Lionnette Aurifort

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Character Information
Full Name Lionnette Aurifort
Nickname(s) Lion, Lionne
Race Elezen
Subrace Wildwood
Gender Genderfluid
Sexual Orientation Bi??
Relationship Status Single
Nameday 2nd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Age 19
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Birthplace Gridania
Tribe N/A
Occupation x
Family x

General Information



Hair color: Dark blue, with very slightly lighter highlights at the ends
Eye color: Left the same purple as his family, right a dull blue resulting from the same injury that gave him the scar that runs through it
Skin color: Dark, rich brown
Height/Weight: 5’2" (157 cm), 172 lbs
Piercings: At least one in each ear
Tattoos/Markings: Black Seeker marks around his eyes
Body Description: Rather muscular, since he puts a lot of his time into various forms of exercise. Thus, he's somewhat broad and stocky. However, he's got a bit of a case of babyface to contrast this. Has somewhat abnormally large teeth for a seeker, which can lead to his smiles being unintentionally threatening. Sharp claws that are often painted.
Extra Features: A long scar down the entire right side of his face, and freckles across his cheeks. A bit of scruffy facial hair from simply not being bothered to shave. Two identical surgical scars below his pectorals, along with several minor scars littered across his body.


Personality Traits

  • Loud
  • Extroverted
  • Lazy
  • Passionate
  • Hedonistic
  • Anxious
  • Honest
  • Impulsive


Personality: In two words, genki idiot. Incredibly anxious at his core, but can't help being extremely extroverted and boisterous, so he gives off a sort of false confidence. Able to read people well, but naive enough that it doesn't get much useーin the same vein, clever and a good liar, but he only really uses that skill for trivial things, or maintaining that false bravado. Unfortunately, kind of lazy; would rather relax with a cold drink than do dirty work, with a few exceptions. Painfully easily embarrassed, especially at being shown affection of any kind, which is unfortunate. He's a chatterbox, though he does consciously try to restrain itーat least around strangers. Jury's still out on how successful he is at that. He's painfully aware of how "obnoxious" he is though, so...

You could call him a wanderer, or an adventurer, maybe, but really, he's just flighty. He has what he views to be a bad personalityーwhen he gets comfortable around people, he gets louder, more talkative, and more excitable than he already isーwhich has proven to just annoy them. Thus, the solution he's decided on: just don't get close enough to people that they see him like that! Simple. No, he doesn't know how bad this is for him. He also doesn't seem to realize how much this sucks when taking the fact that he thrives on affection into account. I never said he was (emotionally) smart.

The excuse he gives is that he wants to sightsee, but this isn't very true. He'd honestly probably rather settle down with good friends and good food, but he's too scared of everyone he might get close to hating him. ...He's not doing a spectacularly job at self-isolating and being emo, though, due to the fact he's just inherently amicable and loving, and thrives on not only affection and praise, but simply spending time with others. (and... he's embarrassingly snuggly.) That, and the fear is almost 100% in his head.

Normal mood: Generally, cheerful! Or at least looking like it. Laughs off his anxiety, which... seeing as he's perpetually anxious, he comes off as boisterous and upbeat.

Philosophy & Ideals

Among other things, believes in never letting a debt go unpaid; and pays back everything tenfold, to the best of his ability. This goes for wrongdoings and acts of kindness alike.


