Terran Rennatta

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Terran Rennatta
Player: Analeil
Full Name: Terran Matthias Rennatta
Titles held: The Desert Wolf
Age: 24
Race: Hyur Highlander
Eye Colour: Pale blue.
Hair: Deep black, cropped under his jaw in layers.
Skin Tone: Tan.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: How rude.
Scars, tattoos, etc One rather deep, dark scar on his left pectoral. Multiple smaller scars across his hands and arms, but nothing too serious.
Occupation: Mercenary.
Marital Status: Single.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Face Claim: Michael Malarkey.
Theme: Wolf - Carolyne Neuman, Tyler Blackburn


Early Life




Arken Rennatta -
Aeditha Lannis -
Cyndamir Rennatta -
Cherise Hyskaris -


A flask - A simple, silver flask wrapped in several leather strips. Its contents are alcoholic in nature, but whatever they are, they're impossible to determine. They gave an unsuspecting woman an explosive nosebleed once when she tried to steal a drink out of it, and Terran feels as though that says enough about both its contents and the state of his liver.

A headband - What once was a scarf of a former flame has been fashioned into a headband, adorned with several random trinkets.