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Sil'tel Ferima


   Martial Prowess
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Sil'tel is an unusual hybrid consisting of a female Xaela Au Ra and Voidsent, most notably distinguished by the prominent growth of large Succubus horns and dangerously sharp fingernails. Despite retaining many of the physical attributes that characterise a Xaela woman, Sil'tel is a Succubus, and this is problematic in many significant ways. She cannot blend easily into society like a normal Au Ra because her voidsent features prohibit this, and unlike normal Succubi, who can gain nourishment from sexual essence, Sil'tel's only means of sustenance is to completely consume her sexual partner's essence, invariably killing them. In spite of these substantial flaws, she works tirelessly to foster diplomacy between the inhabitants of Eorzea and Succubi, particularly the ones in Haukke Manor where she often resides. Along with her business partner, she runs the "Roar Deal Trading Co." which is little more than a front for trafficking men. She is a talented martial artist, but steers away from combat if she can manage it. Almost universally misjudged by everyone she encounters, she keeps a firm hold on her generally pleasant countenance and is more than comfortable in most social interactions. She is often found in Ul'dah, the bustling streets providing many opportunities for lonely men to vanish. She speaks lazy, drawling Eorzean, and commonly uses playful pet-names for those she encounters.

Sileyel.png "Th' way ah gotta live... Nothin' makes right what ah gotta do, but ah have t' hope it's all worth it." Sileyer.png


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: Slightly above-average height for a Xaela, Sil'tel sports an unintentionally eye-catching physique. While little sense of muscle tone pervades her appearance, she is not wanting for definition thanks to a highly active lifestyle. She has a generous bust for an Au Ra, and shapely hips, but is slim in all other aspects. She is fully able-bodied, balanced and flexible, her stoic countenance often disguised by a relaxed, overly-casual posture. Her abyssal-blue Xaela horns are small, simple, and elegant, running parallel to her head and ending in a point behind her. More noticeable are the forward-facing horns of the same size sprouting from the crown of her temples. Most obvious are the two enormous Succubus-indicative horns that jut from behind her Au Ra horns and sleekly curve a few fulms to a razor-sharp point behind her. Her tail is nondescript, reaching to her achilles tendon in a slow-tapered point. With a beautifully-featured face, smooth cheeks and rosy lips, her eyes stand out startlingly. Deep crimson irises are encircled by vivid scarlet limbal rings, and her long dark lashes stay low and blink lazily. Finally, Sil'tel's volumous hair is bright white, aside from faint highlights of red at her tips, and drapes carelessly down her back as well as framing her face and angling over her forehead.

Scars & Markings: In terms of scars or signs of battle, Sil'tel is remarkably unscathed. It's unclear whether this is the result of voidsent influence, but it is apparent that Sil'tel is extremely capable of avoiding damage. Aside from the usual Xaela abyssal-blue scales, Sil'tel's light, even skin is largely unmarked from head to toe, and completely bereft of tattoos or adornments.

Voice: When Sil'tel does speak, it is a soft, inquisitive alto, light in pitch and possessing a playful huskiness, her voice cracking slightly in her laughs and more excited outbursts. Her accent is a unique blend of sensual murmuring and farmhand drawl. She speaks slowly and confidently so that people unused to hearing her accent can clearly define what she is saying. Surprisingly, despite the strong accent, Sil'tel has proved herself to be gifted at disguising her voice with other accents. This originates from a time when she would utilize Glamour prisms and hide her accent in order to go shopping in the nearby encampments and cities.

Clothing: Being of low finances, Sil'tel does not have a vast wardrobe of outfits, and tends to be seen in only a few notable ensembles. Most often she will be in a vivid green cloth top that displays her shoulder and arms, as well as completely exposing her midriff. Dark green material wraps her wrists, and her long, sharp fingernails are painted metallic green. Sil'tel's scandalously revealing belt-skirt is little more than a strip of green cloth held behind two leather belts holding hip-satchels, and does nothing to obfuscate her dazzling green undergarments. Gold-coloured leather cords weave down from her thighs and meet traditional Au Ra open-toed boots that reach just shy of her knees. The outfit is eye-catching to say the least, and while Sil'tel remains adamant that she has stitched it all herself out of necessity, the enticing flesh exposed by the minimal look functions as a deterrent for people of high moral integrity and affixes the interests of men Sil'tel is attempting to seduce.

Sileyel.png "Don't flaunt it if y' ain't prepared t' put it t' use." Sileyer.png

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Demeanor: Sil'tel stands in a manner that is constantly shifting. While she appears casual and relaxed her stance is often one that displays her femininity. She appears unassuming, which results in a very approachable and guardless look. When conversing, Sil's gaze is entrancing, not only because of the intense colour in her eyes, but because she focuses intently and almost unerringly on her subject. This is not something she does consciously, she just like to give people her undivided attention, and often comes across as overly-interested, or intimidating. She is flirtatious and enigmatic with both men and women, though women do not interest her, and rarely lets a knowing smirk leave her lips. When she does not deem it important to be pleasant, she can be flippant and abrasive, especially towards other women. For those sensitive to auras and energies, Sil'tel gives off tell-tale signals of dark voidsent intent, and this can become overwhelming, particularly when she is hungry and senses she may have found a male to provide her sustenance. She is, however, completely unaware of this emanation. While Sil'tel does exude a demeanor of a young woman steeped in confidence and allure, it becomes apparent to those who know her better that she is not especially intelligent and this shortcoming often runs her foul of people who are offended when she does not filter what comes out of her mouth. Despite appearing agreeable to almost anyone if she deems it beneficial to be so, Sil'tel has a strong dislike of most other women, and is not shy on expressing her distaste.

Nature: While it may not be entirely evident, Sil'tel is a deeply compassionate person. She cares desperately for the people close to her and would do almost anything for them, hence why she is capable of delivering men to unfortunate ends to help the other Succubi in Haukke Manor, who she considers her only family. She would like to appear intelligent and worldly, but fails often, impressing only the naive. Sil'tel is always at odds with her own biology. She recognises that her own sustenance requires the loss of life for someone else, and makes no bones about the fact she is putting herself before the lives of those she kills as a result of sexual union. Remorseless as it may seem, she loathes this necessity of killing, and strives to make her victims' last moments as pleasurable as she can. Despite feeling her lot in life is unfair, she tries to surround herself with laughter and excitement, and is happiest of all when she is at play. She feels strongly that her seductive side, her deceptions, her lustful hungering, are all unnatural parts of her, obscuring the beautiful, carefree soul she tries to be in spite of her Succubus nature.

