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I wanna dance and love and dance again.



CURRENT ALIAS... Zorah Shapa (Moon, Eclipse, Kit)

RACE & CLAN... Mixed Miqo'te, (Sun/Moon) - Raised as a Keeper of the Moon

NAMEDAY... 25th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

GENDER... Female

AGE... Twenty-two

ORIENTATION... Pansexual




RESIDENCE... The Black Shroud, Gridania

OCCUPATION... Tavern Staff, Botanist

PATRON DEITY... Menphina Icon.png Menphina, the Lover

HEIGHT... 4 fulms 10 ilms

WEIGHT... 96 ponz

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Good


Medium-Heavy Roleplayer from the Eastern Timezone (EST). My style of role playing ranges depending on the situation at hand. I can write paragraphs to one liners or a simple emote to be pressed. I see little reason every single response needs to be met with something big and in depth. I live on the east coast so I'm in the EST timezone and I work from home so it's quite easy for me to work with anyone in writing stories or plot lines, albeit mostly on discord during work hours.
LGBTQ+ Friendly - I am LGBTQ+ friendly. If your IG model does not match your character's true gender, please please let me know OOC if my character can pick up on differences or give a good enough hint IC for my character to pick up on.
No underage players. I do not role play with minors, at all, no exceptions. I myself am in my early 30s with a child. I ask that if you contact me, you be over 18-years-old.
RP Information to Know:
When I am online, please feel free to send me a tell or walk up and start RPing! Even if I do not have the RP tag on, I'm always down for impromptu RP! My main server is Balmung, however, I am always up to world visit other realms to meet new players!
Romance/ERP: Romantic/ERP situations are based on where the role play goes, if it goes that way at all. Dark themes in general are more then welcomed and I love them. While my character is a courtesan, I am in no way looking for any such relationship OOC. Friendships only OOC.
Support for your character: While Zorah is a main character for me, I do not at all mind her being a supporting character for yours to help your development!
Physical Attributes: I am fine with most that happens to a character, within reason for the situation and it has been discussed OOC. Loss of limb or senses are fine, but the story cannot be half-assed. Death is also fine, however, highly unlikely. The type of character she is does not welcome death immediately and thus it's unlikely your character will have a legitimate reason for her to be dead.
Lore and Headcanons: While the lore is in and out, I am more then willing to accept headcanons and fanons within reason. If it's too farfetched for me, it's unlikely I'm going to work with it.
Don't be afraid to speak! If your character finds Zorah annoying, overbearing, childlike or in general does not like her, feel free to have your character react as such. Don't be afraid to message me OOC if you'd like to check beforehand!

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Zorah is compassionate, intelligent and kind. She's highly extroverted and very much enjoys company almost at all times. First and foremost, she thinks of others and is rather transparent; what you see is exactly what you will get. She also tends to be naive in nature and her youthfulness is extremely vibrant.
Yet, for all of the colorful person you see, she does enjoy her downtime. A night by the fireplace with a book and hot tea or hot cocoa is her perfect way of winding down after a long social day. Especially if she's sharing it with someone.


Zorah right descrip.png
Zorah Shapa, born as Eclipse to a Keeper mother and Seeker father, is the only child between the two Miqo'te. The first born on Thavnarian soil, making her the original Shapa of Hannish nationality, Zorah grew up with a mixed view on people and life.
Standing at 4'10", Zorah was mayhap one of the shortest recorded of the Shapa Clan's history. The elders believe it has to do with her diluded blood between Miqo tribes, but it's rarely discussed to avoid the issues already presented at birth of her mixed blood. With magenta hair, full and lush, and large jade eyes, Zorah was able to pass immediately for a Seeker. She took on much of her father's appearance, save mayhap the big eyes and lush lips. She also has a thin lined scar across her left cheek from her first hunting trip alone at her coming of age ceremony.
Despite her small stature, she trained early on in the art of dancing with Radz-at-Hans finest. This has shaped her body, making her lean and strong, flexible and able to move with great mobility. It does help she's short as well, allowing her to weave most easily between people.


Coinpurse.pngCoin purse: She keeps a small amount of gil on her person at all times, but never enough to be worthwhile to a theif. Having grown up in the busy city of Radz-at-Han, she learned to keep things to a minimum.

Linkpearlicon.png Link pearls: Although not in many, they are kept with her at all times. Though there's no promises she'll answer right away, sometimes she forgets.

Chocolatechipcookie.png Baked Goods: It's likely she has something in there to snack on, from cookies to candy. She does like to bake!

Hydrangea icon.jpg Flora: Don't be surprised if you see some flora in her satchel; dried or fresh, she may have found something and stuffed it in there.

