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Gridania-transparent.png Rurunija Momonija
Rumo with Birb.png
Birth Name Rurunija Momonija
Nickname(s)/Alias Rumo
Age 34
Birthplace Ul'dah
Race Dunesfolk
Alignment Lawful Good
Citizenship Gridanian
Guardian Oschon the Wanderer
Height 3 fulms 1 ilm
Weight 77 ponzes
Physique Lean
Hair Covering most of his face, tied into a short braid in the back
Eyes Violet, kinda dead-looking
Skin Tan
Facial Features Stoic expression, otherwise nothing out of the ordinary
Tattoos Large black X on his face, tattooed on during his captivity
Piercings Several on his ears
Scars Several across his back, one on right thigh and many around the calves and ankles
Clothing Generally in his Twin Adder uniform, but sometimes plate armor, and very rarely a toadskin leather jerkin
Hobbies "No time." But he does dabble in herbalism. But only because it could be useful!
Core Motivator He searches for information on his various siblings, whom he suspects have been traveling with their father or left for dead.
Fears Finding an ally's dead body and being unable to pick up a skill to a useful extent.
Greatest Regret Being too soft to protect his siblings any way he could.
IC Profession Switches between being a conjurer, a paladin and a bard.
IC Soulstone Bard and Paladin.
Combat Style Generally comfortable in every role, but works best as a healer.
Physical Advantages Is able to adapt to most situations with a relatively trained physique.
Physical limitations Can't handle large bodies of water. Can't even look at one without feeling nauseated.
Non-combat Basically none
Primary Weapon Looted Ironworks Cane
Username Momonija
Server Mateus

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The Basics


Rumo is generally seen in his crisply ironed uniform unless he is training his mastery in another one of Eorzea's multitude of jobs. His hair is kept neatly tied into a braid, with long bangs covering most of his face but not to the point of obscuring his vision. The white highlights are natural, and he takes no pains to preserve its color. His tromping boots generally do have chunky heels, mostly for appearance's sake. His resting expression is a relatively friendly neutral face, and he will smile at anyone who approached without a weapon in hand or fangs bared.


While not the most trusting of individuals, Rurunija will look anyone in the eye and earnestly listen to what they are saying, regardless of their intentions. His height and the lack of eternally un-cramping neck muscles is probably the only thing keeping him from maintaining eye contact throughout any conversation, and he will try to find something to stand on so he can speak level with whoever wanted his attention. He has very stoic mannerisms, and will try not to fidget while talking but his focus dissipates the less attention he pays to the speaker, resulting in restless leg syndrome due to boredom. He is upfront but not tactless. Don't talk about breaking the law with him, as he will most likely start lecturing you about the importance of order and upholding it.



Rurunija Momonija's history according to the official Lore:Timeline.

(1546-1560) Childhood

Rurunija Momonija was born into a troubled household. His mother had delusions of grandeur and believed she had been pregnant with Lolorito Nanarito's son, and so that is what Rumo has grown to believe over the years. His father was an alcoholic who cheated on his mother frequently, making him blind to his wife acting out from time to time.

Growing up, Rumo worked as one of his mother's assistants at their family's mine, training muscles and movement by trying to complete every task faster than the rest of his siblings. Usually though, he only ever succeeds in his efforts due to being able to squeeze through smaller spaces than his taller siblings. Always trying to stay ahead of the younger members of the family, he believed he should be the best, but he was also very protective of the little ones as he took up the mantle of keeping them all safe.

(1560-1566) Kidnapping

The children of the family were taken hostage by their father in an alcohol-fuelled rage, following a heated debate between the parents about how said father should contribute more to the family. Believing their mother to be powerless without her children to help her, he tied them all up and took them on a stolen chocobo wagon to Ul'dah itself. They were quite a ways away from the big city, and a trip there would drain the family coffers substantially which is why they never moved. Their mother scrambled to gather enough resources to keep the mine open, even going so far as to take loans from family friends and the like.