Beliefs: Hardly the most pious person, Sil'tel has an astounding sense of loathing for the Twelve and Primals and other deific entities. She puts the blame for what she is squarely on the shoulders of them all. She will rarely express any dissatisfaction with gods and higher beings, but becomes sullen and untalkative when the topic is introduced. She believes very strongly that Succubi can be integrated into Eorzean culture, like Goblins and Moogles, if they are educated and properly guided by someone who understands their needs and urges. Underneath the guise of this philanthropic cause, however, is a deep-seated desperate hope that if she can achieve this integration for Succubi that are far more mindless and savage, all the deaths she has caused to sustain herself and further her cause will be justified.

Habits: Due to the nature of her cause, seducing men to supply her charges with sustenance, Sil'tel has developed a habit of being very 'touchy'. She will place a light hand on people when they are talking, and look at them endearingly, seeming agreeable even if she disagrees with what they are talking about. Fake sincerity and interest comes so naturally to her that she is very often completely unaware she is sending out some very awkward messages. Rarely will she shy away from a gentle caress, even from people she dislikes, giving way for people to think her compliant and elated by the attention. When thinking or nervous, Sil'tel has a bad habit of using her sharp nails to scratch inadvertently against railings and tables and clothing. Since she has become used to using endearing terms for almost everyone, she will very often refer to people not by their names, but by petnames such as "Darlin'" or "Sweetheart", or nicknames relating to something about their appearances and behaviour.

Sileyel.png "Cause 'n effect, Darlin', Cause 'n effect... Don't know what that means, but it sounds real smart, don't it?" Sileyer.png




  • Flattering, alluring clothing.
  • Martial arts and swordplay.
  • Warm, dark environments, open fires.
  • Alcohol, even though she can't taste it.
  • Pleasant conversation, especially with men.
  • Cat's Cradle, cross-stitch, needlework.


  • People who dislike Voidsent.
  • Fighting when alternate strategies are viable.
  • Food. At all. She can't enjoy it.
  • Authority in almost any military form.
  • Mud and dirt.
  • Chairs with high backs.


  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Likes the colour Green.
  • Is very poor.
  • Gets drunk quickly.
  • Adores other Succubi.
  • Gives off a dark energy.



Racial: Being multi-racial herself (after a fashion), Sil'tel has no real prejudice against any particular race or breed. She mistrusts most of the Eorzean races equally when it comes to their ability and willingness to invade her peoples' domains and slaughtering them for prestige and profit. Less a prejudice and more a selling point to her cause.

Societal: The nature of a Succubus that lacks some of their more physically imposing attributes while retaining their basic needs can be rough. Sil'tel has to hunt for sustenance, through careful tactical flirting and selective targeting. Other women are her biggest opponents, whether they be girlfriends or spouses of intended victims, competition for affection, or morally-driven characters that see Sil'tel as a sinful woman of low moral standards. To this end, Sil'tel finds it extremely difficult not to loathe interactions with women. Some of her closest friends are woman, but only after displaying to Sil'tel that they do not pose a threat.

Dogmatic: While Sil'tel subscribes to no particular theocratic ideology, she has found herself often as the unwarranted target of scorn and harassment from people who do, especially people who view Voidsent as nothing but a bane upon Eorzea. This being commonplace, it has led her to being less than enthusiastic about being around people who follow more inflexible religious doctrine, as she feels the more zealous they get, the more likely she is to be painted with an unfair brush by them. Consequently, she goes out of her way to avoid churches and temples, and is pleasantly surprised when parishioners of these places treat her kindly.

Cultural: Sil'tel is worldly in the same way a creature of the forest is worldly. She knows enough to get by and has some vague notions of why we have abstract means of expression and paths of embetterment. She values talented artists for the beauty and skill they can bring into the world, but has no time at all for "artists" whose work is beyond the scope of her grasping. She finds these people to be stupid, but tolerates their presence in society the same way she would a boasting child.


Glass-sword.png Abilities



Tenacity - Sil'tel may not be the hardiest of combatants when compared to warriors and paladins in full plate, but having trained in martial arts for many years, honing breathing techniques and constant cardiovascular exercise, she's more than capable of delivering energetic move after move without signs of losing speed or power. She's never finished fighting until she's unconscious or victorious, or simply calls it quits.

Agility - Monks and martial artists strive towards fluidity in their movements and Sil is no different. Able to shift seamlessly from offense to defense to offense, Sil'tel maintains a framework that allows for fast reaction time and rapid movement.

Flexibility - Lithe and slim, it's barely any effort or discomfort for her to perform acts of impressive contortion and displacement. She stretchy, y'all.

Surprising Strength - Whether the result is from strenuous physical training or a byproduct of her unique biology, Sil'tel's petite frame conceals a disproportionate strength. Many of her battles have been won through her opponents' underestimations of her prowess, and she is not the type to pull her punches when given any opportunity.



Bladed Weapons - Being a close-range melee combatant, Sil's most direct danger comes from enemies wielding multiple sharp-edged weapons. Unless she can effectively neutralize these weapons she stands a high probability of being cut. Her minimalistic attire offers little armour, compounding the necessity to avoid confrontations where she cannot disarm all of her foes before falling to severe risk.

Vulnerable - Scantily-clad and unarmed save for her elaborate knuckle weapons, there's very little to stop Sil'tel receiving physical damage that pierces or crushes through her defensive abilities, so agility and offense is her mainstay. While aether is something her body naturally absorbs over time, it will not be very effective in providing resistance against enfeebling or destructive magic.

Long Range - Sil'tel is a close range fighter almost purely. She is devastating when right up toe-to-toe with her opponents where she can stun, grapple or stagger her assailants, but arrows from many yalms away and magic cast from just as far makes her essentially a sitting duck. While she has developed a few techniques to cover ground at blistering speed, if an opponent can keep out of her range her effectiveness in combat is all but neutralized.



