Vance Garan

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Vance Garan
My name's Vance, what's yours?!
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa lominsa
Age 24
Occupation Airship Mechanic of the Brass Maiden
Sexuality Heterosexual
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Vance is your typical Hyur. If not running provisions with the crew of the "Brass Maiden" as their engineer, he finds himself relaxing. After having foolishly participating in the Golden Fist tournament for all the wrong reasons, Vance now competes regularly. However, Vance has the unnatural ability to find himself in the most ridiculous situations at times, let his friends tell you!


Sanding at an average 5 fulm 10 ilms, Vance is quite average. The only outstanding physical feature that stands out are his eyes. Having been born with different colored eyes, his mother use to tell him it was a blessing by the Gods. However, being constantly teased and bullied for his oddity, Vance has a tendency to get self conscious when its ever brought up. A soft chime can be heard as he approaches when wearing his dark bandana, the beads and teeth stringed across one side jingling as he walks. Often the man can be seen garbed in loose, sleeveless tunics that is comfortable and practical for his work. A few grease and oil stains can be seen smeared against his breeches in times he couldn't find a rag to wipe his hands. The hammer that Vance carries at his hip has seemed to gain notice as that was the weapon of choice Vance used in his first ever Golden Fist and Grindstone Competition.


Vance is quick to befriend and quicker to defend his friends. His personality is laid back and carefree. He enjoys meeting new people and making them laugh. However, should an insult or rude comment be thrown to him or a friend, its hard for him to forget about it. Although carefree, his attitude sometimes borders naive arrogance, thus, usually getting him in deep trouble. He'd go out of his way to help another and cheer up anyone, even at his own expense. The best time to see Vance at his happiest is around machines. Just a few bare parts that he's never encountered can entertain him for hours. His passion is obvious through his work and admiration for all creations. In view of other races, Vance's opinion is quite clear: We're all living beings and its our duty to treat each other as equals.



  • FOOD! Especially sweets and apple juice.
  • Meeting new people!
  • Airships!


  • Bullies.
  • Nasty tasting potions.
  • Disappointing others.


  • He enjoys tinkering and building things from bare scrap parts.
  • Spending time with his friends and helping them anyway he can!
  • Competing in tournaments even though he's /terrible/ at it.


  • Often can be seen laying about upside down on a bench.
  • Enjoys acting out scenes of heroism when no one is watching.
  • Loves to use the term, "Marmot shit!"
  • Has extraordinary luck, seriously, he does.



Father: Passed away three years ago just after he joined the Brass Maiden crew.

Mother: Currently living where Vance grew up on the outskirts of Limsa lominsa.


  • Averill Rooks: The first person Vance became friends with outside the Brass Maiden. Although he seems to take advantage of Vance's naive demeanor, he quickly tries to keep Vance from -too- much trouble. Vance teases him about being a father figure with how often Averill calls him, "Kid."
  • Altonio Salaphonte: Although he is a fellow student under Zeean, Vance finds him to be a nice and fun fella to be around. He'd never admit it, but Vance worries Alt will surpass him and become the champion far before Vance does.
  • Nataru Rahz: Vance holds a deep respect for this woman from the stories he has heard of her. As champion of the Golden Fist tournament, Vance respects and admires her immensely. He's honored to have her help him along with his training with Zeean. Although he tries to seem serious, whenever she compliments him, a part of him inside does triple back flips.
  • Yuki Kurenai: A kind and dear friend to Vance. Yuki was the original reason he competed in his first tournament. The more he learns of Yuki the more he realizes just how special she is. Vance harbors deep care for her and even though this can translate to several awkward moments between them, he cherishes their friendship.
  • Zeean: Vance's official trainer and for the tournaments he competes in. Vance has an odd feeling that the old gladiator of the Bloodsands stalks him, always testing him. However, the man seems to be genuine in thinking Vance has what it takes to be a great fighter...Even though he claims its buried, deep, deep, deep down.


Vance is unaware of any enemies he has!


Common Rumors

  • "He's always getting into trouble! I swear!" - A Brass Maiden crew mate.
  • "Hahaha! You see him get kicked between the legs!? Priceless!" - A Quicksand Patron.
  • "He always carries that stupid hammer around, he a blacksmith?" – A gossiping passersby.

Moderate Rumors

  • "Does he ever rest?" – Onlooker in the Gladiator's Guild.
  • "You'd think with the ability to construct things like that he'd be a bit smarter." - Ul'Dahan Merchant.
  • "He keeps staring at that poor girl. You'd think he'd never seen a female before." - A nosy Quicksand Patron.

Rare Rumors

  • "With that much luck, you'd think he was protected by the Gods themselves. –Captain Grox of the Brass Maiden
  • "Saw him running off with that Barmaid Yuki in the middle of the night. Wonder where they were going? –A traveling merchant in Central Thanalan.
  • "I couldn't stop watching. He's nuts, acting out stuff as if he was talking to real people. I'm telling you, something isn't right with him." –Random Ul'Dahan citizen.

PC Rumors

  • "He's a pretty nice guy. First time I met him, he tugged me down to the potted plan because of a 'witch'. But I just saw a Miqo'te." - Yuki Kurenai
  • "...I don't trust him. Not in the slightest. He's hiding something..." Azeiox Nelles