X'zhai Tia

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X'zhai Tia
Character Information
Full Name X'zhai Tia
Nickname(s) Zhai
Race Miqo'te
Subrace Seeker of the Sun
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (male leaning)
Relationship Status Taken
Nameday 20th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Age 24
Guardian Rhalgr
Birthplace Thanalan
Tribe Lynx Tribe
Occupation Blade dancer

General Information

Born in Thanalan and raised in the slums of Ul'dah, the Seeker danced his way to a chance at life. Being picked up by a client, he was taken to the East and performed there, learning of the various Eastern styles of dancing. Later, he incorporated this into a fighting style he developed himself after studying the way fighters and dancers moved, combining the two.


The tanned Seeker stands at around 5'6, being relatively tall for his species. With emerald green eyes, they stand out from the tanned skin. Zhai has crimson hair and fur that can often look brown in some lights, but he is most definitely a redhead. His body is well taken care of and decently toned, always kept in the best standards he can keep it. He usually has a braid to the left side of his hair which comes together with various ornaments. He is often caught wearing little, but with high amounts of jewelry and partially revealing clothes. However, he can dress formal, typically going for a more Eastern look. In battle, he wears limited armor and opts to have flexibility over defensive gear.


Personality Traits

  • Outgoing
  • Energetic
  • Protective
  • Flirt
  • Dangerous
  • Caring
  • Fighter
  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Mischievous
  • Trouble


A flirt and confident, Zhai is almost constantly putting on a show for those around him. Never quite showing his honest self, he appears strong and energetic, a performer as good as any. He likes to cause trouble every now and again, some may even call him a brat in the way he pushes some things. Playful and caring, he will always protect those he considers close to him, but some can find him overbearing in that aspect. Seeming happy and outgoing, most people around him don't realise how dangerous he can be, and the way he can quickly snap from a simple performance into taking someone down.

Philosophy & Ideals

  • "It doesn't matter where you came from, or who you are, if you want something... You can get that, as long as you strive for it."
  • "Who cares who someone is? Until proven otherwise, they're innocent and you should show them the same compassion you do everyone else."
  • "The harder you work, the more you get."
  • "Love and compassion... They're what makes the world worth living in."
  • Likes Dislikes
    • Affection
    • Performing
    • Jewelry
    • Killing/unnecessary injuries
    • Being taken advantage of
    • Disrespect
    Skills Education
    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Charisma
    • Performance
    • Doman
    • Self defense
    Strengths Flaws
    • Charisma
    • Dexterity
    • Flexibility
    • Magic/Aether
    • Refuses to kill, even if needed
    • Anxiety/Depression
    Fears Favorites
    • Losing those he cares for
    • Flying
    • Storms
    • Mochi
    • Pixieberries
    • Cookies.

    Early Life


    X’zhai was born in Thanalan, intending to be raised there with his Tribe. However, the calamity struck while he was very young, his family being forced to flee the area. The Seeker’s closest family members were killed in the initial attacks, except his parents. The three made it to Ul’dah, being taken to evacuate via airship. However, said airship was quickly struck down, the young Miqo’te losing both of his parents in the crash. He himself was heavily injured and quickly put into critical care.

    Surprisingly, he recovered, but with no family or means of gil, he was quick to find himself homeless, wandering the slums of Ul’dah in hope of survival. He soon settled with some of the other orphans and the homeless, staying with them in hopes that together they would be able to help each other.


    As X’zhai grew older, he began to idolise some of the performers in Ul’dah, watching them carefully before attempting to imitate them through dance. In particular, he came across a group not much older than himself called Heartdust, who had been performing to raise gil for themselves. When the lead member noticed him trying to learn from and imitate them one day, he approached the younger Seeker.

    Surprisingly, the two became good friends, and the lead member, now discovered to be called A’raiha, began to teach X’zhai how to dance. He picked it up quickly, soon developing his own style in addition to those he learnt. Yet, it wasn’t until A’raiha heard the other Seeker singing one day that he realised how useful he could be to his own group. He recruited X’zhai, the youngest member soon to become a dancer and vocalist for the group.

    Things were quickly looking up for X’zhai, he and A’raiha got closer and closer until they started dating, and that lasted for years. X’zhai dropped the Tribal letter in his name for the most part, just being known as ‘Zhai’ to the public, the nickname easily catching on. The group in itself was soon scouted by a client, the four of them being taken to the East to be taught Doman styles of dance.

    Despite clearly being Ijin, the Miqo’te group became relatively popular, a fresh scene for the Doman performance industry. Zhai himself was looked upon as the energetic member of the group, mischievous and flirty. The Seeker was in love with his newfound career, always happy to get involved with anyone who wanted to get to know the group. He was seen as the ‘baby’ of the group, being the youngest member and most affectionate.


    As he came of age, the outgoing Seeker found the confidence to propose to A’raiha, the pair becoming engaged. Happy as ever, they continued their performances with the knowledge that they would become bonded in just a few moons.

    Yet, Zhai’s happiness couldn’t last forever and was soon completely shattered. The night before his bonding arrived, and A’raiha was nowhere to be found. He hadn’t seen the other Seeker in a few days in fact, and by now he was beyond worried. He simply didn’t believe A’raiha would abandon him like that, afraid someone had hurt his fiancé. He searched endlessly for him, until he finally found a trail. Quick to pick it up, he followed it to it’s source.

    That was the night his life was destroyed.

    He found A’raiha had been taken by a group of mages, who disliked the group, using his fiancé as a test subject for Voidal magics. Zhai was too late to save him, his lover was now possessed by a voidsent, and clueless with how any of that worked…

    He killed him.

