Vahlkrys Brandeaux

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Ishgard.jpg Vahlkrys Brandeaux
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 25
Nameday 7th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon (7th of September)
Occupation Vagabond
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Relationship? Taken

Appearance & Personality

He's tall for a Seeker, standing approximately 5'8 in height with a fairly athletic build. There are signs he might have once been tan but that has faded with a long stay in Ishgard resulting in him losing most of it. His hair is a dark blue purple, almost to the shade of black, with streaks of teal along the bangs and shadowing underneath. This blends well with his left eye which is of a similar teal color. His right eye however has lost all pigment in the iris, resulting in a white iris. Other markings of note would be the two slashes of teal upon each cheek and some shadowing around the eyes.

As far as personality goes, he tries to be a smart aleck, care free person however this changes in an instant when someone he cares about is in trouble. This doesn't come from a tragic past, but a strong sense of family and caring that was instilled in him by his adopted father Artois Brandeaux. His evolution since leaving Ishgard has proceeded however, and parts of his past and trauma suffered at the hands of racist highbornes have come to play, primarily in his split personality Brand. Vahl himself has lost much of his mart aleck nature, taking most things seriously, and with a degree of curiosity.


Every non-poisonous berry in existence
Magitek & Machinery
Smiling kids


Meat (Unless in a salad)
Coeurl/Cat toys
Really any references to him being a cat or a feline
Mistreatment of orphans


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Smiling Kids, Napping
Favorite Color(s): Green & Teal
Mood Music: Pending

Skill Set


Ledger Balancing
Household Maintenance


Airship Piloting
Aether Current Navigation
Knife Fighting





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◢ Common
(Ul'dah) - Oh him, yea I see him napping out by the Coffin & Coffer, apparently he helps clear out the area a lot too
(Ishgard) - A seeker Machinist? Oh I know who you are talking about, I think he ran out of the Skysteel with his tail on fire once
(Ishgard) - I've heard of him, he's the one that keeps trying to shirk responsibility? worthless lazy lowborn cat
(Skysteel) - If he bothered to come down from the rafters and focus on work, he's got a chance to be one of the best shots here, it's got to be a cat thing to be lazy when it's warm.
◢ Uncommon
(General) - I just saw the weirdest thing, I didn't know there were Vegetarian Seekers
(Ishgard) - Are you talking about the guy with the teal streaks? He covered my tab before when I was broke, never even asked me to repay him.
(Skysteel) - We don't have a crazier, or lazier Airship pilot, too bad he was grounded again for drinking and flying.
◢ Rare
(General) - I could have sworn that he was playing with some of the orphans, but I could be wrong, there are a lot of Seekers about lately
(Camp Drybones) - I once could have sworn he was placing flowers on those graves no one visits, but I could be wrong I mean it was dark out.
(Ishgard) - Didn't he used to be following around the Majordomo of House Fortemps a lot a few years ago, I wonder if he got kicked out and that's why he joined the Machinists
(Skysteel) - I have never seen someone become such a fan of another Machinist, you'd think Aiswynd saved his life or something
◢ Player Character
"I never thought of throwing the turret capsule at someone before he did that running away from some angry Adventurers in the Knight." - Alciel Indranil


Romantic Love     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Alciel Indranil - A Xaela that has helped out Vahlkrys out of a tight spot a few times.
Ucugen Hotgo - A Xaela that Vahl has become thoroughly enamored with, going so far as learning about her tribes customs and participating in some of them to help her retain a sense of her self and her people that were lost.
Nihka Mioni - A Keeper and good friend of Vahl who helps him out a lot with the raising of his adopted daughter Sophia.
Fandris Elestrian - A Keeper that Vahl met and they two quickly became good friends due to many similarities when it comes to children and berries.
Batu Qalli - A Xaela that is helping Vahlkryss and his other self, Brand, to reconcile, with the possible hope of the two merging back into a single personality someday.

Story Arcs

Arc 0 - Background Summary

He was born to a pair of Seekers that had moved to the Coerthas highlands in the hopes of bountiful food, however this was not to be as they both had fallen badly ill after Vahlkrys was born. They were near death when an Duskwight hunter named Artois Brandeaux had come across them. They only asked one thing, save their son and Artois agreed to care for the miqo'te boy, the two parents expired soon after. The first act the Miqo'te child took was to grab both of Artois ears and yank, hard, while the Elezen was cursing the seeker boy began laughing and Artois was forever endeared to his adopted son.

Growing up Vahlkrys was a bit spoiled by his adoptive father, though he never felt alone, or the loss of the parents he really never knew. His was a fairly content life, although he did frequently wander off and felt keenly uncomfortable with being in positions of authority. He had for a time been an apprentice steward for House Fortemps, even apprenticing under the Majordomo until he decided stewardship was not for him and joined the Skysteel Manufactory.

Vahlkrys and Alciel met through the Skysteel Manufactory, they didn't talk much until Alciel, then Aiswynd, assisted with an Airship load. They loaded the Airship and all went well until Vahlkrys decided it was a good idea to dig into a flask of rum he carried with him. When he woke up, Aiswynd had managed to land the Airship without destroying it, the cargo, or them, although it was apparent that they had a rough landing all the same. Vahlkrys looked up to Aiswynd, and was one of the first to take a black chocobo to fly with the other Machinists when they heard that Aiswynd had gone off with a small group to take on some Garleans in the Sea of Clouds.

After Wandering Horizons disbanded, he felt the sting directly as he had failed really his only friend. He couldn't replace what was lost, and the only thing he could think of was that his own attitude and laziness were what caused it to fail. He knew everyone he'd met in the free company didn't care for it. The only idea that came to him was that the best he could do is change himself, and maybe when Alciel was back, he would be able to make it up to him. This lead him to the Gladiators guild within Ul'dah, figuring they could beat him into a more responsible shape.

Arc 1

Side Stories