In the meantime, the children made a meager living out of begging and stealing to appease their tyrant of a father. They were helpless, scared, and hopeless save for the image of their eldest brother in his diminutive frame going out to fight for money. He was far from their most stable source of income for the first few years, even losing money as he struggled to learn how to wield a sword and shield, but in about half a decade he managed to figure out how most of his opponents would fight, training himself not only to shoulder blows but also to avoid them and take advantage of the openings that had been hammered into his head by his losses. In time, he would gain notoriety as a moderately skilled gladiator, but every night he would be plagued by nightmares of this life souring, of his siblings encountering their father on a bad night, of his mother slaving away under the harsh conditions of Thanalan's desert heat.

(1567) Escape

It was around the time of his twentieth birthday that a few of the older siblings agreed to send Rurunija away, back to their mother. They had scrounged up enough money for him to leave and for several days of rations in case their mother had disappeared without a trace and he needed to return to Ul'dah. They sent a couple of the youngest with him, hoping he would be able to get them to safety if nothing else. The second eldest, Emilie Basher, managed to knock their father out for a decent chunk of time, enough to get the kids ready to go. They agreed that they would all branch away from Ul'dah or stay hidden, as facing the wrath of their father would probably be too much to bear. Emilie was 15 when this plan came to fruition, mostly due to the realization that she could now reach his head with a mallet, and the youngest of the siblings (twins Nanija Nija and Kikinija Sasanija) were 7.

The night of the attempt, Rurunija was told to stay away from the hovel they lived in, ready to depart with the children as soon as he was given the signal flare shooting out sideways from a window. He dared not imagine what went on, and cursed himself for his cowardice as he rode away with the twins back to where their mother hopefully still lived. The plan was so last-minute that they hadn't even thought of how they would find each other after everything was taken care of. While the twins tried to cheer him up despite not fully comprehending the reasons why he was so sad all the time, he brooded about how best to try and find them to no avail. He had no skills in that department, nor any sort of connections to organizations that could help... He was lost.

(1568-1572) Reconstruction

Upon finding their mother, working as one of the miners in the mine she sold, the fragment of a family exchanged hugs and tears of joy before Rurunija had to remind them that they still needed to get away. He told them of what little he had come up with while brooding on the way to the old family mine--moving to Gridania and starting a new life in the greenery of the Black Shroud. He'd heard that the people there were somewhat lacking in army recruits and he figured he would enlist while the rest of what family he had left worked to establish a foothold in those lands. It would be easier, he reasoned, to carve out a new life there than to stay in Thanalan and fear the return of that drunkard.

And so, after a few months of labor and stealing as well as what was left of Rurunija's gladiatorial spoils, the family set out for Gridania. Rurunija proved to have an affinity for the elementals, having been superstitious all his life and finally having his superstitions confirmed in that the elementals did indeed control the world as they know it (at least to his understanding) was very enlightening for him. He began to devote himself to conjury, eventually earning a place in the ranks of the Twin Adder as a field medic. The rest of the family was able to market the moko grass that grew naturally in Thanalan as weaving material in Gridania, and began a self-sufficient cloth factory relatively close to the edge of the Black Shroud closest to the arid conditions of Thanalan, thus establishing a decent foothold in Gridanian economy.

(1572-Present) In Search

Meanwhile, Rurunija built a reputation as a capable conjurer and archer after training at the Bannock for some time and would be sent out on missions with increasing frequency and distance until he was eventually promoted to the rank of Serpent Sergeant. Now allowed to go on missions of diplomacy from one land to another, he decided he would continue his search for the other siblings in earnest. He went with his family's blessings, along with his mother's insistence that he return to Ul'dah from time to time and try to gain an audience with Lord Lolorito despite his objections. He still hasn't entertained the notion, but is still very much intent on finding the lost five of his family.

During the Calamity, he was fortunate enough to have still been too low on combat experience to be sent out to die on the Carteneau Flats, staying behind the front lines as a field medic. It was after the Calamity that he decided he would try to focus more on conjury as Gridania's soldiers were left wanting for healing after he and many of his comrades had used up their pools of mana. That said, he is also looking into new ways to provide healing to others that doesn't require the use of magic, seeing as it would likely continue to be a problem and he couldn't help much with efficiency as he wasn't a strategist like his sister.

