S'khai Nunh

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png S'khai Nunh
Skhai nunh by embersign.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Limsan
Residence Ishgard
Sept Sea of Spires Sept
Age 33
Apparent Age Early 40s
Marital Status Single
Occupation Tailor

Basic Info

Please note that this profile is written from an out-of-character perspective, and not all information included therein is well, or publically, known.


Smutty Romance Novellas
Muggy Weather
Triple Triad


Qiqirn Whiskey
Restrictive/bulky/heavy clothing


Weaving and Sewing
Cooking, Cleaning, Child Rearing
Literate; conversational and business Amaljic
Sleight of Hand


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Addictions: Drinking, Gambling, Somnus
Favorite Food: Pit-boar
Favorite Drink: Grog (beer, rum, sun lemon, boiling water, sugar)
Favorite Color: Russet
■ Minimal feeling in hands due to excessive scarring, callouses, and damage; tends to feel things with his arms and cheeks instead; dexterity is reduced, but not yet minimal
■ Sense of smell significantly reduced, as is feeling in most of face.

Appearance & Personality


S'khai was raised within a tiny sept located in the canyons of Thanalan just south of the Sea of Spires. As a child, S'khai was forbidden from helping his mothers hunt, and was instead delegated the tasks inherent in raising his sisters and caring for the tribe. Quickly learning a vast number of skills from traveling merchants and caravans, S'khai took quickly to the lot afforded him by his father, though sought constantly to learn to fight, hunt, and provide in what he felt was a more 'direct' manner.

Sixth Astral Era

→ History of S'raha Nunh, S'khai's father, with the Zu tribe, including the Amalj'aa attack, and his ousting immediately following
→ Birth of the Sea of Spires Sept
→ S'khai's birth and childhood, including raising his siblings
→ Coteries and alliances made with various merchants traveling through the canyons, and their effect and influence on S'khai's perception of self and the outside world
→ S'khai's education stemming from the merchants, both Ul'dahn and Amalj'aa.
→ S'raha's slow decent into alcoholism and depression, and the efefct it had on S'khai's perception of tribal life and the duties of a tribe leader
Sea of Spires Sept
The Sea of Spires Sept is, or rather was, an incredibly miniscule, primarily matriachial sept of the Zu Tribe (nominally) led by S'raha Nunh. Composed of a single nunh, three female warriors, and their children, the Sea of Spires Sept was, on the whole, unknown to most other Seeker of the Sun tribes and septs. Numbering nine in total, and living an almost nomadic lifestyle, the group existed almost entirely off of the radar which suited the nunh, S'raha, just fine.
The Sept began after S'raha Nunh, then Tia, left the Zu Tribe after accusations of aiding an Amalj'aa raiding troupe that decimated the sept's population. After an argument ensued with the Zu Tribe nunh, S'raha was chased from the tribe and branded a traitor, never to return.
S'raha spent the next five years wandering Thanalan as a nomad trading, stealing, and hunting what he could to survive. Over the course of those five years two young women, (T')Wabati Jirho and (R')Nhapla Hyun, also outcasts from their respective tribes, joined S'raha in his vagrancy, with the three eventually settling in the area just south of the Sea of Spires.
S'raha soon became complacent about his position as leader, and began to allow hunting duties to slide onto the shoulders of the two women while he took on the role of caretaker for his now three children. While S'wabati and S'nhapla began to take control of most larger duties and decisions, they allowed S'raha to keep his title as nunh, having more-or-less stripped him of all other nunh obligations beyond breeding.
S'khai was the first child, and only son, of S'raha, born to S'wabati shortly after their arrival in the Sea of Spires. While the two women took duties of hunting, S'khai was raised by his father. By the age of five, S'khai had learned basic survival skills, and by eight was caring for his sisters, now two and one. As S'raha fell into a melancholic state of depression, S'khai took on parental duties including cooking, cleaning, mending clothes and caring for injuries. By the age of ten, S'raha had removed himself almost entirely from his role as parent, and S'khai, instead, held the burden with a distinct sense of pride, taking great elation at each of his sister's achievements, and swallowing bitter jealousy as his father forbade him from hunting with his mothers.
Along with his duties of keeping camp and foraging, S'khai learned quickly the ways of trade, convening with each passing merchant, and trading what pelts and woven fabrics he could spare for books, buttons, and various goods, as well as lessons in reading. As a child, he took instantly to the art, burying his craving for adventure between the pages. It was here, as well, that he learned both sleight of hand and Amaljic, seeking to further his abilities to provide for his tribe through trickery or simply expanded trade.
Young Adulthood
→ Fight with father
→ Leaving tribe for Ul'dah
→ Influences found in Ul'dah, Limsa, and Gridania
The Calamity
→ Overview of the Calamity's impact on S'khai's mental state
Before the Fall
→ Trip to Gridania to hone his skills in Conjury
→ Joining the Alliance
→ Parting ways with Solid Sequoia
Battle of Carteneau
→ Back-lines conjury providing both defense and healing
→ Emotional impact resulting from the seeming futility of the battle
→ Running from Carteneau
After the Fall
→ Wandering, so much wandering
→ Meeting with goobbue; become best bros
→ More wandering, some angst

