Ryliss Lackland

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Sharlayan.jpg Ryliss Lackland
Birth Name Unknown
Nickname(s)/Alias Ryliss
Age Unknown
Nameday 27th Sun of the 4um Umbral Moon
Birthplace Unknown
Race Viera (Rava)
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Citizenship Sharlayan
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Height 6'2"
Weight ~160lbs
Physique Tall and lithe
Hair Pink
Eyes Green
Skin Ebony
Facial Features Beauty mark
Tattoos Sharlayan Archon tattoo under her right eye
Scars None
Clothing Short skirt, long jacket, high heels
Keywords Neighbourhood scholar, optimistic, fun
Hobbies Studying, flirting, attending social events
Likes Wine, good food, a good debate
Dislikes Xenophobia, judgmental people
Core Motivator Making a difference
Greatest Accomplishment Mastery of familiar creation
IC Profession Academic, member of the Sons of Saint Coinach
IC Soulstone Astrologian, Summoner
Combat Style Wields destructive or curative magics, supported by various different familiars
Physical Advantages Extremely dangerous at a range, experienced combatant, highly mobile, above average senses
Physical limitations Vulnerable in close quarters, prone to exhaustion during long bouts of combat, exceptional hearing may be a liability
Non-combat Aetherology, conjury, astronomy, alchemy, phantom creation
Primary Weapon Numerous grimoires
Secondary Weapon Sharlayan astrometer
Armor Enchanted Allagan equipment. The stuff is original and very, very old. Only a few minor changes have been made to it, largely in regards to fit.
Time Zone UTC -5
Server Mateus (But willing to travel)

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Amaryliss Lackland is a Sharlayan citizen and career academic. Her greatest scientific contributions have been in the fields of phantom creation and aetherochemistry, two of the founding pillars for creating familiars.

Beyond Sharlayan territories, she's best known to the general public as a socialite.


Ryliss is a tall, svelte Viera with the dark, rich brown skin of the Rava clan. Her features are delicate, unmarked by the imperfections that plague many adventurers; evidence that she clings to the back line, a fair distance away from any real fighting. Her long hair is a river of rose pink, complimented by leporine ears of the same hue.

She carries herself proudly, walking with confidence; shoulders back and a flawless stride even in staggeringly high heels. The former are something of a staple, usually worn in tandem with a long jacket and a short skirt.


Ryliss is an outgoing individual with a leaning towards charm and optimism. She doesn't take herself or anything else very seriously and frequently joke-lies her way out having to answer personal questions. When she's forced into formality, it's obvious from the off color jokes that she doesn't enjoy it and that her diplomacy is completely forced by her obligation towards her city-state.

Sociable as she is, Ryliss has an aversion to close intra-personal relationships. The trait isn't due to any problems with commitment but rather a profound fear of outliving those that she holds most dear and being hurt in the process.

Her hobbies and interests are mostly rooted in the practical and academic, including but not limited to: reading and forgetting to eat, drink or sleep while doing so, attending educational speeches and classes, archeology, astronomy, experimenting in the arcane and attending social events. For her, adventuring is more a hobby than a profession, as her primary source of income are teaching and fulfilling commissions.

Because she lives and breathes for knowledge, it's also one of her biggest weaknesses. If she's convinced that she's going to learn something worthwhile, it's impossible to steer her off course. It becomes a significant pitfall when her lust for knowledge goes against her own safety and caution is thrown to the twind.

Known Background

When the Isle of Val was laid to waste by a work of magic, Amaryliss' records were lost in the process. When she emigrated to Old Sharlayan - if indeed she hadn't always been there in the first place, has become a mystery and something of a recurring joke. What little can be verified is that her enrollment in the Studium was nothing short of orthodox: Ryliss has studied since youth, and intends to do so until the day she dies. Her first degree was in astromancy, followed by a blur of other magical and esoteric programs, along with a smattering of martial ones including espionage.

Though she lacked particular talent or motivation to pass some of the programs that she enrolled in, she revealed her greatest talent to be the ancient discipline of aetherochemistry. It's during one of her routine lectures on the summoning magic used by the ancient Allagans that she performed a feat of aetherochemistry both fascinating and grotesque that earned her the Archon tattoo under her right eye. The event and the monstrous chimera attracted enough attention that she sought out an entirely different discipline in order to avoid excessive scrutiny from her peers, relegating herself to the studies of conjury and arcanima.

The chimera, though its temperament is said to be violently unstable, is rumored to be locked away in some secret vault that requires Archon status for access.

When the pressure still did not relent, Ryliss traveled to the mainland and pretensed studies abroad to learn where teachings on the same subject might branch out. The looming war, though of no particular interest to her, warranted enough caution that she hired on some adventurers as guards on her travels.

Obligation spurred her friends towards Mor Dhana and for the first time ever, Ryliss weaponized her knowledge in the battle of Carteneau Flats. When the dust settled and the world filled with a light that blurs her memories of the events of the battle to this day, she settled in to volunteer to help survivors of the Calamity in remote areas.

But when summons from Sharlayan told the story of unearthed Allagan ruins some time later, she couldn't refuse the lure of knowledge and joined the newly formed Sons of Saint Coinach.

For years, Ryliss alternated between her own adventuring and findings and reuniting with the Sons to deliver research. Until her oldest traveling companion Aufent met his end, she was content. There were whispers that his death was tied in some accursed way to the end of the Dragonsong War. His death, initially ruled to be from illness, was later revealed to be a suicide. Whem the dust had settled and the Holy See's dealings were brought to the light, Aufent ended his life.

To this day, Ryliss has not quite moved past the death of her old friend (and some say, old lover). She shambles through life, trying to find some meaning and purpose to it in musty old tomes, the arms of another, potent drink, endless travels and wild adventures. Over time, she's developed a liking for adrenaline though she takes to combat poorly; flashes of the horrors of war inhibit any martial talent that she may have otherwise developed.

The quiettest among the rumors told about her, is that she came into the possession of an ancient Summoner's soulstone. How well she may have absorbed the knowledge and teachings etched upon its faceted surface however, none can say.

Garlean citizens who studied at some of Garlemald's premier engineering academies alone would know the extent of her lust for knowledge: she was willing to go all the way to Garlemald to learn from the best. Learning how to reverse engineer ancient Allagan machinery is necessary skill, in her line of work.