Dresden Voltaire

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Ishgard.jpg Dresden Voltaire
"Don't threaten me with a good time."
Knight Captain
Gender Male
Race Hyur/Elezen
Clan Hybrid
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Mateus
Guardian Halone
Nameday First Astral Moon (Age: 32)
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Temple Knight

Basic Info

"At the end of the Dragonsong War, we anticipated victory or the cold embrace of death. Not the ignoble beginning of insecurity, betrayal, and a loss of a once proud faith. But revolution, however mired and tumulus, must be done to save a nation - or end it."

Devout, but an individual. Loyal, but questioning. Saint and heretic. Where wanderlust would drive Dresden's passions beyond Hydaelyn, Ishgard is where his path will always lead back to. And it is where he gained and lost everything.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs

Complexion:  Fair

Hair:  Dark brown

Eyes:  Hazel

Particular Traits:  Vertical scar over right eye and a brand scar on left temple.

Voice Canon: Brandon Urie

Clothing Style: Light, flowing armor. Standard Ishgardian fashion.

Laterality:  Right-handed



  • Training
  • Exploration
  • Gambling


  • Statuesque Elezens
  • Mining
  • The thrill of battle
  • Warm fires
  • Wyverns (post-Heavensward)
  • Champagne
  • Coke
  • Ceruleum Fuel


  • Indecisive people
  • Clingy women
  • Anti-religious berserkers
  • Tonberries
  • Close-minded individuals
  • Cherry Bombs


  • Color: Black, white, and icy colors
  • Food: Dzemael Gratin
  • Drinks: Coeurlspice Ale
  • Scent: Fresh snow
  • Place: Saint Reymanaud Cathedral, Anyx Trine, and The Churning Mists' Zenith
  • Festival: Starlight Celebration


  • Captured any and all Ishgardian deserters in the name of the Holy See. [Concluded as of Before the Fall]
  • Recuperated from a near fatal wound made by an old Doman friend. [Concluded]
  • Forwarded information to Menelwen Veara. [Concluded]
  • Prepared for the inevitable war in Ishgard. [Concluded]
  • Maintaining peace within Ishgard. [Concluded]
  • Strengthen ties between Ishgard and Dravanians. [Ongoing]
  • Join the heralded Eorzean march of adventurers to retake Ala Mhigo. [Concluded]


Having been clothed and fed by the Holy See after a childhood as a street urchin in the Brume, Dresden was wholly devoted to the religion of Halone and the Archbishop Thordan VII to the point of fanaticism.

As of completion of Heavensward 3.15, Dresden's fanaticism has severely shifted due to recent events. While devoted to the worship of Halone, he no longer entwines his personal religious inclinations with the Holy See and has freed himself from the murky politics.


Lawful Neutral: Devoted to both Ishgard's country and main religion, Dresden does fall back on their code first before utilizing his own personal one. While he was still strong in allegiance to Ishgard and the people he was indebted to, Dresden did not feel responsible for the greater good of Eorzea nor the state of the other city-states and their politics. However, he believed in reaction should such things come cross his path and will take a stand to unfairness and corruption if he sees it.


A combination of pragmatism from a lowborn life in the Brume and the religious doctrine of the Holy See had made Dresden somewhat unhinged, torn between being pure and devout or hedonistic and primal in his early adult years.

Towards strangers, Dresden appeared very amicable, able to talk with people and on the surface seem very put together and eloquent in order to lower his companion's guard. This was due to his job as a service to the Holy See, constantly guarding Inquisitors on the hunt for Ishgardian heretics to drag back for sentencing. He is especially polite and respectful toward Elezens, for they make up a good number of nobility back in Ishgard.

In the presence of the Holy See and the Ishgardian houses, Dresden acted as a model disciple of the faith: polite, reserved, and completely devoted to the scriptures.

As of Heavensward (three years later), age and experience has rendered Dresden weary and desperate for repentance. His past rife with struggle and the religious chains of control, Dresden's outlook on life had always been to kill or be killed with no compassion for others. After he stepped foot outside of Ishgard under the guise of an alias, the people he had met had considerably changed his outlook on life.

As if a fissure inside him was finally shifted and made whole, Dresden had a reaffirmation of faith, but at great cost. His determination outweighed all else, and his relationships in near tatters by the end of it. He had left his comrades with regret and bitterness, but it was an important tithe to start anew.

Coupled by his permanent stint returning to Isghard, he returned to a veneer of prayer and duty in the wake of his newfound allegiance to Lord Commander Aymeric as a temple knight. Because of this he is much more reserved and even tempered, if not alarmingly patient, as his role dictated calmness and order in the face of Isghard's cracking infrastructure.

Unfortunately, his new demeanor would give no ilm for the explosive magic in his blood, one that could only be tapped and warped into by raw emotion. With his new pious path, Dresden had no choice but to forgo his staff and pick up a lance, as he was unable to manipulate his aetheric reserves and wield magic anymore. This also came with a greater cost - his body is unable to accept healing magic in any shape or form. When wounded, he would have to deal with healing naturally on his own.


  • When surprised or amused, Dresden's left eyebrow would often quirk up should he avoid saying anything.
  • He's been sick after rain storms on beaches. Twice in one week at one point. This was because of his mana problem which influenced his body. Oftentimes he was easily prone to illness such as colds or flus due to a weakened immune system that came from the aetherial tether. Thanks to his pious path, this is no longer a problem, but he still gets sick easily.
  • Tends to pinch the bridge of his nose when annoyed or exasperated.
  • As of Heavensward, Dresden can no longer tap into his aetheric reserves. He is unable to naturally sense, manipulate, or conjure any sort of magic. Healing magic has no effect on him either.


