Shiny Feather

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 Shiny Feather
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Birth Name Shiny Feather
Nickname(s)/Alias TBA
Age 28
Born TBA
Nameday 17th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Birthplace ?? Where Hellsguards hail from
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Alignment Chaotic Good
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Height X fulms, X ilms (222cm)
Weight XXX ponze (XXkg)
Physique Broad and solid
Hair Long, blond with red highlights, often held up in a side ponytail
Eyes Pale, piercing blue
Skin Dark tan
Scars None visible
Facial Features A blue pearl on her forehead
Clothing Purples, mostly. A mix of cloth armour and heavy armour.
Keywords Boisterous, caring, pushy, physical, friendly
Hobbies Sparring, helping others, watching boats and boat trips
Likes Purple, feathers, the sea, travelling
Dislikes Inaction, pretending not to see misery, selfishness.
Core Motivator Helping out those who can't help themselves and those who need that little push to get going
Fears Having to be stuck in the daily routine life of an Ul'dahn guard again
Greatest Accomplishment Founding Home
Greatest Regret Not leaving her job and going to Limsa Lominsa earlier
IC Profession TBA
IC Jobs Warrior
Combat skills Axe-wielding
Physical Advantages Big, solid, and strong
Physical limitations She is a sitting duck with little interest in dodging
Non-combat TBA
Primary Weapon Axe
Armor Cloth armour and heavy armour
Username Alnee
Time Zone UTC+1
Server Mateus
Free Company Hands of the Vagrant

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Shiny is a boisterous and enthusiastic Roegadyn with a big heart and an even bigger axe. She is one of the co-founders of the Free Company "Hands of the Vagrant", also known as "Home".

She has a tendency to give pets to people under her employ, if they do not yet have one.


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RP limits and preferences

I am flexible and will RP virtually anything as long as it fits the character. I usually try to direct as little as possible and feel where she wants to go. As such, unexpected things may happen.

That being said, I will never force anyone into anything, so speak to me about your limits and triggers if you have any.

Plotting is love, so are random things. I don’t bite.

I will play Pretty much anything. Dark themes, light themes, angst, hurt comfort, calm stuff or adventure. I might even dabble in mature content if it takes that direction, but fair warning, it would take some building.
Ask about I’d rather be able to discuss it if our characters were to have a fight. I don’t mind her being injured, far from it, but it has to be fair. No godmodding.
I won't play . I’d rather avoid having her dying, or being permanently injured. Extreme kink are usually a no as well, but you’re free to ask. I won’t play pre-established relationships and cannot tell you yes if you ask for our characters to be romantic. That has to be built and will heavily depend on chemistry.

RP hooks

As I’m relatively new to MMO RP, I’d rather you send me a tell first, even if I have my RP tag on. I will however answer and play along without it if I’m in RP tag, but if you want more involvement on my part, OoC talking is the way to go.

When out in the field: .
When in town: .
Around the FC house: .
In general: .

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Side bar template adapted from: Infobox-roe by [MoenMoen]
"The TMI Character Template for the Hopelessly Detail Oriented" created by [MoenMoen]
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