Turk Kalahai

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Gridania-transparent.png Turk Kalahai
Turk Kalahai, born as Turk Rivers
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Not Affiliated with Hellsguard nor Sea Wolves
Citizenship Gridania
Namesday 11th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Grand Company Order of the Twin Adders
Occupation Captain within the Adders (Known), Conjurer at the Fane (Known), Red Otters Squad Lead (Confidential)
Free Company No Direct Affiliation, but an Ally to several
Server Balmung
Echo Hyper-Sensitive Aetheric Sensing, Empathetic, Animal Empathy (Can communicate with them)

Basic Info

Brief History

Turk is a Hellsguard Roegadyn who has survived many different trials as early as childhood. His parents (and most of his known family) were murdered by Garleans when he was younger, with the exception of his twin sister Kae, who was taken and raised in Garlemald. He was raised by Kurtis Kalahai, who had immediately regretted his actions and defected from the Empire. This would be the sole reason that Turk, too, wasn't raised in Garlemald along with his sister.

The trauma left his memories in shambles, locking away the entire event as Kurtis raised him in a small cabin within the Shroud. He lived his younger days and teenage days in bliss, although unfortunately with limited contact from others. Kurtis became deathly ill, which prompted Turk to be social, both to learn conjury, and to put his adoptive father's training to good use. Turk ends up joining the Wood Wailers, but didn't make it home on time to tell Kurtis before he passed.

As he goes into his adulthood, he ends up leaving the Wailers to join the Adders, and raised within their ranks. His skills with conjury continued to expand, along with his skills with spears through out the years. He eventually joins a couple of Free Companies and continued to learn how to socialize properly.

He eventually discovers his past with the help of friends he made with Crystalline and Dark Embers, and thus began his long journey to accept that which he can not change, and forge a new future for himself. With the help of Violet Seas (a childhood friend he was able to finally remember he had), he was able to voyage out to sea, relive the tragic events thanks to the Echo, and finally come to terms with his existence. Now, after finding inner peace, Turk is able to truly grow as a person. The only mystery left before him is to figure out his lineage and heritage.


Age: 38 (as of May 7, 2019)

Hair: Typically keeps his hair at medium length. Dark blue with lighter blue streaks. His body has a good amount of hair (unfortunately not pictured in-game) and is an even darker blue, which makes it appear black

Height: 7'6.7

Weight: Close to 300 ponze

Eye Color: Would shift from light to dark blue, and sometimes crimson, depending on which personality was active. Now is permanently dark blue, and no longer shifts personalities

Skin Color: A little pale for a Roeg, though he's able to tan

Tattooes: He bears a mark between his shoulder blades of those who were sent forward in time, although he, inexplicably, did not jump ahead in time

Scars: Horizontal scar down his abdomen, though thanks to healing springs, its barely visible


Early Childhood

Son of Turbulent Rivers and Rose Rivers. Brother to Kae Rivers (Later Kae Halendre/Kalahai). Childhood friend of Violet Seas. Parents opted to give Turk and Kae more "city-like" names. Parents owned their own ship and used it in trade routes with Violet Seas' parents. Dimidra Halendre, accompanied by Kurtis Kalahai and her own company of Garleans, attacked their vessel to kidnapped Turk and Kae, as she both believed in the Echo (which she only read about at the time) and believed to have found a way to be lead to those with the gift. Turk avoided abduction thanks to Kurtis's defection, and blocked all memory of watching his family murdered. Kae, unfortunately, was taken and raised by Dimidra.


Kurtis raised Turk within the shroud. They lived pretty secluded from others, due to Kurtis's fear of his Garlean origins being discovered. They only ventured into Gridania for some supplies. Turk grew up a bit introverted, only really interacting with creatures of the shroud (particularly a Sylph and occasionally moogles). His shroud life taught him how to be a good gatherer, and Kurtis taught Turk everything he knew about the lance.

Dimidra, unfortunately, found them but instead of taking Turk with her, she instead hexed Kurtis with a very slow acting poison. Turk spent his teenage years doing everything he can to keep his father alive, having no idea about the initial hex and thinking it was just illness. This is what initially lead him into conjury, though only by watching conjurers study from afar and poorly mimicking their practices, without the use of a catalyst (wand/staff). The day that Turk joined the Wood Wailers, he came home to excitingly tell his father, only to find he had passed away. This was also the first time Turk had ever been hit with an echo flashback, discovering Dimidra's hand in his father's passing.

