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Ul'dah-transparent.png Darkened Sky
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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Age 38
Marital Status Single
Occupation Entrepeneur
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Basic Info

"If you are unhappy in life, you have no one to blame but yourself." Darkened Sky


Height: 7'6

Weight: Heavy - Very Muscular

Complexion: Dark

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red



  • Being in Control
  • Competant People
  • Personal Rules


  • Incompetance
  • Being Questioned
  • Being Told He Can't Do Or Have Something


  • Color: Black
  • Food: Meat
  • Drinks: Wine


  • Power
  • Money


Not religious or believing in luck, believes each person's destiny to be in their own control.


Chaotic Neutral



  • Very eclectic tastes including those more carnal in nature
  • Takes pride in collecting anything rare


  • Can be blinded by selfishness
  • Often uncompassionate


  • Failure


  • Running a business both above and below ground


Very Intelligent in business ventures and making money

Abilities and Skills


  • Skilled with a polearm, however out of practise for several years, prefers to employ people to do that work for him.


  • Money


  • No magical abilities


  • Weaving

Family and Relationships





Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.


Having been orphaned at a very young age, Dark never knew of his real name or parents. Being adopted by a ship's captain, he had been working on merchant ships for as far back as he could remember. In his early years it was merely for the provision of food and shelter, but as he got older and developed more skills he began to do it for far more lucrative reasons. Often times while out at sea, a merchant ship, being quite defenseless, would be attacked by pirates. Quite often too these ships would be carrying valuable cargo. Dark had worked out a system of hiding pieces of the most valuable cargo for when these attacks came. Claiming that the cargo must have been taken by the pirates or lost in the fight with them, and then returning to the ship that night to remove it himself and store it away somewhere safe. Over the years he had built up an impressive cache of hidden valuables.

Another benefit of working on these ships was the passengers they often transported that came from all walks of life. It was not uncommon for skilled adventurers and mercenaries to offer their services, defending the ship in return for free passage across the open waters. Having little else to do while spending so many days out at sea they were often quite willing to teach an eager young student their skills. Dark had taken a particular interest in that of an old Dragoon passenger. The Dragoon had been aboard their ship many times seeking passage and was always quite willing to teach the Roegadyn his skills, and eventually his secrets. It was this Dragoon that had given him the name Darkened Sky after seeing the bright mid-day sun eclipsed by the large Roegadyn's jump attack.

Dark continued this life of hiding valuables and developing as many skills as he could for over twenty years. It was in his last few years of this life that he spent the majority of his time studying commerce and trade. He had seen the power that could come with wealth, and as he got older he knew this is what he wanted. He would have this wealth and power, regardless of the cost.

The final push he needed started one night after docking in Limsa Lominsa. He knew little of the cargo they were picking up save for the fact that loading was to take place at night during a very small window of time, and that they would set sail again the moment the cargo was on board. Standing on the pier, waiting for the cargo, Dark watched as two large Roegadyn's approached with a much smaller Hyur in front of them. "Have all of my directions been followed exactly as specified?" the Hyur man said to the ship's captain, speaking in a quiet but harsh tone. " They have indeed, sir. We only have minutes before the guards make their next pass though so this will have to move quickly." The Hyur nodded to one of his large companions who lifted a small light into the air flicking it on and off in a distinct pattern, clearly signaling to someone else. Almost immediately, Dark could make out the forms of several hooded figures approaching. He watched closely as the cloaked figures moved quickly and quietly, huddled together with another large Roegadyn behind them, ushering them forward and towards the ship. As the group passed right by Dark, one of them lifted their head and he saw the face of a beautiful young Miqo'te girl, tears streaming down her face and a pleading look in her eyes. It was in this moment he realized just how much he hungered for the wealth and power above all else. He felt no sympathy for the girl and only smiled at her as he watched her pass. Dark had only one thought on his mind, just how much gil could such a pretty girl fetch and how do such transactions take place?

Having a several week long trip ahead of them, Dark spent the first few days trying to befriend the Hyur that was in charge of their cargo. Either from boredom or seeing something in Dark's eyes, eventually the man came around and began to open up to him. Dark soaked it all in like a dry sponge to water, spending nights in his room after their discussions making notes and plans for future use. Eventually the trip came to an end and Dark knew he was ready to move on with his life. Taking his final payment from the captain, he grabbed his few possessions that were on the ship and set off to explore Eorzia and start his new life.

For the first couple of years that followed, Dark studied commerce in the three major city-states before finally taking up a more permanent residence in Ul'dah, the city with a thriving economy both above and below ground. Believing it best to hide in plain sight he took up a legitimate craft in weaving and started his own business, using some of the money he had saved up from his work on the ships to grow the business. He paid his taxes and followed all of the rules right to the letter. In doing this he had earned the favor of the community and had become a well respected dealer of fine cloth and trade goods. It did not take long, especially in Ul'dah, for him to see the underground side of commerce.

There were several black market dealers, ranging from the young petty thieves that rarely survived long, to the powerful established ones that were spoken of only in whispers among trusted traders. With great patience and planning, Dark started using intermediaries to sell the least valuable and oldest of his stolen goods from his hidden cache. Always keeping the money from these sales tucked away back in the cache with the other goods, he began to grow this as a completely separate business. Eventually he started getting requests for certain items, many of which he already had, hidden away in that cache. It took the better part of 10 years of his life to develop this underground network of contacts. Many times he had sold or acquired merchandise with little to no profit, but for the sole purpose of gaining more respect among those dealing in the black market.

His legitimate business showed a side of him that was charismatic and respected by even the highest social rankings of the Ul'dan people. His other business, however, showed a completely different side of him. He had a reputation for being cold and lacking any compassion. He did not do anything that would not serve his interests first. He was very calculated in everything and never a reactionary thinker. Always taking as long as he needed to control every variable he could. He lived by his own set of rules and often imposed rules upon others he took control of. He was also very intolerant of being questioned. He had watched so many businesses fail around him, often from poor advice or direction. He had decided there would be only one person in control of his affairs and that would be him.

Having earned a name for his reputation of being able to procure anything, he would be now known as "The Collector" among the black markets. Very few would be able to put a face to the name as all of his business was done through his intermediaries. He would often act as one of his middle men on occasion when the product being sold or acquired was of significant value. His services, however, did not come cheap and quite often they were not paid for with gil.

The Collector was not above using whatever methods he deems necessary to obtain his goals. The ends always justified the means as far as he was concerned. He would use extortion, blackmail, and even murder to obtain whatever he sought. The latter being his last choice. A dead person was not as useful to him as a live one that he could control through other means. The exception to this being when the death of one would send enough of a message to another more valuable person that he would gain control over them instead. To him people were nothing more than tools and merchandise, and his business was built on the use of both. Having ears all over the city of Ul'dah, it would not be difficult to arrange a meeting should one require his services. Meeting with him to discuss this business, however, was risky. The first question on his mind would always be whether or not this person seeking him out would be more valuable to him as client or merchandise.


The Collector (Black Market Alias)

Current Residence


Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

Anyone he can hire to further his personal interests, especially those with darker skill sets:

  • Courtesans
  • Thieves
  • Hunters
  • Assassins