  • Laughs when nervousーwhich is often. Said laugh is very loud and might be odd to some
  • Expressive body languageーtail is always moving unless specifically trying to be polite
  • Chews on anything sturdy enough to handle it to stim
  • Has a stutter that only really shows when he's very excited/riled up about something
Likes Dislikes
  • Dancing (though he's shy about this)
  • Any kind of food
  • On that note, cooking
  • Quiet, listener types
  • Attention and praise
  • Fighting (of the physical and friendly variety)
  • The cold (especially snow)
  • Isolation
  • Bugs of any kind
  • Authority figures
  • Heights
  • Exertion
  • Fighting (of the verbal and scornful variety)
  • The heat, and water (though they're fine if combined, ex. beaches in summer)
Skills Education
  • Proficient at physical combat, and reckless enough to win the fights he starts.
  • A wonderful cook, and always trying to get better.
  • Good with kids; would be a good babysitter or caretaker.
  • Fairly good at first aid, and medical care to an extent.
  • Sparing, due to his birth family choosing to focus on other things, and then being orphaned; he didn't have much access to schooling.
  • However, this changed after he and his sisters were adopted by their new fathers, and they were all given a standard education (albeit the fact that he was still choosing to be rebellious and troublesome, and thus was a bit of a problem student.)
  • After that, he decided to expand on the cooking knowledge he'd already gained on his own via a sort of informal educationーwhich is to say, he helped out parents and caretakers of children and learned as many recipes and techniques as he could from them.
Strengths Flaws
  • Bold and brave (for better or for worse)
  • Amicable
  • Patient
  • Acts almost purely in self-interest
  • Easy to provoke
  • Impulsive
Fears Favorites
  • That people he comes to care about will eventually hate and leave him
  • Something happening to his family
  • In a complete change of pace, heights
  • ...I'll get to this. The quickest way to his heart is through his stomach and/or headpats/earrubs.

Early Life


He and his sisters were orphaned around when I'rihnn was a preteen. As a trauma response, he doesn't remember much from before then. After this point, they lived on their own, fending for themselves through fierce willpower and the kindness of strangers.


He was an angry, rebellious child, and had a penchant for vengeance. (though he was too young to do but naught about anything, so this resulted mostly just in him being aggressive and irritable, quick to start fights and to snap at anyone not his sisters.) He got his scar at some point while he and his sisters were still living on their own, from some incident involving him getting into a fight defending one of them. He took care of the other two a lot along with I'ndanya, but she was so frail from frequent sickness back then that he mostly just made her sit down and be taken care of instead of vice versa for her own good.

The following, up until "Adulthood," is only applicable if his Nunh-ship must be addressed.

For a short while (as in, the whole arrangement lasted less than two years), they attempted to find solace in another Seeker tribe. However, this didn't exactly work out for a multitude of reasons. For one, I'ndanya was still sick enough that she could barely pull her own weight, which most of the tribe didn't take kindly to. Two, I'rihnn and I'dhakaya were both still very fighty, and whenever anyone would get onto I'ndanya, they would soon be met with too many threats from the two of them for any of them to be met kindly afterwards. Three, they simply didn't "belong" there. They weren't original members of the tribe, hell, none of them even knew what their original tribe was, and they had the nerve to try and shove their way in here?
However, while here, I'rihnn at one point challenged the tribe's Nunh. He did so out of a need to "prove" himself; maybe if he showed them all he could be strong, they would accept him. They would respect him. Besides, that's what Seeker men were supposed to do, right? They were to aspire to the strength and power of a Nunh. This was what he was supposed to do, wasn't it? (besides, he... kind of hated the current Nunh, since he seemed to be cruel and disrespectful, so it was partially charged by just wanting to beat his face in.) The thing is... he didn't expect to actually win. Nor did he expect all of the responsibilities that came with being a tribe leader, and nor could he handle it. He thus became Nunh only in nameーthough barely even that, especially since this barely lasted any time at all. The actual role of Nunh was quickly relinquished back to the previous Nunh. It was because of this behavior that the tribe's collective patience was pushed over the edge, and the three of them were effectively kicked out, if not banished.


