T'rhaki Kozakura

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png T'rhaki Kozakura
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Mixed
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Nameday 13th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Occupation Hunter-Scholar, Ranger
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T'rhaki Kozakura (To-ra-ki Ko-za-ku-ra) is a male Seeker of the Sun/Keeper of the Moon mixed tribe Miqo'te from the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. He began his adventuring life in the city-state of Gridania and served in the Order of the Twin Adder for a time before returning home to join the Maelstrom and become a Hunter-Scholar. While he is based in Limsa Lominsa, he maintains contact with friends and allies in both Gridania and Ul'dah and is known for heading off on missions at a moment's notice.

He currently spends most of his days traipsing around Vylbrand, helping his parents, and working with Wawalago's Pullers.

Basic Info


Napping in a sunny spot
The sound of the sea
Hot meals
Emerald Carbuncles
Taking care of his chocobo


Storms at sea
Cold weather
People that waste his time




Alignment: Neutral Good
Favorite Food(s): Salmon Meuniere, Beef Stew, La Noscean Toast
Favorite Drink: Mulled Tea, Chamomile Tea
Favorite Colour: Blue

Appearance & Personality



Born to two former adventurers, T'hakuya Takegawa and Shirae Kozakura, T'rhaki was brought up in a warm and cosy house in the Mist. He was a curious and lively child with a love for exploring and would spend his days playing on the sandy shores and windy meadows of Lower La Noscea accompanied by his mother's carbuncle, Maru. Growing up amongst adventurers, he was regaled with fantastic stories by his parents and their friends of forests, deserts, and giant monsters across the sea, and he dreamed of one day embarking on his own adventures to see these places himself. As he grew older, T'rhaki's parents began teaching him the basics of both martial and magical combat and his mother took charge of most of his schooling. He was taught the history of Eorzea and his days playing in La Noscea were also spent learning about the various flora and fauna that lived there. Occasionally, his parents would be called to handle troubles in far off lands and he'd temporarily live with his parents' friends, looking forward to his parents' return.


As he grew older, T'rhaki began spending his days helping his mother at Mealvaan's Gate, picking up bits and pieces of magic theory and application as she explained her research to him. Other days, he'd accompany his father, learning how to wield an axe at the Coral Tower. Under the careful eye of both his parents, he also learnt how to wield a sword but it was the bow that called to him most. He began hunting game with Linaewen Bakhuizen, a friend of his parents', in order to improve his skill and sold the surplus meats, furs, and other materials to merchants in Limsa Lominsa, earning himself a name at the markets for being a competent and respectable hunter. T'rhaki soon became a well-known face around the Fisherman's Bottom where he'd often trade meat for fish and chat with the fishermen. After a while he was dragged into joining Wawalago's Pullers because of his work ethic and also because he showed great interest in it, always asking questions about fishing whenever he was down there. The fishermen thought he should experience it himself so they slapped a pole in his hand along with a box of bait and under the guidance of the guildmaster, he was sent off to catch his first fish. He immediately loved it and quickly added fish to his list of things to sell whenever he was in Limsa Lominsa.


Hunter-Scholar Uniform
Following the Calamity, T'rhaki set off for Gridania under Linaewen's suggestion. It was her hope that T'rhaki could further his archery skills with the Quiver's Hold, the archer's guild where she had trained when she was young. While in Gridania, he quickly made friends with two Miqo'te by the names of Inukh'a Fjihra and Naokhi Hanhra who guided him in his early days in the forest city-state. During is ill-fated attempt at learning the lance, T'rhaki met and befriended Sylvie Shearan, a conjurer-in-training who quickly grew accustomed to seeing him around the infirmary. He also found himself in the company of Asara, who taught him the bardic arts during his downtime.


Upon returning to Limsa after his adventures in Gridana and Thanalan, T'rhaki joined the Maelstrom and quickly rose through the ranks as an accomplished adventurer. Under his mother's suggestion, he started training to become a Hunter-Scholar. T'rhaki's knowledge of Vylebrand's topography and native wildlife has proven to be a great boon in this endeavour and he's quickly gained recognition of his skills amongst the ranks. Although focused more on the hunting side of matters, T'rhaki has nonetheless led a successful expedition to Hullbreaker Isle to research the local flora and fauna as well as Sastasha Seagrot. Acting under official capacity as a Hunter-Scholar, T'rhaki has close ties with Gridania's Hunter-Scholars and often goes there to document the wildlife there for the Maelstrom. Currently, T'rhaki is focused on Thanalan and its native creatures and plants as he is the least knowledgable about the desert.