Whenever he returns to his home, he makes sure his siblings (mainly his younger brother) aren't relapsing into the old habit of cutting purses and generally being unlawful, instilling in them respect for their new homeland as well as the understanding that order is of the utmost importance. He tries to make it so that the law will accommodate those in need and punish those in the wrong whenever he needs to deal with that sort of thing, but for the most part he has only encountered clear cut cases where the perpetrators are punished and the victims compensated.

While he does stress that he has no hobbies to really speak of, he spends most of his free time at home attempting to crossbreed various herbs he finds scattered throughout Eorzea. His mother is the one who usually takes care of the plants when he leaves, and his mind is usually far too full of thoughts of work to remember his handiwork at home. The only reason he does this is to try and see if there were any more potent herbs with which to create potions or salves for mana-less healing, and he definitely doesn't find it enjoyable at all. Nope.


Here are some basic affiliations from Rurunija's past and present that could easily be a place where they met/meet. Send me a message if you'd like to connect them ICly!

I'm here to help. No really! Why are you walking away? ;w;


Rurunija has served for a good chunk of his life in the Order of the Twin Adders, traveling as his assignments required. His main duty is as a field medic or scout, though he sometimes trains recruits when they are seen to be slacking.

One may also recognize him from his days as an Ul'dahn gladiator from the tattooed X on his face, though this is an unlikely occurrence as he didn't stand out much among those who fought during that time period.


He stays in inns most of the time when he is outside the Black Shroud, and at his family homestead otherwise.


Rurunija prefers to think of the world in terms of elementals and is generally not a very devout worshiper of any deity. He does hold a reverence for the elements matching any devoted priest of the Twelve.


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Ayleth Weaver.png
Ayleth Weaver

Relation: Mother Standing: Good Status: Alive

Character History: Ayleth used to be a vibrant young lady, capable of taking any situation in stride, but the numerous times her husband abused her after giving birth to her firstborn turned her into a passive ragdoll who couldn't do much outside of the housework and mine maintenance. She was grateful for her children, who were the lights in the dark mineshaft of her life, and after they were taken away she had nowhere to turn.

The delusions that she had been visited by Lolorito Nanarito were just that--delusions. The reason she had such delusions is almost comical, being that since her husband cheated so much on her and didn't ever seem to want her company after she gave birth to Rurunija, she must have laid with someone else when she conceived him. Someone who had cared for her, loved her, and treated her as more than something to vent his frustrations upon when they conceived her firstborn.

She tried to contact Ul'dah, tried to get messages to Lord Lolorito, but her long-awaited reply never came. She began to wonder if he had found someone else, and despaired in her loneliness... Until another came upon her. Taking pity on her plight, one Holmgeir Valor decided to buy the mines from her and employ her as a miner, ensuring that she received ample food and water and even had money to spend on refining her one true passion: weaving.

When her children (or at least three of them) returned to her with the news, she was overjoyed and immediately went onboard with getting the hells out of Thanalan. Though she asked Holmgeir to join them, he was adamant about staying at the mines and wished them all luck. They rebuilt their new life in the Black Shroud rather quickly with her support and neverending love, and with time, she may even grow to be as vibrant as she once was.

Fafanija Jijinija.png
Fafanija Jijinija

Relation: Father Standing: Bad Status: Unknown

Character History: Fafanija never really imparted much wisdom unto his children, outside of an example of what to avoid in life. He's an all-around horrible person, but Madam Weaver didn't marry him for nothing. He used to be a paragon, one counted among the ranks of the Sultansworn, and used to care for her before any other.

All that changed after their rushed marriage when Ayleth became pregnant with Rurunija. He felt pressured, and began to question whether or not oaths should be kept when they oppressed those who kept them. He turned to the bottle and it went downhill from there as he slept with any harlot who happened to look his way.