They were eventually adopted by their new fathers when I'rihnn was somewhere in his late teens. They weren't exactly... fantastically well off, but they had more than enough love for their kids to make it worth it, in said kids' eyes. Plus, it really wasn't that bad (at least to them,) they just had to help out a bit more than some kids might've. Not long after, though, the Calamity struck, and the family was launched into a state of fear for what felt like a long while.
This caused I'rihnn to suddenly grow out of his rebelliousness and spite for the world, realizing in a forceful shock how much everything in it meant to him, when it was all nearly torn away; as well as the sense of unity rebuilding yourselves together with the community around you instills in you. However, he still has a few traits that were never really buriedーlike the fact that anyone who hurts his loved ones is certain to get it back tenfold. (this.. doesn't always turn out well.) This might also kick in if you insult him (or someone important to him) in a particularly deep way.
In any case, now I'rhinn, since he knows what it's like to starve, be scared and suffer alone, and feel like no one loves you enough to ensure your life, really wants to fight feeling that again, or anyone else going through that as well.

Recent Times

Now, he's started to go out on his own without the fear of having to fend for himself and his family on his backーwhich has led to him indulging a lot more than he's ever gotten to before. For the moment, he spends his time doing part-time jobs utilizing his skills as a cook and fighter as cash grabs to experience things he never was able to before, and spoil his family when he can. In particular, he's especially fond of the dancers he's met across the realm... you'd have to fight him a bit to get it out of him, but he does dream of being one, and if he were to be completely honest, has since he was much younger. The freedom, elegance, and grace of their dances has always allured him, and he's thought of it as something to aspire to, once he's 'free' himself. Now that he is... well, he's just scared.

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "Cooks well, but refuses to settle down with a job. Too flighty for my tastes, anyway." - The Quicksand Chef
  • "He acts all like he doesn't care a thing, but he'll do anythin' if you've got a kid." - Bemused Mother
  • "Right pain in the arse, that one. Keep him away from my shop 'fore he bothers anyone else away." - Irritated Vendor

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "I know that face, and it's not one I ever wanted t' see again. Last I heard, he ain't got any fears, and no qualms about takin' you if you try t' start somethin'." - Limsa Lominsan Sailor
  • "Last I heard that name, he was taking any damn job you'd hand his way... Even if it was dirtier than any good man should think to take. With how young he was, had me right worried... Can't do naught for him now but hope he's on the right track." - Elder Shopkeep
  • "I used to help him take care of his sisters... He would mostly tend to them while with us, but I'd have to take him to get his own ailments cared for more often than most others. ...I think he has a good heart, 'spite it all." - Ul'dahn Nurse

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "Ah, that's the kid that used to pick fights for cash around here... Been so long, I'm sure not a soul else remembers his face... 'Cept perhaps the men whose own he disfigured 'n all that fightin'." - Weary Ul'dahn Barkeep

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Close Friends Family
  • Sanctum Y'iehwes

    He's (surprisingly?) enamored by Sanctum's personality, and greatly appreciated that he always listens no matter what, and that he's affectionate towards him. (doesn't mean it embarrasses him any less, though.)

  • I'dhakaya

    Little sister whom he dotes on and babies, a bit. They're near identical save for his freckles, and it was even worse when they were little. You only started being able to tell them apart once their Dad got tired of their troublemaking with swapping places, and insists something be done. Thus, since he's terribly lazy, she cut her hair, and it stuck. The one he got his scar defending.

  • I'ndanya

    Older sister whom he looks up to, and seems to be the only one who can keep him (or the other sibling, for that matter) in line. Since he was always taking care of her, he worries about her a lot, much to her chagrin. But he knows that she's just as strong as he is now, and definitely smarter, so he knows she's okay on her own. Just... he needs to visit a lot! That's all!

  • Kaien & Mauve

    The two married men who adopted him and his sisters. He loves them dearly, and feels somewhat like he has to make up for when he was such a rowdy teen. He feels he owes them his life.



Likely Locations Affiliations
  • N/A for now
  • Affiliation: --

RP Hooks

  • I'll come up with cute names for these later, probably

    I'rihnn used to be a rowdy, almost volatile kid/teen, there's the possibility he could run back into someone he once got in a fight with. Conversely, someone he did some kind of job for.

