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Height:< br/>7 fulms 5 ilms Weight:< br/>200 ponz Hair Color:< br/>red with orange highlights Eye Color:< br/>iridescent blue-green piercing Skin Color:< br/>tan white Scale Color:< br/>black


Normally happy and helpful and very loyal I try to help my friends and Grand Company as much as I'm able although it seems I am constantly switching roles no matter what form I take I always try my very best to get a mission done I can be very Shy around females and quite if I don't know you. In battle I'm a force to be reckoned with I've been trained in severs Martial forms of combat ranging from unarmed to use of Two handed great swords I am always handy to have in a fight if the cause be just you can count on my skill no matter the foe they will fall and we shall be victorious.

Key: -Romantic Interest -Family -Friend -Neutral -Enemy -Disliked
§-NPC -Deceased

[Liliannarose Morior]:

She is my soul mate she is my heart she is my Alpha and Omega (not the weapon)I would do anything for her go to any lengths or fight any foe for her thats is my Lili. We met a few seasons back during the summer festival in Gridania I was instantly taken with her after an awkward few weeks of shy glances and very badly made attempts I asked her if she wanted to be my partner she refused at first feisty and defiant she called me baka, she still does and I still thinks shes adorable. Well have been together for 10 seasons this year wish us luck for many more.

[Quaesitum Noctis]:

NoX is my Free Company I recently joined them they are very helpful and friendly allies and friends comrades and mentors I don't know too much about each of them individually but as I perform duties to kin and country i will undoubtedly pick up on each of their personalities in time.

Easily Heard
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Hard to Hear
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PC Rumors

  • Hot tempered in battle
  • Is Loyal to kin and country to the detriment to his own safety.
  • Brutal in love and war that is the extent of his character.

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Empty Table Template
At a Glance
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xalean
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Mateus
Build muscular
Virility well endowed
Age 39
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status coupled to Lilianarose
Nicknames Calm before the Fury