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Aldenard is a large continent that is home to five of Eorzea's six city-states: Sharlayan, which is located in the northwestern region of Dravania; Ishgard of the Coerthas region in the north-central portion of the continent; Gridania in a region to the east known as Black Shroud; Ala Mhigo in Gyr Abania on the far eastern edge; and Ul'dah in the southern region of Thanalan. Other regions on Aldenard include Paglth'an and Mor Dhona, bordering Thanalan to the east and north respectively, and Xelphatol, north of Gridania and Ala Mhigo.

The continent is bordered by the Garlean Empire, a landmass far to the northeast, as well as five seas. In the northwest lies the Indigo Deep, to the north is the Bloodbrine Sea, on the eastern side is the Sea of Jade, below that is the Sea of Ash, and finally to the southwest lies the Rhotano Sea.

The island of Vylbrand, home to the city-state of Limsa Lominsa, lies just off Aldenard's western coast, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Merlthor.