Weaponry - Technically speaking, Sil'tel herself is her weapon, her body trained superbly in the martial arts. Her fierce punches, however, are made terrifying by the addition of metallic green Kaiser Knuckles Zeta. The sharp spines that extend in front of the weapons blaze with energy when Sil's fighting spirit is roused. The glowing orange "claws" that manifest when the weapons activate extend her reach and give a truly intimidating look to the weapons. Without her fearsome weapons, however, she is still capable and dangerous.

Chakra - Through training and meditation as a Monk, Sil'tel has unlocked numerous Chakras, allowing her to manifest spiritual energy in multiple fashions. From using this energy to invigorate her reserves of physical energy, to expelling it in focused and unfocused blasts, to knitting her wounds back together in basic regeneration.

'Dead Sexy' - Less a "combat" skill and more of a skillset trait, if Sil'tel can manage to turn a male to her wiles, with the conclusion being sexual intercourse, the man will die through complete absorption of his energies and essence at the moment of his climax. Death has proven to be the invariable outcome no matter the physical, spiritual, or magical strength of her partner. This may not be properly described as a combat ability, but she takes her advantages wherever she can get them.

Sileyel.png "Everyone fights fer a diff'rent cause. Mine's jus' a better cause." Sileyer.png

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
"The Girls", Succubi of Haukke Manor ( ) - Sil's Adoptive 'Sisters'
The Closest Thing to Family : Haukke Manor was where Sil'tel first appeared in the world, and it's where she chose to reside. Despite the unspeakable and horrific acts she has witnessed from these normally placid Manor-dwellers, the friendly nonchalance they display towards Sil's presence inside their domain is more or less a welcome invitation in her mind. She feels a deep kinship with the voidsent women, one she can't elaborately describe. She feels concern and pity for them, and a spirit of commitment and obligation towards improving their existence. While the majority of the Succubi who inhabit the grounds are incredibly violent towards interlopers and even more cruel towards men who stray onto the premises, Sil'tel is adamant that dignified ties of allegiance can be forged with the Eorzean races if effort is made to understand each other. Consequently, she feels as though she has taken on a motherly role of feeding and taking care of the 'Girls' while simultaneously feeling as though she is their younger sibling due to the differences in their biology.

There numbers were, sadly, routed by a group well-known to her. Since then, as all the Succubi she considered family were banished or killed, Sil hasn't been back there. Even her friends assured her goal was hopeless, anyway, and that despite how much she cared for them, the Succubi would never be more than the sum of their base instincts. It hit her hard. Sil's dreams of rehabilitating her Haukke Manor sisters more or less ended with them.

""We ain't real kin, but y' accepted me... Y'all're beautiful. Yer powerful. Why cain't everyone see that like ah do?" ~ Sil'tel, musing to a Succubus.
Roar Deals Trading Company ( ) - Trafficking Turned Legitimate
Established Who-Knows-When : For a long time, the Roar Deals Trading Company was a front for the highly immoral and highly illegal business of trafficking groups of men to their ignorant deaths. Delivered under false pretenses to Haukke Manor, these men would be turned into sacrifices to the Succubi, so Sil could keep them inside and out of discovery's range, lest they went out in the Shroud to hunt for themselves. Sil'tel helmed the operation, and Teriha made good use of her uselessness as a secretary that discouraged legitimate trade partners from being interested in business with them. N'vael, oddly, funded the foundation of the business and the Trading House itself, and is at least the owner on paper, but she's largely uninterested in running it at all. The company kept itself afloat by collecting gil, weapons, expensive items, and clothing from the trafficked people once they were killed.

With the demise of Sil's "sisters" in Haukke Manor, however, Sil'tel suddenly realised she had a company that no longer had a function. Instead of calling it quits and collapsing the company, she decided to embrace a new policy of legitimate trade. She established trade routes through Kugane, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Radz-at-Han, and hired on skilled laborers to take commissions on valuable goods and sundries. While legitimate trade and business relationships are now flourishing, the questionable ethics of the company's founding still peek through. Sil is not picky about the commissions the company takes, or the business partners they take on, as long as the money seems worth the effort. Roar Deals, therefore, is quickly gaining the hushed reputation as a provider of goods that wouldn't be sourced or created by more lawfully-abiding companies.

""Are we open fer business? That depends on yer business... But yeah, we're open." ~ Sil'tel, being morally-ambiguous.
The Brass Blades of Ul'dah ( ) - Misguided Protectors
The Blades : Ul'dah's defenders of peace, the Brass Blades, are an organisation Sil'tel has had many interactions with in the past. Clearly, they have seen her horns, her nails, and concluded she is in some way voidsent or void-touched. Surprisingly, however, no actions have thus far been taken against her. This may be due to significant All Saints' Wake events featuring real voidsent around the same time Sil'tel started her haunt in the streets of Ul'dah. Perhaps more notable, though, are the numerous attempts on Sil'tel's life from Voidhunters that have ended in attention from the Blades. Each and every time, witnesses corroborated that Sil'tel was the victim, and was seemingly innocent of any crime. This, along with many of the men in the Blades taking a shine to her feminine wiles, has resulted in Sil'tel's presence in Ul'dah being somewhat of a professional "blind spot". Sure, she's a Succubus, but what harm is she being, really? A few select Blades even boast of being on friendly terms with her, and when she is being harassed by hunters, it's common practice for them to swoop in, arrest both her and her assailant, then pretend she's been 'dealt with' while quietly releasing her. It's an unusual blanket of protection for Sil'tel, and she's careful never to offend a Blade, lest they look more closely into her and discover the reality behind her actions.