Rainbow Brightlily Corsage Icon.png Corsage: Usually she has a flower corsage in her hair, however, there's a chance it might be in her satchel as well. She always has one with her at all times!

Wondrous Tails (Key Item) Icon.png Journal: When she might be on an adventure keeping her from home, her journal is with her in her satchel! Along with ink and a quill, she loves to write. Sometimes they also contain letters to her mother.


Adopted a cat named Bubbles


Good company. Zorah is highly social and absolutely loves it. But there's nothing worse then someone throwing a fit or not enjoying themselves while they're out and ruining it for others. If she can, she'll try and help them enjoy their night!
Nightlife. While born in a very tribal clan, Zorah herself grew up enjoying the city life in Radz-at-Han more. Because of this, she rather enjoys night clubs, parties and raves over hunting and other tribal things.
Dancing and Music. Music speaks to her and has for as long as she could remember. Zorah absolutely loves to dance and will just for fun.
Celebrations. Much like parties and raves, celebrations means more parties and people and good times.
Swimming and the Ocean. She loves to swim, spending most of her summer doing so when not working or traveling. When drying off, she loves to relax by the ocean, listening to the waves and nature sing its sweet meldoy.
Reading and Writing. Despite loving to be out and socializing, she does need and like her down time. Heat from a fire place, her love nearby and a good book to read or paper to write on with a hot cup of tea is her preferred downtime.


Bees. Zorah is extremely allergic! She absolutely hates these things and will run, and probably scream, if she sees one.
Confrontation. While she has been taught to defend herself and can fight back because of it, Zorah does not take well to confrontation. If she feels she did something wrong, she will do everything in her power to right it immediately, to the point of being overbearing and repeatedly apologizing.
Zealots. She herself reveres Menphina the Lover and believes in the Twelve, but she does not at all like those who take reverence to such an extreme.
Sour flavours. Strangely, she likes rolanberry alcohol but generally she does not like sour or tarty flavours. Suppose it depends on how much!
Rude people. They're no fun!
Dishonesty. She will always be honest, even if it gets her into trouble. Zorah sees no reason she cannot have honesty in return.


Family and Friends. Zorah will do anything for those she considers friends. This honor is rare, however, and she will usually just refer to most as 'friends' out of simplicity. Family is a bit different; despite her tribe, her only true family is her mother, Raija, who held her every night and endured abuse and being bullied with her.


Driven. Zorah usually knows exactly what she wants and when she sets her sights on something, she works for it.
Active. Extremely active, she has a ton of energy. Much of the time, this is why you'll see her dancing almost anywhere.
Optimistic. Taught to view things differently, Zorah does her best to keep a most optimistic view on life. If the grass is not green enough, she'll make it greener.


Naive. Unfortuantly, despite loyalty being a strength, it is also a weakness. This causes Zorah to be too trusting with people in the hopes that the good will shine over the bad.


Over-excitedness. Anything can excite this girl, but when she has to explode because of it, she absolutely jumps and yells and laughs before hugging whomever is responsible for this.
Baked goods. Zorah loves herself fresh baked goods; cupcakes, cookies, fudge. She has a big sweet tooth and usually struggles not to give into it.

Zorah was the only child born to Raija and her father whose name she does not yet know. One of very few originally born on Thavnair soil, she is of Hannish nationality and grew up in the city of Radz-at-Han. Although the Shapa Clan hails originally from Gridania, they traveled over twenty years ago after a long battle with the Wildwood Elezen, resulting in a deep loss of their tribe. The end result of the battle forced the Shapa Clan out of the Shroud and they took to the seas.

Zorah has only heard stories of the past before her, some of those still left in the clan stayed on the seas and have made home among pirates. This left the tribe divided and never to speak again. It is unknown if the sea-faring Shapa tribe still takes on the Shapa Clan name as none stayed in touch.


Zorah was the first of the Shapa Clan born on Thavnairian soil after the tribe migrated out of the Black Shroud just over two decades prior. Born of a Seeker father and Keeper mother, her memories of childhood are anything but what you'd think just by meeting her. Bullied by the rest of the Clan, she spent much of her time attempting to still get in and play with the other children. Unfortunately, it normally did not pan out well and she would end up alone or with her mother, finding something else to do.

She was very young when she discovered music and dancing. The rhythm spoke to her and she lost herself in it for so long, the ceremony it had been introduced in ended hours prior. Raija watched the entire time, however, deciding to bring Zorah to Radz-at-Han the following day for her to take on dance classes. It was a way to give Zorah something more, outside of the tribe. This shaped her future entirely.
Teen Years
Throughout her teens she had long started dancing for gil, entertaining the masses on the streets of Radz-at-Han. She had become decently known as a Street Kitten who danced with the moon and sun.

