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Marriageproposal.png|Marriage Proposal
Marriageproposal.png|Marriage Proposal
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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Meriell Bell
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 19
Nicknames Mell, Merry Mell Bell
Occupation Waitress / Entertainer
Guardian Deity Nophica, the Matron
Marital Status Engaged
About The Player


Meriell Bell, usually going simply as Mell, is a Lominsan barmaid, ex-Maelstrom, mostly known for her larger than life personality.

After leaving the Maelstrom, she started her career as a barmaid at the Bismarck back in Limsa Lominsa; which later got her to work in Thanalan and later on even in the Mists; her loving and outgoing personality being selling point for such a profession. Very likable and having a gift to interact with customers, she got employed at Club Lustre as the head waitress and chatelaine, in charge or organizing events and social gatherings. Due to some unfortunate events, she left the Club and after some time alone, she joined the Astral Crusaders as a waitress, and as an adventurer; seeing it as an opportunity to brush-up on her fighting skills as well as get back to her beloved customers.

Cheery and kind to everyone, she is the life of any party or gathering, genuinely wanting to make sure that everyone has a good time and that no one gets ignored or bored. Due to her hyperactivity, it’s not uncommon to see her switching topics at random, or even getting herself lost and confused by her own speed. Her mouth is definitely faster than her brain which often got her in trouble, despite the good intentions behind her words.

A simple lass, who takes pleasure in the small things in life. She is very easy to befriend and she would never turn anyone down or a good conversation.


The first thing anyone can notice immediately, and say to best describe Meriell, is her personality.

Limitless energy, hyper-active and always on the go; accompanied by a winning smile and a very cheerful demeanor, it is not possible to hate the girl. By default she is a very happy person and an optimist, which she easily infects her friends with.

Cheery and out-going, she has an easy time befriending anyone that crosses her path, unless they simply refuse to be friends with her. To her, everyone is a friend and an ally, and she’d never turned anyone down. Very quick to trust however, she often gets into trouble for placing her faith in certain individuals but it never put her off or made her learn her lesson; she still continues talking to strangers despite getting burnt in the past.

She is a very energetic girl who appears to never run out of fuel and will be all over the place at the same time. She enjoys talking and meeting new people, and her open personality allows her that easily. Learning about the different races, or even culture is one of her biggest hobbies so she feels naturally drawn to foreigners or even peculiar looking individuals; and she has no shame to approach them on the street with her questions. A big fan of fun and games, she can be often seen playing in the company’s front yard, or doing other outdoor activities.

Due to her age, she is perhaps seen as naïve, but there is more than meets the eye. She is definitely not thoughtless and can understand if she is being used or manipulated. The benefit of being such a friendly person, means that she is capable of extracting information from people easily without them even noticing. They often don’t see her as a threat or anyone of great matter that can cause harm. Her smile and cheery nature seem to easily fool many.

Favourite Expressions:

  • "Meriell reporting for duty!!"



Meriell is quite tall for her kind, standing at a full 170cm. She is of a slender build and a lean figure. Despite her feminine looks, she is very sturdy and physically capable; all coming from her upbringing as well as her years in the Maelstrom, as well as her love for all sorts of outdoor activities. She keeps herself fit despite her love for sweeties. Thick, light brown, shoulder-length hair in a convenient small bob wraps at her cheeks, giving her a slightly more juvenile look. Big blue sapphire eyes, always with a glint of excitement. She has a very gently sun-kissed complexion thanks to working outdoors for extended periods of time. On her chin, she sports a small beauty mark. However, she isn’t one for makeup and wears absolutely none of it unless it is required due to work.

For clothing, she enjoys bright and warm colours, going from sunny oranges to deep reds and even vibrant pinks. Not shy to show skin but still rather modest with her attire, she'd often wears skirts or even dresses when the weather allowed it. However, for personal convenience and considering how hyperactive she is, she prefers trousers. She does enjoy jewelry and often wears earrings or some pendants just to adorn her plain clothes and add more flare to them. An enthusiast of foreign cultures, it is not uncommon to see her wearings garments from the Far East.

Posture Habits

  • Always smiling
  • Giggly & cheery


Many years ago, she formed part of the Maelstrom but it was for a very brief moment of her life, despite being groomed for it since birth. Her tasks were mainly assisting with stopping petty crimes and also taking care of refugees. Her soft spot were for the suffering children, and despite helping them, she wasn’t able to handle the pain well. Behind her family's back, Meriell worked part-time at the Bismarck back in Limsa Lominsa for a few years as a waitress and wannabe cook, very often observing the cooks in the kitchen and offering help whenever they were short on staff. She was very helpful and always available to come in whenever help was needed. It was a job that brought her happiness and satisfaction, unlike the Maelstrom. Thus, she decided to leave the Maelstrom and lead a very simple life, continuing her career as a waitress at the Bismarck.

