Nihka Mioni

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 Nihka Mioni
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Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan . . .
Citizenship Twelveswood (Black Shroud)
Age 20
Hair/fur White, Pink highlights
Eyes pale blue, pale green
Birthplace Twelveswood
Registered Professions Alchemist.
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General Bio

Very much a work in progress.



Kind and gentle. She believes in the sanctity of life, to the point that she is a pacifist. She will refrain from harming others, with few exceptions. Those exceptions include self defense, and the defense of her family, especially her young daughter. She is a talented healer, using curious alchemic mixtures, and will not refuse to help someone who is injured, even if that person is her enemy.


Areas of Focus:
  • Anatomy
  • Magical Theory
  • Alchemy
  • Dancing
  • Storytelling

Nihka has trained for years in healing. She is, essentially, the perfect nurse. She has extensive knowledge of magic and how to design spells, but her ability to use magic is limited by a hereditary trait that prevents her from channeling all of the aether that is available to her. The only exception to this is when she is caught in the grips of intense emotion or actively exerting herself physically.

She is a genius, and can pick up new skills alarmingly fast. However, her priority is to take care of the people she loves, and so her studies tend to languish. For this reason, she is a jack of all (many) trades and a master of none.

  • Magitek design and construction
  • Pugilism
Areas of weakness:
  • Low physical strength
  • Difficulty channeling aether
Combat training:
  • Pugilism (unarmed self defense)
  • Knives (single dagger, self defense)
  • Running away

Nihka received rudimentary training in knife work from Kiht Jakkya. Recently, she officially registered with the Pugilist guild, in Ul'dah. Her hope was to find a way to safely disable opponents without causing lasting harm. The unfortunate truth is, because of her reluctance to hurt the other students, her learning has hit a plateau that results mostly in her being covered in bruises after every lesson.



  • Meat.
  • Traditions, rituals and dancing.
  • Plant life. She likes flowers and trees.
  • Rain.
  • Darkness.
  • Exploring.
  • The Twelve Gods and Goddesses.
  • Telling stories.
  • Helping friends and family.


  • Sunlight and heat.
  • Ixal.
  • Foul smells. She has a super sensitive nose.
  • Dishonesty


  • Music, and dancing to it.




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Noteworthy Contacts

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Family or Clan

Enju Abbagliato -

    Verad Bellveil -

Khloe Lyehga -

R'shesha Otharn -

Sanja Polaali -

    Ninifae Nira -

Miah Polaali -

Zanzan Yanzan -



Rumors are the only information that anyone can know ICly before meeting Kiht Jakkya in the game.

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  • "Anyone who has met Nihka, my love, who has spent time with her, will find their world changed just a little. And the more you know her, the deeper the effect... until you come to believe that even a damned soul could be saved. Even a soul like mine..." - Anstarra Silverain
  • "She's is strange. A Outsider, but allowed by the Nunh to step within our Sept. She holds the Forerunner's heart. There must be a secret to it all! NYAH!" - X'cinna Ares

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