  • Dry humor. Most of the time it goes over many people's heads. He usually does not clarify, preferring those to become frustrated and finding amusement in it.
  • He is married to his job to the point of obsession. There is very little chance he would skip aside his duties for social functions. This has made many of his friendships strained.
  • Aside from his pursuit of magic, Dresden has trouble finishing what he's started, often leading it to become stale and uninteresting to him. Boredom is his greatest enemy.
  • In addition to boredom, he cannot resist seduction though he would valiantly try. A life spent trying to remain pious has weakened Dresden's resolve in the affairs of affection. It takes little to stir him to interest.
  • Dresden is both touch-starved, but reluctant to touch another person. You would find him very pressed to do simple platonic actions like embracing. This is due to the rigid training from the Holy See in his youth. Such actions are usually frowned upon or treated as a weakness. Lust is easy, but romance is not.


There is little to fear anymore for Dresden, who has lost everything and gained everything in the new life he forged for himself. The closest to fear would probably be regret and worry. He had shattered bonds and used people to his own ends in the past and seeks to recompense somehow but unsure to what end.

Simple fears like attraction and long-term relationships do plague him, but there are exceptions. Being chained down is a possible fear for him as well.


Dresden used to be naturally talented in the arcane arts. Whether it was from a family he did not know or not, his prowess alerted the Holy See enough to pluck him from the streets. And with reading and writing at his disposal, he had proved a valuable asset to the fight against the dragons, employing various magics and curses designed to slow them down.

On the social side, Dresden can be quite the silver tongue in conversation, often using thought-provoking words to disorient and control a person to his side. Oftentimes he used them to either draw a person in or have them lash out. Either way, the conversation must needs to be manipulated to his favor. This, however, had been put into disuse pending his new life and will sporadically use this for trivial reasons.


While he had natural intuition due to his earlier years on the streets, he picked up quite a bit of an academic streak once he was taught to read and write by the Holy See. This has made him extremely eloquent and especially a scholar in the arcane, but other subjects make him a very poor student such as swordplay mechanics and/or agricultural studies for example.

Aside from the arcane studies, he is more socially intelligent or 'street smart' and therein where he was most comfortable at.

TV Tropes

  • Becoming the Mask: His time infiltrating the city-states in the name of Ishgard had turned him away from the Holy See's strict service for those he had grown to care for.
  • Bi The Way: Has no problems finding beauty in the male or female form and had relationships with both.
  • Brought Down To Normal: From Heavensward to the end of Stormblood, Dresden could not wield or accept magic. A psychological block brought upon by his new pious nature unwittingly suppressed his aetherial reserves, forcing him to pick up a weapon and fend for himself.
  • Church Militant: Most of the fighting Dresden got himself into was usually under the orders of the Holy See.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Had no problem doing morally questionable things to further his agenda and he would even be polite doing it.
  • Heel Realization: It was under Ser Aymeric's command that Dresden saw the harshness of war and how easily the Holy See's isolation of Ishgard has been slowly dragging their country down while engaging with the Dravanians.
  • Knight Templar: In a very literal sense as it's his job.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: Dresden Voltaire was an alias he used to spy for Ishgard, named after a dragoon who died in his first infantry and a scholar who tutored him when he was young.
  • Morality Pet: This was the reason why he turned.
  • Street Smart: Comes with the territory of living on the streets at a young age.
  • Tall Dark and Snarky
  • The Unfettered: There is little that could have stopped him from getting what he wants.
  • You Are What You Hate: Living as a spy for the Holy See has brought him to this end and the chaos that came with it the last few months.

Abilities and Skills


  • Agility: Being able to slip away quickly, sometimes without detection, to avoid confrontation.
  • Charisma: Is able to carry on a conversation and lower a person's guard down with a friendly smile.
  • Misdirection: Can lie on a whim and build up stories from them without breaking down. It is also used to twist a person's words and turn it against them.
  • Determination: Once his sights are set upon someone or a goal, he can become relentless with consequences.
  • Intellect: Able to quickly learn things if he wishes to set his mind to it. (Often times he doesn't.)


  • Primary: Staff or Wand/Shield (As of Heavensward, the Lance)
  • Secondary: Bow and Arrow (As of Heavensward, the Claymore)
  • Tertiary: Tome


  • Thaumaturgy [Currently locked]
  • Astrologian (Barely)
  • Conjury (Illegal)


  • Alchemy
  • Culinary
  • Goldsmith

Family and Relationships


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  • Siobhan de Lancret (Mother): A revered Hyur Knight who was stripped of her title after consorting with Dresden's father, the heretic Ardeth, who after one fateful meeting relentlessly pursued him. After Ardeth's disappearance, she took her only son back to Ishgard, only to mysteriously disappear a year later.
  • Ardeth of Blades (Father): This Elezen was known as the Blade of Coerthas and lead a close knit group of mountaineers that kept far away from Ishgard and its people. Siobhan pursued Ardeth relentlessly for months, but only through combat did he accept her. Locked in a fierce territorial battle with another cult, he left his infant son to his wife and was presumed dead during the heated conflict.
  • Gaston Voltaire (Adopted Sire): During Dresden's time in the Holy See, he was trained under the watchful eye of his pious mentor, whose only son and heir was killed in the Dragonsong War. After his death, Dresden took his last name as a sign of remembrance and, in turn, kept the once dying House Voltaire alive.


