalamud, Castus suddenly became a constant fixture in Xenedra's life. After having tripped over him and rescued him from a particularly odd predicament, she found herself again and again running into the would-be ruffian. As a result, she developed a burdensome fondness for the man and eventually admitted to herself that she felt romantically toward him. Eventually the two were married and have recently celebrated their first anniversary.
  • Claus Bell - A charming idiot with a penchant for showing up with wine to cheer her up. Claus has been a faithful friend both in times of need and silliness.
  • D'asee Pauwee - During her stay as a member of TALE, D'asee allowed Xenedra to room with her in their HQ. Though she's NOT fond of children as a rule, D'asee's childlike tendencies grew on Xenedra and she found she didn't mind looking after and tidying up for the rambunctious girl. D'asee's presence is hands-down the thing Xenedra misses most about her time with TALE.
  • Diyne Ikapine - An easy-going friend with a similar perspective on life. She's pleased to see Diyne moving on with his life and making himself happy.
  • Daghbheri Himalspyr - (Dogberry) A Roegadyn ship captain she met at her tavern. She enjoys his outlooks on life and the two's conversations often end up meandering in the direction of the philosophical.
  • Edward Calloway - Though Edward is much too serious at times to have any *real* fun with, he's very dependable. Over-all he seems to be a gentle, honorable sort, but his temper flares quickly in certain situations...
  • Endemerrin Rosethorne - Previously her fiance and closest friend, she's now not really sure what to make of him. While she doesn't dislike him, she feels betrayed by his sudden admission that he no longer loved her when she challenged him to prove that he did.
  • Jayce Lightfall - Bashful as can be, Xenedra and Jayce started out their friendship with her doing everything in her power to make sure the white ghost was constantly pink. In an odd turn of events he became fast friends with one of her other favorite targets to harass: Abai. She has high suspicions that the two have more going on than they claim.
  • Kannadi Albedo - Although Kannadi is almost a complete foil to her, Xenedra thoroughly enjoys the woman's company. Kanna is good for both an intellectual discussion and a victim to embarrass. It has become a tradition for the two to dance whenever they find themselves together at a formal event. The two have come back into contact in recent times and seem to have picked up precisely where they left off.
  • Miname Yaero - As the only parent figure she's ever had, she'd do quite a lot for Miname. She currently employs her mother figure as the chef at her tavern.
  • Mtoto Wamoto - After the woman stepped down from her aloof Eorzean Guard Commander position, Xenedra found her to be quite personable and someone worth trusting and fighting with/for.
  • Myllor Aurelion - They've had a very up and down relationship with some very high ups and very loooow downs, but she still trusts and cares a great deal for him. Myllor also kept her tavern running for the 5 years she was missing (time skip). If she questioned his devotion before, that single act has certainly swayed her opinion.
  • Nylesa Tou - The half-sister of Castus and a very loyal friend. Though she's a little too serious for Xenedra's tastes sometimes, she has a fun streak a mile wide, too.
  • Ophelia de Winter - When she met Ophelia, her romantic situation so closely mirrored her own previous one that she set to trying to guide the girl without even thinking about it. Though they've not known each other long, she feels fiercely protective of her, as if trying to look out for a younger version of herself.
  • Rakka'sae Kuhn - She's quite fond of 'Sae. This is quite likely because of how much he reminds her of a certain Lalafell now passed, though he's more docile than his predecessor.
  • Saitou Yoshida - A solid companion when they were both in a low spot. Truth be told, she once thought of him as just a smidge more than a friend, but his tendency to disappear into her least favorite place, the Black Shroud, put a damper on those feelings early on.
  • Sebastian Taylor - Castus' half-brother by his father. He seems to be almost dangerously addicted to helping people, especially his new-found family. Overly pouty at times, but he means well.
  • Sylas Peregrine - A fellow that seems to be a wandering jack of all trades. She doesn't know much about him, but he always seems to turn up someplace different whilst doing something entirely new.
  • Vash Ashford - Though she doesn't trust Vash very much, if at all, she'd probably be a little sad if he died.
  • Yssen Van - He has a mischievous side that matches her own, making the time she spends with Yssen always a lot of fun. The two share a number of similar outlooks of life, morals, etc., perhaps because of their unique upbringings.
  • Zesiro Ghalib - It seems to her that he swings between serious and quirky at the drop of a hat bringing her endless amusement. Above all, though, she finds Zesiro reliable. having had her back on the many expeditions of their salvaging crew into the unknown.
  • Zolku Elku - Once upon a time, "Cutie-pie" was like Xenedra's adoptive, if slightly incestuous, brother. Toward the end of his short, tragic life, he turned on her, betraying her in a very personal fashion. She may have been a contributing factor in finally putting the Lalafell out of his misery.


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Backstory: N/A
Aliases: Imp, Rolanberry/Strawberry, Succubus, The Red Witch, Atropos, Red, Xenedra Ambreaus, Cipher's Viper, Lady Amaranth


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  • "She is obsessed with looking young, she probably bathes in the blood of virgins or something to keep herself looking that way."
  • "I've seen her in passing and once worked with her close. All I know is she is much stronger than she looks, though I wonder what she has gotten herself in to these suns... likely another man."
  • "She's a good person at heart, but sometimes I question whether she really considers the consequences of her actions. Alas, that is the way of the young and beautiful."
  • "I've seen her beau's hand come off before! He just threw it! I wonder if he has things that he can attach in its place. Do you figure that's why she fancies him?"
  • "I heard it was her and a few others were the ones who killed that Lalafell what went around calling himself, "Explorer Extraordinare." What was his name? Kolku Kelku?"
  • "They say that on full moons she practices ancient rituals to keep her true name hidden, for it is said that if no one knows your true name no one can have power over you."
  • "I've heard that she's worked with all kinds of unsavory folk, like the infamous assassin... Lachesis."
  • "Seems that e'ery time I see 'er, she's got a bottle in her hand."
  • "Miss Xenedra is... expressive. A bold and forward person, to be sure."
  • "I've seen her kill a qiqirn with her heal. She is not someone to mess with."
  • "There is no sitting alone when lady Xenedra is about."
  • "Her tavern ain't too keen on keeping a tab for when drinks get paid fer. I'm thinkin' it might be a front fer somethin' good folk should be lookin' te avoid."
  • "She's always out to cause some mischief. And it's usually at the expense of either her bartender Abaigeal or one of her patrons."
  • "Xenedra's a classy lady. She's incredibly generous, and a total sweetheart, but woe betide anyone who would dream of taking advantage of her."
  • "She hypnotizes men. She admitted it herself."
  • "So far, meeting her for the first time was pleasant. One of her companions nicknamed her as little 'imp'.... What could they mean by that?..."
  • "We haven't talked much. Doesn't like giving away much about herself. But she's blunt and not afraid to tell you what she thinks. I like that."

Behind the Scenes (OOC Information)

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Third Person Lyrical Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkfkJCyqCBc
First Person Lyrical Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9txg0XicoJ0
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