""The girl's not hurting anyone. She's pretty, young, and obviously touched by misfortune. People resent women like that, it's sad to see." ~ Brass Blade, when questioned about Sil'tel.
The Venture Pact ( ) - Ceaselessly Entertaining
The Venture Pact : It has never been fully clear to Sil'tel exactly what this rabble of adventuring souls does. From her interactions with them, she has come to the conclusion that squabbling among themselves is likely their main tenet. The people, individually, seem decent enough. However, their rosters largely being female, Sil'tel's taciturn attitude to other women is quick to sour the atmosphere. To be frank, Sil thinks that almost the entire company is filled with psychopaths, idiots, and scene-chewers. Only a few have demonstrated any beneficial character qualities Sil can respect. Why she continues to go visit this company? At first, she just wanted to pick flowers and ingredients from the garden, much to their chagrin. A few allied battles later against various nasties, she seems to have formed at least a barely cordial working relationship with them. Many abhor her presence there, and her arrival there is consistently met with mixed receptions. Over time, the Venture Pact has been a stomping ground due to the cheap alcohol, and occasional interactions with the one or two people she considers worthy of her time spent there.

""Sil'tel is capable and has enough morality to aid when needed... though she has loose lips with her more negative opinions." ~ Sree Blackthorn, regarding Sil's involvement.

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)
N'vael Surola ( ) - The Yin to Sil's Yang
Bestest Friend : N'vael is perhaps the only person in all of Eorzea that Sil'tel has befriended outside Haukke Manor. While Sil'tel takes lovers, the nature of those instances are strictly short-term. 'Vae' is the sober and no-nonsense chip on Sil's shoulder, providing cynicism and cold water to balance out Sil's more carefree naivete and poorly-thought inspirations. She is aware of Sil'tel's activities and understands her cause well enough to tolerate it, if not actually condoning it. The two have established the "Roar Deal Trading Co.", which practices as low-thoroughfare delivery company and trading house, but is more a front company for the trafficking of disposable men. Vae does not seem to register this on a moral level beyond apathy. Just how concerned about Sil'tel Vae is can be a very difficult to gauge, as Vae quite often acts carelessly towards Sil, to the point of outright neglect. Regardless, Sil'tel considers Vae her best friend, simply for the reason that she has no other friends beyond the "Girls" in the Manor, and is very free and easy with her attitude around her, even if Vae often doesn't appear to reciprocate.

"Yer a coeurl's star-shaped arsehole, y'know that, Vae?!" ~ Sil'tel, after calling for help and being ignored by Vae.
Teriha Shiouji ( ) - Airhead Receptionist
Clueless Co-worker : Despite having an active hand in hiring Teriha to be the front-of-house Receptionist for "Roar Deal Trading Co.", Sil'tel doesn't take a lot of interest in the young woman. While she enjoys the position of seniority, and being called "Boss", it's painfully aware Sil'tel would rather wrap herself in barbed wire and roll down a quarry than spend too long talking to the girl, thus the two are very rarely ever encountered in the same room. When they are, it's normally for Sil'tel to take charge of the many male business assets before Teriha's neglectful reception work turns them away. Currently, Sil'tel sees Teriha as more of an office fixture than an actual person, though from time to time the younger girl's mannerisms amuse her. In spite of how ineffective Teriha is at her job, she makes an excellent legitimate front for the Trading Company and naturally turns away over-curious investors and clients, so the thought of firing her has never really occurred.

More recently, Teriha has become a reliable, if sometimes hesitant, underling for Sil'tel. Her worldly naivete often allows Sil'tel to ask her to undertake tasks that more well-travelled people would find unthinkable. Over the time they have spent together, Teriha has endeared herself to Sil'tel and has in some ways become something of a younger friend, perhaps even a surrogate daughter. While Sil'tel insists that "the Girl" is little more than an employee that she houses and looks in on, it has been noted by many of her friends that Sil'tel goes to great lengths to ensure Teriha is safe, free, and happy under her care.

""You always take the attractive male clients, why can't I deal with some?"" ~ Teriha to Sil'tel, who replies sufferingly "... Ah'd rather y' didn't, tha's all."
Miralis Hotgo ( ) - The Harbinger Zealot
Bad News All Round : A Void-hunter from the Ossuary, Miralis set herself up as opposing Sil'tel's existence from the start with a pompous attitude and a quiet intensity during each encounter. Unlike many other hunters that have haphazardly accused Sil'tel of being up to no good solely from the merit of her appearance, Miralis had done some homework and investigated many of the mysteries surrounding Sil'tel's activities. This in itself was enough to label Miralis as a threat, but one Sil'tel erroneously took no more seriously than any other void-hunter. That is, until Miralis ambushed Sil'tel in the street, backed up by a host of other hunters. The ensuing duel saw Sil'tel injured and ejected from Ul'dah, but alive nonetheless. This incident alone was the catalyst for many other Void-hunting groups to focus their efforts on Sil'tel's eradication.

""You seem to severely misunderstand your place in this realm. I intend on giving you a clear reminder, as with anyone else carrying your taint and mouth."" ~ Miralis, having ambushed Sil'tel in Ul'dah.
Tristandra Sunderer ( ) - The Frienemy
Safe or Unsafe? It's Complicated : From the very start, Tristandra sparked a rivalry with Sil'tel, threatening her and intimidating her for merely appearing voidsent. Despite many, many interactions that have softened the Warrior's attitude, Sil'tel still harbors a mutual disrespect with the stiff Xaela woman, using every opportunity to belittle her and rouse her fury. Sil'tel hasn't had quite so much fun pushing someones' buttons before, and in Trista she has found somewhat of an ongoing uncivil comradery. Deep down, after all their exchanges, both weaponized and social, Sil'tel would have to admit they're probably better friends than they let on, but it will likely be a cold midday in Tartarus before either of them openly admits it.

Nowadays, the relationship between them is openly amicable. They have set aside most of their differences and come to appreciate the other's strengths. Having retired from warfare, Tristandra now works for Sil'tel through a subsidiary company, providing metallurgy and smithing goods, while often taking on rare and uniquely-challenging commissions for select clientel. Despite the fact that certain facets of their lifestyles often cause them to clash, their mutual respect for the other still grows. Few people could claim to know Sil'tel on any level beyond the superficial, and Tristandra is most certainly one of them. Tristandra's relentless support for Sil'tel extends even into familia territory, being that Sil'tel made Tris the Godmother of her only child, Hadavi. While never dwelling long on the thought, it sometimes disturbs Sil'tel to consider where she might be today were it not for her friend.

