Rinako Ura

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Rinako Ura
"Feelings can be transmitted in many ways apart from speech"
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doman
Age 19
Nicknames Rin
Occupation Musician, Artist
Guardian Deity Oschon, the Wanderer
Marital Status Single
About The Player


Rinako Ura, or better know as simply Rin is a mute.

Despite that fact she doesn’t come off as lively or too emotional; always seeming aloof or in her own world, she is a very friendly and caring person. Seen as a person with a certain regal air about her, she does appear to be that way; walking softly and graceful about her movements, as if she were made of glass. A gentle and kind hearted being, despite being a bit distant at times, she does prove to be very caring and lovely in every way. She always puts the needs of others before herself and seeing a smile upon their faces makes her very happy.

One of the first things people will immediately take notice is that she is mute. She makes up for that with sign language, otherwise she always has a bag with a stack of papers, small pot of ink and quill to quickly write what she wants to say if truly needed.

Otherwise, she is also a very skilled artist in both painting as well as music. She conveys her feelings and emotions very often through her paintings, and music, playing tunes to express precisely what she is going through so people may understand. And the paintings easily depicting certain moods by the colours she adds. She can be often found on the streets playing her flute or sketching people that pass by.


A quiet and sensitive soul. Rin is very silent but shockingly easy to approach and once she is walked up to, she even welcomes the conversations and engages in them most enthusiastically.

Gentle and kind to all she meets, it is definitely something that some people might exploit as it may be seen as a strong point or a weak point, depending on the individual. Still, despite being used in the past and her kindness taken advantage off, she is still a very giving person. Putting others’ needs before her own, she won’t ever hesitate to give away what she has to those in need. Noble in every meaning of it, she has a heart of gold and won’t ever turn anyone away.

Serene and gentle, she has an air of elegance about her in every movement and gesture she makes. She is delicate with her words as well as her body language, as if following the movements of the wind. Despite her silent side and the fact that she is mute, she can be rather social and enjoys to be among people that do not brand her as handicapped, allowing her to feel normal when with them.


Small and frail looking, her skin has a slight tint of ashy blue. Blue-coloured hair and piercing azure eyes. She is easy to spot in a crowd but her demeanor and her posture make her seem feeble.

Mostly clad in blue-coloured garments, she is more about comfort and practicality. Often wearing simple shirts and some pair of shorts, accompanied by a pair of boots. At her side in a specially made holster, she always carries her most treasured item: her flute. On her hips, she also carries a tube contained multiple clean pages with some charcoal and other drawing materials.







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Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Rinako may share depending on her relationship with the person; however there are still many secrets that she holds which explain the reasoning behind many decisions but those will not be listed here and must be learned IC

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