Truly liked by other employees and customers, she was the apple in the eye for many and even became the reason for many returning customers. Despite her popularity, she was moved to Thanalan to the Coffer & Coffin tavern by her employer, saying that it was for her to gain more experience in a more unfriendly environment; the entire goal to harden her a bit. Things did not go too smoothly and with some help from new friends, she traveled to the Shroud where she found work at The Bobbing Cork. She settled there for a long period, her reputation always surpassing her.

Every now and then she started hosting some small events to gather more potential customers. She’d often organize small dances or even more grand spectacles, and very often she’d be the entertainer for the evening. An accomplished dancer and acrobat, she developed a new hobby while dancing on stage and she still managed perfectly the balance between being a waitress and entertainer. With such a good reputation, she was offered a job at Club Lustre, which was an exclusive club for the higher classes in Limsa Lominsa; meant to please the most demanding, with great food and entertainment as well as offer an amazing environment to socialize. She was the first waitress to join and quickly became a star employee, getting promoted instantly to head waitress and chatelaine of the establishment. The tasks were harder and much more demanding, but it seemed the harder they were, the more joy it brought her. She was tasked with overseeing the entire staff as well as organizing grand events on a weekly basis. She would still perform for the guests on rare occasions, but her main focus was to assist the other employees as well as the owner.

Currently, she forms part of the Astral Crusaders, located in the Goblet, where her career as a waitress and entertainer continue. As the company also takes on multiple quests from the locals, she gets the chance to utilize her old skills which she had learned from the Maelstrom.



The Hyur, at first sight, might not appear to be a fighter, but having a good look at her, she definitely appears to be able to handle her own in a fight. Powerful legs and strong arms, she could definitely pack up a punch and she wouldn’t hesitate to get aggressive if required, especially if it meant helping her loved ones. Being born in a family fully dedicated to the Maelstrom, she was groomed from birth to join their ranks, as her older sister and father already had. Day in and day out she'd be training sword-fighting, bowman skills as well as her condition and physique.

Finally, having serve in the Maelstrom for little over a year, she became a really skilled bow-woman and also very good at hand-to-hand combat. A good eye and stable arms, she is able to take down enemies standing far away with a single arrow if taken the time to prepare. She can wield a sword but she finds it barbaric and an easy way to get hurt. Another reason for it, is she does not want to have any eye contact with the enemies while in combat as it always fills her with guilt. Thus, the bow will always triumph over all other weapons, which is her most treasured possession to this day. If she cannot attack from a long distance and needs to be involved heads on, she will resort to using her own fists and kicks to fend off enemies. She is a very good acrobat, able to climb walls, trees, crawl through tight ducts with ease, or even cliff-sides. She does not mind getting her hands dirty and will gladly to the manual labour in any missions if necessary.

Recently, thanks to her partner Thorir Ryder she had taken up sword-fighting, and just like him, choosing a katana as the blade. At his behest, she started training every single day to get better, wanting to impress him as well as to get better herself. Always being one for long-ranged combat, she saw it as a benefit to learn close combat, wanting to be more useful to the company as well as to her loved ones, able to protect them when the day would come.

She is more of a physical person than magic-oriented, and it is still unclear and unknown if she can use magic in big extents.



  • Vibrant colours
  • Girly accessories
  • Mother nature
  • Spicy and fragrant foods that can stink up a room
  • Anything of foreign origin


  • Filthy places or establishments
  • Big, crowded cities
  • Stiff and rude people


  • All outdoor activities
  • Dancing the evening away
  • Loves cooking meals for family and friends
  • Puzzles. She adores the challenge of arranging the small pieces and it keeps her busy for hours
  • Everything and anything Doman


  • A good singer and dancer; an accomplished entertainer all around. She'd often provide entertainment for others
  • Easily makes friends with her bubbly nature
  • Well developed athletically with amazing endurance and stamina
◢ Common Rumours
"She is well adored by many, and it is easy to see why! She is so lovely!"
"She is obsessed with Doman culture to the point of even sometimes dressing like one of them"
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"I heard she was a waitress at Club Lustre... is that truly the only thing she did there?"
◢ Rare Rumours
"Her cheery nature is almost eerie... Is it even real?"
◢ PC Rumours
"We only just met... I didn't want to become attached, but I just couldn't help it around her. Her positive attitude is so contagious!" - Ririan Ruruan
"A naive girl, but she is good at heart, and I feel like it is my duty to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid" - Shin Nelhah


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    


Wilfram Bell (45)

Meriell's father, a head-strong man with a powerful authority but loving heart, however driven by career. A very loving father and he was dedicated to his family above all else, but at some point once his children grew up, he deviated and wanted them to bring honour to the family above all else. Meriell always admired her father and he was a good friend to her, and she'd often find comfort in his words and look up to him, wanting to be just like him. But ever since she left the Maelstrom, there has been no contact, as he was let down by her departure.

