Varthamith Von Netowa

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 Varthamith Von Netowa
Archlich of Eorzea
"You stand before the Archlich of Eorzea, The master of Necromancy, commander of the dead, your judge, jury and executioner...Varthamith Von Netowa!"
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): None
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: none
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Reputation: Knowledgeable
Occupation: Necromancer
Education: none
Marital Status: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Guardian: Unknown
Free Company
Items Carried
Race: Elezen
Clan: none
Age: Eras...
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Complexion: Unknown
Physical Build: Skinny
Notable Features: Unknown
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Basic Info

Varthamith is a Necromancer capable of terrible magic and spells.
Varthamith 2.png

“I fear no man…but that ‘Thing’ scares me. The man who started this mess. The man who broke my mother mentally and abandoned us. The man who sought power. The man who even mentioning his name sends a chill down my spine. I cannot grasp the full extent of his strength or power. Even when tossed into another realm, I knew that eventually he will return. For he grows in power by the minute. Even now i see him when I meditate. Koma, Wataru, Hachi, Vice, even previous Voidsent I’ve seen failed to scare me…Scare me enough to wish for death. I am the daughter of both a Witch and a Lich. While one seeks to give comfort for the fallen, the other defiles their corpse for their own gain. Where one would preserve life, the other will destroy it. Wind spreads Pestilence, Water becomes Famine, Fire fuels War and Earth rots into Death. He has transcended beyond anyone’s imagination…He is Varthamith Von Netowa. The Lichlord of Eorzea. The master of Necromancy. Commander of Undeath. My…Father.” - Alyx Quintessence





Those who defy him
The Living
Xyla Quintessence


Power Seeking

Appearance & Personality

Due to his power, Varthamith has been known to take on his old youthful appearance when he has to blend in with illusion magics. A tall Elezen male with purple hair and eyes with tanned skin. Otherwise his Lich form lacks such facial features in favor of eternal life.

Varthamith is spoken of as a calm and collective type who seems not afraid of death due to his abilities. When even pushed against the corner he acts like he is in a panic to throw his opponents off guard. No one to this day has yet to know what he will be like.


His past is a mystery...All that is know is he was once a traveling Necromancer who sought out more power and a fabled stone called the 'Philosopher's Stone'. A gem made in a secret way that held unlimited aether to use and abuse at his command. Sadly his life ended by the Shroud guard with plenty of arrows in the back only to be revived through a ritual by Xyla due to her current infatuation with the man. Once he was turned into the lich, he wiped Xyla's memory to the best of his ability and fled.

In time he would be fought not once but twice. The first time on top of the Quintessence Tower where partway through the insane Xyla Prime would shatter his Phylactery and hopefully send him back to the planet...however this is where he ended up in the basement with the Incubo project. A literal well of souls at his command. He too would find his end at the transfer of his Phylactery from the well to a new crystal before being flung into another realm...

In time...he will find his way back to Eorzea.

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Varthamith in combat is a formidable spellcaster in his own right, manipulating the Umbral arts and even undeath to ensure his enemy is dead. When in close combat he can form blades of bone to deflect and fend off if needed. Years of fighting and combat has made Varthamith far stronger than most might hope. Perhaps only the Warrior of Light could truly kill him?


Regeneration: As a Lich, Varthamith is capable of regenerating himself by retreating to his phylactery. A special item of his choice that is impossible to break by normal means or strong spells but a more elaborate method. While inside, he is immune to all forms of damage and attacks. Only when he is fully recharged does he emerge.

Umbral Magic: Lightning, Frost and Fire are at his command. The high level spellcasting of the past grants him access to magic spells unheard of before.

Necromancy: From plaguing his opponents to raising an army of skeletons to do his bidding, Varthamith has mastered the art of Necromancy and then some. Proving to be quite a formidable foe.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

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- "..." -Alyx Quintessence


Family     Romantic Interest     Neutral Standing     Good Standing     Poor Standing
Alyx Quintessence - The daughter he killed yet lived through a core he now seeks. He will stop at nothing till he obtains the secret of Alyx.
Xyla Quintessence - His 'wife' that he used for his own means and obtain her Philosopher's Stone. Sadly he failed.


All credit goes to Bancroft Gairn for the templete!