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Ul'dah-transparent.png Onini Nini
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 28
Marital Status Single
Occupation Black Mage
Height 3'3
Patron Deity Nymeia the Spinner
  • Father: Ririlayu Cocolayu
  • Mother: Fufuka Fufu

Onini Nini is a Dunesfolk who makes her home within the Goblet, close by to Ul'dah the city of her birth. She's of a noble blood wiped out and forgotten after the Calamity. Currently she's residing with the Order of the Sword and Rose, and employed by the Ebonbrand as their maid.


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Demeanor: Nini can be quite the complicated individual; she is aloof and distance, to borderline disdainful of most people. She has trouble trusting anyone, even if they seem to be kind, if anything it makes her even more suspicious. That being said, she delves into her mind constantly and is often seen spacing out and muttering incoherent things under her breath. She is cold and distant at first to many, and takes quite some time for her to actually warm up to anyone... unless you managed to sway her.

Nature: Nini is often compared, and even has compared herself to the walking nuke. Despite the impassive and perpetual faint smiles that sports as a sort of facade, she can be quite the emotional person. And dangerous because of it. She's quick to anger if her buttons are pushed, and has been known to go to extreme measures just to prove a point to someone, especially if she is not fond of them. However to those she's fond of, she's a bit more open and not as irritable, typically acting in a formal manner until she's comfortable around them.

Habits: Unabashedly, she enjoys to examine people from afar, listen in to banter and conversations in attempt to understand a friend or foe better. She also has a habit of pushing people's button just to see how they would respond. She can be seen talking to herself, especially if she delves into her mind a little too long. She's also a chronic insomniac so if you encounter her when she hasn't had at most five hours of sleep, she's going to be quite loopy, and won't even remember what you may have said to her five minutes prior.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: Because Nini has such trouble sleeping she does have a perpetual dark circles under her eyes, aside from that she's a plain ol' Dunesfolk for the most part. She sports alabaster locks, typically straight with a little wavy ends reaching down to her lower back, and is rarely seen with short hair. Her eyes are a bright luminous blue gems, which often glow stark in response to her emotions. Her flesh is sunkissed, a soft caramel hue, and tries to keep herself clean and kept. It's when she hasn't sleeped for a time that she makes an 180 in her appearance.

Scars & Markings: Sports nicks and scars here and there along her body, the more prominent ones are the ones on her side from where she was stabbed, and along her outer and inner thigh ( Three along the outer, and one along the inner, resembles claw marks. ) She does have a zodiacal gemstone she often wears upon her forehead as well. Although not markings she also dons quite a few piercings, commonly along the ears, one ruby stud upon her tongue along with a couple of others along her frame, where they may be is left for players to decide.

Voice: Commonly, the Dunesfolk speaks in a distant manner, formal and cold, often a mechanism to keep people away from her seeking companionship. The way she speaks is often seen used by nobility especially with the air she carries around her. She has a soft and wispy voice, which she does use to her advance when whispering sweet nothing's in a lover's ear.

Clothing: Nini enjoys luxury, so that includes silken fabrics, lingerie, and comfort. Her diversity in fashion is wide, sometimes she'll be dressed as a house maid, or as a Gold Saucer Bunny, or is donned in her various battle gear from some recent excursion. Most often she does carry her thick rimmed glasses about, considering she is near sighted and does struggle seeing from a certain distance away. She's not fond of the breeches those of disciples of war must bear through, and typically has to do alters on her own to prevent uncomfortable chaffing.




  • Those that keep an open mind, and have more liberal views.
  • Gizmos and gadgets, Allagan technology. Enjoys tinkering with them, but it's simply a past time.Arietty doesn't have many
  • Anything different or foreign, diversity.


  • Ironically, she's not fond of the dark, and will often experience extreme paranoia as a result.
  • Overly happy or perky individuals, it makes her nervous being around them, and often suspect them, for being kind to someone of her background.
  • Being asked if she's alright for the tenth time in just one eve or morn.
  • Bugs, bugs and more bugs. She's just not fond of them at all.
  • Spicy food
  • Cold weather, as pretty as she think it is, she's not fond of the cold.
  • The Conjurer's Guild


  • * Indulging is her three main luxuries, smoke/hookah, sweet wine and good food.
  • Occult, and anything dealing with Magicks.
  • Sex. She is very much sexually open, unless she finds a person that's the apple of her eye.
  • Reading tomes and romance novels.