Friends, Comrades, Family
  • Aerostein Epitaph: Non-religious, compassionate, and a mage of the light, he was everything Dresden despises, but forbidden enough that it intrigued him. Aero knew about Dresden's mana problem. When he should have killed the Hyur to prevent his secret from surfacing, Dresden miraculously let him live. In a rare act of compassion, Dresden had refrained from pursuing Aero as a sign of friendship.
  • Ciel Wulfe: A Bard that Dresden had become very acquainted with and had journeyed with this adventurer before into the depths of Stone Vigil. He has respect for Ciel's maturity and wisdom, often befitting a true Elezen. When she was tasked to recapture the Conjurer's Orb and thereby be at odds with him, Dresden harbored no ill will towards her and in fact admires the ruthlessness the Conjurer's Guild used to find him.
  • Deverell Jinx: A fellow Thaumaturgist that joined the Ossuary at the same time Dresden did. Despite conflicting morals and choice of dealing with a problem, (Jinx would rather seek strength in numbers whereas Dresden prefers a more bloody confrontation), Jinx had become a close confidant if not for the sexual tension that was once betwixt them. Seeing as Jinx already had a plethora of admirers (and married), Dresden enjoyed being the 'one who got away'. A fellow Thaumaturgist that joined the Ossuary at the same time Dresden did. He was one of the extremely few who are aware of Dresden's status in Ishgard.
  • Gus Pumpkinweed: An enterprising merchant with a penchant for pumpkins. Impressed with Gus' passion for goods and his own appreciation for merchants, Dresden offered his services to the Lalafell's growing business as his new bartender. He offered Dresden his job back after being fired and, though his ever growing tension with the Holy See continues, he had been contemplating on returning.
  • Hiro Ayami: A strange man that came attached to Nylesa when Dresden met him. Dresden believes him to be some kind of homunculous construct unable to understand hyur attachment seeing as the man has no interest in affection. He named the Cherry Bomb Calcifer much to Dresden's dismay. His conflict with him set the stage and it was his blade that wounded Dresden, though non-fatally when he should have.
  • Katiti Kati: Second in charge to Gus and a strict manager that oftentimes grated on Dresden's nerves. She's got him 25 points under during his job orientation and had pulled him by the ear like a child when he was ill and lied about it during the second orientation to avoid losing points. He had a kind of twisted soft spot for the Lalafell, seeing as she reminded him vaguely of the female clergy back home. She fired him for causing a stir in the Quicksand.
  • Menelwen Veara: The polite and elegant Elezen Dresden admired and respected. Her great magic and personality made her one of the few he could trust his darkest secrets with and it was her gift of healing that has been helping him recuperate from his battle with Hiro. In return, he is bound to her and must give her any and all information for her own ends from now on.
  • Nadeau Celeste: A young woman Dresden met once, but had a positive impression on. They had quite an animated conversation about curses and aetherial tethering, something Dresden is desperately searching an answer to.
  • Nylesa Tou: One of the new servers of the Piquant Pumpkin. Dresden found a good synergy working with her during mock orientation, one that he hadn't found yet with any other server. She became a permanent addition seeing as she could help deal with the new menace in the bar and keep Dresden from destroying the cabinets in frustration. Dresden had become oddly attached to her, often willing to tease and cajole her whenever possible. She had been the start of his attempt at healing which is a struggle for him. This, compiled with her acute compassion for his well-being, was what drew him to her. (Or it could just be one of her punches has finally knocked a brain stem around. It's highly debatable.) She had been wounded during his confrontation with Hiro and, despite losing her due to conflict of interest, has always tried to seek her out to no avail. His relationship with her transcends simple romance, a simple star-crossed fate. She is his first and only true love no matter where the journey takes them.
  • Pochi: A young whelp of Ratatoskr's brood who hatched under Dresden's care when Tyr deemed the egg stillborn. As such, Dresden was tasked with a rare and honored ceremony to feed the egg deep into the lava pools of Anyx Trine, but whether it was divine intervention or (according to Dresden) the heat spurred her to suddenly hatch. Told to name her Ptholshe as the whelp saw the hyur as its mother, Dresden completely fumbled the pronunciation. The whelp formally deemed herself 'Pochi' much to Tyr's irritation. Complications continued as Pochi would not feed from her broodmother, nor stay in Anyx Trine if Dresden was not there. To avoid further problems, Dresden took on an almost permanent residence in Anyx Trine until she was sufficiently grown and 'weaned' from his attention. Unfortunately, such an endeavor would take at least a century and he had no choice but to accept Tyr's begrudging blessing and take the curious pup wherever he went from now on.
  • Raven Mordio: Dresden met Raven during his return to the Gold Saucer after the Dragonsong War. They hit it off physically as this was Dresden's attempt to reconcile himself with his new identity. Raven seemed determined for a relationship - and one that leaves Dresden contemplating, given his dubious lingering feelings for Nylesa. But Dresden's constant duties to Ishgard had put a strain on the relationship and was swiftly put to a quiet end.
  • Sethaner Somerville: One of the bouncers for the Piquant Pumpkin who got between Dresden and a crazy Lala. Nicknamed Big Guy, Dresden enjoyed trying to get him in trouble with Katiti, which earned the both of them ear pulls for their mischief. If there was anyone strong enough that Dresden could depend on, it was Seth.
  • Tyr: A wyvern of Hraesvelgr's brood a few centuries old, but as stubborn as a whelp. He and Dresden forged an unlikely alliance during Nidhogg's final ambush along the Steps of Faith. Were it not for Tyr's timely arrival, Dresden would have been cornered and incinerated by Nidhogg's horde. Upon the end of the Dragonsong War, Dresden buried his long seated hatred of dragons humbling himself to care for Tyr's wounds in Anyx Trine. They quickly formed a vitriolic, but endearing friendship that led Dresden to request a semi-permanent patrol route in the Forelands so he could continue to visit his new comrade.


  • S'imba Tia: A member of the Piquant Pumpkin that Dresden bet on during a brawl with S'honji in the Quicksand. He won the bet but apparently forgot that he promised part of his winnings to the Miqo'te.
  • Sigurd Rainecourt: An intellectual that Dresden met at a beach party. His folktale about the Three Aldgoats was probably one of the most amusing tales of the night.


