Rhotoeya Wyn

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Gridania-transparent.png Rhotoeya Wyn
Ffxiv 06112016 195654.png
Red Eye of Gridania
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Gridania
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She is an extremely tall Roegadyn, even by normal standards, and is of a different cadence and tone than most would expect of a Sea Wolf.


Her body is marked by a myriad of scarring, the most noticeable being the burn working it's way up her neck and chin, and her left arm nothing but an amputated stump at the shoulder. She also has vitiligo, splotches of ivory appearing among ebony skin. Her body is built, years of training honing every muscle to noticeable definition. Hair is long and straight, a darker tone than her own. Her ruby eyes always seem to be piercing, searching for something that always leaves her with a dissatisfied expression at the end of the silent interrogation.


Rhotoeya is aloof, always more of a wall flower than anything driving. She allows herself to go with the tides, though anything that can pique her genuine interest will have her parting a sea of annoyances.



Decades of combat have tempered and hammered the mind and body of the woman. She is well disciplined with sword or lance, her main methods of combat for most of her existence. Depending on the opponent, she will often spend time playing with them, a shark on a hunt for a minnow, using years of applied tactics for what is always no more than personal amusement. She no longer cares about Life or Death, and will often take wounds or disabling hits just to handicap herself.



  • Talking strategy
  • The drone of crowds
  • Physical training
  • Toying with people


  • Naïveté
  • Hero complexes
  • Needless brooding


  • Making tea
  • Knitting
  • Reading




  • Jorgadvyr Synn(Brother)(Deceased)


  • Kinono Kino
  • Aroryn Corvus
  • Dormin Explosivo
  • Galgan Kha



Common Rumors

  • "I think she masquerades as a wrestler in her spare time."
  • "The black hair isn't her natural hair color."

Moderate Rumors

  • "She has an odd fixation on Voidsent."
  • "There was a falling out between her and another Roegadyn that looked very similar."

Rare Rumors

  • "A friend from Ala Mhigo thinks he saw her fighting for Garlemald."
  • "An Ishgardian told me he saw her in full Dragoon mail out in Dravania."

PC Rumors


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