It wasn't long before his title was stripped from him for his indiscretions, and his alcoholism only grew worse. It culminated in him kidnapping his own children and stranding his wife in the very mine they built. He taught Rurunija the basics of how to wield a sword and shield and sent him out into the arena with very little time to prepare, resulting in a horrendous lack of skill and the worst kind of embarrassment: One that Rurunija believed was his own fault for not being naturally talented. He would continue to torment Rurunija, thinking it would make him stronger and not considering the depths to which a teenager's wrath could burrow.

Emilie Basher

Relation: Sister Standing: Good Status: Unknown

Character History: Emilie was always the most headstrong of the siblings, and enjoyed nothing more than a good-natured spar with her younger siblings, Sigbert and Alberta Stone. Though her features are those of a Midlander, she has always admired how the Highlanders were so tough and combat-ready, hence why she chose to give herself a Highlander's surname. She and her mother never got along very well, but there was a mutual respect between the two of them.

When they were kidnapped however, she was powerless to help her younger siblings and her elder brother had no backbone to defy their father with. She had only ever sparred with her less experienced siblings and could never overtake their father in a fair fight with his years of experience as well as his tendency to fight dirty even against a child. Thus she remained obedient but rebellious, and her father always took special care when he grabbed her earnings for the day lest he get his fingers bitten clean off.

Finally, after six long years of this she was able to convince Rurunija to take a goddamn stand against their rotten ogre of a father, even if not directly, and she led the charge against him after getting him and the twins to safety.

Alberta Stone

Relation: Sister Standing: Good Status: Unknown

Character History: Alberta had been the second most dutiful of the siblings, trailing behind Shishija Shija in her obedience. She believed it was best to just follow another's lead than risk conflict... And yet another part of her simply relished in it. She couldn't bear the thought of a complete lack of conflict, resulting in her contrary behaviors when it came to dealing with her siblings. Sometimes she would be the only one helping Shishija with the day's chores, and other times she would be pranking Rurunija along with Sigbert.

During their captivity, she was the most dutiful with Shishija out of commission a lot of the time due to her sickly nature. She would take some of her own food to give to her younger siblings, and along with Emilie's food-related sacrifices they were all able to get through most of their ordeal uneventfully. She secretly snuck out late at night with Sigbert to train in the Pugilists' Guild, and Rurunija had his suspicions of the matter but chose to stay out of it.

Sigbert Stone

Relation: Brother Standing: Neutral Status: Unknown

Character History: Sigbert, or Siggy as the sisters in his family would call him, is probably the frailest looking of the brothers. Despite this, he is actually moderately strong when compared to the average Eorzean... And about twice as lazy. He will generally do anything to avoid having to do chores, including disappear for hours on end and claim that he had gotten lost in the marketplace. While their mother was understanding and their father didn't care, he usually had to bribe Emilie and Ninija with sweets to get them to lay off about his slacking.

During their captivity, he was one of the three who engaged in theft to support the siblings and their father's alcoholism. With Shishija in tow to distract the marks, he was generally able to get in and out without them noticing, though Shishija was often hard-pressed to find some way to escape the situation after the theft.

Giginija Ririnija

Relation: Brother Standing: Good Status: Unknown

Character History: Giginija was mostly known as the plainest of the siblings, and he was very stereotypically male as the family's life proceeded.

It wasn't until they were kidnapped that Giginija finally showed his expertise--purse-snatching. While he had never wanted much during his normal life toiling away in the mine, now that he's faced with the possibility of going hungry if he didn't steal, he put his all into procuring as much as he could as quickly as he could. Of course, he wasn't anywhere near the level of expertise he would be at after gaining experience, so he laid low at first as he made connections in the thieving world.

Under the guise of begging, he was able to pick up on the tricks of the trade and presented himself to the young man he thought was in charge of the thieving ring where he usually begged. He had spoken to Rurunija about his decision to further his talent in the "field," and while Rurunija was less than supportive he didn't hinder his younger brother from contributing however he could.

Shishija Shija

Relation: Sister Standing: Good Status: Unknown

Character History: Shishija had always wanted to help the family out however she could, and always put in 100% whenever she had work to be done. Industrious and clever, she could always figure out the most efficient way to get things done. She usually has either Alberta or the older Nija brothers to do the actual legwork, and when all three were present they would get everything done in half the day. This left plenty of time for Shishija to go and cuddle with her mother... Though this was easier said than done as her mother was always a workaholic, so she usually just cuddled with Alberta or Rurunija.