Young Adult

Driven by revenge, he did what he could to perfect his skills with the lance, enough to get noticed by an Ishgardian adventurer and being taught the ways of the Dragoon (and, eventually, being chosen by a soul stone). He uses his skill to prove his worth in the Twin Adders and enlisted. All of this was just to have a moment to fight Garleans, and maybe one day, find the woman that killed his father. He also has his echo noticed by the earlier group of the Scions and was paired up with his companion, and eventual best friend, Scott. While his thirst for revenge continued, it was mostly quelled by his desire to defend the Shroud and the allies of Gridania, with a sense of justice growing within him.

He eventually joins a Free Company by the name of Everwatch, a group of sellswords who only catered to the preservation of the shroud and aiding the Grand Company of the Adders when needed. He had said his reason was to join, meet fellow adventurers, and make gil, but in reality he was lonely from his father's passing.


Before the war against the Empire that lead to the tragic events of the Calamity, Turk received a letter by Dimidra asking to be seen by him, close enough to the war to hear the battle, but too far to participate. Turk felt this was a trap, but didn't care, silently leaving without giving notice to any of his colleagues.

He finds Dimidra, but also finds Kae. Dimidra demands he joins her company and, thus, the Empire, telling Turk that he is her son and revealing Kurtis's Garlean origins. This leads Turk to believe that he, too, is Garlean. When he refused and threatened to attack Dimidra, she ordered Kae to fight him, but referred to Turk as her brother. Turk suddenly felt emotionally overwhelmed, having no idea he had a sister and something in him had him refuse to fight her. Kae stabs him with her spear, but immediately regrets it and ends up defecting to attack Dimidra. They have no memory of how that ended, as of this moment. Just waking up after summon and vanishing of Bahamut, with Dimidra nowhere to be found, Turk's wounds healed, and a world left in shambles.

Five Year Jump

Turk and Kae did not jump ahead in time like many other adventurers, but both mysteriously have the mark over their shoulder blade, neither having any idea what it even meant. They weren't affected by the strange amnesia others were, but were part of those forgotten, making it easier for Kae to blend in.

Turk completely abandoned the lance, instead focusing on his conjury and becoming a wandering healer during the five year recovery, aiding those affected by the destruction. Kae acted as his bodyguard during those years, trying her best to attempt to fit in with people she was raised to believe were her enemy.

The reappearance of Kae and Dimidra, along with the revelations of his past further shattered Turk's mind, splitting it into different personas (Turk the Azure, Turk the Crimson, and Turk the White), all of which working actively to prevent Turk from finding out the truth. As such, Turk was no longer able to trigger Echo memories.

After Calamity

Turk eventually ran into his former colleagues from Everwatch, as adventurers forgotten suddenly began to reappear. This prompted Turk to return to Gridania for the first time in five years, along with Kae. Everwatch had dissolved during the five year jump and reformed as Crystalline, of which Turk was quick to join. He also managed to gain his rank back within the Twin Adders, thanks to a self proclaimed General within the Adders by the name of Elaine Moira who was the head of her own squad of Red Otters.

Elaine realized his potential and realized his shattered psych could be of use. Turk the Crimson, the emotional embodiment of all of Turk's anger and rage, was put into a Red Otter kill squad with the code name Crimson Adder. With this name, Turk's more aggressive personality would go on solo missions into bandit and Garlean camps and lay waste to them, letting all his rage fuel the strength behind a greataxe.

His more calmer personas were still against violence, and he eventually joins the Fane, receiving proper training as a healer and conjurer, no longer using his own life force to aide those in need.

Unfortunately, Kae eventually leaves back to the Empire, unable to conform to life within the Eorzean Alliance. Before she leaves, though, she manages to not only steal Turk's azure soulstone, but somehow is able to utilize it. When Turk ran into her again, she informed him that they are fated to fight to the death, and that she awaits him to be ready for the conclusive duel. Turk has yet to fulfill this mysterious destiny his sister has forced upon him, still not understanding her reasoning behind it.

Turk eventually joins the Dark Embers after these events, in hopes not just further protect the realm, but to join a group who are more experienced with the Echo and find out why his was no longer triggering. As they tried to figure out Turk's dilemma, his own internal struggle began to drain him. He'd have trouble sleeping, and would be kept up with flashes of his past re-surging as nightmares.

