Zanin Briggs

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Zanin Briggs
Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'dah
Place of birth Gyr Abania
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Age 40
Nameday 21th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon (7/21)
Height 6'1"



Zanin is usually seen with his simple straw hat, blue work clothes, and polite smile! His clothes are kept as clean as one can while traveling but have several tough stains or patches indicating their age and consistent use. The man himself is also kept clean though he tends to let his greying hair grow out and simply hides it under his hat to keep it out of his face when working. Around his belt are many various pouches that he keeps his medicines, waterskin, and various knick-knacks in. A surgical bag is rarely far from his person while in the field. Various scars line his face and any exposed skin and his hands are calloused and rough.


A tip of a hat or a polite bow with a smile are given to everyone he meets! Zanin endeavors to be a gentleman and tend to anyone in need of aid, medical or otherwise. Normally a cheerful smile is on his face though it is often replaced by a thoughtful expression when he is not being directly addressed.



When the need for a fight comes, Zanin typically readies his armor with blade and shield and guarding the front. In a sudden bought, however, he endeavors to protect with his conjury and staff if the situation cannot be easily calmed. Rarely does the man act offensively preferring heavily to only react to attacks with a solid defense.




  • Helping others and feeling useful
  • Collecting and telling stories
  • Hot black tea with milk


  • Rash action and berserking forms of combat
  • Meat dishes
  • Cruelty


  • Pressing flowers as botany samples
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Science again!
  • Practicing his drumming and violin
  • Inviting friends for tea




  • Esmond Briggs - Eldest brother. Avid goldsmith and metallurgist. Lives in Ul'dah with wife Heather and daughter Abrienna. Former arena prize fighter and pugilist trainer. Protective businessman.
  • Nathan Briggs - Third brother. Flames lancer and lover of all things fine. Resides in Ul'dah with his current wife Mary and daughter Hannah. Brash, romantic brawler.
  • Vincent Briggs - Youngest brother. Painter, singer, black market dealer, thief. Whereabouts currently unknown, last seen in Limsa prison following lengthy chase and capture.


  • Syndicate and Brass Blades - Several former arena partners still hold grudges against Zanin for his reluctance to participate in fixed games. He is generally considered an annoying whistle blower by the Syndicate and the Brass Blades and is not on good terms with either. Old warrants for information he once held might still be in circulation.


Common Rumors

  • "There's a new free clinic in Gridania. You can spot it by the garden out front that's always got tea."
  • "Doesn't he work for that Rendevous Tea House? They changed locations recently. Huge new place!"
  • "Seen someone like that in the Mists a lot. Usually looking like a grease opo opo."
  • "Yeah, the guy's always talked a bit off. Avoids pronouns like they're going to rob him of tea. Dunno why, he sounds like a slyph."

Moderate Rumors

  • "I think I saw him studying medicine in Gridania before the war hit the Shroud."
  • "Guy with a silly smile and a straw hat? Yeah, he wanders by here with potions sometimes to give away."
  • "Heard those creaking sounds he makes sometimes? Probably hiding cookies somewhere. Like under his hat. I swear it moved once!"

Rare Rumors

  • "Briggs? Yeah, some good arena fighters a long while back had that surname. Weren't they from Ala Mhigo?"
  • "Heard he fainted or something after a good friend hugged him. Cracked his skull on the Limsa pavement, ouch!"
  • "Wasn't there that singer who was missing a tongue that visited his hospital? I heard she could grow a new one with something they made."

PC Rumors

  • "Oh, Zanin, what can't I say about Zanin? Actually, what can I say? I don't want him to revoke my cookie Privileges again. I need his Walnut cookies to live!" -Niko'lai Lynxion
  • "He builds a sanctuary for those in need. I see no reason to dislike him. You'd do well to offer him your respect." ~ Teld're Eska'aldren
  • "Master Zanin is one of the most honorable men I know and trust. He also makes some of the most amazing cookies you'll ever eat." ~ Pyralis Targaryen
  • "Zanin! Were I not so busy, I would deliver supplies to his clinic every sun. He is so kind." -Kiht Jakkya
  • "This man has been a Godssend to me and my family. If not for him, my wife and daughter would likely be in dire straits." - Hyuponia Lunamaesta
  • "Doctor Briggs has aided my family greatly, from diagnosing my daughter's anemia to outright saving my husband's life in an emergency. He's a hero, hands down!" - Hesperia Lunamaesta


Young Adult

Records prior to the Briggs family's arrival in Ul'dah are scarce but they immigrated as the Garleans invaded Gyr Abania. Zanin's teenage years were spent growing up on the streets of Ul'dah to a family of now arena fighters, the second child of two much larger and stronger brothers and the youngest just born. Unlike Esmond and Nathan, he preferred to avoid direct conflict if possible and had more scholarly aims including the local alchemists guild in the city. But the money was not there to earn him the education he would need, so he set foot in the arena with his siblings. He attempted to prove himself as a medic and eventually a surgeon to supplement his gladiator training and eventually became effective on his own terms on the arena floor for several years. Every gil he could spare went into books and paying for lectures from the alchemist guild but it was still not enough with the raising Syndicate prices.