Enemies, Rivals, Irritants
  • Aaron Glacier: Impulsive and overcompensating, Dresden had no love for such a combination without maturity and/or responsibility for one's actions to back it up.
  • Calcifer the Bomb Cherry: A tiny bomb cherry that Dresden discovered in the liquor cabinet in Fisherman's Bottom. The creature instantly attached itself to Dresden and made his life miserable while working the bar in the Piquant Pumpkin by bouncing on his head and eating everything in sight. Some of the nicknames include Blistering Bunion, Flaming Freak, Annoying Aethercreature, and Sodding Shitehead to name a few. While he hated the thing, he acknowledged its potential use in the bar, often using it to fire up tea for the baristas and servers so he didn't have to do it himself.
  • Pyralis Targaryen: An unnamed bard that spat alcohol in Dres' face at one point in Gridania. Seeking bloodshed, they ended up in a quick physical altercation only for the bard to escape amidst the bar brawl.
  • Rhysati Lhea: A Miqo'te woman attached to Menel, Hiro, and Nylesa's company, Dresden had very little respect for her as they have clashed in ideals before. Where she finds him decadent, he found her irritating.


  • The Republic of Ishgard (House of Lords/Commons)
  • House of Lancret
  • The East Highland Hounds
  • House of Voltaire (Adoption)
  • Temple Knights
  • The Imperial Magicians Corp (Current)

Music Themes

Note: Vocal Songs are attributed themes in which the lyrics seem to relate or partially relate to the character. They don't mean to resemble the character's voice. The instrumental themes are meant to give an idea of the atmosphere around the character. Songs with character names (example: "Tidus's Theme") are NOT meant to indicate that the character is like the theme owner. I just find the instruments and melody fitting, not the character the song was originally addressed to.


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

  • "You know that Dresden guy? I totally caught him cooking up pumpkins on his off-hours. No really, it's true!" - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "He's one of the most lethal types of people in this world; That is- if you've caught his fancy or decided to make yourself his enemy." - Hiro Ayami
  • "I don't know about this guy he kinda reminds me of an evil mage I know...I'm betting he's like the rest...spending all day plotting to try and take over the world." - S'imba Tia
  • "I get the sense that he is troubled. Would that I could do more to help, but I dare not pry too far." - Ciel Sauveterre


Name and Lifestyle

Name Etymology

  • Dresden derives from Old Sorbian Drežďany, meaning people of the forest. This is applicable for a Coerthan native, where the climate prior to the calamity was a lush forest.
  • Voltaire derives from the pen name of French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher François-Marie Arouet. Its French origins make this name lore friendly for an Ishgardian native.


Would not recommend giving him one. Unfortunately it happened.

  • Dres: Something he's fine with so long as he is familiar with the person who calls him this.
  • Dresy: He will maim you should this be used. Even more so if he hardly knows you.
  • Promiscuous One: Damn you, Hiro and your drunken Slyph-speak!
  • Jaicroux Lancret [Jai-crow Lawn-creh]: One of his pseudonyms.

Current Residence

The Brume, Ishgard

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and Childhood 0-12
On a cold winter's eve, on the cusp of the annual Starlight Celebration, was a child born deep within the Foundation's Brume. His mother, a former denizen of House Lancret, once fourth of nobility under the banner of Durendaire, had sought her estranged family in the hope that her son's presence would sooth their fear of heresy. But with his mother a Hyur and his father a savage Elezen, Dresden was looked at with scorn for his half-blood status.

Like his uncertain future, Dresden was rife with fragility and woe. Nearly lost to the frigid Coerthas air, it was as if Halone herself sheltered and helped the infant take its first breath as his mother rested beneath a stone statue dedicated to the Fury. "Blessed by the Fury," his mother would recount and Dresden would take these words to heart from then on.

Alas, the politics of the land would not be kind even for an innocent child. His mother's last petition to rejoin House Lancret ended with a whimper as she left her son in a halfway house to negotiate, only to never return again. Then word whispered of House Lancret slaughtered the next day, from eldest patriarch to youngest child, and Dresden avoided speaking the name again lest he was implicated in the murders. Alone and alien to gestures of kindness and charity, Dresden was left not much than a beggar with the other street children for a rare gil of compassion from the indifferent nobility.

Teen Years 13-19
But all was not lost to them. As early as he could recall, Dresden's talent for sensing and manipulating aether would eventually catch an important eye. At eleven winters old, a group of knights from the Heavens Ward would witness Dresden delighting an audience with a simple conjuring of sparks weaved into shapes at the whims of the young nobles. As they exploded in a fanciful haze of fireworks overhead, they proclaimed him a menace for possible heresy and brought him before the Holy See for judgment.

Hearing the name of his father leaving Dresden's lips during questioning, one man on the inquisition was stirred in remembrance for her, realizing that the boy before him was Siobhan de Lancret's. The inquisitor, a devoted but stern Elezen named Gaston Voltaire, was once Siobhan's second when she had been the lady of the former Lancret House. He questioned Dresden's magical ability through trial by combat and proved to the Heavens Ward that Dresden's defeat posed no threat to the Holy See. As a show of promise, he offered to take the boy in as his own and, when Dresden was of age, he would be summoned to use his arcane talents for the ongoing Dragonsong War.

There was little for Dresden to do but accept. Very few lowborn children would ever ascend upwards in Ishgard's strict, traditional echelons save for scholars. He would be foolish not to accept. With Gaston as their new guardian, Dresden was rechristened in respect to Gaston's slain son from the Dravanian horde, and shirked his old life behind completely.

Dresden spent many tireless nights tutored and trained through scripture and divine faith of the Fury. He was taught to read and write and quickly develop his magic through what few arcane tutors were available.

But many winters bring change and soon Dresden turned from an underfed street urchin to an articulate young man whose silent composure bordered on mysterious. This often attracted the attentions of nobles and soldiers alike. Dresden spent his late teen years exploiting highborn parties and unofficial tavern functions at the Forgotten Inn like the other youths, ignorant of the weight of their forefathers pressing down upon their shoulders.

Oftentimes, his dalliances would clash with his patron or the clergy itself. This tense struggle would come to a head when Dresden found himself entangled with a highborn son, Sebastian of House Dzemael. When his lover announced Dresden as his second, it brought House Dzemael to an uproar. Willfully ignorant and rebellious, Dresden shirked Gaston's warnings about Sebastian - who the Heavens Ward believed was secretly conspiring with heretics.