He ends up going accidentally triggering an aetheric burst on one of his journeys, dropping him into a coma that would last three months. His friends at Crystalline and Dark Embers were able to find him, enter his mind using a (mostly forbidden) conjury tactic, and help him put all the puzzle pieces back together. This would begin his journey to accept his past, and thus, his present.

After the Merge

Now with his mind completely solidified, Turk had to deal with all the good and the bad that came with it. He had to essentially relearn how to socialize, as his personality is no longer segmented and now just one solid being. This also meant that his aether was also no longer segmented, which had its own affects. It completely awakened his Echo, which Turk still struggles with at times. His empathy, if not kept in check, can and will completely paralyze him if he's in a crowd. He also noticed that his Warrior soul stone no longer resonated with him, so he ended up giving that back to Moira. His White Mage stone, however, only seemed to improve its bond with him. He hasn't attempted to use the Dragoon, and to this day, has yet to pick up a polearm.

Turk was having a tough time accepting his past. He had to deal with suddenly hating the only family he thought he had; Kurtis. This lead him to mood swings, and an alcohol addiction. He also boycotted ever using a spear, and began mastering the greatsword. He was given one by the leader of Dark Embers, which he named Redeemer. He devoted much of his time to mastering this weapon with every intention of having it replace his former skill set.

For the next few years, he would go on several adventures with Dark Embers, while continuing to raise in the ranks of the Adders (and thus making it difficult to work with the Dark Embers). During this, his drinking habit got worse, along with his outlook on life. He struggled to find purpose in what he does, and moreso any enjoyment.

He would eventually be reunited with Kae, who's mind was temporarily corrupted by Dimidra, as her final act. They had a confrontation, but the result ended with the spell being broken and Kae once again leaving the grasp of the Empire; this time for good. Her stay with Turk would be brief, though, as she had her own soul searching she needed to do. She stayed with him for a while to make sure he's ok (and help him tone down that drinking habit) before she set off on her own adventure to figure herself out.

Turk was now in higher spirits, but there's was still much that needed to be done. With the looming threat of the giant egg nurturing a primal (which thus turned into a sky battle with Omega), he wanted to gain closure from his past. He asked Violet Seas for a ship and set sail to the place at sea where the tragic events of his childhood took place. To his luck, his Echo triggered, and he was able to see his parents one more time and gained the closure he needed. He even saw Kurtis, and made peace with his sins in lieu of his virtues which saved Turk from a worse fate.

Present Day

Turk has found his inner peace and has settled his own battle with his past. He now sets himself for his future. He currently is aiding Ala Mhigans and Domans with his healing, as they fend off Garlean threats and rebuild. He's no longer directly affiliated with a free company, but he does remain friends with their members. For now, Turk is simply living his life as best he can, but new questions have slowly began to surface. Questions of his heritage, his lineage. He hopes to maybe find out more of where he's from, and maybe recover some of his family's history in hopes of preserving it. This isn't incredibly high on his priority list, though, as his focus has been helping those in need.


Turk is kind and humble. He's wells spoken and a bit of a bookworm, though sometimes misses the ball between figurative and literal communication. He has moments where his social skills are almost childlike in curiosity. He tends to bottle up his emotions and can sometimes be a downer, but his aim is more to make sure everyone else is happy, while never actually worrying about his own happiness. He's a strong believer in justice and protecting the weak, passionately loyal to causes he believes in.


Favorite Food "Does it have meat?" - Turk

Favorite Drink "Does it have alcohol?" - Also Turk, but he'll settle for juice or tea

Favorite Color Blue

Favorite Book Genre He enjoys fictional books about heroes and saving the world

Favorite Weather Rainy Weather

Favorite Place Most places in the Shroud

Favorite Type of Music Anything with a piano

Likes Helping people, making people laugh or smile, spending time with loved ones, sleeping under trees, eating, traveling, exercising, gathering (particularly fishing), cooking, swimming in lakes and ponds

Dislikes Bad smells, greed and selfishness, anything Voidsent, feeling dirty/unclean, violence, Ul'dahn politics, people who hide things

Sexuality Turk has only ever had one relationship, and that's with Selene Artemis. Though his relationship is heterosexual, he doesn't lean towards any gender and never really thinks about there being differences. He's never explored his sexuality at all before nor after Selene, and thus does not identify with anything other than being in love with her. For simplicity sake, you can OOCly assume Turk is bisexual, though this has yet to ever be ICly explored.

