Vynka Lanore

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Vynka Lanore
"Joy is not a sin. Suffer for humility, but pray remember to continue loving oneself."
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Frequents Gridania
Age 21
Height / Weight 5'0" fulms, 101 ponz
Occupation Florist / Delivery Girl / Conjurer
Server Balmung
Timezone AEDT, Evenings during PST
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Vynka Lanore (pronounced /Veen-kah-Lah-nor/) is a rather plain, shy Miqo'te that just wants to give you a flower to brighten your day. Nothing more, really.

Basic Info


Snow and the Cold
Her handy dandy racksack
Company of friendly faces


Physical contact with strangers
Troubling others
Overly aggressive people


Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Voice: Kana Hanazawa
Favorite Food: Bubble Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Buffalo Milk
Favorite Color: Purple
Theme Song: Letter to the Wind


She sees the realm through eyes of pale gold, often bright and passionate. Thick eyelashes protect her irises and match in shade to the high-arched eyebrows that easily furrow in worry or embarrassment. Her face is oval in shape, with a small button nose and pursed down-turned lips often glossed in soft lavender. Alongside with a light-grey complexion, small canines peek out from the corners of her smile which emphasize her heritage as a Keeper. Mixtures of silver and dusky blue, elaborately decorated with colorful strings, frame her youthful facial features before cascading down to her shoulders. Although she may seem well-kept, her hair receives little attention as a keen eye would be quick to spot stray hairs curling outwards.

Her movements are exaggerated and appear to be a sort of perpetual dance with her feet light on the ground. Nimble fingers are constantly toying with something, let it be her trusty rucksack, bits of clothing or small bells that jingle in her light grasp.

Vynka dresses herself in colorful, self-tailored attires which range from purple to very light shades of beige. Sewn to near-perfection, her common clothes gently hug her petite figure and reveal little. She always adorns thick necklaces or blouses with high collars that are able to wrap around her neck.

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Somewhat timid, easily embarrassed and a kind soul are what most would describe the tiny Miqo'te. She tries to avoid large crowds and any form of physical contact, constantly flinching whenever someone is within her personal bubble. The closer you are to her, the more she will shrink away. Unless she senses imminent danger, she would never push anyone off should they actually touch her. However forcing a handshake or an innocent hug from her could cause the initiator to feel much regret, worry or just general awkwardness. Although towards very close friends, she does not seem to mind the occasional touch nowadays but neither she does not pursue it.

Vynka is refined and delicate. She has excellent posture, does not speak a word of profanity, chews with her mouth closed and ensures her voice is far from imposing. Yet she has some habits that mimic that of a servant. Whenever spoken to, one would consider this individual to be immoderately polite. She refuses to address anyone without formality, unless ordered otherwise, adding the unnecessary 'Miss, 'Madame' or 'Sir' to even the undeserved. More often than not, she greets or bids someone farewell by bowing her upper body fully with her hands pressed firmly against her stomach. With the suggestion of a few friends, she is trying to break her habits.

Young at heart, she is always curious towards her surroundings and has a strong urge to learn. This desire causes her to listen more than speak, but is confident enough to offer her input in a lighter manner than most.



Born to a loving normal family of 4, Vynka was the youngest of the lot. Her older brother, Azureus, was a boisterous and brave young man that sought to follow their father's footsteps, Vhaso'sae, a commanding officer of the Maelstorm. Their mother, Alea, was a beautiful woman, with striking features that caused heads to turn. A talented pianist, well known throughout the lands of the middle and upper class and those who appreciated classical. Little Vynka certainly had a lot on her plate but she was determined to make her family proud. At the age of 8, she picked up a wand and studied conjury. Her teacher mentioned she had the power of Aether coursing through her body and her parents were ultimately overjoyed. Every evening, she would spend her time at the dinner table sharing her achievements as her family listened rather enthusiastically to the young Keeper. Smiles were certainly not a rare occurrence for the 'Nelhah's. With everything set in stone, Vynka was ready for the roads ahead. Love, honest work and just reward.

