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| <div style="font-size:11px; font-family:Georgia">Text, text, text, text.</div>
| <div style="font-size:11px; font-family:Georgia">A woman met at the Quicksand the two quickly became friends. Someone Vanir trusts and respects and spends much of his time with in recent days.</div>

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Vanir Calad
Opening File: GA-VC/N

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Name - Vanir Calad
Alias - Metal Knight
Age - 32
Gender - Male
Race - Hyur
Clan - Highlander
Orientation - Heterosexual
Marital - Single
Patron Deity - Halone the Fury
Nationality - Garlean/Ishgardian
Occupation - Mercenary
Alignment - Neutral Good

Vanir is a man of tall stature, standing at a height of six fulms, six ilms it is rare to find members of his race larger than he. While his height is his birthright, his bulk is entirely from his lifestyle. He is muscular and toned, his body hard and durable from his life as a soldier. Many of his more intricate features are often hidden away beneath his set of armor. Few have seen what lies beneath. His armor has changed throughout his time in Erozea but the man currently makes use of an Ishgardian Knight suit from his service with them. Painted a soot black the armor is rugged and well-worn, despite best attempts at maintaining it, it's age and use is apparent to even the most casual viewer.

Vanir is best described as a stoic and straight forward individual. He is the type to take up the role as the voice of reason and pragmatism and even when he is being jovial it comes off as more dry wit and humor than anything terribly exuberant. The man has a soldier's mind and no matter the situation he will always set himself to resolving the problem in the quickest, most efficient way possible. This is compounded further by his Garlean heritage and need of efficiency. That isn't to say Vanir is a quiet individual. He is more than willing and capable of holding a conversation, he is just not one to find need for it. Only on occasion will he feel the need to seek out some company and even then his first choice would be those he knows or works with. Beyond that he is the sort of man to prefer action above all else. When offered a period of rest he will take the minimum required and be off again. Some would say he is a restless individual, and he likely wouldn't protest that characterization. He also holds a degree of arrogance towards Eorzeans. While he does well to hide it he finds Eorzea to be backwards and primitive compared to his homeland and finds it's inhabitants inferior for it. While he is willing to make exceptions anyone able to worm their way to his true feelings would find him quite discontent with his time in the realm.

  • Garlemald: Despite his current situation he still holds love for his homeland. Nothing the Empire's done has been able to shake his love of people and country. He genuinely believes the Empire isn't far from the correct path and wishes to see the Garleans unify all of Hydaelyn under their benevolent rule.
  • Strategy Games: Even as a young boy Vanir loved strategy. To outwit his opponent and snatch up victory. This love has never wavered in his years. Settling down for a good game with a skilled opponent is one of the few times you'll see him willingly idle about for hours on end. The game itself largely doesn't even matter so long as it is a competition of strategy and wit. Though the more warfare-oriented games will have a higher chance of catching his fancy.
  • Cute Things: Vanir has a soft spot for things that are cute. For example, small furry animals or kids. He would be against doing harm to them and, his situation permitting, would even go out of his way to keep them safe from harm. Despite their small size, lalafells rarely fall in this category. In fact he has a general distaste for the entire race, though some do manage to hit that soft spot in his heart.


  • Eorzea: A backwards, primitive, and overall pathetic region. Vanir doesn't hold the realm or those who inhabit it in high regard. While there are always exceptions (namely those in Ishgard). Between their love of primals, their lacking technology, and weird religions he generally finds the entire realm in dire need of Garlemald's assistance.
  • Lalafells: Something he's never quite been able to fully rationalize is his dislike for the entirety of the lalafell race. He finds everything about them obnoxious and repugnant. From their appearance, to the way they move, talk, act. Everything about them just fills him with an urge to punt them with all his strength. There have been the occasional lalafell capable of getting in his good graces, but they are few and far between.
  • Strawberry Sundaes: Mostly stemming from a trauma in his past, Vanir can't stomach strawberry sundaes. Indeed whenever he so much as hears the name he is bombarded with unpleasant memories of a specific man from his past.


  • Secrets Being Discovered: One of Vanir's greatest fears is the exposure of the secrets he holds close. He has gone to extreme lengths to ensure this never happens, on more than one occasion even vanishing without a trace for months or years to deal with it. It is the one thing above all else he doesn't want those around him finding out or having to deal with.
  • Flying: Heights are not something to be feared, however flying very much is. No matter the situation so long as your own hands and feet are rooting you to the ground, Vanir is fine with it. But when the only thing keeping you from a very gruesome death is some machine that you better hope doesn't break down, that's where he gets uncomfortable. As much as he takes pride in Garlemald's advancements, airships are one he could never get behind.


