Pamina Calidon

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Pamina Calidon
Full Name: Pamina Calidon
Other Names: Pamina Calidon, Pamina Bloodsinger, Pamina Farrar
Titles held: The Weapon, The Executioner
Age: 21
Race: Hyur (Midlander)
Eye Colour: Piercing ice blue.
Hair: Deep black, usually accented with a vibrant red or a shimmery blonde. Hangs down almost to her backside in length.
Skin Tone: Very tan.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 147lbs
Scars, tattoos, etc Several across her back, some around the circumference of her wrist. A single piercing in each ear. A singular tattoo on her right shoulder.
Occupation: Assassin, courtesan, information broker.
Marital Status: Widowed.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Face Claim: Eiza Gonzalez
Theme: Pamina's Theme
Links Blog, Carrd

The shrieking and the slamming around ceased entirely just before he managed to finally break the door open. He expected the worst, but what he found was her perched on the edge of one of the chairs, her guards slain around her. He would never forget the way she smiled at him, how it wasn't joyous, but a cruel upturn of her lips, nearly a snarl. He would never forget the glint in those glowing eyes. He would never forget the way she licked the blood off of clawed fingers as she spoke.

"How terribly fortunate I am that you were here to rescue me."


Early Life

While most children come to know a warm hearth and a loving home, for her, it was just not so.

Pamina Alyrith Calidon was born to a high-class man and woman on a winter's night in the city of Ul'dah. She was their first (and only) child, but they never got to see their only daughter grow up and she never got to know them. She was but mere months old when she was kidnapped. Her captors whisked her away to the cold, cobblestones of the Brume in Ishgard. She’d come to know those same cobblestones as her livingspace growing up. They would be her bed, her toilet, her chairs. The city’s streets were her playground. Pamina was just fine with such things, because she didn’t know of a life any better.

Truth be told, life COULD have been better for her, had her "parents" given much of a damn to change their stars. Her "father" spent all of his time away from the family, picking up whatever odd jobs he could get his hands on, but he never truly strove for anything long-term or with potential. Her "mother" made herself a prominent figure in Pamina’s life only long enough to teach her the finer things in life - like how to survive - and then she was off trying to make some sort of impression on whatever man of wealth she set her eyes on. Sometimes, it worked. They would throw coin at her, or feed her, or let her bathe in their homes. One way or another, she was taken care of. She would always smile at Pamina when she returned, but Pamina never remembered it as joyous. It was mocking, cruel, almost a snarl. One day, She would tell her, You'll find a way to make yourself useful, too. One day you'll end up just like me. Who will laugh then? Pamina would shrug, then return to weaving or drawing in the dirt.

She came to know the two of them as Xrystiana and Sonaj Bloodsinger, though later in life she would drop all use of their names and titles once she discovered who and what they truly were. For the most part, Pamina raised herself. Knowing nothing more, she was perfectly content in such things.

Early on, Pamina discovered she had an affinity for magic, though she had absolutely no control over it. When she learned of her skills, Xrystiana forbade them to ever use them again. She warned her that if anyone were to learn of them, she would be taken away, or worse. Pamina thought it a little silly, but agreed.

For the longest time, she obeyed her Xrystiana’s orders. That was until Pamina met a little boy of no more than five or six with tanned skin, messy brown hair, unkempt clothes, and dark eyes. The two became fast friends, racing and playing through the streets and giggling their cares away. One day, Pamina showed him her gift. It was nothing spectacular, no more than a makeshift, flaming butterfly floating high into the night sky before disappearing into smoke. He was impressed, thrilled.

The little boy turned up in the sewers not a day later, cold, pale, and dead. Pamina never shared her gift again.

Life was fairly ordinary, if not downright boring, for the longest. Eventually, her captors brought two more children, a boy named Karna, a miqo'te with pale skin, and a girl named Aurora, an au ra with gentle eyes. Two more mouths to feed put undue stress on Sonaj, who turned to drinking his cares away. Xrystiana put Pamina to work, selling different wares in the city, but when that didn’t work, Pamina turned to pick pocketing and subterfuge. She found she was strangely good at it, and it wasn’t terribly long before their stars began to change. After, who suspects a ruddy-faced little girl of robbery? She never told her her family of her newfound “profession”, instead pretending that her wares were selling extremely well. They didn’t need to know that she was simply discarding them in every little hidey-hole she could find.

Luck ran out just after she turned twelve years old. She was caught stealing from a particularly shady man on an evening that she wandered into a bar in search of Sonaj. When Sonaj drunkenly came to his Pamina’s defense, he was killed. Pamina was taken captive and whisked away to parts unknown, kept in a covered cage for what she would later find out was months. She would never come to know her captors’ identities. Pamina was sold into slavery, and passed hand from hand for literal years. Some of her buyers were pleasant enough, for people into human trafficking, anyway. They would task her with simple things, like cleaning their living spaces or tending to their farms or gardens. Some treated her as if she were some sort of handmaiden. Then there were others who hadn’t a shred of decency about them, and the things they demanded of her she vowed to never repeat in the light of day. When she refused, they beat her until she couldn’t anymore. Those were the worst.

But those were not the ones she remembered.

From every buyer, Pamina obtained a new skill set. Whether it was tilling soil, weaving cloth, or knowing the right steps to a particularly prominent dance, the young girl soaked it all in. The kinder of her buyers sought to educate her at times, introducing her to the world of literature, which she could never get enough of.

While her interests grew, so did her beauty, her affinity for the arcane, and her skills for subterfuge. She practiced her magic in secret, fighting to gain control over over the thing like it was some stubborn horse that refused to break. While not perfect, she managed enough to survive. Healing the wounds some of her buyers left her was messy and downright painful, but effective. Some of her more offensive spells saved her from certain situations with nastier buyers (though she would come to regret such things later). All in all, she was happy with what she had taught herself.<p Then, she met Aleida and Selwyn Farrarr.

The Farrarrs

Pamina thought that she had struck gold when she met them. They were two wealthy elezen, a mother and a son. The mother had married into the Farrarr family some time earlier, to a man by the name of Tsauro from Ul’dah. He had passed and she had taken over the estate, but she was getting older. Taking care of everything was proving more difficult the older she became, and Pamina fit the bill for the sort of help that she was in search of.

Aleida bought Pamina and brought her back to Ul’dah. Rather than a slave, she was treated like royalty. She was bathed, brought the finest



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