The Battle of Carteneau

The memories of her childhood all flashed by when she stared at the bodies littered across Carteneau Flats. Among them were her father, and her brother laying protectively over him. It was clear what Azureus had tried to do when Bahamut rained fire down onto Eorzea. Unfortunately his efforts were for naught. A large metal scrap had been lodged all the way through his lower back and stomach, and impaled the older Miqo'te into the ground by his leg. The 15 year old Conjurer ran towards them in tears, hoping against hope that they were still alive. It was a bittersweet moment when she heard the both of them groan, their throats were filled with soot, blood and ash as open wounds flooded the area with pools of red liquid. The weight of the Magitek scrap was crushing them. Matching pale moon eyes opened to find the precious child crying in dismay. Kneeling close to them, she did whatever she could to heal their injuries, yelling at them that everything would be alright. Tiny hands cut themselves upon the jagged metal sheet as she tried desperately to remove it. Time after time, her body gave way and she fell upon crimson blood puddles, her whitened robes were stained and tattered beyond recognition. She kept trying her very best, but not even the Twelve could offer her mercy as she screamed out Nymeia's name. No matter how much she budged, pushed and clawed at, the metal scrap stood proudly over its bloodied victims.

A warm, shaky hand placed itself upon her knee, catching tears which fell relentlessly from her cheeks. She turned to look, surprised with the tiniest glimpse of hope. The words that followed soon after killed her mentally and destroyed all faith that she had. ".. Take care of yourself, Vynkie." Her brother could only force a pained smile, unable to speak from a ruptured vocal chord. Before she could say anything in return, they took their last breath and her father's hand fell onto the ground with a quiet jingle.

Soft cries could be heard in the dark stillness.

After the Calamity and Life as a Slave

Vynka had little choice but to return to her mother with nothing but a set of small bells a keepsake. Their home in Limsa Lominsa was sprawled across the area among other buildings that once colored the beautiful harbor city a sea of white. Expecting a warm welcome and hug from the only family she had, she found herself staring at a complete stranger that once loved her. The raven haired woman screamed at her only daughter, overwhelmed with disgrace, contempt and hatred. "Worthless! Useless! You let them die! You killed them!" Never in Vynka's life would she have ever imagined her mother condemning her to the Seven Hells.

The two of them struggled to survive. What some amounts of food and water they had, Vynka gave most of their resources to her mother who accepted without any hesitation. As a result the young Miqo'te grew rather thin and sickly, finding nutrients from scraps on the ground as she searched for odd jobs within the ruins of her home. A moon past and the Eorzean economy could only turn for the worst. There was barely enough for the homeless, and those who were lucky enough to keep hold a part of their wealth shared little. The last resort? Her mother finally decided to discard Vynka into a slave house, for 20,000 coins in total. A petty amount but she was more of a nuisance than anything precious. The small Miqo'te did not fight back nor show any hostility or dissent. To the surprise of the slaver, the exchange between him and Alea was rather peaceful. Once she received payment for her daughter, she never looked back and went off to search for a new life.

"Yer not gonna say goodbye to yer mumma?"

"... No."

Although the conditions were rough, Vynka received sufficient sustenance, clothes and the company of younger orphans. For once, after the war and Bahamut's descendant, one could catch a smile or two on her lips from time to time. Given her fragile form, there was little she could do but act as an emissary. The slaver used her as a courier, requesting her to travel between Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa to collect items ranging from medicinal herbs to illicit goods. Mostly journeying with one or two other stronger bodies, she made a few companions of questionable ethics: thieves, gamblers and prostitutes. Despite her initial suspicion and cautious nature towards them, she managed to learn a trick or two about survival, and the creation and use of deadly toxins.

Sastasha Seagrot

Cycles past and Vynka had just grown comfortable with her new chores, unfortunately the near future could only worsen from here on. During one of her deliveries to the outskirts of Aleport, a Shallowtail pirate noticed Vynka's presence from a distance. He was anything but fascinated by her timid disposition as she sheepishly addressed her client, but something about her appearance peeked his interest. Or at least, he hoped that the Captain may find her pleasing enough to keep himself satisfied. "Little shit better be worth my time." He disguised himself as a normal collared worker, avoided much suspicion and followed her back to the slave house once her duties were done. There, he approached the slaver and requested Vynka personally. At first the slaver was skeptical about the man's demeanor, what with Vynka being one of the 'better' slaves he had. She worked hard and got along with nearly everyone under his care. However, times were rough and he was offered a payment he could not refuse, a hefty sum of 80,000 coins. A clear profit from which he paid his mother. The slaver eventually gave up Vynka's reins and handed her over to the man without knowing exactly what the man truly was. Every word the Shallowtail pirate spoke was a lie, purely to ensure Vynka would be taken good care of.

