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Latest activities (RP hooks): Traveling aimlessly

Birth Name: Luna Nightrose

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

Age: 18

Height 4 fulms 15 ilms

Weight: 87 ponzes

Nameday: 7th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

Guardian Deity: Menphina, the Lover

Birth Place: Gridania, Twelvewood

Citizenship: Gridanian

Free Company: Sinspawn Ultima Twam

Residence: House in the Lavender Beds Ward 11 Plot 1

Marital Status: Lone Wolf

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Job: Carpenter, Summoner, Dark Knight

Hobbies: Sleeping, Reading, being Lewd

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Mana is Keeper of the Moon and loyal follower of Menphina, she was born in Gridania as the daughter of a Carpenter and a skilled Scholar.

As the very soft, friendly and kind Miqo'te Luna is she tries to help wherever she can even though being very Shy, she generally tries to avoid Crowds and prefers walks trough the Black Shroud. Mana also is very humorous and despite her innocent look she is quite dirty minded.

Mana is very independent and lives entirely on her own, only rarely seeking the help of others which also makes her an outsider. Mana travels only to gain more knowledge about the Stars and Magic but she owns a House in the Lavander Beds where she stays most of the time.


Mana is pretty small for a Miqo'te, her different Eye Colors aswell as her easily visible Fangs and long Ears are more or less average for a Keeper of the Moon. Her Hair is naturally White but she dyes it once in a while. Mana is very slim and small even though she is always eating like a Dragon. She is of a very shy Nature but enjoys company alot.

Scars & Markings: She has very noticeable Miqo'te Keeper markings on her Cheeks and a big Mark on her right Cheek of which she dosnt like to speak about. On her left eye Luna has a Scar from an Assassin that tried to kill her.

Voice: mana has a very Soft and Quiet Voice with almost no Accent and she hates to raise her Voice, because of that she gets talked over alot but she got used to it with time.

Clothing: As she visited Kugane alot in her Childhood she adopted the Clothing Style, mostly waring Yukatas, Kimonos or other Hingan'ish clothings. Mana is seen alot with Collars and Blindfolds. She can also be seen with more Caster like Outfits. Lately seen with Glasses but she doesn't need them. She likes to giver her Outfits a lewd touch.

Friendly, Soft, Shy, Smart, Independent

  • Menhpina, the Lover
  • everything Cute
  • Miqo'te
  • Dark stuff
  • Fashion
  • Stars and Planets
  • Tonberry
  • Beautiful Places
  • Touching things
  • Listening
  • the Night
  • Rain, Mist and Snowstorms


  • Crowds
  • Heat
  • Her bad luck
  • Lalafell
  • People showing off
  • Delays
  • Magitech
  • others making fun of her friends
  • being Hungry
  • unfriendly people

Distinctive Features

  • awkward situations
  • being ignored
  • being in the center of a crowd
  • lonelyness


  • Favorite food: Meat
  • Favorite drink: Whisky, Tea
  • Favorite colour: Black, Purple
  • Vices: very curios and shy, cant say no


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Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Jennah Nightrose ( ) - Mother
Once famous Scholar, lost during the 7th Calamity
Ra'eal Nightrose ( ) - Father
Hingan born Master Carpenter, died in a Fire in the family House.


Kizu Modoki
Sekai no Mirai

Mana first met her in the Lavender Beds and fast developed a deep friendship with Kizu, after some time passed and Mana got over Nyir, she married Kizu and lived happily with her for a long time before their ways parted.
Nyir Reginleif

Mana met Nyir in a quiet Night in the Lavender Beds, after some time together Mana fell in Love with Nyir, as she found out Nyir has a crush on her too, she confessed and soon they Married and had a great time together. But as time passed they lived apart and the contact was lost.


Common rumours & quotes

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6th Astral Era & 7th Umbral Era - Gridania

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7th Astral Era - Gridania







Luna's Galery

OOC Information

Stances on RP: Im a pretty slow writer but im pretty open about RP. I dont mind breaking the lore but preferably as little as possible. I dont like OP charakters and unreasonable jumps. I do like an ERP from time to time but I cant gurantee that everyone will enjoy what I do ;P

Hooks and relationships: Im up for pretty much everything, family background, old friends from times long past or just random RPs as long as a way to get my character into it is provided since im not too good at stating one.

RP combat and injuries: Im not a big fan of RP combat and to be honest, I have no clue about it.

Important! If anything that my character does or says unsettles you, or if you are not okay with something in my RP, please let me know!

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