Wakalaka Wakala

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Wakalaka Wakala
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It's all full of stars...
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 2nd Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon, 1559
Age 18
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Hobbies Fire, experimenting with various substances to see what they do, fire, phurbles and how they get so fluffy, exploring, fire
Theme Song(s) Waka Laka, by Jenny Rom vs. Zippers
I'm Cute (Dot, Animaniacs)
IC Blog wakalaka-wakala.tumblr.com
(Oh, and she's on Balmung)
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"I like fire!"
"Of course I'm somewhat unusual! It simply isn't interesting being usual."


Wakalaka is a Dunesfolk Lalafell, standing around 2Fm, 10Im tall. She has leaf-green hair which is typically pulled back in pigtails, and bright aqua eyes. Due to her penchant for fire (and some fairly close calls), her pigtails are often somewhat singed, showing thick streaks of black soot toward the ends and on the underside of her hair. Strangely, for how close in proximity to fire and heat she typically is, her skin maintains a porcelain fairness, though it is sometimes smudged by a stray smear of soot or whatever unguent she is working with at the moment. When working, a pair of silver-framed glasses perches on her nose, though it isn't clear whether she truly needs them or if she dons them for mere effect. Her clothing is usually bulky, covering her slight frame, and she prefers pants to skirts for ease of movement.



  • Hiding her true emotions. She is generally very cheery and friendly, albeit sometimes shy, even around people she doesn't like or in situations she's afraid of.
  • Extrapolating future information from past precedents.


  • Her attention span, or lack thereof.
  • Hiding her emotions. Her cheer is sometimes a front, hiding other emotions. If she does let depression or sadness show, she 1) trusts the person she allows to see that, and/or 2) is very deep into that emotion, enough to let her guard down.


  • Meeting new people. It's not the meeting them that's scary, but the thought of meeting them.
  • Her fire going out. The day she ceases being able to call upon fire will be the day she dies.
  • Running out of ideas for stuff to smoosh together. She prides herself on her scientific alchemagical discoveries.
  • Children. She just doesn't understand them - even when she was a kid, she didn't get them.


  • She is very likely to speak whatever's on her mind, even if it means a complete change of subject in the middle of a sentence. Even your sentence.
  • The easiest way to tell she's nervous or distressed is when she begins tugging one of her pigtails, or rubbing the back of her neck. Nervous habits.
  • Nicknaming things - her staff is Mr. Bashy, her pet bat is Mr. Flappy, her chocobo is Muffinpants (it's a long story)...

TV Tropes


Waka's phurble studies


  • Fire.
  • Phurbles.
  • Smooshin'.
  • Exploring.
  • Fire.
  • Doodlin'.
  • Reading.
  • Sweets.


  • Mean people.
  • People who play with her pigtails without asking.
  • Large crowds of people she doesn't know.


  • Fire.
  • Getting absorbed in her lab for hours on end, finding the perfect smooshin' combinations.
  • Moogles.
  • Jaunty hats.
  • Long, relaxing baths.

Life Goals

  • To figure out what makes phurbles so fluffy.
  • ...she's supposed to have more than one goal in life? Well drat.


  • Fire.
  • Smooshin'.
  • Taking really long naps.
  • Mining and botany - more stuff to smoosh!


Charisma: Waka is extremely likeable... in her own mind. Whether or not someone else finds her charming doesn't register in her mind. She truly doesn't think she has any enemies. And maybe she doesn't! But she probably does.

Intellect: She's very, very booksmart. She can rattle off names and dates and theory all day long, and enjoys logic and strategy very much. It's just too bad that her booksmarts don't translate well into other areas - like real life, or common sense, or etiquette, or people skills.