The white Miqo'te treaded lightly behind the man, completely oblivious to her future as she kept herself optimistic. Although that optimism slowly dissipated the farther she was taken away from the city of seas. Upon reaching the entrance of Sastasha, realization hit and her face was drained of all blood to her horror. By the gates was Captain Madison, a smirk on his lips and ale in his hand. "Oi, 'tis be the lass ye spoke her? Pretty eyes, gonna enjoy lookin' at 'em tonight." The much larger man addressed Vynka with a wink, dread and fear snaking through her veins. For once in her life, she wished she had died along side with her father and brother at Carteneau Flats.

Days spent in the dungeon killed her slowly, both mentally and physically. Treated as something 'valuable' by Madison, none of the men were allowed to speak nor approach her. There were nights when she slept alone, crying and hoping that she would pass away in the soiled walls of her prison room. The women became envious of Vynka due to the attention she had been receiving from the Captain, ostracizing and submitting her to derogatory treatment whenever she was within ear's reach. She had no one she could consider a friend, except for one. A Hyur whom too was captured just after the Calamity while she sought for shelter. Her name was Fiona.

Fiona pitied Vynka one evening and brought her a book to read to help her distract her situation, even if it were just for a few measly hours. The Miqo'te was entirely appreciative of Fiona's actions and the two would talk in quiet corners after dusk, about their past, their shattered dreams and the main character of the story book. A brave adventurer many called 'Lanore'. The tale started out with a diminutive girl whom everyone overlooked, but she lived on her imagination and never gave up. In a way Vynka related herself to the character and decided to drop her family name, seeing as how she had been casted away by her mother. Fiona was the only sole individual who kept a smile on Vynka's face, almost becoming an older sister to her as the two grew closer with each passing sun.

But alas, sometimes it is ever so difficult to hold onto the thinnest thread of hope.


Madison became more abusive towards Vynka, after noticing her small acts of resistance. She had grown bolder after acquainting herself with Fiona and listened to her advice on how to 'bore' the Captain in bed, but it was all for naught. Every night she crawled up in pain, and her sheets shed blotches of blood. No matter what attempts Fiona had tried to soothe the Miqo'te, Vynka was finding it difficult to hold on. She craved for death, she craved for her story to come to a pitiful end.

In the earliest light of dawn, Vynka retrieved a rope from the storehouse, left a short note under her friend's door and returned to her room. Tying a noose, she hung it around her neck as she stepped onto the edge of her bed. Memories washed over her, with her mother's face most prominent. A small tear trailed down her cheek when she stepped off the corner, and she felt death slowly consuming her as her neck strangled against the noose. Vynka tried not to struggle, but her body fought and struggled. A minute passed and her mind began to drift away. Suddenly, the door swung open and Fiona came running in with a blade knife. The Hyur quickly climbed onto the bed and sawed Vynka free, watching her body fall to the ground and sprawl across as she hacked for air.

A mixture of affliction and confusion could be seen on Vynka's face as she stared at Fiona. She could not speak, but in her expression, the message was clear. Why?

Fiona returned her gaze with disappointed. With her knife in hand, she brought it slowly to her face to admire the sharpened edge. Soon, her frowned lips curled into a wicked smile.

"I enjoy seeing you suffer."

Darkness fell upon Vynka's heart when she heard those words. All the anger, all the hatred and all the anguish pented which had collected over all those years overwhelmed the little Miqo'te as she assaulted Fiona, launching herself with whatever strength she had left. Vynka's conscience perished the moment she seized hold of the knife from the woman's hands. With each slash, blood sprayed over her. Gurgled screams filled her room, through the door and down the hallway. She pierced the blade over and over through Fiona's chest. Over and over til flesh had mutilated among tattered clothes.

Before long, maidens and pirates gathered outside Vynka's room in consternation. There, curled into a ball beside the bed, was Madison's girl covered in blood and the body of her 'friend'.

Aftermath of Murder

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Until now, Vynka's greatest fear is her return to Limsa Lominsa should fate make her suffer and remind her of her past. Her mother is surely still alive and well within those walls.


Some of these may or may not be true. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

NPC Rumors

  - Common Rumor, - Moderate Rumor, - Rare Rumor

"She gave me a flower while I was heading to the Roost, seems nice."
"The girl offered a flower, but she stood so far away from me while stretching out her hand.. Felt kinda uncomfortable. Was it my face?"
"Wot'cha want? She's a nobody. Just another bloody, filthy Miqo'te that sings sweet words 'en spits out poison."
"I know her father. Looked up to him actually. Poor sod was impaled during the Calamity together with his son. Puts a strange yet grotesque image into your mind."
"I swear I've seen her before, me eyes may not be as good as they used to be but she was dressed up as a wench."
"She doesn't like pirates. Mention them and she locks up like a wind-up toy."
"That scar of hers.."
"I don't like her. I don't like her at all. How can anyone be this nice? Going around giving flowers to random strangers. I wouldn't be surprised if she placed some sort of drug in the pollen. I'd avoid her if I were you."
"Lanore ain't her real family name. Now where's my gil?"