However, while not entertaining or socializing with the locals, Zorah was learning. She read about Eorzea and what she could about Gridania and the Twelveswood. The history of her Tribe as she spent time, albeit reluctantly, with the other children of her tribe by the Elders.

Raija was not her only inspiration throughout her teenage years. Another woman, who she refers to as the Mistress, had become quite important to her. Watching Zorah dance in the streets of Radz-at-Han for several weeks, Mistress approached her with curiosity and concern.

It was on this night her dancing had been sorrowful. Not a loss, persay, but something happened that had Zorah's usually high spirits gone and she danced to the darkest of moons that night. Mistress sat with Zorah for hours, listening to her talk of what she witnessed with her mother and the elders, the bullying that was allowed toward her and the overall burden her life felt. She held Zorah as she cried, hugging her close that reminded her much of her own mother. After hours beneath the new moon, Mistress offered her a job upon turning 18. A way for her to part from her tribe and begin her own life, but she had to promise to keep her spirits high, even when it was the hardest.

Zorah agreed, anything that would get her out of the tribal life. Although it proved difficult at times, Zorah learned to look at things with a more optimistic view. The grass might not be green here, but she could make it greener.
Hitting 18 changed everything. She no longer was bound to her tribe except her mother which remained the only reason she kept the Shapa name. Although her birth name was Eclipse, years and years of being called Zorah became habit to keep and so she continued to introduce herself as such. However, outside of Raija and the elders, very few people know her true name and only those she trusts ever find out.

This included Mistress, as now she was able to take on the job offered at Aetheric Tranquility. The club and her new lifestyle brought her further into the night's underground.

The life of a Courtesan, especially one as young and vibrant as she, was far from flowers and rainbows. While she won't talk in depth about it, let alone reveal it much anymore, it was her first step into adulthood and the lifestyle. She did, however, learn much, both physically and socially. Zorah learned how to please people, both in and out of bedrooms. Learning how to remain oblivious and attentive at once and always keeping the optimistic views on life as she was taught.

During the day, if she was not sleeping after a long night spent with clients, Zorah could be found near the Club, dancing on the streets once more. Many of the same people who watched her throughout her years stopped by, throwing gil her way. Others who had never seen her, new to Thavnair or merchants who pass through on and off stopped to appreciate her dancing.


Traveling to Eorzea
During her time with Aetheric Tranquility, Zorah met many, many people. One of those in particular was a traveling Hrothgar named Fenrir. Because he couldn't pay his bill after eating and watching the dancers, he opted to work as a bouncer. Eventually, however, when the bill was paid he remained, making gil as a continued bouncer. The two became friends, albeit the start was a bit awkward as he was not requesting services of her and immediately she thought she wasn't good enough!

However, that misunderstanding was quickly resolved and they became good friends. Some time after hitting her 21st birthday, she began saving gil to leave Thavnair for good. Zorah told Fenrir about this one night over some drinks and he offered to go with her, both as a means to leave and get further away from his home and to protect her on her journey. No matter his reasoning, Zorah was grateful and welcomed his offer warmly.

They spent months saving up gil to finally pay for decent rooms on the next ship bound for Limsa Lominsa. The trip had her anxious, fearing the unknown and what might happen, anxious to know of the unknown and for the adventures that'd await. She wasn't going to let her life be ran by the fact she was a courtesan, she wanted more and she wanted to find her true self.
Landing in Limsa Lominsa
Zorah was all too ecstatic upon setting foot on the white stone that Limsa Lominsa was built upon. Before even arriving at the Inn, she had gone straight to the center of the city to see the people. Vibrant they were and full of energy. Or mayhap it was just her, as she nearly exploded from excitement now that she was in Eorzea finally. She had to be talked into at least dropping her things off at the Inn so she could have something to return to that evening. During her stay in Limsa Lominsa, one she thought to be much longer then it was, she met many people. The Moonfire Faire had begun and she spent most of her time at the beaches of Costa del Sol, eating, drinking, laughing and enjoying the fireworks beneath the night sky.
Moonfire Faire
Old habits didn't seem to break, although this time they did not require gil. She realized quickly she was still stuck in the ways of a courtesan and debated keeping the occupation to continue bringing in gil. It wasn't until she met Khora that the thought disappeared from her mind. She spent more time with him then any other, both presently and in her past and quickly fell head over heels for him. The Faire ended with the two of them having grown so close with one another, she practically lived at his house in the Shroud already. Though the faire was ending, the two of htem were beginning and she couldn't think of a reason to remain a courtesan and sought to find other things to do.
A New Direction
After he offered her to live with him, she didn't at all hesitate to move in. Since then, she has become affiliated with the Free Company known as the Drunk Dungeoneers as one of their tavern staff and has been working with the Botanist Guild in Gridania. In the mean time, she's also trying to learn a bit more about the tribal aspect of herself and mayhap something of her Clan from decades prior.



