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 Myrganroegan Wylfwyn
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth Limsa Lominsa
Age (Age: 26)
Relationship Open
Occupation Conjurer/Mercenary
Residence Phoenix Rose
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Basic Info

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Height: 6'4 ilm

Complexion: Dark grey

Hair: Waist length and shining.

Eyes: Greenish-turquoise.

Particular Traits: She has kept her body as close to perfection as possible. Having been a sought-after courtesan, it was important to her to maintain the merchandise properly.

Clothing Style: Myrri primarily wears clothing that is lavish and expensive. Recently, with a shift in job focus, she has begun to attempt a more conservative view on resources and functionality rather than beauty and appearance.

Laterality:  Right handed


  • Myrri is demure and lighthearted, tending towards a hedonistic approach to her life and the lives of others. She chooses to live her life in such a way as to bring the most pleasure to herself and to those her life affects. Logic and consideration are generally weighed before emotions and gut feelings, though she certainly has no problem expressing the latter should the former sit in line. She attempts to be aloof in things that are not her business, though most times she cannot help but be a rather horrific mother hen.

Family and Relationships (NPC's)



PC Relations (Her thoughts on other Characters)

  • Matthias Lyon - A highlander. Once a client, now a dear friend and lover.
  • Lyria Stormdancer - Miqo'te, ward of Matthias, loved and cherished as companion and ward: Her "little dove".
  • Rel'kiv Saito - Au'ra - Chef of the Phoenix Rose. Companion and lover.
  • Vonir Whitehearth - highlander. Friend and associate to Rel'kiv.


  • She is currently residing at the Phoenix Rose and is on (mostly) good terms with the people there.


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  • "She's the nicest most beautiful person I've ever met, but don't let that fool you, she's tough as they come... Stronger than me anyway..." - Lyria Stormdancer


Little is known about her past beyond the current hunt by a mysterious gentleman by the name of Toltoro. Myrri is rather close-mouthed about anything beyond her prior profession, proclaiming without shame that she was a very skilled courtesan and whore. She mentions no family beyond having been around brothers in her younger days, though how much of that is truth is anyone's guess.