PC Rumors

"She's too sweet for a world as cruel as this one. I find myself wanting to protect her gentle heart." - Ginjiro Mori


Relationships are added/updated after a few encounters and developments with said characters. Otherwise the list would be long beyond belief.

  Romantic Interest     Platonic Love     Friend     Acquainted     Disliked     Deceased

Arc Skyphire : Vynka found the friendly giant's presence to be utmost welcoming. The two met while he had an odd parcel that had been incorrectly delivered to his company house, and sought to return it to the Botanist Guild. Since then, they randomly bumped into each other every now and time. and spent some quality time together. After finding her alone and depressed outside of Limsa Lominsa, she came to trust him and told him of her story, save a few gruesome details. Vynka had the honor of being invited to join his free company 'Loveless' and hopes to better herself as a person there. Given his recent death, the girl finds it difficult to speak of him without tearing.
Floria Raine : A sweet Miqo'te healer whom Vynka met during her working hours and sought to specially tend to any orders that would be made at the Botanist Guild. Floria was kind enough to cook a simple yet delicious lunch for her one day and Vynka felt extremely grateful for her consideration and thoughtfulness. She is curious about Floria's wanderlust, and enjoys listening to her adventurer stories.
Ginjiro Mori : A Doman she bumped into, literally. Being late for a delivery, Vynka found herself butt first on the floor as she tried to console the man who felt extremely apologetic towards her. The Miqo'te eventually made a friend who had a colorful and interesting character. He gave her a ewe and pink mammet plushie which she calls 'George' and 'Jiji' respectively, and they can be seen roosting upon her sunhat from time to time. She has not seen him since her return but hopes the best for him.
Gospel Gestalt : It has been nearly 8 moons since the two met. A young adult in desperate need for help, and a man in search for treasure. Since her escape from Sastasha Seagrot, Vynka has discovered a new life thanks to Gospel. She owes him everything she could ever have, and tries her very best to ensure his days go by with a smile on his face. Given her recent disappearance, knowing that he had searched everywhere and to the end of Eorzea made her feel a little tingly spark in her tummy. After a few touching moments together, they both realized that they shared mutual romantic feelings for each other. Vynka is able to express that Gospel is the most important person in her life and loves him sincerely.
Hawu Jinjahl : While tending to the Growery, Vynka had the pleasantries of meeting this polite peach-haired Miqo'te who appeared troubled at the time. Both assumingly having green thumbs and some similar interests, Vynka grew to like the girl and managed to lift her spirits after offering a flower. Although their first meeting may have been cut short, the two agreed to be pen-pals and she looks forward to reading the next letter.
Keil Amalle : A Miqo'te more skittish than her. He appeared to hold a fear for his own kind, what with his uncontrollable stuttering and constant suspicion. It took Vynka a little while to show him that not all Miqo'te wanted to torture the poor boy, and he eventually grew comfortable around her. After helping him with one of his riddle, the two developed a friendship and she offered him a linkpearl, should he ever need someone to talk to.
Oria Argall : She would always hear stories about Oria from Gospel and the events of which happened before and after the Calamity. Vynka feels sympathetic towards the Hyur woman, but truly enjoys her company and childish nature. Although they have met recently, she is happy to consider Oria a friend and the 'Queen of Pillow Fights'.
Remilia Levana : Another close friend of Gospel's. Remilia's curvaceous figure could not be ignored and her eyes were caught wandering around. Whether Vynka was truly staring in admiration or secretly being jealous is unknown, but it is clear as day that she liked being around the busty Miqo'te.
Seiko Mamushi : Not much is known about Seiko apart from the fact that she is a friend of Ginjiro, and equally as shy as Vynka. Regardless, she was overjoyed that she came to the Greatloam Growery and hopes the lovely Doman girl would visit again.
Zerier Romeaux : A rather scary looking Elezen that she found sitting in the corner behind the Quicksand. She did not have the heart to say 'no' when he requested her to heal a terrible wound on his arm. Only after their third meeting, Vynka learnt a whole lot about him as he opened up to her fairly quickly. After taking note of his interests, she had given him a self-drawn story book of his favorite character. After her long disappearance, the two had caught up and she still worries about his poor mental and physical habits. She has admitted to loving him, but more along the lines of a distant family member than anything else.



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