He was right.

As Eorzea quickly found themselves sequestered in the opposition of the Garlean Empire, the Dragonsong War was quickly ushering new bloodshed. Upon Dresden's twentieth winter, he threw himself at the mercy of the inquisitors when Sebastian mustered a cult of their fellow peers. Dresden and a group of Temple Knights intercepted their escape to reunite with the other heretics, and was not swayed by his heretic lover's plea to join them - that he was raising his weapon on the wrong side of the war. In a gesture of loyalty to his countrymen, Dresden lead the vanguard and slew Sebastian after he turned into an aevis. This action would devastate and fracture Dresden's spirit in the years to come.

A Realm Reborn

As Dresden entered the service as a lowly soldier to the Holy See, he developed a close mentorship with a young woman brought up from the Brume to the scholasticate named Nichole. Reluctant to her destiny to become seminarian and devote herself to interpreting the Fury's scriptures, it was there that she fell in love with a soldier who routinely patrolled the scholasticate. Like Dresden, she too would suffer under the blindness of affection.

Gaston urged Dresden to exercise caution once the Inquisitors piled up evidence of her machinations to desert Isghard and head for the Hinterlands with her world-weary lover, taking the private scriptures of the Scholasticate with them. Infuriated and horrified that history would repeat itself, the Sixth Astral Era would come to a swift, messy end. With Dalamud's fall the scream of newly awaken primals ignited the unstable flow of aether through all living beings. Dresden's magic dangerously flared in the eve he stopped Nichole and her beau from leaving Ishgard with tragic consequences.

Remorseful and guilty, Dresden foolishly dabbled in blood magic to resurrect her but ended up summoning a voidsent instead, for there was no amount of aether or magical skill in this world that could completely bring back the dead. In his attempt to seal it away, the voidsent had nearly drained him entirely of his life force. His aether would be permanently uneven from then on and nothing to show for it. Such was the price of his desperation.

The Beginning
Reaching the end of his magical reserves, Dresden refused to die. Realizing that Thaumaturgy's Umbral Ice and Astral Fire were used to expend and replenish mana almost infinitely, Dresden approached the Holy See and asked to be transfered out of Ishgard as a heretic hunter and halt any flow of useful information and supplies from the other city-states that could prove advantageous for the Dravanians.

His request was approved and he left Ishgard once and for all to wander the rest of Eorzea as the Holy See's bounty hunter, using information and secrets to achieve these very ends.

He traveled to Limsa Lominsa, having taken the wrong ship, and was forced to deal with the wayward politics there before he was granted access to Ul'dah. It was there that he came across the Piquant Pumpkin proprietor to provide both a friendly front and access to a wide range of people. This made it easy for him to track potential heretics and a sustainable amount of gil to survive.

Fearing he had been cursed after speaking to a blind Miq'ote about his troublesome dreams, he turned to an Elezen woman named Menelwen, who seemed to believe he will turn into a Tonberry should he let it go unchecked. Taking Menelwen's theory to heart, he quickly began his tutelage for the scholar art with extremely mixed results.

A Realm Awoken
Selfishly disregarding the consequences of disobeying the Elementals, word came of a special scrying orb located in the Conjurer's guild was blessed by the Elementals themselves. He believed imbibing the artifact could help him circumvent his 'tonberry' curse. Using a poisoned guild leader as a cover up, he managed to not only claim a list of possible Ishgard refugees from the guild, but also use their commotion to steal the Conjurer's Orb during the confrontation.

The hunt for the orb soon began along with rumors spreading of a new drug called Dream Ink among Ul'dah. Using the orb was soon becoming detrimental to his health and the drug provided sufficient strength to subdue the pain of using it. He had since become a recreational user and dealer in order to access the potent stock.

At the cusp of his addiction, he ended up fighting Aaron Glacier alongside others to destroy a voidsent sword and ended up cleaved by its power. Feeling torn from the inside out, a soft woman's voice called out to him and urged him to breathe. This simple benevolent act stirred something passionate inside of him, for he had never been spoken to like a mother to a son, and the voice was just that. He returned the Orb to Nylesa and turned himself into the authorities for drug possession.

Defenders of Eorzea
However, skirmishes had broken out in Ul'dah by then and, taking a deal that he was to vacate the Immortal Flames in exchange for his freedom, Dresden set aside his assets to head to Limsa for the Maelstrom. There he had received a letter from Ishgard, urging him to return and report. Facing the realization that he failed in this 'tonberry curse', Dresden opted to head for Coerthas and face death with dignity than become such a creature.

On the night he was set to leave Ul'dah, a possible prankster had begun spiking the Quicksand's drinks with a peculiar concoction that rendered Dresden as a woman the next morning. Damned if he did not return to Ishgard soon, (as they would probably not believe he had been turned drastically into a female), he desperately sought a way to revert himself back lest he be branded a heretic and deserter. Many days passed until a cure was found, may of which he found himself having to explain himself to both old friends and new. It wasn't until on the cusp of explaining himself to Nylesa, who had become someone of great importance to him, was when he finally restored back to himself by Deverell Jinx's quick scourging of the lands.

During his horrific days spent in a female form, Dresden's aether could not handle the drastic change and was immediately depriving itself of mana again. Discovering that his aether reacted greatly to Nylesa's martial magic in the form of chakras, did he consider a theory that his magic may be more suited to a different kind of style, a long extinct art called the Red Mage his research in Amdapor brought him to.

With his affairs in order and words of something troubling transpiring in Ishgard, along with a mysterious woman named 'Iceheart' had resurfaced to bring the Dravanians to their knees in worship, Dresden had to finally make his journey back to Coerthas and give his yearly report. Danger and intrigue loomed over the horizon.