Seventh Umbral Era

→ Overview of the events following 2.0's release
Rise of the Seventh Umbral Era
→ Trouble in Ul'dah
→ Steady decent into drinking, drugging, and gambling
→ → Resulting debt to Flynt Reddard
→ Slow formation of new identity and personality brought on by fear of self

→ Return to Limsa
→ Meeting with Cilia; drugs and whatnot
→ Budding friendship with Archemides
→ Meeting with N'ouleh; impact of the Tia on the not-nunh
→ Joining Heartwood Trading Company, and subsequent leaving
→ Meetings with Teld're Eska'aldren, Zeean Wraithor, Ama'drien Amaro et al.
→ Readdiction to Somnus; decent into heavy drinking brought on by nightmares et al.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Of course he has a tribe: he's a nunh. Doesn't seem the type to lie, and the way he went on about them, they're probably the cutest kids..." - Silver Bazaar Merchant
"That bastard is tricky. I seen 'im disappear an apple, right a'fore m'eyes. Aint no Thaumaturgy I ever seen." - Elder Merchant
"More rum and testosterone in his body than blood and common sense, that boy." - King of the Golden Fist Spectator
"Aside from occasional visits to the Sacrarium, I've scarce seen him 'round these parts. Don't know how he can afford it. Last I saw 'im, 'e was beggin' for money." - Ul'dahn Citizen
"Creative. I'll give him that." - Coffer & Coffin Patron
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"White hair, glasses, scar on his chin? I think that's the guy I overheard shouting at a kid that the Warriors of Light were a fairytale. What an ass..." - Costa Courtesan
"Nona says he's in line with the Amalj'aa; nona says not to talk to him; nona says he's tempered." - Zu-tribe Youth
"He has a thing for coeurl-print. How do I know? <giggle>" - Anonymous Barwench
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"S'khai? I've seen him, but no, he doesn't belong to our tribe; he does look an awful lot like S'raha, but that traitor's gotta be nearly sixty by now..." - Zu-tribe Elder
"I'm sure that I've seen him before somewhere, but I can't seem to place where..." - Demure White Mage
"Void-touched. I'm telling you. Stay away from him." - Ul-dahn Soothsayer
"If you're lookin' fer a sale, look for the pale cat with the scar. Heard he'll buy whatever it is you're sellin' - heard he's even lookin' for Pluto." - Unnamed Lalafellin Drug-Lord
"That gentleman comes in every night, well after nightfall. He's been struggling more and more. Last I saw, he could scarce open the door to his room..." - Bamponcet
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)
"Khai? Well he doesn't pay his tab, can't hold his drink, tries way too damn hard...but he's alright. Do me a favor and if ya run into the lil' guy, tell him Arch will help get him to round thirteen sooner or later!" Archemides Fontaine
"That mangy stray owes me more gil than he hopes to achieve, and I will get it." Flynt Reddard
"Light on his feet. But he doesn't seem very ambitious. I want to tie him down and make him bleed... Tell him so if you catch him before I do." Teld're Eska'aldren


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Cilia Frostwyght : "That crazy bitch nailed me in the junk and then kissed' me! After, might I add, nearly throwing me over a railing at the Ul'dahn ball. I don't know what the hell she wants, but if it's me, I'm not interested."
Archemides Fontaine : "Arch? Probably the best friend I have right now. Plus, he keeps paying for my drinks before I can so much as get out coin, so I really can't complain."
Flynt Reddard : "Shitdick cocksucker."
Alwyn Tia : "I haven't seen the tia in quite a while; I can't particularly say I noticed until you brought it up."
N'ouleh Tia : "Ishgard, you said... yeah, we'll make a mint."
Lacey Orwell : "I don't know what her issue is with me, but she'd better get over it."
Ama'drien Amaro : "Liar. Thief. Scoundrel. Fuck 'im."
Teld're Eska'aldren : "Ratbastard. I don't understand him. He's like twelve different people; some excited kit, some too-mature-for-'is-britches mother, moody, manipulative... If he weren't a friend of Zeean's, I'd probably have nothing to do with him."
Zeean Wraithor : "Zeean? Bumbling idiot - don't tell him I said that. Love 'im to pieces, but I'll be damned if I don't hate him some days too. Likes to meddle; try an' make shit right. Don't always go 'bout it th'right way though..."


Commissioned Work

Personal Work


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