""If anyone is going to kill Sil'tel, its me."" ~ Tristandra, protecting Sil'tel from a lynching.
Ezegai Avagri ( ) - Open-minded Couple
Forbidden Fruit : From the beginning, Ezegai has proven to be a challenge for Sil'tel. Not simply because he understood from the first encounter that she was voidtouched, but because he always seems to be welcoming her advances when she has clearly decided not to pursue him. He has a pregnant partner, and her ideals towards the men she sustains herself from does not extend to soon-to-be Fathers. This decision not to take him straight to bed hasn't stopped her from responding to his flirts with enthusiasm in kind, however, and now she finds herself in the curious position of bordering on intimate status with Ezegai and his partner. Considering that their roles in supporting Voidsent in Hydaelyn, though, she won't distance herself from them as they pose perhaps the most potentially-fruitful advance to her cause since the implimentation of her current arrangement.

""My woman at my side, another pretty lady's lips on my cheek, and a good drink. This is a good day." ~ Ezegai, having been thanked for a drink with a kiss from Sil'tel.
Nymari Avagri ( ) - Open-minded Couple: The Sequel
Really Forbidden Fruit : While her partner, Ezegai, remains easy enough to keep at arm's distance on his own, things become more complicated with the introduction of Nymari. The pretty, pregnant Miqo'te and her striking Xaela father-to-be combined make for an odd pair. Their seemingly open-ended relationship practically invites Sil'tel to partake in anything she'd care to involve herself in. The issue: Sil isn't really interested in girls, and if she indulges with Ezegai, he dies. This situation isn't helped by the fact that at every instance, Nymari has practically offered Sil'tel access into the arrangement. It's confusing to say the least, for a Succubus used to fending off angry girlfriends, but potentially more problematic, as Sil has never had a female acquaintance that she didn't see as direct competition, barring N'vael. For now, she has no problem accepting flirts and gestures of intimacy from the couple, but she remains wary that the two know more about her "business" than almost anyone else in Eorzea.

""Ah don't know how she ain't green with jealousy already."" ~ Sil'tel playfully admonishing Ezegai, Nymari responds wrly, "He usually shares 'em with me."
Orlasia Blackthorn ( ) - The Patient One
She climbed the ranks : In the bizarre, and occasionally hostile, environment of the Venture Pact company, it is not easy for a Succubus who generally loathes the company of other women to find friends. Perhaps it was the extreme dualism of the reception that favoured Orlasia to become one of Sil's accepted friends, where she was a voice of welcome amidst a sea of contempt and dismissal. Whatever the reason, the two now share a bond that Sil'tel treasures far more than she might let on. She is aware that the young woman harbours hopes of more than friendship, but her acceptance of Sil's casual disinterest is endearing, and allows Sil'tel the chance to drop some of her guard around her. With Orlasia being somewhat of a socially-ostracized creature, too, they have things in common. While those traits are, to everyone else, monumentally important, the understanding between Sil and Orlasia is that attitudes and bonds far outweigh meaningless physical construction.

Orlasia, today, has a far more solid position in Sil's life. Through complicated events, Orlasia has played host to a great number of Sil'tel's most private memories, and as a result she knows Sil'tel more intimately than anyone else Sil has ever encountered. So entwined are they, that Orlasia agreed to impregnate Sil'tel with their daughter, Hadavi. Despite this attachment, Orlasia has never been demanding or possessive. Sil'tel has all the time in the world for Orlasia, and even though she isn't particularly attracted to women, she often plays a little more affectionately with her than with others. She adores Orlasia, and thinks she is brilliant, even if Sil often eschews the good advice offered by her. Orlasia is commonly critical about Sil'tel's highly instinct-based style of survival living, but seems to accept Sil's habits at face value nonetheless. Orlasia often expresses fond sentiments of Sil'tel, that she can't believe anyone could ever think Sil'tel was a monster. Sil knows that only two people have ever really tried to understand her, Orlasia being the very first, and due to that, it's Orlasia's opinion that means the most to Sil.

""Beautiful flowers bloom in th' murkiest bogs. Those small, lost flowers are often th' most potent ingredients."" ~ Sil'tel, discussing Orlasia in metaphor.



Common Rumors (Easily inquired or overheard)

  • "A voidsent. Just walking around in the open! I don't care if she looks like some Au Ra girl, that's a stain on Eorzea!" - Agitated Ul'dahn Male
  • "I see her hovering about the Quicksand most nights, she's popular with the men. She doesn't seem interested in the local guys, though." - Female 'Quicksand' Patron
  • "She doesn't order drinks for herself, and Momodi says we're not to serve her. Momodi can't stand her and only Sil'tel knows why. Succubus, sure, but she doesn't seem that bad... Might have something to do with the men she's often seen leaving with." - Female 'Quicksand' Serving Staff
  • "I can't distinguish that drawling accent of hers. I don't know if she's doing it to be flirtatious, or if it's genuine." - Male Ul'dah Resident

Rare Rumors (Requires investigation)

  • "She swept four different men away from the Quicksand in under a month. That isn't especially odd considering her looks, but no one's seen those men since. With those horns and all... I guess it just makes you wonder..." - Female Brass Blade
  • "If you think that casual posture she's always taking makes her a pushover in battle then you're in for a shock. I've seen that girl topple gigas with ease." - Bystander near Saint Coinach's Find
  • "It's odd, but I seem to recall a young lady in Gridania who looked a bit like that. Didn't venture outside much, when she did she was always with a White Mage of some renown. Had smaller horns, though. Everyone just assumed she was a Padjal, so we left her alone." - Aging Male Gardener in Gridania

PC Rumors

  • "If you're down on your luck and in need of "companionship", I've heard she's the first one to turn to, and the last to leave after." - Bored-looking Miqo'te Female
  • "Do NOT go near this woman! She's all smiles until she gets you alone, then you're under her spell. The Blades're under her spell, too! I couldn't get even one of them to execute her, and they KNOW what she is!" - Frantic Male Scholar
  • "She says she's a Liason for some trading company in Shirogane. Can't be much good, I've never met a man who's traded with them. Some say they can't even get an audience with them, and we're talking people with serious money! I see a lot of shipping goes out to the Shroud, though." - Female Hyur Merchant in Kugane.
  • "This is also a rumor, how very curious." - Your name/description here
  • Feel free to add your own rumors. They don't need to be true. ;)
Sileyel.png "Half th' stuff y' hear about me is way outta line. That's prob'ly the Succubus half." Sileyer.png


