Raging Behemoth

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 Raging Behemoth
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"The true battle is within."
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 40
Guardian Rhalgr
Namesday 11th day of the Fourth Astral Moon
Orientation Homosexual


♦ General

A large and intimidating Roegadyn hailing from the volcanic region of the Abalathia's Spine, as well as an instructor for the gladiatorial Bloodsands. Raging Behemoth views himself as a prime example of a man's man, while possessing an intricate set of morals and beliefs that at times conflict with one another.

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Training young men to their fullest potential, both inside and out of the Bloodsands
Bonding between men, of all forms.


Cowards and the dishonorable
The belief that strength is how hard one can swing a sword


Intense physical training, paired with equally intense meditation and contemplation for both mind and spirit
Writing, Raging Behemoth has penned two separate books in his ten and three summers in Ul'dah. Both 'Soul of the Warrior:Understanding Strength of Spirit opposed to Strength of Arm' and 'Tigers on the Mountaintop: An in-depth guide for masculine intimate relationships'


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"Raging Behemoth? Aye, I've heard of him. When my field needed clearin' of rocks and such, he did it all by himself-by hand no less. Now I don't mean a rock like you or I means a rock, I means rocks to be a boulders offspring." -Lalafellin Farmer

"I'm told 'Master' Raging Behemoth is in a bit of a bind. Apart from his outrageous training methods scaring away potentials, he'll apparently train only males. Some ridiculous notions of 'brotherhood' and 'masculine bonds'. It's those very problems that make him one of the LEAST sought-after instructors in all of Ul'dah. Pah! The man only likes to surround himself with handsome, muscular men in my opinion." -Gossiping woman on Ruby Road Exchange


Largely Ignored

"Ah, Alabathia's Spine's got plenty to tell of Raging Behemoth, and his teacher ol' Trachtoum! Taught him everything he knows, I did, but still the worst student any hero could have! I'll tell you, he was gifted! Stronger than most, even for a firstborn, and had himself a talent for battle and destruction that would make Rahlgr look on with envy. He didn't only guard the volcanoes-those Hellsguard think they're the gates to the underworld-be he readily descended into them to fight and hone his skills. Gods, a right monster he was on the battlefield, eventually turned against his own. A wild battle-lust filled him, and a thirst for blood so heavy on his tongue it was most like it would NEVER have been sated if I hadn't stepped in and taught him a lesson. Banished him from the Spine I did, and never took on another student. None can handle living in MY shadow!" -- Trachtoum the Tidus Slayer

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Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Theme song: Written in Destiny - Patrick Gill