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Gridania-transparent.png Ashram Dragoon
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Nameday 20th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Occupation Mercenary, Hired hand
Guardian None
Alignment Neutral Good
Relationship No

Appearance & Personality

He is short for an Au Ra male, however this does not change the fact that he is solid with an athletic build. While his face has little marring upon it, his body does show signs of extensive conflict, however few of the scars are noticeable upon a glance, there are a couple that are typically hidden by his clothing. With the change and loss of memories, he tends towards being relaxed, with a smile upon his lips. Depending on his emotions, his purple limbal rings will seem to pulse and dance with light. People who get physically close will notice that he smells of Cinnamon and Vanilla constantly.

With recent events, Alciel has had a shift, having gone from being the cautious, calm person he was when he arrived, to someone that had lost the memories of much of his painful past. He has gaps in his memory that he recognizes, and trying to force them to reveal themselves before he is ready to causes him pain. He has also lost conscious access to much of his skills, however the loss of past traumatic memories have re-awakened skills that he had locked away, namely Arcanima. He still has the instincts from being a Scout and Tracker, however when they surface, they usually leave him confused after the fact.

He has an obsession with fish and felines, to the point that some people in his tribe used to jokingly call him a Coeurl, and a few people in his tribe believed it had to do with the fact that he was cared for by a Coeurl for a few weeks after the flood. He shows a general distaste towards people that flit from partner to partner, non-fish meats and alcohol. He will in some rare occasions drink, but typically goes for wines or fermented buffalo milk. Has also shown an allergy towards Rum usually resulting in severe sickness and disorientation.


Rainy Days


Feline haters
Majority of Ishgard


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Physical affection, Fish, Books
Favorite Color(s): Blacks, Reds, Oranges and Yellows
Mood Music: Satellite by Rise Against

Skill Set


Knife Fighting (Subconscious Skill Only)
Throwing (Subconscious Skill Only)
Machinery (Subconscious Skill Only)
Archery (Subconscious Skill Only)







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◢ Common
"He used to always have a Coeurl kitten with him, I wonder what happened?"
"Seems different lately, he also asked me to call him Alciel now"
"I'm not sure but I would swear he's been casting magic, I didn't even know he knew magic!"
◢ Uncommon
"I heard the adders cleared him after they helped him take out some Garleans claiming to be his parents."
"So I heard from a friend that he's lost his memories, or most of them, I don't know if it's true or nto"
◢ Rare
"I must have imagined this, but I could swear I saw him with a miniature dragon on his shoulder, talking to it like he was holding a conversation with it!"
◢ Player Character
"Master Aiswynd. He has a lot of confidence! He was kind enough to speak of his journey and the hope Azeyma gave. He must be lonely, though, looking for any of his kin that has survived. He also turns quite red if you get close to him; one of the most bashful men I have met." - Jancis Milburga
"Aiswynd? He's exceptionally kind to others to a fault. I swear it's probably going to come back round to bite him some day..." - Kasumi Fujikawa
"A very rare man indeed. He is someone I am proud to meet and call him both a friend and a student. He has a sharp mind and a kind heart. Yet I fear of what sort of life he may have lived prior. None the less, in simply one meeting, he has earned my respect, trust and even affection. Truly, the man will go very, very far in life and I can not wait to see what he can achieve.." - Kyrsaria Venmortis


Romantic Love     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Xanadu Hotgo - Recently made friend that is hiding a secret of studying black magics, has given this in confidence to Aiswynd, as of late however she has been distancing herself from Aiswynd due to the issues with his parents
Akino Naeuri - An Au Ra Raen that Aiswynd befriended when she was having problems, they've become good friends since.
Kira Yugari - The Au Ra Raen head manager for the Quicksand of Ul'dah, though they have only become friends recently, it was a fast friendship.
L'Koana Rayen - A Miqo'te that Aiswynd met through Kira and they have become equally fast friends.
Kasumi Fujikawa - A Raen that is the Co-Founder of Wandering Horizons with Aiswynd, recently they have gotten close, but have not as of yet officially claimed to be a couple.

Story Arcs

Arc 0 - Before Eorzea

Aiswynd grew up as part of the Drakareus Tribe, a Tribe of Xaela that were not renown for anything in particular other than the Elders insistence that everyone be well educated for a wandering people. Aside from the occasional clashes with other tribes, life for Aiswynd was peaceful as a young child and he made friends easily. It was not long before things began to go sour in his life. He was barely the human equivalent of 8 when a river flood while gathering food along the banks swept him and his parents away. The tribe had given up on him and his family, only finding him by chance among a Coeurl den by Scouts of the tribe as the whole tribe migrated down river.

His isolation began there, while the tribe took over raising him, he began to feel disconnected, the only strong connection he had was Koertha, another like him who had lost his parents. The two of them became good friends, brothers even as they grew into adult hood. Koertha learning to be a warrior that fought with nothing but his fists, while Aiswynd took up daggers and aided the tribe as a scout and hunter.

Koertha and Shinsui

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Tribal Calamity

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Arc 1 - Arrival

Adder Struck

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Sagolii Rondo

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Letters & Fates

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Arc 2 - Family Obligations

Nightmarish Battles

Warning: Graphical Depictions

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End Game

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Arc 3 - Interlude of Memories


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Side Stories

Gaining a Menagerie: Clarence the Chocobo

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Gaining a Menagerie: Vern the Wyvern

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