Glass-hourglass.png History



Sil'tel, as her current entity, has absolutely no solid memory of life before inhabiting her body when it was at the physical age of twelve. What follows is a brief account of how Sil'tel Ferima, the Xaela girl came to be:

Fen'tel Ferima was born to the Tumet tribe of Xeala. Traditionally, as a means of testing their worth, when children reach their tenth Summer, they are tied to a tree and left by the tribe to see if they could return to it by their own strength. Ultimately, she was not swift enough to unbind herself and follow the tribe, consequently losing her place in the tribe and not being given a name. She was given pity by settlers around the Ruby Sea, who offered her passage to Kugane, where she might find work. She gave herself a name, denounced her tribe, and vowed never to seek them out. At twelve summers old, having worked for food and shelter at a hotel, she befriended a wandering young Xaela boy from the Oronir Tribe and was smitten by his carefree attitude. At thirteen, however, not having been told the "facts of life", she was heavy with child and the young couple were terrified at the idea of raising a child in such poverty. When a litle girl was born, she was immediately named Sil'tel, so that she would never have to work to earn it.

But a penniless couple of children, barely into their teens, couldn't hope to raise a child. A decision was made that their daughter would be better off if she was adopted by someone with means. By chance, a sailor and merchant whose wife could not conceive, offered to take Sil'tel off their hands and raise the girl in safety. So the baby was taken to Gridania, where she grew up learning to help her adoptive parents with their trading. She was a naturally inquisitive girl, and often explored on her own when granted free time. However, a reckless attitude fostered by an easy-going upbringing saw her take one challenge too many. She decided to explore the famously "haunted" Haukke Manor, but the inhabitants of the grounds detected her and she was set upon by Ahriman. Injured badly, it was all she could do to escape into the Manor where she collapsed and bled to near-death in the foyer.

Succubi arrive into Eorzea by means of inhabiting the corpses of recently-deceased women. In this case, however, with Sil'tel bordering on death, one Succubus spirit was too eager to be born from the Void. As it manifested into the girl's body, the girl flitted back from the brink of death for an instant. What followed was an intense spiritual battle wherein the Succubus could not establish dominance over what was essentially a living girl but could not return to the Void. Desperate to house itself in flesh before it expired, the Succubus had no option but to struggle with Sil'tel, trying to assert itself into her body and mind, and making allowances where Sil'tel's fleeting consciousness would not allow it. Finally, Sil'tel died completely, and the Succubus had a shiny new body to call her own. The damage was done, however. The struggle with Sil'tel's essence and the compromises reached during the possession resulted in a Succubus that had formed around the basis of a mortal mind. She wasn't entirely a Voidsent creature, but in no way was she the vestige of the deceased girl. She had sentience but also sapience, at the cost of self-awareness of what exactly she was. Her connection to her voidsent nature was tarnished, and her biology forever stunted as a confused mesh of Succubus and Xaela.

Exhausted from the struggle of a problematic "birth", and still with many attributes surviving from the previous occupant, the new faulty Succubus rested pitifully in a pool of blood. Whatever the origins of the young girl, the result was a sleepy Sil'tel, found napping in the foyer of the Shroud's infamous Manor by an adventuring party, surrounded by voidsent who did not seem to be bothered by her presence. The party saw an endangered young girl with her name stitched into the collar of her shirt and returned her safely to a room in Gridania, and put under the temporary care of the party's Hyur Monk and White Mage, Sansen and Liletta. Sil'tel's merchant parents were erroneously led to believe that their child had died by misinformed Wood-Wailers, and they returned to the Kugane, heartbroken, to find Fen'tel Ferima to inform her of the sad event.

Henceforth, the story will detail the life of the new entity that has assumed the name and body of Sil'tel Ferima.



Sil'tel stayed with the adventuring couple for several years. Sansen was a rough-talking man just younger than the father of a young girl might have been, he believed in action first and repercussions later. He spent most of his time at home training Sil'tel in the stances of martial arts to protect herself, and it would be his lazy drawling speech that she would come to adopt. His partner, Liletta, was a soft-spoken and learned mage, originally foreign to Eorzea and well-travelled. She put Sil'tel to task as a potential conjurer, but Sil lacked any significant potency at the role, and instead focused more on her adoptive-father's physical training, so the woman resigned herself simply to be Sil'tel's teacher, instilling ladylike graces into her posture and cramming as much general knowledge about the world as she could manage into her head. Both Sansen and Liletta proved to be effective guardians for the girl, and their time spent together was treasured.

Very soon into the adoption, Sil'tel began to grow increasingly-obvious additional horns that did not appear natural on a Xaela, and it was not until a year later that her adoptive-mother recognised the style and curve of the horns to be that of a Succubus. It was also astonishing that Sil'tel did not eat or drink very much, if at all. Food would be put in front of her and she would look at it, confused by what to do with it. Given that Sil'tel displayed none of the usual aggression and cruelty associated with the Succubus race, Liletta did not let it concern her. She and her partner, however, did not allow Sil'tel to spend much time in the company of others, as Gridania would not be kind to a girl who was decried as a voidsent. More than once, she was spotted by strangers and looked upon with confusion, having been mistaken for a Padjal with darker horns.

Three years into this family arrangement, Sil's adoptive mother passed away in the night unexpectedly. Battling with grief, Sil'tel and her lone guardian spent more time together training. Some weeks after Liletta's passing, Sansen began acting in a peculiar fashion, refusing to let Sil'tel leave the house, determining that they would sleep in the same bed, and touching her constantly, stroking her hair and caressing her neck. Sil'tel, being significantly more woman-like since her fifteen-year-old body had matured and her Succubus horns and nails had grown so large they could not be hidden, accepted the attention with good grace, since she owed the man a lot for his and his late partner's care, and part of her was excited by the closeness of a man.