In his desperation to acquire components for his own experiments Zanin took on a far more challenging fight than he could manage. But through some strange luck his overpowering opponent tripped in the arena during a complicated maneuver and impaled himself on his own blade. Zanin did not hesitate as he moved to heal the man as best as he could before the full medical team could reach him. In this act he earned the attention of the paladin order among the Sultansworn. They approached him and asked if he had considered joining them along with several other hopeful gladiators. Eager to join and honored by the offer, Zanin readily accepted. It meant a steady income for his martial training and medicinal studies.

Last Years of Sixth Astral Era

Before he could fully complete his training Zanin was discharged from the Sultanate and sent rather hurriedly to travel to Gridania and study with their healers. The man had only a small amount of skill with calling the elements but he worked to compensate with his medical knowledge and alchemy to still be an effective healer among the very talented conjurers studying alongside him. He spent a good few years training there before inevitably the war with the Empire reached its peak and every ready healer and sword was called. Zanin answered the call and served in the front in the Shroud alongside the troops as a field surgeon and guard for the other healers within the Order of the Phoenix, an adventurer group dedicated to protecting and serving the Shroud.

Within the group Zanin served as a free paladin and typically wore grey armor and a full face mask. Largely this was to help placate the Elements and Sylphs within the Shroud who were already highly agitated with the war pressing in on their home. The Order of the Phoenix held strong for two years to defend the Twelveswood and repel Garlean attacks, poachers taking advantage of the chaos, and Ixal battlefronts. During a particularly rough battle most of their number were lost. Those remaining primarily joined the fight on the front lines alongside the Serpent troops during the Calamity.

Post Calamity

In the years following Zanin returned to Ul'dah to assist with his fellow paladin knights to help recover and tend to his brothers after the loss of their father. But his time in his former home again saw rise to old pressures and problems, so he was sent to Limsa Lominsa and started to study there next. At first he found a school, Vylbrand Academy, and it's hidden underground organization of Unsung Heroes run by Elisea Renevyn as a new start in a new city-state. There he worked on arcany and resumed practicing more formal medicines and found great minds to work alongside. Briefly before its disbanding he was allied with an honorable group, Corvus Cinis, after meeting Myxie Tryxle and Eric Verus.

It was at the Academy serving that he met Tristan Reilly, the first honest returned love in his life, and it was only after his death during a vital mission that Zanin removed himself from the public eye and dedicated himself into research. Following two of his closest friends, Zakrin Aier and Kyraeth Vale, into their own Company called Dark Embers after a few moons he worked to assist with their research and continues to do so to present day under their leader Claire Brea. Known some for its aetheric monster hunting also, he was occasionally seen on missions with the Embers when not serving drinks at the variety of bars he works at. Including the new Rendevous Tea House in Ul'dah under D'ranmaia Shen and its thriving Host Club.

With a vast donation from friends and his brother Esmond Briggs' business savvy, he has been able to open up a free clinic in Gridania where he is most often found alongside his friends. Or most anyone that does not mind being around and served tea and cookies. Myxie Tryxle and Salty Lake also recently planned and opened their own Free Company with a council of four to lead the crafting and research based guild, Artifice, Manufacturing, and Invention. Or AIM for short. Zanin serves as the active guildmaster for the company on the council with his friends and is often seen there crafting and working when not with patients at the clinic in Gridania. There he met S'hayla Riki and the woman became Zanin's student at the clinic and in alchemy as well as his right hand at the guildhall. Ihrie Desana took to leading the security teams and guards as well as hosting sparring sessions for members to hone their skills.

After a year of working with fellow doctors and healers at the free clinic the group of medics were able to fund a full hospital. The building, Lavender Beds ward 7 plot 33, serves as a place for healers of all types to practice their arts and help others, from a simple cold to heftier forms of aetheric poisoning and voidsent troubles. Now a full doctor in her own right, S'hayla Riki spends much of her time there helping patients and teaching her own protegee Mariana Mercury. The free clinic continues to look for good healers in need of a place to operate and welcomes patients of any background.

He joined an adventuring group simply known as the Rangers who's goal is to find relics and secure their safe destruction so no ill can be done with the powerful items. Typically the group is at their tea house base or working their day jobs as research continues towards finding the next rough item. Often Zanin visits the AIM outpost in Idyllshire as members secured trade routes with Ishgard, especially alongside the Rangers, though they work to be mindful of saying the 'c' word cheese around goblins. When not on a mission or tending bar, Zanin can typically be found at either the AIM guildhall or the free hospital when not working in his laboratory on commissions and his own medical research.