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Ul'dah-transparent.png Irys Mankhad
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Nameday 30th Sun of 2nd Astral Moon
Age 19
Orientation Who knows?
Guardian N/A
Alias N/A
Marital Status foreveralone.jpg
Irys Mankhad
Grumpy mage, bitter scribe, and anti-social dipshit



  • Unusual hats
  • Chocobos
  • Knowledge (books, spells, ect)
  • Alcohol
  • Cuddles
  • Swimming


  • Strangers
  • Sweet foods, including berries or fruit
  • Persimmons especially
  • Flirting
  • Xaela (Especially the Adarkim, Borlaaq, Buduga, Jhungid, Kharlu, Oronir, and Dotharl)
  • People more than a fulm taller than her
  • People commenting on how young she is


Foods: Raw oysters, raw fish, sea food in general
Drinks: Any bitter alcohol, tea with cream (no sugar), soured milk
Colors: Black


  • Collecting really old books (..and smutty ones..)
  • Attempting to win a single round at the Grindstone
  • Drinking
  • Chocobo riding


Hair/Fur: Dyed
Skin: Dark ashen, almost purple
Eyes: Purple with magenta limbal rings
Height: 5'2
Weight: Stupidly light for her height
Build: Hourglass shaped

Irys is a very quirky Xaela. The first thing others will notice is her atrocious sense of fashion. She wears whatever covers her body the most, and not even in a modest way, rather more in an off-putting fashion to be as intimidating as possible. Generally, this means she is in the antique patterns the Black Mages from cycles past... despite not being a Black Mage. Otherwise she has similarly covering garments that are just slightly more welcoming. With her exotic skin tone and talents at fixing hair and makeup she could be an extremely beautiful woman if she would just choose to wear something slightly more flattering.. but.. she won't.
If one pays attention to her movements, they will find that Irys favors her left arm and barely uses it for anything. There has been more than one spill when she was required to carry something with it.


  • Alignment

    True Neutral
  • Motivation

    Fear, usually.
  • Disposition

    Somber and unpleasant
  • Outlook

    The mug is always half-empty.
  • Positive personality traits

    Loyal, compassionate, contemplative
  • Negative personality traits

    Asocial, self-destructive, abrasive, shy
  • Miscellaneous quirks

* Odd choices of attire
* Tries to speak as properly as possible even though it doesn't come naturally
* Can startle easily
* Great at fixing hair and makeup
* Sleeps with a really embarrassing body pillow
* Extreme stage fright
* Stylistic handwriting


Irys originally hails from the rocky, Eastern coasts of the Steppes. She has a lot of unresolved issues with her mother, who had chosen to enjoy her own life rather than care for the children she begot from having such a life. As such, a lot Irys's childhood as the eldest child was spent feeding and cleaning her younger (and ever growing in count) siblings. This has left Irys fairly starved for affection, having long reaching effects on her personal life.
The Mankhad tribe was supportive in her duties and would help feed and care for all of them, but if anything went wrong it was she who her mother blamed. The family who shared the same yurt, specifically their matron, would take pity upon her plight, snatch up her siblings, and tell her to just go and have fun somewhere. The tribe generally looked down upon her mother for being so irresponsible, their ill words often reaching her horns.
After a ghastly ordeal, Irys fled from the tribe as a whole at thirteen summers to escape the smothering environment of her childhood as well as the general violence of the Steppes. Ul'dah was her chosen destination due to the tribe’s contacts with Eorzean merchant ships and the tales of their mage trainers. Although she originally had no interest is such arts, Irys needed a manner of defending herself despite the newly lamed arm. The Steppes were unkind to those who were useless.
Irys has lived in Ul'dah for nearly a decade now, and as such has picked up the typical Ul'dan dialect and phrases. There is very little Xaela culture left to be found in her, which is just as she would will it to be. She went through quite the culture shock when first arriving which resulted in her isolating herself from others and often being bullied. This is perhaps what lead to her unusual garment choices and general resentment of others. To her, it is much safer to be alone than attempt to make any social connections. If she does speak to someone it is probably to say something mean.
Drunk Irys would.. would disagree with that. Basically any social interaction she does have is due to her being piss drunk. She is quite the friendly drunk, a drastic contrast to her sober personality. And Irys does tend to be drunk more often than not, being terribly miserable with her lot in life. When alcohol isn’t enough, she turns to somnus. The drug was originally used to calm the pain in her left arm when it flared up, but turned into a habit of comfort. Now she is physically dependent on both substances.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

"They're obvously a Black Mage. Why are they allowed to walk about like that??" - Ul'dan Citizen
"I've seen 'em out in Pearl Lane a few times. Thought they were dead." - Ala Mhigan Refugee
"I think the only time that she eats is when she comes to my stall." - Katherine, Independent Culinarian

Occasionally heard

"She's so adversed to fun she puts a damper on ours just by being near." - Adan, Thaumaturge Student
"I told her that Miqo'te men have barbs, and she actually believed me! HAH!" - Also Adan

Rarely heard

"I've never been so rustled after seeing somebody move their body like that." - Random Tavern Goer

PC Rumors (written by other players)

"I'm pretty sure she's going to murder me in my sleep. We're good friends!" - Kyuzo Mifune



*OOC NOTES: I am open to any style of RP as long as it makes sense for Irys. I love some good IC drama.
**Irys is a huge dipshit, sorry for her being such a dipshit to your characters. =X
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