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Birth Name {{{birthname}}}
Pronounced {{{pronounced}}}
Meaning {{{meaning}}}
Nickname(s)/Alias {{{nicknames}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Born {{{born}}}
Nameday {{{nameday}}}
Birthplace {{{birthplace}}}
Race {{{race}}}
Clan {{{clan}}}
Alignment {{{alignment}}}
Citizenship {{{citizenship}}}
Guardian {{{guardian}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Physique {{{physique}}}
Hair {{{hair}}}
Eyes {{{eyes}}}
Skin {{{skin}}}
Noteable Features {{{notablefeatures}}}
Typical Garb {{{typicalgarb}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Combat Style {{{combat}}}
Non-combat {{{noncombat}}}
Skills {{{skills}}}
Primary Weapon {{{weapon1}}}
Secondary Weapon {{{weapon2}}}
Armor Preference {{{armor}}}
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**Infobox template adapted from: Infobox-TMI by [MoenMoen]

This is a Somewhat Less Information version of the infobox on Infobox-TMI. The introduction and instructions still apply, and are copied below.

Welcome to "The TMI Character Template for the Hopelessly Detail Oriented"!

This template has been created specifically for FFxiv character profiles and is free to use by anyone without permission from it's author. However, please do leave the attribution notes as is in the Infobox Footnotes section. The Infobox is an adaptation of the existing Infobox-roe wiki template.

The purpose of this template is to inform the reader about the featured character while also inviting them to take part in the character's story by contacting the author with potential connection points between the reader's character and the author's.

A detailed series of "quick facts" is in the Infobox on the right-hand side while and lengthier more editorial styled descriptions are in the main body of the template. It's best to keep the Infobox info as brief as possible and save your story-telling for the main body of the template. ;]

Some basic knowledge of CSS and wiki coding may be required for some parts (mainly for the relationships portion as image swaps will be required).

Thank you, and enjoy!


Copy and paste the following into the wikitext portion of your blank character page and then edit accordingly. HTML comments can be deleted from your text at any time as they're meant for your reference and won't appear in your actual character page.

|image = Placeholder_person.gif <!--Replace with your character's uploaded profile wiki image-->
|birthname = <!--Your character's given name-->
|pronounced = 
|meaning = 
|nicknames = <!--Nicknames or, if he/she is hiding their idetity, the name they're known by now-->
|age = <!--Current age and how old they look-->
|born = <!--What year your character was born-->
|nameday = <!--Birthday-->
|birthplace = <!--Where they were born-->
|race = 
|clan = <!--AKA Tribe-->
|alignment = <!--Lawful good? Lawful evil? Chaotic Neutral? etc.-->
|citizenship = 
|guardian = <!--Their chosen patron diety-->
|height = 
|weight = 
|physique = <!--Muscles? No muscles?-->
|hair = 
|eyes = 
|skin = 
|notablefeatures = <!--Scars, tattoos, birthmarks, piercings?-->
|typical garb = <!--A favorite or usual outfit?-->
|occupation = <!--This should be his/her IC profession, not every prof. you've leveled OOCly-->
|combat = <!--Does he/she operate as a Tank, a Healer, or some kind of DPS ICly? What's his/her role?-->
|noncombat = <!--What non-combat skills does he/she have?-->
|skills = <!--A list summary of all skills-->
|weapon1 = <!--Primary weapon-->
|weapon2 = <!--Secondary weapon-->
|armor = <!--Anything special about it?-->
|transport = <!--Favorite mount? Personal airship?-->
|username = <!--Your username in the main RPC website-->
|timezone = <!--Your timezone IRL-->
|server = <!--Which server this character is on-->
|tumblr = <!--Original Character tumblrs only, please-->
|characters = <!--Do you have other characters that you play?-->
|freecompanies = <!--Which Free Companies are you a member of?-->
|linkshells = <!--Which LinkShells are you a member of?-->
|preferences = <!--What are you RP preferences?-->