Dreams of Ice
Dresden had been conscripted back to Ishgard and replenish ranks for the ongoing Dragonsong War. It was there that destructive magic was needed for Isghardian's Temple Knights. He was therefore temporarily reassigned under Lord Commander Aymeric.

Under a Lord Commander than the Holy See, it was Aymeric's kindred sense of pragmatism that turned Dresden to his side, encouraging him to treat the outsiders he's met and become friends with as a blessing than a curse despite scripture. After proving himself a worthwhile asset, Aymeric suggested he retire from the espionage division and work for the Temple Knights.

He had returned from Ishgard months later weathered and tired from the front lines after word that five of Ishgardian spies in his group were slaughtered by an unknown assassin, including his mentor. Offering his own life to pursue the killer, Dresden's sins were expunged and his title reinstated before he was sent on his way back south to go on a manhunt for them.

After the Holy See had discovered the culprit who slaughtered his men was Hiro Ayami, Dresden and everyone he was regularly in contact with were watched, anticipating Dresden's disloyalty by refusing to kill a friend. Dresden kept his distance from his allies and made it very clear he intended to murder Hiro or die to prove his loyalty to Ishgard. Unfortunately, this had caused a rift in the relationship between himself and Nylesa in the process. He was unable to tell her the truth while they were being watched.

Intending on dying instead than murdering a friend, Aymeric suggested that Dresden fake his death and accept the consequences of his actions by returning to Ishgard.

Dresden sought out Menelwen Veara in the privacy of Outer La Noscea, free of spies, to discuss the conundrum of engaging in battle with Hiro and Nylesa's unfortunate part in these proceedings. Agreeing to use her extensive knowledge of the healing arts to stave him from permanent death at Hiro's hands, he offered his services in the future as an informant for any and all information, unabridged, at her disposal.

During the confrontation with Hiro, Nylesa ended up injured trying to stop them. Inevitably, Dresden was impaled by Hiro's blade and fell off a cliff, his condition was permanently unknown outside of Ishgard.

Before the Fall
Before Ishgard opened itself up to outsiders, Dresden returned to the service under Lord Commander Aymeric. Unfortunately, his crimes against the Holy See could not entirely be expunged and, like the other heretics, was forced into a trial by battle in order to prove his 'innocence' and clear his crimes.

By a stroke of luck he had somehow managed to become victorious. However, his former chapter refused to welcome him back to the ranks and, as according to plan, accepted Aymeric's recommendation to join a new band of temple knights for the upcoming horde. Picking up a blade, Dresden performed evacuation duties in the Brume when the horde attacked the Steps of Faith outside the city.


The Beginning
Despite the excitement of Ishgard's opening, Dresden's stint as a temple knight was relatively calm. It was only when Nidhogg threatened to level Ishgard to the ground was he sent to bolster defenses in the outside walls. When he returned to Isghard, news quickly spread of the bloody history that came with the Dragonsong War. Predictably, the ranks coupled beneath disillusion and anger. One by one, Dresden watched as his fellow knights turned rogue or abandoned their positions altogether to salvage what little families they had left.

With the ranks thinned out as it was, the highborn soldiers preferred to patrol through the more pristine, crimeless streets - leaving the Brume unmanned and unprotected. With begrudging reluctance, (and perhaps a small flair of compassion for his lowborn roots), Dresden accepted a post to patrol the Brume along with a promotion to go with it. It wasn't an easy assignment as the denizens there bayed for blood and justice over their situation, and became openly hostile to the still devout citizens of the Church.

As Goes Darkness, So Goes Light
Through shattered ranks did Dresden raise up in the Temple Knights, being one among dozens that did not wish to abandon Ishgard to skirmishes and religious upheaval. Manning the Brume, his ilk was not welcomed despite being lowborn himself, and was often in contention with the lowborns that dwelled within. With the added disdain from the highborns that sought to keep status quo, Dresden had little to do with his time than simply work and do his rounds.

During the fire that waged through Isghard due to Lord Aymeric's failed assassination, Dresden suffered multiple burns evacuating the lowborn civilians through the Brume. Because of this, he was temporarily promoted to a desk position and even had his own score of knights while he slowly recuperated.

His tireless work as a Temple Knight endeared many both highborn and lowborns enough that his superiors ordered him to go underground to track criminals inside the Brume. Answering to Hilda at the behest of his captain, Dresden donned a persona and slowly built up a reputation with hired sellswords to establish a militia of highwaymen called the Hellsward Jackals. Securing Western Coerthas, he quickly caught wind of one his targets - one so named the Owl - and worked close with the lowborn populace to find them. Despite receiving ample information of sabotage and recruitment to attack the Pillars, Dresden's sincere reports were considered too vague and unfounded. The entire noble house of Hildegarde and most within were brought to flames thanks to the Owl's actions.

The bureaucratic bumbling and corruption still rooted in the Temple Knights needed a scapegoat for their mistakes. As a lowborn with prior convictions against the Holy See, his own captain and monitoring Inquisitor Depardieu accused Dresden of conspiracy, leaving the broken spirited knight to flee with what few of his loyal highwaymen were left.

Undaunted to protect his home, Dresden risked himself to find and speak to the last heir, Lady Melisande of Hildegarde, and offer his blade along with the information the Temple Knights had ignored.

Gears of Change
Things quickly came to a head. The sudden revolution to extend peace from Ishgard to the Dravanians, and the mighty hand of Lord Aymeric's determination to stifle dissent, Dresden's fought for his place back onto the Knights through his third Trial by Combat. With a few choice adventurers at his side, Dresden was able to compile a case against Depardieu and his former captain. This further dismantled the stifled corruption still rampant within the Inquisitors. As reward for his unwavering service, Dresden was personally given a place as Captain in Lord Aymeric's personal guard, and was reported directly to Lucia.

At the Lord Commander's behest, Dresden joined the secondary cavalry during the Grand Melee between the city-states, though his presence was not needed with the Warrior of Light leading the first charge.