Considering her background, she's still fairly open minded of most, however she's very self conscious of her curves, or lack of there off rather unlike the other races. She often gets huffy if she's standing next to a shapely woman of any race, especially if they flaunt it openly, and often will try to one up their display no matter how futile it may seem. It's a rather comical sight.


Glass-sword.png Abilities



Because Nini has dealt with the Occult and studied anything involving magicks while growing up, she's very profound when wielding her dark arts. And due to the type of blood that runs through her veins and the origins of her birth, she's exceptional in summoning beings from the Void. She can also see trickles of aether here and there that people may leave because for some reason or another, and it highly sensitive to it as well. Typically in heavily densed areas, she will not be herself, often seeing hallucinations of what once was, and even speaking to any memories long embedded into the land. She's also a jack of all trades, often switching professions each year to find her calling in the Disciples of Hand.



Despite being so profound in magicks, it's also a hindrance for a number of reasons. She's highly volatile. Her aether quite literally responds to her state of mind, so piss her off enough, and you got an aether seeping Lalafell hell bent on some destruction. This also applies if you take her to a heavily aether densed area; she will sometimes fall under possession of any visages still left behind, and is left vulnerable in such a state of mind. She's a short fuse as well and can act too reckless for her own good. Also, due to the magicks she deals with, more so if using higher tier spells, if she's in combat for a prolonged period of time due to her stature, she will be weakened, and risk immolation.


She's not physically combat gifted, and prefers to fight from afar, keeping a distance. She's learned how to defend herself with daggers and her claws, but give her a sword and shield and she'll she stumbling all over the place. HOwever give her a wide area, and enemies to scorch and she'll be having a field day.

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
Ririlayu Cocolayu ( ) - Father
Relationship : Truthfully, her father didn't spent much time with her, but when he did, he seemed kind if not dotting. So she thought better of him than her own mother as she grew up.
Fufuka Fufu ( ) - Mother
Relationship : Her relationship with her mother was always strenuous, to the point where she'd grown spiteful of her for the things she's done to her and subjected her to, more so after the Calamity.

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)
No one yet ( ) - No title
Relationship : To be updated.



Common Rumors

  • "Onini Nini? Honestly dont' know much on her, she just started making herself known several months back. She gives me the creeps." -Thaumaturge in the Ossuary
  • "She seems a quirky sort, typically orders sweet wine and just stares at people passing by or listens in to their conversations." -Momodi

Rare Rumors

  • To be filled.

PC Rumors

  • "Pretty sure she wants to either fuck me, or murder me, or fucking murder me." - Veruca Hawkes


Glass-hourglass.png History
Onini comes from an extinguished line of nobility, who's name has been practically erased from records after the Calamity. There was rumors that it was due to the questionable and mysterious deaths that occured just before the wake of the Calamity. Her mother was a Plainsfolk courtesan that fancied the Ser Cocolayu, but when it was discovered she was heavy with child, instead of casting her away, she was instead taken in and the child was raised in what her mother would call "a prison masked as luxury". While in her solitude, her mother would often speak of the house of Courtesans she used to work for, as well as the fields and huts she so despised from her homeland. She'd even sneak the child out against her lover's wishes just to spite him. Despite such, Nini and her mother did share some interests, the primary being that of the Occult and Dark arts long forgotten. It was really the only thing she had in common with her mother, so much so that Nini became a willing guinea pig simply to appease her mother and her own curiousity, as well as to please her. As any child would, at least she thought. Then, it happened. While growing up, she saw the budding interest form between Cocolayu's Magick Advisor, a Duskwight Elezen going by the alias Hellsworn, and her mother which seemed to come to fruition when she was thirteen. Desperate to be with her mother, the child was gladly swept away, her father's precious obsession for reasons she was uncertain of.