The Turks

Before the efforts of Crystalline and Dark Embers, Turk's psyche was divided into four parts due to the trauma of his family's murder. Each personality embodied different memories and pieces of his personality, with each one coming to light at different moments. Depending on the personality, Turk's eyes and voice would take a shift, and unfortunately, his delving into soulstones only made this situation worse.

Turk Kalahai At the base is the center of his psyche of which the others are based of, Turk Kalahai. This is the Turk that had no memory of life before living with Kurtis in the Shroud. He was childlike in nature, introverted, shy, and doubtful of his abilities. His eyes would be light blue with a humble voice. Since the merging of his personalities, he's slowly regaining his memories of his youth, though like most adults, those memories are fuzzy. He's still compassionate, but tends to have a temper if pushed. His childlike demeanor is more of a brooding personality when he's not drowning away at the Wench.

Turk the Azure This is the Turk that held all the memories of his family's murder hidden away in himself. He would come out with the Dragoon soulstone and was noted to be active with a deeper voice and dark blue eyes. He was impulsive, much more assertive, cold, calculating, and had a deep desire for revenge only matched by his desire to protect Turk from the memories that haunt Turk the Azure. As of right now, his sister is holding his soulstone. He still feels connected to it, which is almost like a beacon to where it and his sister are located.

Turk the White This version of Turk was the embodiment of the memories of his mother, Rose Rivers. His eyes were a much lighter blue than normal and was very soft spoken. He would come out with the White Mage soulstone. While this Turk was active, he would be much more compassionate, caring, emotional, and very pacifistic. Since merging, the soulstone doesn't resonate with him as it used to, almost like its trying to sync with a new person. Still, he maintains some of the knowledge that the stone had previously passed to him.

Turk the Crimson This version of Turk was the embodiment of the memories of his father, Turbulent Rivers. His eyes were crimson red, with a deep and raspy voice. This version would come out not only with the Warrior soulstone, but moments were Turk would get angry to such a point that the emotion felt almost unbearable, and only worsened with feelings of helplessness when he couldn't help someone he cares about. While active, Turk was much more aggressive, not much for words, and violent without giving it a second thought. Since the merge, this soulstone doesn't resonate with him like it used to, almost like its trying to sync with a new person. Still, he maintains some of the knowledge that the stone had previously passed to him.


The Echo Turk's Echo has grown since his mind merged back together. At its core, it shields him like it would anyone else from the influences from primals. It also has a chance to trigger memories from his own, or the memories of others. His Echo can trigger from heightened emotions (his own or others), or strong aetheric presences that would trigger most with the Echo.

Echo: Aether Sense Turk is able to sense aether with great accuracy. He's utilized this ability to detect people from a distance, which has been great during missions. He's also honed it for combat: as long as Turk remains calm, he's able to sense the flow of aether in his opponent's body. This allows him to "predict" their movements and react accordingly. He's also able to detect Voidsent and similar aethers of the like.

Echo: Empathy Turk is highly empathetic, and to a fault. He can sense the emotion of others with decent accuracy from a distance. This strengthens if he's able to make physical contact. His empathy stretches out to animals and beastkins, as well, but to a more unrestricted degree; he's able to communicate with animals freely and openly. His empathy has a downside, though; Turk has to remain calm and in control to shield himself from others, especially in crowds. A crowd of people can absolutely cripple Turk to what he describes as "too much noise" if he's not careful. He's also able to form deep connections with others through meditation, and enter their mind if allowed.

Lancer/Dragoon Skilled lancer and attuned with the Dragoon soulstone. He has been training with a lance since his early years. The soulstone was given to him by an Ishgardian adventurer, Tyr Gozen, which ends up binding to his Turk the Azure personality. This particular personality is the one that kept Turk's darker memories to himself. Since his mind merged, he's yet to try to use his soulstone, nor has he picked up a spear since.

