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I'm Corelyn. A shiny rainbow robot lady who plays too many different characters, but that's okay. I am a veteran roleplayer and writer with a penchant for detail and paragraph roleplay not only in-game, but in Discord and other media, as well (but I hate Skype and will never use it).
I am also known by the username "Nierfenhimer".

1) Characters

I currently have four in-game characters on Balmung:
Corelyn Rosefire
Dail'a Naras
Neilas Seles
Hali Naras

With these, I have five roleplay characters, as I sometimes make alternate personas for in-game characters.
Corelyn Rosefire / Corelyn jen Bellor (The same person, but under different identities.)
Dail'a Naras
Neilas sas Seles
Hali Naras
Rhali Zhujo (Played by Hali Naras in-game, characters unrelated.)

My current gameplay main is Corelyn, a Machinist. However, I am working on making Hali my main, as Corelyn, being a Garlean pureblood in-character, is incapable of magic and wouldn't touch other things, and I am somewhat uncomfortable modifying her or doing out-of-character things on her right now. No I don't know why. I'm weird. :^)

2) Player Info

Please don't ask me for personal information. Unless I know you, I would prefer not to give it for safety and security reasons. If I know you well enough, trust me, you'll know everything about me.
Contact information is given on an as-asked basis, and I reserve the right to deny that information, as well, for any reason (though I likely won't).

3) RP Policies

I might write my personal policies down here at one point if I feel like it, but it's easy to just look at the Combat or OOC tabs of any of my characters. They all say about the same thing for OOC info.