Sokha Gorlos

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Sokha Gorlos
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 24
Marital Status Engaged
Occupation Procurer of Goods
  • None

Basic Info

Sokha has passed through a very dark door never to return. She cares little for others and those she does takes interest in should be worried. Sokha, even though a full grown woman, still has many child-like qualities. Due to here short trip into the void a lot of her basic knowledge and social skills have been distorted or wiped clean.


Jochi Gorlos
Her Pets
Trying new things
The Void


Bug Bites
Useless People
Fast Runners
The Void


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Vice(s): Shopping
Favorite Food: Bubble Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Mulled Tea
Favorite Color: Wine Red

Appearance & Personality

Chaos. That is Sokha Gorlos in a nutshell. At first glance she appears to most as a life size porcelain doll do to her pale white face and still blank stare. She speaks as though she knows things about a world no one can see. Most of the time it comes off as if she is speaking in riddles or is just confused, but in reality she's speaking a truth most others can't fathom. To those she cares dearly for and deems friend she truly benevolent. For those unknown to her she can be down right cruel. A good chunk of people that Sokha runs into tend to quickly put distance between them and her. As well they should for Sokha sees most as useless wastes of space, but she hopes to help them all find a place. Sokha doesn't seem to have a large fortune, but always seems to turn up with new items that are way out of her price range. As for the things that make Sokha the happiest there are only two: Black magic and Jochi Gorlos. Never come between her and those things or she'll show you a world you will never forget.



Sokha, the Gorlos Chief's only child, lived a very luxurious life. Never knowing of the hardships that the outside world had to offer. Most days she spent learning about black magic, which was one of her biggest passions in life. The other part was spent with her best friend Jochi Gorlos. As chief's daughter she was forced to marry the one worthy of being new leader. Luckily her father was kind and saw his daughters fondness for Jochi. It seemed she had everything and life was great... though sadly Sokha remembers none of this. All she can seem to recall are the moments she spent with Jochi and even those are fuzzy. Anyone else she tries to remember appear with distorted faces and speak in what only can be described as hisses. All she truly remembers is her love for black magic and the one that keeps her from spiraling into true insanity.


Through out Sokha's teen years she started taking a liking to the "forbidden" side of her studies. Her teacher had three books that were a collection or more so documentation of a Thaumaturge who studied the void. One passage she took a special interest in was about a book called the Necrologos. It spoke of void sent and the possibility of summoning them. Just looking at the words written in these books made her have cravings. For what she did not know. On her 18th birthday her world was forever changed. As everyone was preparing for the festivities Sokha was in her privet chambers with five small, but very dangerous pages. While Sokha began reading the blood red words Jochi was out on one of his many hunts looking for something tasty to bring to Sokha's birthday feast. She had no idea what she was doing, but voices began to whisper in her head pushing her to continue. As the last word was uttered Sokha came to the realization of what she had done. It was too late. A portal to The Void had been opened and a horror unlike Sokha had ever seen stepped out. She only saw the creature for a few seconds before a dark smoke like tentacle wrapped around her and pulled her deep into the nothing. When she finally stepped back out of the void onto a blood soaked floor she was no longer the Au Ra she once was. She walked through the tunnels of the Hornet's Nest, smiling at all the weak and pathetic dead that layed before her. Until she came upon one Au Ra that was still breathing, but barely. She kneeled next to Jochi with her head tilted trying to think of the best way to help him. She could hear the Void Sent she let out laughing behind her. "Hey!" She stood up quickly and smiled at the creature. "Could you pretty please help me get him back in working order?" The creature stopped laughing and walked up slowly to her. In her head she heard, "What's in it for me." Sokha smirked "I will make sure you are happily feed of course." They both began to laugh as the Void sent possessed Jochi's body.