Conjurer/White Mage Turk has used his life force to keep his father alive, and then again during the five year recovery of the Calamity (but sparingly, self teaching himself traditional medical practices as well). He joined the Fane to further expand his understanding of conjury and continued to help others. While out in the shroud, he befriends a baby Goobbue that he aptly named "Gibby", never knowing that Gibby was actually a Sylph that used to play with him during his childhood. Gibby hands Turk a White Mage soulstone, which attunes to his personality Turk the White. The combination of his skills and the soulstone gained him the notice of Aatrix Makar, who enlisted skilled teachers to help Turk get as close to mastering his skills as he could. After his mind merged, his bond with his soulstone has actually improved.

Marauder/Warrior Turk's rage was enriched by Elaine Moira, who was the one that gave him the warrior soulstone. The stone bound to Turk the Crimson. Its currently unknown how she came across the stone to begin with. He had always kept his strength up with mining, and ended up using a greataxe to take advantage of his strength and further distinguish the Crimson Adder persona. After his mind merged, this stone no longer resonated with him. He has thus returned the stone to Moira.

Great Sword/Dark Knight Turk set out to replace his polearm expertise for a great sword. He chose it since he's used to large weapons, and the weight matched what he was used to. He ended up finding the Dark Knight soulstone on Kae when he confronted her while still under Dimidra's spell. The stone, possibly used as a catalyst to maintain her spell, ended up bonding with Turk when he picked it up after their battle. He seldom uses it, though, typically using it in emergencies.

Gatherer Turk enjoys fishing, harvesting, and even mining (though mining to him is more of a form of exercising with minerals as a bonus). He makes additional gil on the side by selling his gathered resources to merchants in Gridania, though he's known to give away resources to struggling families for free.

Healer Other than just using conjury to help the injured, Turk also studied basic medicine and first aid to compliment the healing he can perform with aether to the wounded. He's known for prepping the wounded to make aether based healing have a smoother path.



Father Turbulent Rivers (Deceased)

Mother Rose Rivers (Deceased)

Sister Kae Rivers (Halendre/Kalahai)

Adoptive Father Kurtis Kalahai (Deceased)

Love Life

Turk was romantically involved with Selene Artemis, who was unfortunately currently spending life in prison. She has then escaped, and has been missing ever since. He hopes she is happy where ever she's at, and has accepted that if she wanted to see him again, she could find him whenever she chooses. He has never been romantically involved with anyone else since.


Its quite literally impossible to list every friend Turk has made. I'll try to list as made as I can, both NPC and PC alike. This is not an all encompassing list, and if a name is missed its DEFINITELY not intentional.

Violet Seas Childhood friend who knew him before the attack on his family. Reunited through Dark Embers as adults.

Scott A hyur conjurer that paired up with him on his initial work with the Scions prior to the Calamity. Died during the destruction.

Caen MacLeod Close friend he made within Crystalline, considers him like a brother

Eva Ianeira Close friend he made during his time with Everwatch (and then continued into Crystalline), considers her like a sister

Elaine Moira Difficult to call her a friend since she's rigid, but she treats him as such and worries over him without trying to be obvious about it

Vedili Lodili Childhood friend to Elaine Moira and good friend to Turk, coupled with being one of his bosses at the Twin Adders

Tyr Gozen Ishgardian Adventurer that initiated his training as a Dragoon. They've kept in contact ever since

Zanin Briggs An incredibly intelligent and polite fellow that aided Turk in rescuing Elaine Moira via research notes


  • His birthplace is speculated on. Outside of the Adders, people assume he was born in the Shroud, while within are whispers of him being Garlean birth. While his birth is now confirmed to be Limsa, rumors about it being otherwise continue to circulate.
  • He never hid his relationship with Selene Artemis, which made her imprisonment a touchy and uncomfortable subject. Her departure has turned her into a sad memory.
  • Bandits and some Garleans know of a raging Roegadyn with a greataxe that called himself the Crimson Adder, though only very select high ranking few within the Adder know that its Turk.
  • Merchants and residents of Gridania alike are usually happy to see him when he walks in carrying a large sack. Usually means he's making a supply delivery.
  • His efforts at the Fane along with his continued desire to study do not go unnoticed, although sometimes exaggerated.
  • People have not seen his sister Kae for some time now, causing all kinds of speculation as to her whereabouts. Turk normally ignores the gossip.
  • Different people gossip about who Turk may or may not be dating, which he is quick to correct
  • He is still well known at the Drowning Wench as the silent drunk from back when he was dealing with his past. Now he's just known as the drunk