Not long into this new behaviour, Sansen escalated the attention one night and began caressing Sil's thighs and breasts while they were in bed together, kissing her neck. Confused and unsure, Sil'tel allowed him to paw at her, frightened, but reacting to the affection with suprising elation. Sansen's caressing turned into passionate kissing and undressing, and soon after that Sil'tel's ankles were crossed against his lower back and her hands gripping his shoulders in licentious coitus. At the peak of Sansen's ecstacy, something ancient and undeniable triggered in Sil'tel, and instinctively she began siphoning copious amounts of his life energy into her being as he bucked into her with abandon. A torrent of glorious, sweet energy sent her every nerve into rapturous pleasure the likes of which she had never experienced before. Like rain into the desert sands, Sansen's energy sank into Sil'tel's, until nothing was left. The light of ferver left his eyes and his body became heavy on top of her. It was minutes until Sil'tel, quivering and panting, relishing in amazing life-giving pleasure, urged her adoptive father off her and realised he was unresponsive. He was dead completely.

The emotional impact of his loss was numbed by the sweet intoxication of nourishment that surged through Sil'tel's very being, but even through the daze of euphoria she realised that she had caused the death of her guardian. Struggling to make heads or tails of her predicament, and seeing no way to explain the corpse to the Gridanian authorities without revealing her physical nature, she fled from the city that night with no more than a nightgown and her own life.

Sansen's body was to be discovered weeks later after complaints of a foul odor and lack of visitation to the abode. Gridanian investigator's determined that the cause of death had been suspicious, but unexplainable. Furthermore, they had found the diary of Sansen in a hidden dresser, and the revelation that Sansen had become so infatuated and obsessed with Sil'tel that he had poisoned Liletta in order to be with the young girl. Sil'tel, meanwhile, lived in the Shroud, foraging from the land and finding solace on her own.



The later years of Sil'tel's adolescence saw her travel from new low to new low. A fugitive, as far as she knew, and a confirmed killer. She would sneak around the shadows of the Shroud in a torn and dirty nightgown, finding shelter in small caves they were only habitable after she had fought with wolves that had staked their claims there. She tried to make clothing from the leaves and foliage, but lacked the skills as a seamstress to make anything that held together. More frightening for her, however, was the ever-increasing gnawing of hunger. She had never experienced hunger before, and even though she tried to consume food like normal people do to, nothing seemed to abate it.

When the hunger made her strength vanish and caused her to fear for her existence, she sought out the only thing she had ever known to nourish her. At Bascarron's Druthers on a drizzling night, a merry-faced worker heading home after a few pints was stopped in the road by a crying Sil'tel in next-to-no clothes, who asked him to help her find her chocobo which had bolted into the surrounding forest. She led him to a place no one would see or hear them, stripped off her ragged nightgown and seduced him. Later, once the rain had stopped, a satisfied Sil'tel emerged from the foliage, euphoria clouding her morals just enough to have little problem with dragging a lifeless corpse to a dig site and dumping it in a deep chasm.

She kept this routine up for several months, staying in hiding until every few weeks the hunger pains and worries of expiring grew too much to bear, then finding an unfortunate male to sustain herself from. She kept clothes and items from her victims, becoming a thief as well as a killer. She stitched materials together to make functional clothes for cold weather, and learned to skin the wolves she dispatched to make crude leather and blankets. The infrequency of the missing people did not rouse much suspicion from the authorities, and Sil'tel was careful not to be spotted by anyone besides her intended victims. A young Au Ra woman in a ripped white nightgown and Succubus horns would surely be talking points that could spell disaster for her.

It was on Sil'tel's sixteenth birthday (or the birthday that Liletta had decided for her, as it shared the day of their finding her), that she slipped through the gates and ventured into the grounds of the intimidating Haukke Manor. Stealing into the a window to rummage for supplies and potential hiding places, she slipped on the sill and cracked her head on an old desk inside. When she staggered to her feet after a nasty concussion, she was paralyzed with terror as three tall, floating purple-skinned Succubi toyed with her hair and played with the hems of her self-stitched skirts in amusement and curiosity. When their probing and invasive interest in her horns and tail and odd manner of skin tone and scales turned to boredom, they floated away in disinterest, leaving Sil'tel speechless and breathless.

After gathering her wits, she explored further into the Manor and was shocked to discover that nothing in the manor seemed to take umbridge with her presence. Bats stirred in corners, but didn't flee on her approach, and though she had to kick some overlarge slugs off her legs in a panic, the Succubi that drifted aimlessly from room to room seemed only to smile at her as she did. Even going so far as to journey into the depths of the cellars, the skeletal structures of fiends, normally aggressive and bloodthirsty, seemed listless and unconcerned with her. Sil'tel frequented the Manor's halls more and more as the colder months made surviving in the Shroud increasingly unpleasant. She claimed a room of the Manor as her own, tidied it and kept it lit. While not the most attractive of accomodations, the quiet and peaceful environment of the voidsent-riddled Manor had become a comforting place, almost like a home.

Having learned a little of her own biology, it did not take long to recognise that she shared significant similarities with the taller, white-eyed Succubi who seemed to rule and patrol the halls. They took to Sil'tel with a suprising fondness, smiling at her when they passed, following her like curious cats when she explored the nooks and crannies of the Manor, and on rare occasions even took an interest in her needlework when she sewed clothing for her hunting of sustenance. In turn, Sil'tel grew ever more fond of the voidsent women, and she would present them gifts of hand-stitched scarves and shiny stones she had found while exploring the Shroud. They never wore the clothing, of course, but they seemed to appreciate the gifts, smiling and looking down at her with cool compassion.