Revenge of the Horde
Finally Dresden had found peace and quiet. Things were changing in Ishgard and he silently watched in awe as lowborn and highborn alike did more than just talk about a measure of peace by joining hand-in-hand. Tensions slowly ebbed and even Dresden was starting to anticipate a new future for Ishgard until Lord Aymeric ordered his cavalcade of knights to oversee an event in the Western Highlands - where he would speak with an emissary of the dragons to forge an alliance anew.

His optimism wavered when a possessed Estinien brought his lance ferociously down onto Vidofnir, and the unwarranted attack triggered the memory of Sebastian's slain body by Dresden's own hands. It wasn't long before his own voice sang in a chorus of anger for Nidhogg's death.

During the final reprise of the Dragonsong War, Dresden held the line on the Steps of Faith under Lucia's command until Lord Aymeric returned. Most of his men were slaughtered by Nidhogg's horde which left Dresden himself cut off from the rest of the soldiers. He would have faced a noble death if not for Hraesvelgr's brood taking up arms and for the first time, Dresden joined forces with a dragon to help stem the tide of battle.

Nidhogg's wrathful song finally came to an end at the hands of the Warrior of Light. In gratitude for the newfound comrade that swooped down to defend him, Dresden honored the dragon Týr by offering his service should his brood ever require it.
Soul Surrender
There is very little much to do outside of Ishgard from here. The monarchy had quickly turned into a republic with the House of Lords dictating the well-being of the populace. Dresden continued his stint as Lord Aymeric's guard while occasionally venturing to the Forelands and lend aid to any dragons that seek it. He quickly gained a strong friendship with Týr, who had fatefully crossed paths with him. Curious of each other, they typically spent their interaction 'monitoring' the Forelands and defending the newly rendered trade and commerce lines from Coerthas to the Hinterlands from the Onemind. Dresden's personal impression of the dragons grew through Týr's camaraderie. They grew a strong rapport and often humored each other through grand feats of rivalry.
Far Edge of Fate
With the House of Lords and integration of Ishgard into the Eorzean Alliance in full force, word whispered of the problems arising with Ala Mhigan refugees. Wishing to return to the life of an adventurer rather than play politics back home, Dresden cautiously headed south back down on behest of the Eorzean Alliance to lend aid. A strange object not unlike Dalamud's moon reigned over the ruined Castrum Oriens, causing many hysterics and intrigue along the region until it unleashed the hellish being named Shinryu. Along with many other prospective adventures both new and veteran alike, Dresden sought both the Ala Mhigan and Doman Resistance groups to replace the emptiness of battle left after the conclusion of the Dragonsong War. It is his hope that storm of blood will reignite his warrior spirit.


The Beginning
Following the reclamation of Castrum Oriens for the Eorzean Alliance campaign to liberate Ala Mhigo, Dresden was assigned to a unit in the Gyr Abania fringes in Ishgard's combined efforts with the other Grand Companies to secure the region. The campaign is at a standstill, however, following a surprise attack in Rhalgr's Reach. The second wave against the Garleans was successful on the Ala Mhigan home turf. During the lull of combat, Dresden was tasked to bring Pochi back to Dravania for her aetherial aspect ceremony.
The Legend Returns
As Ala Mhigo worked to establish their own republic, Dresden spent his time back in Ishgard for rest and his own personal politics, as he was the last heir for House Voltaire. He quickly found himself butting heads with a young man named Bastian, who has claimed himself the bastard son of the late Gaston Voltaire. If found the heir legitimate, Dresden wonders his next step without House Voltaire to stand with.
Rise of the New Sun
Before the House of Lords could deliberate on Dresden's questioned title, he offered Bastion the title before he suffered another three hours of politics. He considered returning to the Ala Mhigan frontline or following a new trail back to Coerthas Eastern Highlands, which Tyr has surmised housed more of Ratatoskr's scattered brood. Before Pochi could drive her adopted broodmother nuts after Dresden left, he picked her up and was granted the noble, "Babysitter of the Brood" title.
Under the Moonlight
Traveling to the Eastern Highlands has been difficult following the calamity, so Dresden spent much of his time looking for new pathways into the highlands. Pochi wished to just fly over the snowcapped mountains, but given her newborn state and the thin air, Dresden suggested otherwise. They found a small village that have survived the harsh tundra by utilizing green chocobos who could navigate the mountain paths. When an elderly couple mentioned a man named Ardeth who had just rented their best chocobo, Dresden felt compelled to follow.
Prelude in Violet
A devastating blizzard hit their route on their way through the mountains. Unable to carry on, Dresden and Pochi sought shelter, only to find Bastian had been following him a few yalms behind. The young man had tracked him down, accusing him of squandering the riches of House Voltaire. Dresden brought him to a seething silence by agreeing - he gave it all to the restoration effort of Ishgard. He warned him, nay perhaps blackmailed Bastian into bringing it to the House of Lords and Commons, as taking back the money would not endear him to the people. The argument turned into a mad tussle inside the cave, which made Pochi used her dragon voice for the first time. In turn, it caused an avalanche that near buried their cave, but also took down the large snow barrier that separated Central Coerthas from Eastern Coerthas.
A Requiem for Heroes Pt. 1
Staring up at the free pathway through the mountains, Dresden's further explorations were hampered by an emergency summons from Lord Commander Aymeric, who needed all available hands to defend Ala Mhigan territory from the Garleans, who were destined to clash with the Eorzean Alliance. With Pochi reckless to use her dragon voice again and Bastian, who was determined to kill Dresden at all costs, this strange band of characters hearkened for Gyr Abania and clashed with Imperials in the Ghimlyt Dark. Bastian was near killed in combat until Dresden took the blow and was grounded on Ala Mhigan soil for surgery. Pochi and Bastian argued, Dresden prayed for Halone to take his poor soul so he could avoid the both of them.
A Requiem for Heroes Pt. 2
As the Alliance reached a climax against the Garlean Empire, they made a sudden withdrawal. With the Ishgardian forces split in the push to get them off Eorzean territory, Dresden was sent back to Ishgard to recuperate from his wounds. With Bastian's constant harassment and Pochi there to escalate it, Dresden was made to suffer when he returned home to find stacks upon stacks of paperwork waiting for him. Sabrina, his second-in-command, held the office while he was absent and her shrewd questions about his strangely talkative cloak and Bastian hanging around the barracks only led to further headache. His headache's soon turned into full-blown migraines as the block of his aether was now challenged by the likes of corruption and slander that still brewed within the Church. And with new explorers to reckon with now that the gates were open, he soon found himself buckling under the weight of the damned.