When they were kidnapped, Shishija felt it was her responsibility to learn as much about Ul'dah as possible so she took the twins around the city to find the best places to beg, figuring the two children would benefit from knowing the city in this way than just sitting there to listen to her rambling. The other siblings were too busy to really listen to her, so she had been waiting for a point in time when they would be able to put her teachings to the test... But thankfully, that point never had to happen as the twins were taken away to a better life by the big brother she admired so. She would've loved to go with them... But there weren't enough funds for all of them if they were to start a new life. Begrudgingly, Shishija let the three leave to find their mother in hopes that they could build a new home somewhere.

If she had one regret however, it was that she was unable to formulate a good enough plan in the time they had to set it into motion. Why, why didn't she specify a place to meet...?

Ninija Nija

Relation: Sister Standing: Good Status: Alive

Character History: The older of the twins, she has taken it upon herself to be the more outspoken of the two. Having been a baby when the kidnapping happened, most of her memory was of Shishija taking care of her and showing her around the city of Ul'dah. As she got older, she became more and more used to the glitz and glamor of the big city, and is now able to act the part rather convincingly after picking up on the mannerisms of the high-class citizens Shishija took her to see.

When they left for Gridania, she was integral to them gaining popularity with the new clients, being precocious and personable. Over time, she had even been able to think of new products to make out of their surplus cloth products, based on what she would want as a little kid. She is currently trying to get her new line of ragdoll-backpacks off the ground.

Kikinija Sasanija

Relation: Brother Standing: Neutral Status: Alive

Character History: The younger twin was always quiet and observant, even at a young age. Whenever his twin stared on at the beauty of the city, Kikinija would be looking around at the shadier side of the Ul'dahn dealings. Even as a six-year-old he understood that the world worked with the forces of good and evil in a precarious balance, something his eldest brother wouldn't understand, he knew. They had been at odds since they left for Gridania, though Kikinija was always careful not to set Rumo off too much. For all his misgivings about the man, Kikinija does respect his brother for his idealism, and sometimes would wonder if the world would be better without the shady underbellies... Before another one of his dealings with Gridania's own shady underbelly proved him right. He was always right. It was getting so boring.

Open Roles

These are roles that I have in my character's background that I would love to have filled by another player. If you have a character that you think could fit a role, send me a message and let's chat! I would in no way dictate your character's development.

Childhood friend from Ul'dah This person would need to be at least 30 years old, and would have knowledge of Rumo's family suddenly disappearing from that part of Thanalan, but otherwise his personality would have changeed quite a bit from when they were friends. He used to be pretty bubbly and cheerful, eager to smile at anyone he saw as not life-threatening.

Fellow archer I would like this character to be a rival in terms of archery, possibly one who regards conjury with distaste?



♦ "I saw him just talking at the air once... Something about stars and how vast the world is." - Gridanian Citizen

♦ "We've trained with him! He doesn't give us any breaks..." - Serpent Recruits

♦ "His family makes cloth near the edge of the Black Shroud. It's pretty, but nothing as sturdy as one of these babies!" - Gridanian Leatherworker


♦ "There's been a lot of talk of that one taking on a multitude of jobs. And just leaving them unfinished! How unreliable is he?" - Taverngoer

♦ "He says he used to be a gladiator, but I don't buy it..." - Gridanian Citizen

♦ "I've seen him around... He used to be a gladiator in this very arena, not much good though." - Ul'dahn Citizen


♦ "That one? Drank himself silly at this very tavern. Asked if I'd seen any whelps runnin' in here to ask about shelter." - Coffer & Coffin Patron

♦ "Saw the sergeant staring at an old book, but he didn't seem to be reading it... He was holding it upside down for some reason." - Serpent Corporal

♦ "I saw him take down ten cane frogs at once! What? What do you mean 'that's not very impressive'?" - Lominsan boy

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