  • Warmachina: Vanir has a rather impressive amount of knowledge when it comes to warmachina, especially those fielded by the Garleans. Using this knowledge he is adept at making repairs to machines of war, but is generally of little use on other forms of magitek.
  • Drinking: Contrary to what his demeanor might imply, Vanir is willing to indulge himself in the joys of alcohol. He has a higher tolerance for it and it's nigh impossible to convince him to get truly drunk, but he will still enjoy the buzz all the same.
  • History: Possibly to go along with his overall indulgence in warfare, he has spent many an hour studying up on the history of the world. Unlike other pursuits of knowledge, this one is not limited to warfare as it is a more broad understanding of history.


Born in Garlemald to a long line of warriors, both of Vanir's parents served the military in some capacity. His father was an officer within one of the many legions while his mother did more bureaucratic work close at home. Due to this Vanir grew up rarely seeing his father. The ever expanding Empire always demanding much from it's soldiers. Even so the young boy didn't resent the Empire or his Father, instead feeling a great sense of pride for his parents' hard work in service of the Emperor. Like most within Garlemald he was raised to believe it was their duty to unify the world under their banner, and to that end he always looked up to his father. His childhood would go on as one would normally expect. His days were spent in school, playing with his friends, and generally enjoying childhood. As he grew older he sought to join the military as his parents, and their parents before them.

It was around his fourteenth nameday that news came of his Father's death during a battle with Ala Mihgan rebels. Heartbroken at the news he was left to steel his grit and consul his grieving mother. The news lit a fire beneath the kindling of pride he already possessed. While he always intended to join the military, this event simply spurred him on even more and further provided him with a zealous rive to push forward. Three years later he went to the military academy to train to be a soldier. Life at the academy was tough, the Empire demanded the best out of it's soldiers and those who couldn't make the cut were quickly thrown out. Vanir was one of those who did make the cut, his hard work and perseverance seeing him to success. Upon graduating from the academy Vanir was sent to a local reserve legion to act as a buffer and additional real-world training.

This reserve status meant that what combat he saw was fairly light, mostly dealing with assisting in the occupation of occupied territories in Ilsabard. After a few more years of this he was transferred to the VIIth Legion. His time on the frontlines was much the same as back home, the only significant difference is that the local Ala Mihgans provided a much more hostile rebellion than the territories back near home. However, his time playing security forces would soon come to an end as the VIIth began their march into Eorzea. By this time Vanir had risen the ranks, commanding his men in the great battle of Carteneau. That day the Empire suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of the raging Bahamut and Vanir was one of the many wounded in the calamity.


It would be weeks before Vanir awakened after the battle. It was not his fellow Garleans that he found, but rather a young woman. She informed him that She had found him on the edge of the highlands, collapsed and barely clinging to life. Garlean or otherwise she wasn't going to just leave him to die and so she brought him to her home in the wilderness where she tended to him. He spent several more weeks recovering, being filled in on the destruction wrought by Bahamut and helping his caretaker in the frigid wasteland she now found herself. Eventually his wounds healed and he knew he couldn't just stay there forever. He also knew there was no going back to the Empire. Beyond the obvious fact that he would be branded a deserter if he was to return there was also the fact that he couldn't condone what they had done at Carteneau.

So rather than return to the Empire he sought employ with the locals of Ishgard. While turbulent at the start his rigid, military nature allowed him to fit in fairly easily, and his martial skills were certainly not something the Holy See was willing to turn away. He would spend three years within he Holy See, training along side them in how to slay their mortal foes. Defending against the ceaseless dravanian assaults. All the while he would use his resources to help support the woman whom had saved his life, moving her into a proper settlement. Alas, with the XIVth legion staying in Eorzea he couldn't risk staying in Ishgard. The Empire had eyes and ears everywhere and didn't take kindly to deserters and traitors. Unwilling to risk the lives of those he had come to know he secured his release from his duty to the Holy See and set forth to wander the lands.


Ever since that day Vanir has traveled far and wide, selling his services as a mercenary for hire to fund his travels. He held little purpose in life, simply seeing the world and the battles visited upon it's vast surface. It didn't take him long to learn of the XIVth's situation, to know that it had remained against the Emperor's wishes. To know that it was without the Empire's support. This knowledge did much to ease his worries and so he set back to Ishgard only to find his savior long gone from the settlement. With her absence he saw no reason to stay and continued his aimless wandering. Even with the defeat of the XIVth and the continuing situations of the world Vanir's life remains unchanged. He is but a simple sellsword now days and though aimless his life may be, he can't say that he dislikes it either.