Combat and Crafts

Martial Prowess

Experienced with bow and arrows
Adept at wielding one-handed longswords
Picked up dual-wielding daggers after the rogue's guild opened its doors
Learnt how to wield axes as a teenager


Fighting style: lightning fast strikes, evasive; quick and agile
Works well in a team
Keen marksman
Prefers taking out threats at range before they get close
Level-headed and intense
Pragmatic combatant, willing to fight dirty to an extent
Willing to throw himself into combat to protect others
Firm but fair when taking a leadership role, recognises the abilities and limitations of his teammates


Never quite got the hang of lances despite studying with them during his time in Gridania
Dislikes fighting in cramped spaces
Doesn't know when to quit
Intensely dislikes fighting in places with a lot of water
Still learning how to wield daggers effectively; fumbles often when dual-wielding
Unwilling to work with those he deems incompetent and incapable of supporting the rest of the group
Needs a level-headed and capable leader to work best in a group
Takes a while to trust and rely on others in combat

Magical Prowess

Studied magic and its history as a child
Basic knowledge of thaumaturgy


Drawn towards lightning magic
Respectful and understanding of how magic fits in the natural world
In depth knowledge on the properties of aether
Great at communicating with, and understanding, carbuncles


Unable to effectively use healing magic, he is better at gathering herbs and medicinal supplies to treat wounds
Dislikes the studying involved in learning magic
Finds it difficult to get into the mindset of a spellcaster
Can only cast very weak spells, enough to light a campfire or create a small shock, for example
Spellpower easily influenced by state of emotions; results can be explosive
Doesn't see learning magic as necessary for himself

Crafting/Gathering Prowess

Experienced hunter and fisher
Resourceful forager
Competent cook
Knows basics of carpentry and leatherworking
Picked up basics of goldsmithing in Ul'dah


Knows exactly where, when, and how to hunt a particular quarry of Vylebrand when asked
Vast knowledge about the location and properties of plants and trees on Vylebrand
In depth knowledge on the geology and topographical features of Vylebrand
Specialises in traditional Miqo'te dishes and dishes of the Vylebrand region
Knows how to kill game cleanly to leave furs and hides intact
Dexterous and has nimble hands
Good at crafting rings


Should not be allowed near forges
Horrible dislike of Aurelia after a bad encounter as a child
Prefers not to fish on boats because he can't swim well
Easily loses track of time when fishing



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Lookin' for a hunter, eh? You want that Miqo'te lad there, knows Vylbrand like the back of his hand he does. Heard he tracked down that giant menace up in Outer La Noscea the other day then killed it all by himself!"- Yellowjacket in the Coral Tower
"Ever since the Dutiful Sisters opened their doors he's been spending more and more time there. Sisipu sends him there with their fish as it is but he's been bringing his own meals there too." -Wawalago's Pullers Fisherman
"You know those lance-shaped holes in the walls of the training room? That was him." -Lancer at the Wailing Barracks
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"'im an' D'niz look at each other like lovesick chocobos, that's for sure. Are they together? Hah! We 'ave a bettin' pool to see 'ow long it'll take before they get together. Want in?" -Member of the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss
"Sings like a bird, he does! It'd be better if it weren't drunken sea shanties and tavern songs though." -Waitress of the Drowning Wench
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"He reeealllyy likes plush toys! I saw him squeezing a little stuffed apkallu with the cutest look on his face the other day. Then he came back later to play with a coeurl plush!" -Merchant in the Hawkers' Alley
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Family Good Standing Poor Standing
T'hakuya Takegawa : A native of Limsa Lominsa and a retired adventurer, T'hakuya is a long-standing member of the marauder's guild and serves in the Knights of the Barracuda. T'rhaki can often hear his father's jovial voice long before he arrives at the front door of his childhood home and is always greeted with a ruffle of his hair when his father sees him. He and T'rhaki spar whenever T'rhaki is home because he says that it helps keeps him on his toes. T'rhaki is never sure whether it's supposed to be his toes or his father's.
Shirae Kozakura : When T'rhaki was a child, it was his mother that encouraged his excitement and wonder for exploring. While not a native of Limsa Lominsa, Shirae settled down here with her husband after their adventuring days where done and quickly became an upstanding member of the arcanist's guild. Whenever he is home, T'rhaki helps her with her research projects and also practices his swordwork with her. He also accompanies her whenever she goes out for field research although she doesn't exactly need the protection.
Khaya'to Rhaka : All easy smiles and easy laughs, Khaya'to is one of T'hraki's trusted friends in the Maelstrom. Quick on his feet and even quicker with his axe, he and T'rhaki often go out on Maelstrom missions together. He accompanied T'hraki during his exploration of Hullbreaker Isle and his second exploration of Sastasha Seagrot and Brayflox's Longstop. The two often share a drink and meal in the Drowning Wench and swap stories whenever they're both in Limsa.
R'tahn Tia : T'rhaki met R'than when he was investigating the Syndicate and the infiltration of the Immortal Flames by a Garelean spy. Although he was initially distrustful of this quiet and keen-eyed pugilist, he quickly grew to see him as a formidable ally. R'tahn is his contact in the Immortal Flames and he makes sure to visit him whenever he's in Ul'dah.


Carries around a small leatherbound journal to record his findings on the field.


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