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Ul'dah-transparent.png Mythias Beaumont
Count Mythias Beaumont of Beaumont Publishing
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 38
Nameday 22nd Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Patron Deity Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Occupation Ul'dah Entrepreneur and Diplomat
Orientation Homosexual
Server Balmung
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Mythias is the owner of Beaumont Publishing and a high ranking official in Ul'dah politics. While not a Syndicate member, Mythias does have some say in matters concerning both his business and the City-state as a whole. Although acting as a representative of Ul'dah, both in and outside of the city-state, Mythias does not shy away from skirmishes. Being fiercely dedicated to the Sultana and Ul'dah, Mythias is willing and able to pick up a blade or a staff in defense of his home.

Being a Hellsguard, Mythias has a knack for magic and is very curious when it comes to the secrets of the Void. While being a practitioner of multiple classes of magic, the Hellsguard is very well verse in black magic, as well as harnessing the powers of darkness to protect those he cares for.


Standing at seven feet and 8 inches, Mythias is taller than most roegadyn. Black medium length hair with red highlights and a beard to match. Body hair coating his chest, back, arms legs and abdomen, the Hellsguard is proud of his body hair. Despite being a high ranking official, Mythias' enjoys keeping his body in top physical health. Most of the Hellsguard's body was made up of pure muscle, save for his pronounced musclegut. What really catches peoples attention are his eyes. The iris of Mythias' left eye pure white, while his right is a deep shade of purple.

While most would just pass it off as heterochromia iridium, Mythias' right eye serves a purpose. Called an Eye of Shatotto, the right eye is used to channel the void during battle, decipher voidsent text, enhance his focus and accuracy, and a multitude of other abilities. In terms of clothing, Myth enjoys in showing as much skin as possible. Due to the heat that plagues Thanalan and being proud of his body, the clothing Mythias wears tends to be very skimpy.


While one might assume, with the large amount of wealth Mythias' has, the Hellsguard would be snooty or out of touch with the public. In the contrary, Myth enjoys having a good time. Fun loving and personable, the large man liked to spend his time with people both in the same class as he was, as well, as people who aren't so lucky financially. Enjoying a banquet and/or grabbing a mug of ale at the closest pub.

When it comes to his studies however, the Hellsguard is extremely focused. Working diligently, Myth doesn't rest until the answers he seek are found. This may also be a side effect to his Eye of Shatotto.

During battle, Mythias keeps a leveled head. A skilled tactician, the Hellsguard can command a battalion of soldiers into battle and figure out the best outcome.

The biggest flaw Mythias has is that he is prone to rage when provoked hard enough, or when someone he cares for is in danger. He channels this anger into fighting fiercely. His attunement to the void is also maximized when I'm a rage, bringing him closer to being fully corrupted by it's tainted grasp. This is why the Hellsguard tries his best to keep a leveled head.

Mythias is a homosexual, enjoying the company of other roegadyn, highlanders and the such. He is bonded, however, he does take in different lovers when the mood strikes him, which is almost always. He does enjoy romance but, sometimes sharing but a night is just what the conjurer ordered.


Before the Battle of Carteneau, Mythias lived in Ul'dah with his father. Mythias' mother died when he was very young. His father owned Beaumont Publishing and the two lived a privileged life. The Hellsguard had learned early that he had an affinity to magic and was quickly enrolled to learn thaumaturgy. Quickly grasping the concepts and studying diligently, Mythias became one of the best thaumaturges the Ossuary had trained. This began Mythias' thirst to learn more about magic and its properties.

About two years before the Calamity that called upon Bahamut, Myth left his home and traveled to Gridania to learn the ways of the Conjurers. Mythias excelled in this field as well, passing many of his tests, however, notes were made that his interests in the more... unethical ways the aether could be used. Never the less, Mythias gained recognition and became a full fledged Conjurer.

Then the Calamity struck.

Mythias was making preparations to return to Ul'dah due to hearing about his father's failing health. Knowing full well that Dalamud was nearing the surface of the planet, he wanted to spend the last moments with the one who raised him. Sadly, the call to help aid the Conjurers in repelling the threat that loomed over them sounded for Mythias, orders from the Seedseer herself. Mythias was torn between being with his father in, what could have been, their final hour or, answer the call and aid in the defense of Eorzea...

