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Ul'dah-transparent.png Fargo J'Zargo
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 35
Orientation Bisexual
Guardian Nald'Thal
Profession Seamstress/Thaumaturge
Marital Status Single
Fargo J'zargo
Born and raised in the ruins of Gelmorra, Fargo's clan was one of cutthroats and thieves. Fargo abandoned her clan and settled in Ul'dah, where she became a Thaumaturge. She supports herself as a seamstress and mage for hire. Having abandoned everything she knows, her family sees her as a traitor and she is a very isolated and alien in this new city.



  • Coffee, shellfish, mushrooms, roasted chocobo meat.
  • Gambling, alcohol, prostitutes, gold and jewels.
  • Study and hard work. Carrying out her duties as a Thaumaturge.


  • Conjurers and White Mages; Padjal and Elementals, and many Wildwood Elezen. She mistrusts anything to do with nature spirits and Gridania.
  • Blood Thaumaturge, Voidsent and Undead and those who deal in such. Ancient magical lore that ushered in Umbral eras.
  • Duskwight Elezen, who she sees as criminals. Noble ishgardians, who she sees as elist. Garleans, who she sees as dangerous fools meddling in things they don't understand.


Foods: Mushrooms, Shellfish, Pickles, Chocobo Meat
Drinks: Coffee, Alcohol, Mun-Tuy brew.
Colors: Blue.


  • Gambling.
  • Charcoal sketching.


Hair/Fur: Silver/gray
Skin: Black/Dark Blue
Eyes: Damask Rose
Height: 6 fulms, 1/2 ilms
Weight: 142 (PONZ)
Build: SLIM

Short for an Elezen but quite tall next to a Hyur, Fargo is long-limbed and slender.
Her face was girlish looking with an understated jawline; an appealing middleground between diamond and oval shaped, giving her chin a faint rounded point and her cheeks a smooth slope. She looked naturally youthful and harmless, her eyes large and inquisitive but also having a widened quality that made her look unsure and vulnerable; their pale pink color was striking against her dusky, stone gray skin. Her lips were usually painted blue and were quite plush and soft. Her pert nose upturned to a sharp tip. She framed her face in a neat pageboy bob of straight silver hair.
Fargo had a shallow narrow ribcage leading to a slender tummy and somewhat prominent hipbones. Her decently wide hips were a little too underfed to reach their full feminine potential and so looked a little bony. She had a soft round bottom that was pert with shapely but small cheeks, and on her chest her breasts were light but nicely visible and perky. Her legs and arms were long and thin, quite soft and smooth without much sign of exercise; her long legs were particularly striking if very slender.


  • Alignment

    True Neutral (Really out for herself. She has both lawful and chaotic tendencies. She is mistrustful of others but tries to keep her word and hold herself to a standard of decency. She doesn't always succeed.)
  • Motivation

    Fargo primarly tries to escape her past. She wants to make a new life for herself in Ul'dah and fears retribution from either her family or thsoe who suffered at her family's hands, and so tries to keep a low profile.
  • Disposition

    Generally has a high strung disposition and readily worries. She is wary of strangers but is also starved for attention and can form unhealthy attachments to people she sees as friends.
  • Outlook

    Fargo is slow to anger and quick to forgive, but she's usually very passive aggressive with people and loves to pick other people apart as a devil's advocate. She avoids taking any one stance on most things and would rather undermine both sides in an argument than see one win over the other.
  • Positive personality traits

    Patient with others and considerate of their needs.
  • Negative personality traits

    Takes criticism poorly. She's generally high strung and neurotic.
  • Miscellaneous quirks


Born of those who dwell in the ruins of Gelmorra, her clan was one of nomadic outlaws; thieves, killers and highwaymen. They traveled among the roads of Gelmorra underground and emerged at night to ambush caravans navigating the Black Shroud. Cursed as they were with the Woodsin, Fargo's clan was ever enemies of the Woodwailers and Elementals.
The forest would come alive to attack the Duskwights in Greenwrath when they stepped foot on open earth, and so their raids were quick, silent and desperate; a mad dash of chaos, fire and murder that appeared from the darkness in an instant and disappeared just as quickly.
In the last years of the 6th Astral Era the Lambs of Dalamud began their occult rituals in the deep places of Tam-Tara. Fargo's people at first traded with the cultists; first stolen gold and jewels, then animals for blood sacrifice, and in time they began to capture Hyur and Elezen in their surface raids to sell to the Lambs for unknown purposes. It was not long before Fargo's clan started to vanish one by one, sold out by their fellows to be dragged down into the abyss.
Objecting to the human sacrifice and struck with fear at the realization of what they faced in dealing with the Lambs, Fargo's extended family abandoned their clan and fled the Black Shroud, headed for Thanalan. With their home tunnels now dangerously stalked by Undead, Voidsent, and Cultists freely hunting the Elezen, Fargo's family braved the daylight for the first time in generations. They were instantly beset by the Greenwrath, and half died before they reached the edge of the forest.
The dozen or so who remained wandered Thanalan for some weeks. In time they found an abandoned mine to operate out of, near Ul'dah. When Dalamud fell and Bahamut was set loose Fargo's family was well insulated underground. With a hoard of stolen gold and goods at their disposal, and with all of Eorzea in a desperate state in need to rebuild, Fargo's family began trading in Ul'dah.
While they don't spend long in the city, their caravan can be seen to come and go weekly to fence their stolen wares in the poorer quarters.
Wanting a more honest life for their daughter, or perhaps only wanting a new agent in a place of prominence, Fargo's parents sent her to live in Ul'dah proper. They funded her study of Thaumaturge in the Ossuary. While only average in her studies, Fargo was a prodigy with a vast well of inner aether at her disposal; her inner reserves expansive and replenishing at a preternatural rate. While some believed her a freak of nature, others suspected she had been enhanced by exposure to blood magic in her formative years. Regardless, the secret cult of black mages quickly stamped out any idea of any formal investigation and Fargo is treated as just another promising student.
Fargo has since cut ties with her family and has been branded a traitor to them. She supports herself by working as a seamstress, and through mercenary work through the Crossroads free company. In Ul'dah she avoids the poorer quarters in fear of being recognized and she is often wary of strangers.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Nobody -

Platonic Love

Nobody -

Good Standing

Nobody -
Nobody -

Neutral Standing

Nobody -
Nobody -

Poor Standing

Nobody -


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

"She joined the Ossuary completely unannounced. Her family must be rich. Who heard of a Grey having that kind of money?" -
"Fargo is an average student but a prodigy with sorcery" -

Occasionally heard

"She's a freak of nature. Her well of aether is enormous." -
"She never seems to get noticed much by her teachers." -

Rarely heard

"I hear she was disowned by her family. She's been completely cut off." -
"She comes from bad people. Stay away from her." -

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