Adulthood, to Present

Adulthood, to Present

Disaster struck one evening after Sil'tel had returned from hunting a drunken man from the road. A small adventuring party had caught wind of his sudden disappearance and she had not had time to properly dispose of his body. They tracked her to the Manor and burst in, looking to return justice. They were set upon almost immediately after entering the main hall, the Succubi of the Manor rushing them. The party, woefully underskilled for an encounter of such a nature, were picked apart. Ferocity like Sil'tel had never seen from the normally-placid women tore the group to pieces. When Sil'tel tried to call them down, to leave the adventurers be, there was no response. One of the Succubi used her long sharp nails to slice across a Miqo'te woman's face, then messily ripped out her trachea and tossed her aside like garbage to bleed out on the carpet, gurgling until her twitching fingers stopped trying to fruitlessly claw the air. Horrified, Sil'tel ran to stop the frenzied slashing of the Elezen bard in the group, but couldn't calm the Succubi before spear-like fingernails stabbed deep into the woman's eye sockets, then yanked back, tearing off her features and letting blood squirt in copious sprays before the remains of the woman fell faceless onto the ground.

Turning her back and dry-retching from the sight, Sil could only watch in mortified fascination as the two remaining men of the party had their armour and clothes rent from them by dozens of her new-found family, and dragged deeper into the Manor. She followed, pleading for them to stop, but the Succubi paid little attention, squabbling even amongst themselves to fondle and poke the men as they fought pitifully for their freedom. Sil stopped following, despairing the fate of the poor women in the hall. She did not bring herself to seek out where the Succubi had taken the men, but the sounds of moans and screams echoed distantly around the Manor for hours afterwards. When Sil'tel finally emerged from the confines of her room, the bodies had been dragged away, and every one of her floating friends was effortlessly gliding around the Manor, smiling as though nothing had happened.

It took Sil'tel a very long time, months, to feel like she could face the "girls" again. To have seen such savagery from people as close to her kin as anyone she had found completely scorched her soul. Succubi were monsters. She was a monster. Voidsent creatures delighting in rape, torture and malevolence. Slowly, however, after seeing how placid and accepting they were when they were not threatened and their territory challenged, Sil began to understand that the urges she felt when she needed to eat were the same, but because she was only a half-Succubus the urges were far less, the need less severe. With a higher intellect that might allow her to teach her new Succubus friends to be less... Succubus-y.

Sil'tel also came to understand, through study of the Succubi and first-hand observations, that her existence straddling the lines between Au Ra and Succubus was wretched. Normal Succubi didn't have to kill the men they fed from, but due to the primal intensity of their needs, and the ingrained reliance on taking food where they could get it, any man who was captured never lived long in their clutches. Sil'tel, on the other hand, had no choice but to kill. Key elements of her physiology were stunted, missing, or abnormally prevalent. She knew that when she had sex with a man, his climax triggered something in her that she couldn't stop or control. She drained her partner endlessly until nothing remained. Long after the energy had completely nourished her, she drained them. She lacked the simple biological faculties to stop it from happening. Death for any man who shared her bed was a foregone conclusion. She understood that any man who came to Haukke Manor unprepared for flight to safety would never see the light of day again.

But her adoptive Sisters, like her, needed to feast to keep them nourished and less prone to sadism and selfish urges. So, resigned to the fact that some sacrifices would have to be made if diplomacy between Succubi and Eorzeans was to be fostered, Sil'tel herself took up the role of provider. She urged the Succubi to stay in the Manor and not stray into the Shroud to search for food, and in turn, as often as she felt she could safely do so, she would seek out men who would not likely be missed or noticed missing, seduced them into following her back to the Manor, and letting the Girls have their way. This worked well for several years, reports of Succubi in the area dwindled to rumours, Sil'tel was making headway teaching the inhabitants of the Manor to ignore some of their more base instincts (even teaching some of the older, longer-horned Succubi how to thread needles), and between Sil'tels macabre "deliveries" and adventurers who foolishly attempted to rout the house of evil, the girls were fed regularly and seemed happy.

Sil's regimen of daily life was stirred up considerably when a patrol of Wood-wailers investigated too closely to the Manor house, and were brutalized by the threatened Succubi. Now used to cleaning up after these messes, Sil'tel was dragging corpses out into the yard to dispose of them, when a lone Wailer by the name of N'vael Surola, (who had conscientiously objected to the irregular intrusional patrol, preferring to stay outside) caught her awkwardly in mid-act. When Sil's frantic assertions that it "wasn't what it looked like" had abated in the face of N'vael's cool indifference, Sil'tel explained the situation and pleaded that what she was doing was necessary for the future of Eorzean-Succubus relations. Surprisingly, the Wailer shrugged off both the concerns of the Xaela-hybrid, and the cruel misfortune of her squad and agreed not to spill the story. Sil'tel, giddily pleased that she'd found someone who didn't immediately shun her, believed she'd found her very first friend.

Sileyel.png "Ah won't tolerate ya feelin' bad fer me! A murderer's what ah am, an' y'aint got no right lookin' at me with respect!" Sileyer.png


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'Sil'tel Ferima' by Wanderpus!

OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hard Limits

Hard Limits

  • Not interested in purely Erotic roleplay. (Eroticism has its place in RP, but as a consideration and consequence of good RP. Don't approach if all you want is cybersex.)
  • No permanent Death or Disfiguration. (Unless discussed/arranged beforehand.)
  • No Mind Control or Hypnosis. (Unless discussed/arranged beforehand. It's not entirely off the table, I just want to avoid Godmodding situations.)
  • Vaginal Intercourse with Sil'tel WILL result in death. No, you're not strong enough to "withstand" it. I alone determine if and when this may change.
  • For the love of God, NO BLATANT ERP! Succubus I may be, but stupid I am not. I shouldn't have to repeat this again.

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites

  • Interested in long-term roleplay. Whether with individuals or involved in a group, static or evolving, I'm always keen to get involved in deep storylines.
  • Sil'tel is approachable. Don't be intimidated by all this info, I love being approached by everyone interested in RPing with me. If my RP Flag is up I'm very accomodating.
  • She gives off a dark energy/aura. Not applicable to some, not noticeable to her, but those sensitive to these things can use this as a way to engage with her.
  • Her actions are noticeable. Sil'tel's antics and mannerisms are eye-catching, and her mysteries easily inquired after and confronted about. Don't be shy.
  • She's keen to travel. As much as you can find me around Ul'dah, and around Haukke Manor, I do love getting out and RPing amongst the wide, wide world. Invite me!

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