Ruby Peony

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Gridania-transparent.png Ruby Peony
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Just wants to sing
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 32st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Height 7 fulms 4 ilms
Birthplace Bluefog, Northern Thanalan



Ruby is a very tall Hellsguard with deep reddish brown skin and fiery red hair to match. She keeps her hair short and rather messy, pulling it back with a dark headband. She has a small scar on her left cheek from when she failed at properly stringing a bow. Her eyes are a brilliant purple and she often wears jewelry to match and bring them out.

Ruby has a thing for decorative low-cut shirts. With her ancestry and her birthplace, she's much more accustomed to warmer weather and wears clothing which reflects this. And most people have to look up to see her, so it doesn't particularly bother her all that much. Ruby has taken to making some of her clothing, but she can't quite pass up a good deal on a pretty shirt.



As with many Hellsguard, Ruby's family branched off from the clan living in the fiery ancestral mountains. The family eventually found themselves in Ul'dah but found the life not quite what they'd wished. Unlike some of their kind, the family preferred a less combative role, leaning more towards trade and crafting.

Regardless of how prosperous the market was, Ruby's mother eventually left the family, choosing a new life with in Bluefog and working for the Ceruleum Plants. There she met her husband and started a new family.

Ruby knows little of the exact lineage or paths, as the family had dropped the last name somewhere around their time within Ul'dah.

  • Mother: Singing Violet
  • Father: Iron Frog
  • Older Brother: Gold Coerl
  • Older Sister: Silver Leaf

Trivial information

  • Her songs are often about battle and bloodshed. She claims they don't translate well from the Old Language.


Before the Calamity

Ruby grew up under the foggy skies of the Ceruleum Processing Plant. Both her parents worked within the plant's reactor, doing heavy lifting and helping maintain operations. At a very early age, Ruby was well aware she didn't want to do that. She didn't want to always look up in the sky and see nothing but ceruleum dust. She wanted to see the stars in the sky travelers would speak of.

One day when she was still rather young, she encountered a traveling bard who had stopped by in Camp Bluefog. The idea of singing enticed her, but so did archery. The bard left her with a few songs. Ruby soon fashioned her first bow from a tree branch, and used coblyns for practice. As she grew old enough, she joined the local guard, yet she still longed for that adventure, for something to sing about.

The New Era

The Calamity left Ruby with a new opportunity. She used it as an excuse to go out and make a difference in the world. The decision wasn't wholly unexpected, as she never showed interest in staying her whole life in Bluefog. Her family wished her well and Ruby was soon on her way.

She stayed in Ul'dah for some time, serving as a mercenary and a craftsman, primarily with carpentry and leatherworking. She taught herself to cook as well. While Ul'dah was certainly a lovely place, she still hadn't found what she was looking for.

Gridania served to be a perfect place, at least temporarily. She joined several guilds, crafting guilds and the archery guild, to improve her skills in each division. Her work with the archer's guild offered her much to sing about, and she began singing songs in her free time. Her songs often came across rather harsh and bloody, but she claimed they stemmed from the Old Language, where that sort of thing was commonplace. The songs simply didn't translate well.