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Ul'dah-transparent.png Altonio Salaphonte
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"Those who share a life of adventure with others, has found the greatest treasure of them all... Or something of that sort!"
The Level-headed Youth
Gender Male
Race Hyur Midlander/Highlander
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age In his 20s
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation The Immortal Flames (formerly Order of the Twin Adder), Fireborn
Nameday 3rd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon, 1557
Guardian Oschon, the wanderer
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Altonio is a Hyur of average height, and has a slim, yet well-toned tan build from years of training. He has a head of black hair which he does his best to maintain, though it is prone to becoming messy and unkempt at times. When adventuring or training, Altonio prefers to wear a mixture of cloth and leatherworks, with very few exceptions to anything else, as he feels that any job is best done when being able to move along with your clothing freely.


Being raised by his grandfather and growing up around Ala Mhigan refugees, both of his age and older, has made Altonio the young Hyur that he is today. Friendly, helpful, and quick with a joke, he tends to get along with anyone easily, even going as far as looking at both sides of the coin during a conflict between two others. Due to the teachings and life values he learned growing up, he is highly optimistic, rarely gets upset, and is only serious when the situation calls for it. As he is still learning about the world, there are certain subject matters that he is daft to, and at times, can become inquisitive.

Like his parents, he has a high tendency for adventure and often wanders away for long periods of time.


Altonio was taught the basics of Pugilism at a young age by his grandfather and as such, prefers to fight making use of his body. He is a quick learner, and can adapt swiftly to any situation, being able to vary between landing the first blow, to holding off and reading his opponent. Because of the many encounters during his travels, his range of techniques continue to grow.



  • Self-Improvement
  • His friends and family
  • His Grandfather’s Teachings
  • Cider


  • Those who bully or take advantage of others
  • Fighting for the sake of fighting
  • Whiskey


  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Exploring
  • Training
  • Meditation
  • Carpentry


  • Often refers to those he meets as "Mate", and uses nicknames for those he is close to.
  • Can sometimes be found meditating or fishing under the many waterfalls and rivers of Eorzea. He can also be found training in secluded areas and in even rarer cases, be found around the Golden Saucer.
  • Participates in The Grindstone and various tournaments often as a test of skill.
  • Often has his name shortened to Alt. Has so far, been referred to as Al, Alty, Alto, Sally, Brotonio and Tonio.



  • Grifford Salaphonte - Altonio's grandfather who raised him from a young boy all the way to early adulthood. A strong and wise individual with a soft heart. Currently resides in Little Ala Mhigo, but is known to make multiple visits to "The Eyrie" often.
  • Aldus Salaphonte - Altonio's Father and Grifford's son. Sometimes stubborn and rough around the edges, but a loving father and husband. He currently resides in Ala Mhigo to help rebuild the nation to its former glory.
  • Viviana Northbrook-Salaphonte - Altonio's mother. Can be strict at times, but loves her family all the same. She currently serves as a medic for the Ala Mhigan Resistance.


  • Garen Stone - Commander of Fireborn. A towering Highlander that saved Altonio's life, and took him in during his travels, giving him a second home to stay. Sees him as a older brother figure and commonly refers to him as "Boss".
  • Liliana Stone - Second in command of Fireborn and Garen's Wife. A Midlander who looks after the well being of her friends and family and often worries about his whereabouts. Sees her as a older sister and commonly refers to her as "Bossette" or "Boss Lady"
  • Z'attana Mitnu - One of Altonio's best friends that he met within Fireborn who often accompanied him on his adventures. Current location is unknown. Is often referred to as "Atty"
  • Suzume Ishiku - A Xaela who was looked after by Grifford and brought to Fireborn's home. While she can hold her own, Altonio looks over her like a brother would to a sibling. Is often referred to as "Suzi"
  • Enla Kertuh - A good friend of Altonio that he once joked with regularly.
  • Vance Garan - Once Altonio’s sparring partner, whom he treats with upmost respect after seeing his performance during the Golden Fist tournament. Has not seen him around in a while however.
  • Flynt Reddard - Tournament Organizer and Prize fighter. While not quite understanding his theory of style over substance, he still sees Flynt as someone he can learn from and joke with on occasion. Refers to him as "Red"
  • Zeean Wraithor - Once mentored Altonio after an agreement made with Vance.
  • Nataru Rahz - Well known Treasure hunter and champion of the Golden Fist tournament. Once helped Altonio to train in order to compete in The Grindstone. Refers to her often as "Teach"
  • Amalia Loveless - A friend Altonio made during the Grindstone. Seems to be linked to Ala Mhigan heritage and happens to know of his grandfather a great deal.
  • Rawkin Forgeheart - Another towering highlander that Altonio made friends with during the Grindstone. Refers to him often as "Rawk"
  • Caen Macleod - A mentor and practitioner of the Fist of Rhalgr who teaches at the Ul'dah Garden. Began training Altonio recently in self-defense and meditation.
  • Nicholas Holt - A good friend to Altonio. Refers to him as "Nick"
  • Y'uraq Tia - A former colleague, and good friend of Altonio who spared and trained with him often. After a long absence, the two reunited at the Grindstone and continue to be close friends as if nothing happened. Often refers to him as "Raq"
  • Aaron Frostheart - A rival and friend of Altonio made at The Grindstone. Is often impressed by his speed and prowess in battle, and often refers to him as "Ron"