Mythias decided to stay and help. After the calamity, Mythias awoke in Gridania, glad to see that their powers helped save the realm from destruction. He took the first airship to Ul'dah, praying that his father was safe and arrived at the City-State. Mythias raced to see his father, only to find that he was too late. His father passed in his sleep the night before. Distraught and depressed, Myth locked himself in his father's room, trying to overcome the regret of not being at his father's side. As he looked through his father's belongings, trying to relive the happy memories with his father. A sudden a sharp noise started to resonate at his father's bedside table. The noise continued to sound over and over again. Mythias opened the drawer to find a crystal as dark as the night sky. Touching it seemed to resonate something deep down inside the Hellsguard, awakening the negative emotions inside of him and giving him strength. The regret he has felt from his father's passing has opened up a new power in Mythias as the ways of the Dark Knight have passed on from father to son.

For what seemed like months, Mythias had locked himself away in his room, refusing any assistance from the manor's staff. Conversing with an entity that his servants thought was a voidsent, that or their master had grown mad and started to talk to himself. In reality, the crystal he found manifested into a teacher for Mythias. To teach him the ways of the Dark knight. Keeping itself hidden when other were present, Mythias and his ethereal teacher practiced during the night, under the cover of darkness, practicing with an ebon sword of darkness and a way to harness the negative emotions inside him to better himself. This continued to push Mythias closer and closer to being consumed by the Void and the darkness inside him. After a long rigorous year of training, Mythias came out of his shadow, renewed and a changed man. Instead of letting regret and suffering consume him, he took control of the darkness he was feeling, and use it to fuel his ambition.

Soon enough, the Hellsguard emerged from his quarters and resumed control of his father's company. Becoming the head of Beaumont Publishing, Mythias owns one of the most prolific publishing companies in Eorzea. A good fraction of books, tomes and texts in this era are published and distributed from his company. This gives him notoriety and power throughout most of the City States.

Thanks to his fortune, Mythias continued to pursue his thirst for knowledge and ended up gaining experience as an Arcanist. Soon enough, the Hellsguard gained insight in almost every school of magic offered in by the City-states. Yet, the untimely death of his father continued to haunt him throughout his life.

Rummaging through his father's belongings, Mythias came across many books that were deemed "too disturbing" for the public eye of Eorzea and were never published. These books were all pertaining to the forbidden arts of Void Magic and were thought to be too dangerous to be released to readers everywhere. All written when the Mhach empire was still feared, these books survived the Great Flood of the Sixth Umbral Era. Though most of the texts were in a language not of this plane of existence, a note was hastily written that for one to read these books, one must make a pact with a voidsent. Knowing that these texts could lead a way to speak to his father one last time through the void, Mythias researched this pact and proceeded to summon a Soulflayer into this plane. Balrahn the Reignender was called upon and pact was set, Mythias' right eye would be engulfed in the void, allowing him to summon it's power whenever he pleased, however, when his time in this mortal plane was finished, Mythias would be an agent of Balrahn, for eternity, in the void.

With his Eye of Shatotto, Mythias managed to research every book written in the voidsent language, learning new and forbidden ways to call about the Aether. Despite gaining these new powers and maximizing his magical abilities, Mythias keeps these powers a secret. Only calling upon them when needed or in dire situations. Although the attempts to try and communicate with his father have not succeeded, he hasn't given up trying. Searching far and wide for more books, for more knowledge, for just another chance to see his father one last time.


  • Reading and Researching
  • Drinking
  • The Company of other Men
  • Traveling
  • The Void and it's Voidsent
  • Magic
  • Mushy romance Novels
  • Triple Cream Coffee
  • Wearing Revealing Clothes
  • Roegadyn
  • Triple Triad


  • Anti-royalists
  • Bigots
  • Disloyalty


  • Skilled Thaumaturge, Arcanist and Conjurer
  • Skilled in Black Magic
  • Accomplished Dark Knight
  • Able to Translate Voidsent Language
  • Able to Communicate to Voidsent
  • Heightened Focus and Accuracy
  • Able to Summon lesser Voidsent
  • Strength increases when Angered


Common Rumors

  • "I hear he dabbles in Void Magic. The poor sap is going to get eaten by a voidsent one day." - Ul'dah Citizen
  • "Sometimes, I hear odd noises coming from the master's chambers. Not sure if he's doing another one of his experiments or.... entertaining a guest." - Manor Servant
  • "Mythias Beaumont? He comes around a lot. I hear he has a lot of problems he likes to drink away..." - Goblet Patron