Riv Geysswilfwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Riv Geysswilfwyn
"Qoute here"
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23-25
Guardian Althyk
Namesday 16th Sun of the Second Umbral Moon


♦ General

Riv doesn't like to share or remember her childhood - and when she does, it's usually over booze.

However, I promise this will be filled soon.

♦ Appearance

Riv is remarkably tall, even by Roegadyn standards, standing at a little over 7 fulms. Her long legs and arms occasionally give the illusion of extra height, which was especially noticeable when she was much younger. Despite the appearance of taut muscles, she's skinnier than most members of her race, given her significant lack of proper nourishment early on in life. Her skin is close to alabaster in color, and she has a single dark brown birthmark over her left thigh in the shape of a spatter of mud. Her right eye is grayish white instead of blue, with a deep scar running through it and spilling above her eyebrow and cheek - a parting gift from one of her targets, and a reminder never to give in to greediness during a run. She has little sight left in that eye, but compensates for the loss by drastically honing her other senses. It's also not the best idea to go asking questions about it - at best, you'll get a grunt, at worst, an unkind dismissal. Just try not to comment on the occasional squinting.

Her face is sharp at almost every ending, with a narrow chin and a high-set pointed nose. Mischief is always folded in the curve of her lips and the glint of her mismatched blue and grey eyes - as if she's found some weird secret thing that she isn't going to tell you about in a million years.

Jet black hair reaches the middle of her back, left straight with dozens of small, intricate braids and semi-dreadlocks with metal beads mixed in. She's also known for dyeing the tips a particular color, usually a shade of red, blue or green. She's also rarely seen without her bandanna, which is probably going to be dyed one of several colors, too. Don't judge. She knows what she's doing.

♦ Behaviour


Thanks to the teachings and influence of several street kids and street veterans, Riv favors the bow and daggers over other forms of combat, preferring to strike fast and true rather than sit in a prolonged battle.

That said, don't ever assume she doesn't know her way around a fight with no weapons at her disposal. She's no pugilist, but she's hard to pin down and even harder to catch. Surprisingly, Riv's not dumb to start a fight without any defensible cause, but if the need arises, she doesn't hold back. Intoxication, naturally, tends to escalate this.

Echo Power

Echo Power:


★ Recent RP events ★


Riv's an odd duck, and knows it - what was considered "lively" in her youth can now be more accurately referred to as "quirky".


Cleverness, humor, and intelligence. Bonus points if the person has all three.
The various types of alcohol, especially the fruity sort. She enjoys them a little too much, but then again, it takes a lot to get her to the tipping point. She's a big lady.
Thieving, conning, and pickpocketing. And leaving an item in place of something she stole because she occasionally likes to be mysterious. Don't question it.
Competitions, especially ones where she gets to show off her own skill.
Fighting. It's thrilling for her, especially if she wins.
Beads. She puts them on anything. Tends to question practicality when it's too late, but at least it looks pretty.


Betrayal. The last "friend" who double crossed her ended up with an empty house and a chest full of angry scorpions.
The overly religious. Riv respects whatever people choose to believe, but don't go screaming about heretics and holier-than-thou nonsense unless you want her to shove a banana peel in your mouth to shut you up.
Being seen as weak. She's simply not going to accept any form of coddling or comfort, unless too tired to argue. After 20+ years of having to pick up after herself, she's learned that tears just get you laughed at and groaning won't heal a broken arm.
Unreadable people. It just weirds her out, since 80% of her job involves being good at reading expressions and vocal cues.



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Favourite Place:

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Player Character Rumours

Her real name is Stralstyrm Geysswilfwyn (Arrow Storm, daughter of Ghost Wolf).

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