Hilda Bell (43)

The mother to the children, a very caring woman who was a house-wife. Meriell was very close with her but she always was a daddy's girl above all else. Her mother would try to make Meriell more of a woman by forcing her into dresses and high-heeled shoes but it never worked for the little spunky lass who just lived out her tomboy life-style.

Agnes Bell (27)

The eldest of all three siblings, Agnes always had to hold her head high as the eldest. Meriell and Agnes got along just fine. They fought a lot like all siblings but they were always very close and there to help each other out. Agnes was the more feminine between the two of them, while Meriell was the one to get her constantly into trouble. Despite the years, the two remain close and write to each other often.

Randal Bell (18)

Youngest of all three, Randal was the odd ball that never fit in. Artistic soul, he'd often stay at home painting and making sculptures instead of being out with his older sisters. Meriell, however, adored his art and was the only one to compliment him, which in the end was his fuel to keep going and finally leave the nest in search of his own passions.

Love Interests

Thorir Ryder (25)

Meriell's fiancee; a Doman nobleman she had met when she had joined the Astral Crusaders. They two fell instant attraction the moment they had laid eyes upon one another. Her fascination with Doman culture facilitated this as she would often visit him with queries about his homeland, and he gladly accepted her company. Despite being two completely different personalities, they complimented each other perfectly, each one filling the shortcomings of the other. The relationship quickly evolved over the weeks until he finally proposed to her.

Ririan Ruruan (19 / deceased)

A shy and timid Lalafell that Meriell met the moment she landed in Ul'dah and approached him by asking for directions. Although shy, he did help her out and the two quickly became good friends over the length of the day. After a few days, and some bonding, the Lalafell asked her out. Shocked but not disapproving, she accepted immediately and the two started dating despite the few days that they knew each other. Meriell adores him and almost sees it as her duty to protect him and to put a smile on his face every day, wanting to help him vanquish the shyness. She had never met anyone as kind as him and genuinely cares for the lad. However, he joined the Paladin program, and recent events caused his death, leaving the girl brokenhearted.


Madam Vonne (51)

The owner of Club Lustre. A Highlander woman with a high air that Meriell ran into by chance in the Quicksand and got offered a job at Club Lustre where she was the owner. The woman inspired Meriell greatly with her noble-like air, and she immediately agreed to the offer and joined the staff to become a trusted employee of hers. Meriell respects Madam Vonne immensely and sees her as an icon, as her idol, and will do anything to please her. The woman almost became a motherly figure to the Midlander and she follows whatever guidance and advice she is given. The two really grew close during Meriell's employment and after some time, Madam Vonne would open up more and more to her, even to the point of confessing that she wanted to keep her around for much longer than only the duration of the Club Lustre, and Meriell agreed.

Leoden Garande (20)

Ala Mhigan Hyur who also joined the Astral Crusaders but a few days before her. They quickly grew close becoming best friends even, already having been on a quest together and helping each other out when in need. Meriell saw in him a dearest friend in whom she could confide and place her trust in. As the man expressed interest in another, she gladly offered him advice when it came to the ladies, despite him not understanding it. One could say that they got great chemistry between each other but Meriell would never interfere with his ongoing relationship, remaining at his side as a close friend.

Koji Ichihara (26)

Midlander just like Meriell, but hailing from Doma. The two met in Ul'dah under quite normal circumstances however, it was him opening up to her about his worries and his past that brought them closely together; her being the one to cheer him up with her merry mood and kind words. He appeared to appreciate her and over time, she quickly got to call him 'nii-san' as he taught her a bit about his culture, and she always wanted to know more about it, genuinely interested. Their relationships is like brother and sister, both supporting each other in times of need. He was the one who got her interested in Doman culture almost to an obsession.

Shin Nelhah (28)

A chance encounter at the Bobbing Cork in the North Shroud, and despite very different personalities, the two ladies actually got talking as Meriell was the waitress at the establishment. Seeing the Miqo'te there almost on a daily basis, got her wanting to get to know her whether the guest liked it or not. A bit of a forced friendship, Shin got to enjoy the girl's company, but would never admit that fact. The relationship over time became almost like that of a mother and daughter, with the Miqo'te looking after her.

Sini'to Shadar (32)

Meeting him through Shin Nelhah, she really got to bond closely with the man, at least from her point of view. They got to go on many missions together, usually him looking after her than her after him. From the very beginning she dubbed him 'Mr Grey' due to his monochrome colorization, a sign of how comfortable she felt around him.


Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Meriell may share depending on her relationship with the person; however there are still many secrets that she holds which explain the reasoning behind many decisions but those will not be listed here and must be learned IC

Upbringing (0-16)

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The Maelstrom (16-17)

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New Life at Club Lustre (18-19)

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Joining the Astral Crusaders (19)

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Lingering Doubts & Second Thoughts (19-Current)

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