The Beginning
Dresden's sordid past slowly catches up to him as the Alliance moves to help destabilize Imperial provinces followed in the wake of the Empire's withdrawal. Ardeth of Blades, the Hound of Coerthas, and Dresden's wayward father had been growing active, which further divided Dresden's cavalcade of knights to either side with or against him. With his job at stake, Dresden surrendered his post to Sabrina and traversed deep into the Eastern Highlands to deal with his father and his new vigor attacking merchant caravans. He sprung a trap to separate Ardeth from his men and dived into a heated duel that quickened the blood once more in his veins. Near to the brink of death, his father fed him the blood of a dragon, and aether within him sparked to life and caused a massive fire that almost engulfed the area. As Sabrina arrived with a backup of knights, they witnessed Dresden's unbridled lash of magic. Ardeth escaped the flames and gave parted words to his son, mocking him: "Witness your captain! For he carries the blood of thy blade! With it, he shall burn Ishgard to the ground!"
Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty
His magic returned, surely but truly. Prayer and penance could no longer stifle scandal of his father and the growing distrust between him and his fellow knights. During an altercation with a few of his men, he was called to Lord Commander Aymeric to discuss how to best move forward serving Ishgard. Instead of anger or disappointment, Aymeric mindfully counseled treating his magic not as a burden but a boon for Ishgard. It had served Dresden well during his hunt for heretics years ago and perhaps it should do so again. The Alliance had created an espionage cell in Ilsabard under the pretense of a fellowship called the Imperial Magicians Corp. Their mission was to infiltrate and use their magic to destabilize the Empire's hold on certain provinces. If Dresden is away from Ishgard, then Ardeth's words could no longer inspire fear to her citizens. Inspired by Aymeric's grace, Dresden handed his Captaincy to Sabrina and left Coerthas under a cover of darkness to prevent anyone from following.
Echoes of a Fallen Star

Other Notes

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

  • Ishgardians are a plus!
  • Elezens who are a part of the Ishgardian houses or the army itself will always find an ally with this character.
  • Dragon sympathizers Post-Dragonsong War.
  • Mature players are welcomed.
  • And of course, any and all RP is welcomed!

Current Plots

  • A Veteran's Lament: With Ishgard lending manpower to Gyr Abania, Dresden's duties as Captain take a toll in Ishgard. More of his men are dying on the battlefield, the knights are undermanned, and his place as Lord in his former mentor's House is in question.
  • House of Cards: With the creation of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, the first matter of Ishgardian business is to reinstate dishonored families and its heirs back into the fold of politics. Dresden finds himself in a strange struggle for control of his mother's family, House Voltaire, and the power hungry heirs within.

Future Plots

  • The Inner Fury: Children of the Brume are disappearing one by one. Eyewitness accounts of a woman clad in white armor would leave for Western Coerthas with a children trailing her at night. Rumors abound that it is Halone in human flesh saving the children from their harsh lives.

Concluded Plots

  • Dream Ink Arc (Concluded): Dresden was a presumed dealer and recreational user of the drug. Because it alleviated the pain of carrying the Conjurer's Orb, Dresden had been using the drug frequently though seeks a detox alternative in case he ended up overdosing. Spurred by Nylesa's implications that he turned over a new leaf and the despair of turning into a tonberry regardless, Dresden turned himself in to the Sultansworn for drug dealing. During his time in jail, however, he had been temporarily turned into a woman, leaving his confused captors to let him go.
  • The Conjurer's Orb Arc (Concluded): Using the poisoning of a Free Company's leader to create a distraction in Old Gridania, Dresden stole an important artifact that would grant the ability to bypass the Elements and use healing magic. This has seemingly caused an investigation to find the thief with Ciel Wulfe investigating the matter. Reaching rock bottom with the choices he made, Dresden returned the Orb to Nylesa, who in turn traded hands back to Ciel and back to its proper place in Stillglade Fane.
  • Written in the Stars Arc (Discontinued): Marked with a Nymian star of vengeance, Menel believed that Dresden will become a Tonberry unless he invoked the Scholar tutelage. His complete ineptitude for healing magic had forced him to find other means of accessing the conjuring art, having caught wind of a certain artifact that can bypass the Elementals. He did not turn into a Tonberry after almost a year of paranoia. Then why...?
  • A Past Destroyed (Concluded): Dresden had returned from the ongoing Dragonsong War to deal with an assassin who slaughtered his fellow agents. But when it was revealed to be an old friend, he had to choose to fulfill his oath to country or his loyalty to his foreign allies.
  • A Warden's Price (Discontinued): A criminal dubbed the Owl has taken over much of the Brume and has killed over a dozen knights belonging to the House of Hildegarde. Dresden is ordered to infiltrate and capture them. Unfortunately, corruption and politics still run rampant in the knights. In the end, who's double-crossing who?
  • Heritage of Blades (Concluded): Troubling rumors abound from the blocked off lands beyond Ishgard. The Blade of Coerthas has made a quiet reappearance, disrupting the mountaineer cults in a struggle for power. Dresden's problems are further compounded when the rumors extend toward personal intrigue, for his father was once called the Blade, and the cult is desperate for their old leader's return - or his son as an unwilling replacement.