Sven Volkorus

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 Sven Volkorus
Legendary Black Mage Sven Volkorus.png
Legendary Black Mage
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan N/A
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth
Guardian Rhalgr,the Destroyer
Nameday Date 21st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (Age:48 )
Marital Status Single
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Basic Info

"Quote" —Name




Complexion: Sven prides himself in his appearance which he considers to be perfection his olive colored skin is a perfect example of it.

Hair: Sven has immaculate red hair that he spends hours grooming, the hours spent in front of the mirror shaping his beard to perfection is only surpassed by the time he spent studying the black magics.

Eyes: Amber

Particular Traits: He has a perpetual sneer on his face


Clothing Style: As Sven is a very vain man he wears what he sees as the finest of robes. Most often seen in traditional black mage garb with the robes dyed blue and a yellow hat passed down through his proud family line completely one of a kind and seems to enhance his magical prowess. He always makes sure to leave the the collar unbuttoned as not to hide what he sees as the ideal specimen of a man. Occasionally he can be seen wearing a red robe.





  • Black Magic
  • Aviry
  • Unicorns- His favorite animal...just ask X'tai Tia


  • Plebians


  • Color:Red
  • Food:Stingray
  • Drinks: Salty Whale Grog
  • Scent:Anything exotic Unknown.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: Unknown.



  • Black Magic- His family has always been expected to be a Black Mage, to the point marriage was set up around this ideal in order to sire the finest most talented of magic users.


  • Chaotic Evil but has changed to more of jerk trying to be good.



Nothing is known yet.


  • Homophobic
  • One track minded
  • Cock-boy


Nothing is known yet.


  • Charisma His charm and personality combined with his good looks gives him the ability to win over almost anyone to his own view.


Sven Volkorus is a cunning and clever mage. He is highly decisive and acts quickly, he adapts to any situation. He is charismatic and can charm nearly anyone he desires. This has earned him many a successful night in the bed with many a beautiful woman. Sven is confident and uses this to intimidate his foes into being far more powerful than he really is. He also refuses to be intimidated by anyone.


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Abilities and Skills



  • His weapon of choice is a thin wooden cane that he seems to summon from thin air, it has been handed down through his family black mage to black mage like his hat it is a true testament to his heritage. Though recently the staff has seen better days especially when the Miqo'te known as S'imba Tia decided to help to fix it after it broke, however he only managed to turn it into a Frankenstein of a staff. As such Sven currently refuses to use it in it's current state.


  • 'Black Magic They don't call him the Legendary Black Mage for nothing. Sven is a fearsome foe to face in battle those who are unfortunate enough to be met with his baleful gaze when they earn his ire, are likely to met with an ice spear, a powerful flare, or for those who have been deemed to be completely cleansed from the face of Hydaelyn a meteor. As with all black mages he is highly skilled in dispelling curses and banishing voidsent. Recent changes to his personality have his choice of spell against any mongoloids who has crossed him green lightning flows down his arm and fire off as a bolt those unfortunate enough to be the victim of this spell will find themselves living as a toad.


Family and Relationships


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  • Yorik Volkorus-Father
  • Eon Volkorus-Grandfather and a true definition of an Archmage





  • Sven is affiliated with the Free Company known as the Order of the Compass as the primary philanthropist in donating the funds necessary in funding such an organization.

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Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology


  • Legendary Black Mage

Current Residence

The headquarters of the Order of the Compass.

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Teen Years

After Dalamud's Fall


A Realm Reborn (Present, 23)

Other Notes

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