Zorah grew up watching her mother remain single and alone, enduring disdain from the elders and adults of the tribe like she did from the other children. The two spent much of their time alone together, something Zorah cherishes dearly. However, because of this, she had only read on fairytales and watched the Hannish citizens of Radz-at-Han in their relationships. While not always much to go on, every now and then she caught a glimpse of love.

It was foreign to her which mayhap helped in her decision to become a courtesan upon reaching her eighteenth (18) year. Without ever experienced more than a mother's love, it made it easier to endure and numb herself to make enough gil to survive in the harsh city. In Between jobs and people, she daydreamed much about love, forming her own fairytale in her mind. She wanted it, she was afraid of it, but oh did she want love. Even her mother, who tried hard to hide it, wanted love back.

Zorah is unsure what she'd consider for a potential partner, but it seems she's found it all in Khora Velaceras. Devoted, loving, strong and fun. Khora has given her reason to find other things in life outside of dancing for gil. While she still does so, it has become less and less and instead she has decided to discover more of herself and her roots, as well as make Khora's life brighter in any way she can.

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Character Connections
Thavnair - Merchants and traders, citizens and visitors and Garleans may have known Zorah, or of her, while visiting her home. The first of her tribe to have been born on foreign soil, she is a native to Thavnair and spent much of her life in Radz-at-Han, especially at night.
Aetheric Tranquility - The wealthy who may travel and partake in the underground world of life would likely know her. This also includes commoners of Radz-at-Han who were lucky enough to get into the club.
Dancer from Thavnair - For those whose dancing career began long before the Troupe reached Limsa Lominsa will most likely have known or heard of Zorah in some way. She is not a quiet girl and makes a scene whenever she's excited.
Garlean Agents - Garlean Agents who have been to Radz-at-Han or Kugane for any reason may have heard of or seen/spoken with her in either of the two cities. She tends to be rather naive about what the Garleans truly do and the extent of their tyranny around Eorzea. Although known to be terrible customers, gil is gil and she does what she can.
Shapa Clan - Elezen and Keepers still residing in Gridania may know of the Shapa clan either by name or closely. The Shapa Clan were known for their poachers and exceptional hunting skills. While they migrated before the Calamity, they had been a huge issue for a time with the Gridanians, enough so they were banned from entering the city.
Courtesan - It may be well known in Thavnair and possibly Kugane that Zorah was a Courtesan. Originally a free-lance courtesan after traveling to Eorzea, however short, recent developments in her story have changed, she is no longer available for services.
Kugane - Every now and then Zorah has been known to make trips to the Far East, more specifically Kugane. It's one of her favorite places and she visits as often as she can. A vacation spot, so-to-speak, but even here she's willing to put on shows if it means she needs more gil for her stay!

Father: Name Unknown (Status Unknown) - Seeker of the Sun - Mama rarely talked about him, so we are unsure.
Mother: Raija (alive) - Keeper of the Moon - A beautiful woman who devoted her life to caring for the only child she would bare. Presently, she remains behind in Thavnair, worried about her daughter in Eorzea.


Feel free to add a rumor of your own if you like! Don't be afraid to drop me a note so I can see it too!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"She a girl from Thavnair, it's no wonder she's learning quick with the Botanist Guild!" - Twin Adder Servicemen.
"I see her practically dance everywhere she goes. Pretty sure she's hearing music in her mind. Dunno if that's good or bad yet." - Gridania Citizen.
"Aye, saw the cat when she first arrived off the boat from Thavnair. Very nice and polite. Super excitable. Apparently she really loves fish too. " - Fisherman in Limsa Lominsa.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I heard her speak her name. Shapa is a Keeper clan I remember. If she's from the Clan I'm thinking of, I'll be keeping an even extra close eye on her." - Wildwood Elezen in Gridania.
"I remember her when I visited Radz-at-Han on business. She's good at one she does, demands a lot of gil though for her services." - Questionable merchant in Limsa Lominsa.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Heard she'll sleep with anyone so long as they pay her." - Some drunk in Limsa Lominsa.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"Quote here!" - Your name here!


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love Business 💔 Emotional Conflict Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Khora Velaceras ( ) - My Sun
The short time she has grown to know Khora she has falling head over heels for him.



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