  • --

    He's enamored by all dancers, and spends much of his time watching them perform (though off to the side, hopefully out of sight, so as not to be lumped in with creeps who just want to see scantily clad women) so he might have been seen at a show or hall at some point.

  • --

    He spends a lot of time at various bars and similar establishments, so it's rather likely he's bombarded someone or other with nonsense of whatever kind, or asked them for their own story.

Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
  • Longer storylines
  • Lighthearted/casual
  • Honestly, anything not on "unacceptable"
  • Anything sexual, overly suggestive, or explicit, whatsoever
  • Mature/dark themes (with exceptions)
  • Death or severe violence

Player Info

I'm Jaden, pleased to meet you! I use he/him pronouns. I just started playing FFXIV in September 2019, and as such I'm very new to the lore/world/community etc. Thus, patience and tips are always welcome and much appreciated. (especially towards the combination of emotes and writing in-game... I have no idea about that thus far <:'D) Also, I am autistic, so sometimes I might be slow to understand something. Thank you for your understanding.

My Policies

  • Communication

    If you are ever uncomfortable in any way, want to plan something out, or just to talk in any way at allーplease don't hesitate to do so! I'm very friendly and understanding, as long as you're kind to me, I'll return the same.

  • Combat RP

    I'll be blunt hereーI'm very bad at combat RP. (or at least, I personally feel that I am.) "But Jaden, haven't you said you're in plentiful D&D campaigns?" Yep! And this is still true! I can give it my damnedest shot, but if you'd like to do anything like this, keep your expectations low, I suppose. Also, in the interest of keeping things fair, I would prefer if, in the event of playing out fights or physical tussles, the results be left up to a dice roll with a dash of IC traits taken into consideration. (for example, if your character is unquestionably physically stronger than I'rihnn, I'd totally get if they could immediately overpower him.) However, if you have a better idea, I'd be totally willing to discuss it.

  • Mature themes

    I am willing to RP very specific 'mature' themes, and not many others. For example, I am comfortable with discussing (both IC and OOC) and playing suicidal ideations/characters/themes, but I cannot discuss/play self harm for my own well-being. I am also not willing to discuss/play extreme/graphic violence. Basically... if you think it might qualify as mature or have the potential to make someone uncomfortable, please be kind and ask beforehand, if for no other reason then just to be safe.

  • Love interests

    I don't think I'd be up to shipping I'rihnn with anyone seriously. If your character and him have chemistry, then entertaining it might be funーhowever, putting him in a committed relationship is not something I'm willing to do with someone I don't know well. However, lighthearted flirting-type things are okay.

  • Reminders

    I can be extremely forgetful! If you feel I've forgotten to respond, then please don't be afraid to message me a reminder that I need to reply. Chances are I genuinely have forgotten. However, I also have bad anxiety, and sometimes replying swiftly can be difficult because of that, especially over Discord or some such other messaging service not in-game. Please understand this if I'm taking a bit to respond, however I will never ghost you unless you're just being outright cruel, and I don't think you deserve a response.

  • Tolerance

    I do not tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, misogyny or any form of hate and prejudice. If you have an opinion in that regard, kindly don't interact with me!

OOC Character Info Links
  • Nunh-ship: It's not technically "canon." If it must be addressed, see the section in "History." Otherwise, he's Seabrook. (Yes, this is a case of unfortunate in-game naming choices. >__>)
  • OOC/IC: You know the drill, my character is not myself, nor are his actions/feelings direct reflections of my own. Though, this shouldn't be a problem, hopefully.
  • Timezone/World: EST/EDT/UTC -6 on Mateus. I'm available almost always, but not always online in-game.
  • Discord: jaden#9187 (though it'd help to know who you are/your intent, as if I don't know that I might end up ignoring/rejecting you accidentally.)
  • Toyhouse: [link]
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