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Rogan Calad () ( NPC ) - Father
Vanir's father and primary role model. He was a tough, stern, but fair man. When he was home he spent much of his time instructing Vanir in the basics of fighting along with various lessons on morality and what it meant to be a man. All in all Vanir holds the memory of his father very dear and attributes much of who he is as a person to the lessons taught by him.
Viera Calad () ( NPC ) - Mother
Vanir's mother wasn't that dissimilar from his father. Though far less stern and serious she was equally as pragmatic and down to earth. She took hardships in stride and would simply buck up and do what needed to be done. What he doesn't attribute to his father, he attributes to his mother. His inability to contact her after the Calamity still remains one of his greatest regrets to this day.
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Name Goes Here ( Status Icons Go Here ) ( NPC ) - Title Given By Character Goes Here
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Text, text, text, text.


Reinard Ackerman (?) - Title
Nobody truly knows the relationship between these two, and Vanir's certainly not the one who's going to explain it.
Khatun Khatayin () - Title
A woman met at the Quicksand the two quickly became friends. Someone Vanir trusts and respects and spends much of his time with in recent days.
Name Goes Here ( Status Icons Go Here ) ( NPC ) - Title Given By Character Goes Here
Text, text, text, text.
Name Goes Here ( Status Icons Go Here ) ( NPC ) - Title Given By Character Goes Here
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Name Goes Here ( Status Icons Go Here ) ( NPC ) - Title Given By Character Goes Here
Text, text, text, text.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Vanir, huh? Tall, armored fella? Yeah, he comes through these parts. Ain't never seen him out of that armor though. Ya'd think it'd get hot in there."
    "I know him, he's a pretty good fighter from what I've heard. Seems to be a sword for hire or something along those lines."
    "Vanir Calad? The Metal Knight, right? Good guy, helped me on a job a while back. Says he use to be a soldier and from what I saw in a fight, I don't doubt it for a minute."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Went on a job with him once. Poor bastard had to ride several malms by chocobo because he couldn't use the Aetheryte. Guess he got the short straw on the anima lottery."
    "I've trained countless gladiators over the years, but I've never seen a fighting style quite like his. Wherever he learned to fight, it certainly wasn't here."
    "I have suspected for a while, but I doubt the veracity of his faith. He claimed to be one of Halone's children yet he seems rather... insincere in his faith."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "I 'unno if I oughta be sayin' this. But believe you me, I believe that guy's an honest to gods Garlean spy. How else would he know all that Garlean stuff?"
    "There was a raid on some Garlean Castrum a long while back. I heard your guy was a part of it. Don't know anything more than that, sorry."
    "What if he's not really a man? No, seriously, hear me out. What if he's actually a little girl inside a suit of.. Magitek! Magitek armor! Yeah... Wait, where are you going?"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Dont ask him to take off his helmet. At best he will ignore you. At worse, he will get angry and you don't want to see him angry." Reinard Ackerman
    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name

Personal RP Limits

I will play basically anything and everything so long as it's logical and reasonable and creates a good narrative. There's not much you need to be concerned over whether it's acceptable or not, as long as it flows naturally just go with it and I'll follow along.
Ask about long-term or permanent afflictions. Be this injuries, imprisonment, servitude, or death. Things of that nature. If there can be a good story there I'll probably be all for it, but doesn't hurt to ask.
I won't play Death is about the only thing I wont play. But even that has the caveat mentioned above. Death is the end of a story, but depending on how it's done it can be a good en. So while highly unlikely, I wont say never.
■ Like most people I'm just here to have fun and I want my RP partner's to have fun too. If there's something you're uncomfortable with, or something you want to do, or really anything on your mind just shoot me a /tell and say your piece. I much rather we talk things out than just let the RP die due to creative differences, y'know?
Potential RP Hooks
Some bare-bones suggestions for RP starters.
■ Vanir's occupation as a sellsword is no secret, so if you need a big scary-looking man in full-plate, he's your guy.
■ Perhaps you know a bit more about his past than most people? Perhaps he doesn't like that? Perhaps you don't care? Who knows.
■ Vanir is always keeping an eye out for the woman that saved his life. Maybe you know something about that?
■ There's more than a few Garleans in Eorzea, it's always possible you might know one another from your earlier years.
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