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Common Rumors

  • "Aye a kind spirit that one. Saw him helping out around the Quicksands once, and regardless of what took place, he always wore a smile on his face. Come to think of it, he reminds me of a tall gent who used to work there moons ago..."
  • "I've heard about him a couple of times myself at that one tournament out in Central Thanalan. A fierce opponent to be up against, but always shows respect and kindness to his opponents, win or lose. I don't seem him around as often, but whenever he is, his bouts are always bound to be interesting"

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

PC Rumors

  • "Sometimes, I wonder if Altonio is a ghost--I hardly ever see him around these days. And, when I do, it's with Atty--wait. You don't think...he's a voidsent summoned by her? ...Nah, Atty's crazy, but she's not stupid...and Alt doesn't seem the demon type. Until you see him in battle, that's like he's a different person, when he's not trying to kick through walls...." -- Liliana Stone
  • " Altonio was my first ever student. A quick learner with a heart that will never quit...He's surpassed me in every way imaginable. I couldn't be more proud of the fighter and man he has become." -- Nataru Rahz


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Early Life (1557)

Altonio was born in Limsa Lominsa to Aldus Salaphonte, a Highlander blacksmith, and Viviana Northbrook a Midlander Culinarian. Altonio spent his early infancy with either of his parents be they at work, home, or with his grandparents from his mother’s side, both of who eventually home schooled him briefly, until their eventual departure from Eorzea on a pilgrimage to gain greater knowledge of the Arcanist discipline. Being that his parents were adventurers before settling down, the two were approached by the messenger of a friend, who was highly involved in the happenings of Eorzea, and were asked to help with a serious endeavor. Reluctant at first, due to wanting to spend more time as a family, the two eventually gave in when the eventual prospect of the situation was described to them as "being so dire that it could mean the end of Eorzea as a whole". Not wanting their son to be in any danger, or neglected, and with most of their close friends traveling outside of Eorzea, they decided the best course of action was to leave him with a close relative, and as such, was brought to his grandfather, Grifford Salaphonte in Little Ala Mhigo.

Growing up in Little Ala Mhigo (1562)

The adjustment was rocky at first, due to most of the Ala Mhigans wanting very little to do with anyone from the outside, regardless of their ties. With his grandfather’s help, Altonio eventually began to grow accustomed to the living conditions, with most of the refugees warming up to him enough to teach him various things, from their heritage to basic survival skills. In return, Altonio helped them out in any possible way he can, assisting with various chores and tasks. His parents, would eventually come back for visits when they can, showering him with gifts and affection when they did. When they couldn’t visit, they sent him letters as a way of keeping in touch and to tell him stories of their adventures. For the young Hyur, there was never a dull moment.

The Seventh Umbral Era (1572)

Word of the VIIth Legion marching into Eorzea was heard across the land. Both parents were eventually approached, and admitted into a Grand Company in order to help support the alliance with their battle against the Garlean Imperial Army, all while the lesser moon, Dalamund, begun to descend from the skies. A curious Altonio wondered outside to star gaze one night, only to find the skies to be cloudy and filled with fire. He stared in bewilderment, until he was Eventually brought into the caverns by one of the elders, being told to sit and wait with the others. With nothing else to do, Altonio eventually drifted off to sleep, hoping that whatever was happening, will end, and that his parents were alright. The next following days saw the refugees gathering on multiple occasions to discuss what happened that very night. When the visits, letters, gifts, and goods sent by his parents eventually stopped coming in, Altonio begins to question what happened, and eventually, comes to learn about what took place. Widely considered to be “An omen” by the refugees, this very event cost the lives of many, and the displacement of select individuals involved in the battle. As it wasn't made clear which group his parents may belong to, Altonio begins to worry, wondering if he’ll ever see them again.

With the intention of wanting to see the world much like his parents did, Altonio asked his grandfather to teach him more about how to survive and defend himself against the many trials that comes with adventure. Grifford somehow knew this day would come, realizing that he may not be there to protect his grandson forever. As such, he began teaching his grandson all that he can.

Five years later (1577)

Altonio is considered by his Grandfather to be old enough to leave Little Ala Mhigo whenever he pleases, in order to experience more of the outside world with his own senses, all while maintaining the lessons and values taught to him. While he prepares for his journey, he also tells him not to worry about his parents, as they would want to see their boy happy and healthy. With warm smiles and hugs, Altonio leaves for the capitol by carriage. The journey into Ul'dah has led him to learn many things, often helping out others both within and outside the walls of the capitol. His adventures eventually lead him to Gridania where he served The Order of the Twin Adder for a great while until the end of Operation: Archon, where he assisted on the sidelines of the battle.

A Friend in need

After assisting with one final request, Altonio took his leave from the Adder to Journey across the Coerthas Central Highlands in search of the next adventure, but not before reminding his superiors to call for him if he is needed. The trip seemed to be going well until an unfortunate misstep into giant territory created a conflict that might have cost him his life. It was here that he was rescued by his savior, and future employer Garen Stone, who had taken in the battered Hyur to have his wounds and bruises treated.

Recent Events

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