Experimental: She loves smooshing things together to see what happens. Did you know that dodo fat, silica, and soot makes a great moisturizer? Waka does! (now, anyway; her initial attempts with Garlean garlic produced mediocre results, and drove a fair number of people away). That experimentation carries into other aspects of her life, such as her magic (closing her eyes always produces greater effects than watching her effects go off - scientifically proven!), travel arrangements (fat chocobos don't consider La Noscean lettuce a suitable replacement for gysahl greens, and wild onions will make them move backwards!), and clothing (pants made from edibles may make for quick field rations later on, but some itch terribly, while others fall apart. Stronger edible glue may need to be concocted).


Staves, always staves. She feels out of place if she doesn't have one on her back. She's started dallying with the bow, but it just isn't the same.


Fire, fire, more fire, sometimes ice, but mostly fire. She really likes fire.


She thinks she's handy with a needle and thread, and thinks she inherited her father's skill in cooking.

Spoilers: nope.


  • The Immortal Flames
  • Chocobo's Wing (WING; her FC)



Waka was born 13 years before the cataclysm, the sixth of eight children - and the only girl. Growing up with so many brothers, Waka naturally took on many of the traits of her siblings - the adventuring and exploring, the tinkering, the experimenting with various ingredients and unguents, and the habit of always wearing pants, never skirts or dresses. Her mother attempted to instill some modicum of ladylike grace in Waka, but not much of it stuck.

When Waka was eight, the family came to the city of Ul'dah so her mother could pursue her talents as a thaumaturge and seamstress, while her father spun his cooking skills into a job as a chef for a local noble family. Waka and her brothers helped their parents in their businesses as much as they could, but it was soon discovered that Waka was harboring some magic talent of her own.

Under her mother's tutelage, and her mother's mentor's tutelage, Waka slowly began studying the thaumaturgical arts. Her lack of attention span definitely hindered her studies, but a newfound love of fire helped spur her to continue learning. Soon she was voraciously reading everything she could get her hands on, and by the time she was 12, could cast some very minor spells under the close observation of her mother.

Then, when Waka was 13, her world was turned upside down just as everyone else's was. Her mother, a Warrior of Light, disappeared in the cataclysm - leaving Waka's father and brothers heartbroken. Waka - grief-stricken at the loss of the only female presence in her life, her mentor, her rock, her mother - fell into a deep depression. After her father and mentor managed to break her out of it, she seemed to have blocked all memory of her mother; whether it was amnesia brought about by the events of the cataclysm, or Waka's own grieving process, is anyone's guess.

As her brothers grew up and left the city for their own pursuits in life, and her father threw himself more into his job, Waka was increasingly left on her own and to her own devices. She became even more absorbed in her studies, truly becoming a bookworm, and rarely left her private quarters in the city unless it was to visit her father or acquire more ingredients for her random experiments.

Finally, after five years of intense studying and amassing the skills she needs to become an adventurer in her own right, her mentor has freed her to explore and learn on her own. And as secluded as she has forced herself to become, she's probably not exactly 100% cognizant of her surroundings (or of her behavior, or of societal norms, or even of what sanity is suppose to feel like). She has reconnected with her childhood love of exploring, and can now be found roaming the world, trying to set wrongs right, and collecting more reagents to play with.


Note: Anyone may add their two cents here. Is it true or false? No one really knows but Waka.

  • "They say Wakala's as innocent as a flower, but I don't believe that chocobo shite. Even the loveliest of roses has its perverted thorns." - Dresden Voltaire
  • "I was starving during a werewoof hunt she gave me licorice...it was delicious!" - S'imba Tia

Music and Media

RP Preferences

Happy Waka.png

  • Long, rambly conversations about anything and everything
  • Keeping up with Waka's at-times manic conversations
  • Exploring together - whether it's romping through a zone, exploring backstories, or figuring each others' personality quirks out

Less than thrilled.png

  • Coming at Waka for ERP with no preamble. Have some dignity, boys! (and girls)
  • Being a meanie, threatening/harassing Waka, or generally being a troll with no IC context. Unless it's coming from RP, I have no time for your shenannery.