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Placeholder person.gif
Birth Name {{{birthname}}}
Pronounced {{{pronounced}}}
Meaning {{{meaning}}}
Nickname(s)/Alias {{{nicknames}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Born {{{born}}}
Nameday {{{nameday}}}
Birthplace {{{birthplace}}}
Race {{{race}}}
Clan {{{clan}}}
Alignment {{{alignment}}}
Citizenship {{{citizenship}}}
Guardian {{{guardian}}}
Marital Status {{{occupation}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Combat Style {{{combat}}}
Other Skills {{{skills}}}
Hobbies {{{hobbies}}}
Primary Weapon {{{weapon1}}}
Secondary Weapon {{{weapon2}}}
Armor Preference {{{armor}}}
Transportation {{{transport}}}
Username {{{username}}}
Time Zone {{{timezone}}}
Server {{{server}}}
Tumblr {{{tumblr}}}
Additional Characters {{{characters}}}
Free Companies {{{freecompanies}}}
Linkshells {{{linkshells}}}
RP Preferences {{{preferences}}}

**Infobox template adapted from: Infobox-SLI

This is a Somewhat Less Information version of the infobox on Infobox-TMI. The introduction and instructions still apply, and are copied below. Hello! I adored the set-up for the SLI infobox template, but there were some elements that I just wasn’t going to use, so I just adjusted the setup to my own tastes. This is an adaptation of the aforementioned Infobox-SLI template!


|image = Placeholder_person.gif <!--Replace with your character's uploaded profile wiki image-->
|birthname = <!--Your character's given name-->
|pronounced = 
|meaning = 
|nicknames = <!--Nicknames or, if he/she is hiding their idetity, the name they're known by now-->
|age = <!--Current age and how old they look-->
|born = <!--What year your character was born-->
|nameday = <!--Birthday-->
|birthplace = <!--Where they were born-->
|race = 
|clan = <!--AKA Tribe-->
|alignment = <!--Lawful good? Lawful evil? Chaotic Neutral? etc.-->
|citizenship = 
|guardian = <!--Their chosen patron diety-->
|marriage = <!--Whether they are married-->
|occupation = <!--This should be his/her IC profession, not every prof. you've leveled OOCly-->
|combat = <!--Does he/she operate as a Tank, a Healer, or some kind of DPS ICly? What's his/her role?-->
|skills = <!--What non-combat skills does he/she have?-->
|hobbies = <!—Maybe not skills but other pastimes-->
|weapon1 = <!--Primary weapon-->
|weapon2 = <!--Secondary weapon-->
|armor = <!--Anything special about it?-->
|transport = <!--Favorite mount? Personal airship?-->
|username = <!--Your username in the main RPC website-->
|timezone = <!--Your timezone IRL-->
|server = <!--Which server this character is on-->
|tumblr = <!--Original Character tumblrs only, please-->
|characters = <!--Do you have other characters that you play?-->
|freecompanies = <!--Which Free Companies are you a member of?-->
|linkshells = <!--Which LinkShells are you a member of?-->
|preferences = <!--What are you RP preferences?-->