For the next 8 years Sokha and the Void Sent possessed Jochi went from village to village buying and selling "goods" making enough money to pay for the necessities. Sokha continued to practice her dark arts and learn more about the place she was spawned from. All through out her long journey she had these urges that she soon found out could only be sated by battle and torturing those that she thought knew more then they truly did. This continued on for as long as it could and more than it should have untill one day The Void sent had it's fill of the aether Sokha had promissed. The creature restored Jochi to his "healthy" self and took its leave without saying a word. Sokha for the first time in 8 years felt a little sad that her only friend she really new had left her with out even a goodbye. This lasted for only seconds for her long lost love had finally returned. As he spoke and asked her what was going on, where they were and how long he was out a little of the old Sokha came back to the surface. Memories of them playing, laughing, kissing came back and she felt there was a little more to life then the chaos she felt the need to cause. She knew she had to protect him and no matter what she did. Sokha just smiled, hugged Jochi and said "Don't worry about it." A few months passed and Sokha soon became more aware of her surroundings. The Garlean's had begun to overrun Othard and with Jochi starting to show the wear and tear of his possession she new they had to get to somewhere safer. After getting the hint from the Domin's that they were not going to risk Jochi getting the rest of the ships occupants sick, Sokha looked for other means of transportation. Luckily there was a fisherman docked near by who was "more than willing" to let them have his boat. While out on the choppy waters Sokha soon realized she had no idea what she was doing. For a few days they just floated a long hoping the current would take them to a new home. One day while they were eating there last morsel of food a ship came up beside theirs and a small crew began to bored Sokha and Jochi's boat. Sokha just smiled at them as they began to try and loot the massive amounts of nothing they had on their boat. One of the crew members stood out from the rest. A large, Sokha assumed, woman that looked like she was craved from a giant bolder stared them both down. The large rock lady proceeded to head down to the bottom of the boat to see if maybe there was something the two cloaked figures were hiding. The crew stood no chance against the two Au Ra. Within seconds Jochi and Sokha had laid them all to waste. The standout rock lady emerged from the bottom of the boat and seemed to be a little upset at what the two had done to her crew. She came at Sokha and Jochi putting up a pretty good fight, taking the hits like a true champ. Sokha could tell that this woman new hardship and learned to deal with pain as a whole. Sokha was knocked back by a heavy blow. As Sokha shook off the hit she saw the woman corner Jochi and raise her fist. Sokha moved quickly behind the stone lady and lowered the hood on her cape. The woman must of felt that something was wrong. She slowly turned around to see Sokha with a perfectly blank frozen white face. The whites in her eyes seemed to peirce deep into the woman's soul almost daring the lady to swing. The Roegadyn slowly put down her fists and backed away from the two. Sokhas blank hardened face soon softened and she greeted her with a simple, "Hi! I'm Sokha and this is Jochi. Can you give us a lift on your ship?" From that point on the female Roegadyn Glazwyb Grimgrinawyn stayed with Jochi and Sokha. Taking them under her wing and showing them through their new home in Eorzea.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"This girl is the strangest thing I've ever seen. I overheard her ranting and raving over this Roegadyn lady slapping her duck. It's a duck!" - Concerned Ul'dah Citizen
"I hear we might have some new royalty in Ul'dah. I think her name is Socar or something. Over heard some lady calling her princess." - Confused Peasant Woman

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"The girl knew things. Things I never told anyone. It was like I could feel her reading me like a book." - Quicksand Waitress

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I've seen this strange paled faced Au Ra Goblin talking to some of the wealthier occupants of Ul'dah. Something about a new 'shipment' " - Nosey Old Man
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Don't come runnin' to me when ya piss her off. I ain't gonna lift a finger to help, and ya can be damn sure I ain't gonna be nearby either. Make peace with your life and prepare for the worst." - Glazwyb Grimgrinawyn
Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Jochi Gorlos : Sokha's love for Jochi most would consider unnatural or unhealthy. She follows him every where he goes and refuses to leave his side. The fear of almost

losing him again keeps her on her toes. He's the only reason Sokha still has a fraction of humanity left.

Glazwyb Grimgrinawyn  : Sokha and Glaz have a kind of friendly toleration relationship. They don't seem to get along, but Sokha still likes her company a good chunk of the time. When Sokha is around her she spend most of the time yelling at her or pointing out Glaz's "physical deformities". Glaz is a fun toy to Sokha, but sadly sometimes children get bored with their toys.


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