The relationship with her mother was never the best, but it became more strained as she began to dabble in... blood sacrifices, and indulge in perverse rituals, and gatherings. Nini was subjected to these things as well, else she'd be locked away in the dark. This is where her fear of dark places surfaced, often hearing the screams echoing and throes of pleasure and laughter ringing outside her prison. Eventually, Nini... adapted, closing away her emotions in order to get by the next day. There were little things she took comfort from anymore in this period in her life, lasting that of a several years, and knowing nothing else even after as she came of age. Then whispers of a crimson moon began to whisper among that would take part Hellsworn's rituals and 'festivities'. Dalamud. Hellsworn promptly seeking more than he could chew would join the Lambs of Dalamud and formed a sect, her mother and herself tailing behind, not that she had much of a choice at this point. She knew nothing else, and her curiousity was always her weakness despite her disposition. The rituals grew more fierce, going as far and luring adventurers into thinking they were saving kidnapped loved ones. Nini remembered those days vividly, for she was often used as bait, making visible signs of abuse, bruises and markings, scars. She remembered almost feeling a touch of pity when their jugulars were sliced open, or their bodies torn by some who had turned to Voidsent. Every so often, she would look up, seeing the crimson moon grow larger, feeling such a wave of awe watching over her, thinking she could feel the power simply pouring from it. Her deity, her anchor.

Some time passed, and there was talk of a battle taking place in Cartenueu, plans to be made... a mass suicide for the end that was to come. She remembered her mother, a crazed look in her eyes as she brushed Nini's hair, almost preening her for the occasion. So devote to this; the Lalafell had lost hope for her long ago, and yet she dutifully followed after her despite the things she's done over the many years, knowing that her mother reached her limit, and her shine dimmed. Lackluster. Truthfully, she doesn't remember where they were taken to. Her memory then are hazy, and only remember a sudden pain searing her side, twisting. Screams were heard all around, and the scent of blood thick, nauseating her as she laid there. A dagger was plunged into her in retaliation when she would not take her own life. She was surrounded by rocky walls, a wide opening above her, the crimson rays of Dalamud bathing her. Her mother would return to her side to finish herself off, plunging the dagger into her own body as she gazed up at the crimson moon, cackling until her last breath was drawn, tears in her eyes. The last of them was Hellsworn, standing over her bleeding body, his pained gaze over that of his lover laying next to her child before turning towards Nini noting she still lived. Fear suddenly assailed her, and when he tried to finish her off, her Aether surged and erupted from her body in desperation, to live. What spurred her on that night was raw instict, tearing him asunder, blood splattered at her feet and on her; filth, she thought. She let out a blood curling shriek, feeling as if madness was taking her, fire filing her veins. After some time passed, she gazed up towards her deity, tears spilling from her eyes. She wanted to witness that moon she so adored watching each night as it descended. She trudged along from the massacre, soon hearing faint sounds of.. battle...? Metal clashing. Still her eyes remained glued upon the moon, anxious when she had gone through the tunnel leading out from the cavern where she left behind the slaughter, climbing up to a rocky hill, from afar watching the carnage of the Grand Companies and the Garleans faced off. A sudden thundering erupted, and a pillar tore through the air and crashed in the middle of the field. The blast from the impact nearly threw her off, her body weakened, and yet still she watched on, a smile slowly breaking through her stoic features for the first time in a long time. Another thunder, and Dalamud blew apart, sending debris flying all around. Much else past that was a blur, she bore a hazy witness the Elder Primal's wrath, confusion filling her mind in seeing the very thing she worship turn to something so raw, only for the foundation of the very hill she stood on began to crumble. Darkness, blackness taking her when she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head. Since then, she woke up in the carriage of some Elezen merchant and his eldest son, her wounds swiftly bandaged and body blanketed in soft furs to keep her warm. Since then, Nini struggled at first trying to make a living, until she became an adventurer and began studying and try to acquire tombs of arcane knowledge. Now, several years after the Calamity the Lalafell joins the Order of Sword and Rose, and who knows what awaits her, surrounded by friendly folks, it is a complete contrast of her past. Will it change her? Or is she doomed to walk the path of self destruction? DUN DUN DUN. TOON IN NEXT TIME.

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Hard Limits

Hard Limits
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Hooks & RP Favorites
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