    As news of the death of his fiancé spread, Zhai isolated himself, completely separating himself from his friends, and group. He took his depression and anger out on wall after wall, until he was certain he couldn’t bleed anymore. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, he spent his days curled up crying in dark corners, all alone.

    His recovery was slow. The first thing he did was begin to turn the dancing he knew into a fighting style, determined to catch those who had caused this and give them Hell. He finally forced himself to train and get back into shape, teaching himself to defend. He was no killer, not even to those who caused this, but he would destroy them, somehow. And to begin, he needed to know how to defend himself.

    The way he trained and developed his own style caught the attention of the Chenxing Syndicate, and with nowhere else to go now, he accepted his new home with them. He was taught more, trained more, and became a fighter based around his dexterity.

    He followed Muko Kotodama. Yet when the Syndicate began to fracture, and Muko was to leave to join its other half, the Kotodama Clan, Zhai followed. He owed him for taking him in after everything, and so he would stand by Muko. As he became a member of the Clan itself, he gained more contacts, more friends. And most importantly, he became blood of the family, a Kotodama in name himself. He was soon after given the title of Taisho, a true show of how much he had grown since that fateful day.

    Recent Times

    To this day, Zhai has not truly recovered from losing his fiancé. He searches for those who caused his having to kill him, intending to bring them down. In the meantime, he has slowly picked up being a performer once more, a solo act now.

    He struggles with trusting people and becoming close to them, in fear of losing someone else dear to him. He has reached out a few times now, but each time he tries, he fails, and he loses the person for various reasons. Slowly, this has taken its toll on the Seeker’s mentality, for the first time having him experience a form of anxiety around people.

    Zhai has become much quieter in comparison to his younger self, although signs of his energetic and mischievous personality can still be seen. He has a want to go back to being himself, yet struggles to get to that point again. As things hit him and he began to disagree with the Clan's motives and decisions, he revoked his title and name, leaving completely. He returned to Eorzea, joining the Twelve-Road Enterprises as a mere guard, keeping himself low and quiet.

    Common Uncommon
    These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
    • "Zhai's that performer! From Heartdust, right?"
    • "The baby of the group... He left after his fiancé died right?"
    • "He's like one of the Songbirds! ...Only male."

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
    • "They say he went crazy after Rai died."
    • "I saw him training once, it seems he took up fighting over dancing now."
    • "His fighting style, he made it up. It's just as graceful as his dancing."

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    Rare Player Character
    These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
    • "He's a murderer. He lost his lover and lost himself."
    • "Zhai? He's a syndicate member. No doubt using those performing skills of his against others."
    • "Distraction and infiltration specialist: X'zhai Kotodama. He uses his performances as a means to distract his targets from attack or information gathering."

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*
    • "Cute boy's a lot more'n he seems. Anyone can tell you that. What most can't tell you is that there's more'n even he knows. Wonder what it'll take to get him to see himself as he is...?" - Y'azih Tia
    • "You're looking into that boy? Mmm... I've seen someone by that name, a flash of red with dazzling motions. More than one mook mistook a small boy for a meek one and paid dearly." - Muko Kotodama

    * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    Relationship Status Key

    • Loved One
    • In Love
    • Attraction
    • § Complicated
    • Friend

    • Good Standing
    • Poor Standing
    • Neutral
    • Uncertain
    • Deceased
    Close Friends Family
    • A'raiha Tia

      Zhai's deceased fiancé, he loved him dearly, and still fights to avenge him. The one who picked Zhai from the streets, A'raiha taught the younger Seeker how to perform, even letting the younger surpass him and become lead member of their group.

    • T'laqa Tia

      Another of Heartdust's members, T'laqa was the one who was constantly pushing the others to strive for more, harsh on them. Yet, he was protective, always looking out for the others. He assisted in training Zhai, particularly in endurance and physical fitness.

    • I'zula Tia

      The final member of Heartdust, I'zula was the one Zhai would approach for his affection. I'zula was caring and would cook for the others, do their hair and makeup and even dress them if he had to. The gentlest of the group, he helped teach Zhai to strengthen his voice.

    • Muko Kotodama

      Zhai has closely followed Muko since he became a part of the Chenxing Syndicate, and as such, the Kotodama Clan. Muko performed the Noburu Rites for him to become a family member by blood.

    • Dain Kotodama

      Dain is the current Daimyo of the Kotodama Clan, and as such a brother of Zhai.

    • N/A


    Friends Acquaintances
    • Y'azih Tia

      Y'azih picked Zhai up from the streets, believing his sob story of being a street kid when he returned to Ul'dah on an undercover mission. Unfortunately for Zhai, the two became closer than he expected, even beginning to class Y'azih as a friend, the Seeker torn between telling him the truth and just running away.

    • Karunanidhi Shirazi

      Karun became a friend of Zhai's shortly after he transferred to the Kotodama Clan. He was open with Zhai about who he was, and in turn Zhai began to trust him more and more. Now, he would go to him for advice and help if he needed it, enjoying the tiger's company.

    • N/A


    • Q'lin Larksong

      Zhai offered to help Q'lin regain her sense with dancing after an injury, as well as teach her how to use such a style in battle.

    • N/A


    • N/A




    Likely Locations Affiliations
    • Shirogane: Highly likely
    • Kugane: Relatively likely
    • Ul'dah: Likely
    • Kotodama Clan: Taisho of the Clan, and blood member of the family.
    • Chenxing Syndicate: Ex-member from before he followed Muko to the Kotodama Clan.
    • Heartdust: Previous lead vocalist and dancer, following A'raiha.

    RP Hooks

    • Performance

      Looking for someone to perform for your event or business? This Seeker has got you covered! Able to do both solo acts and performances with others in the industry, he can sing, dance or even do some acting. Maybe if you pay him well enough, he would provide a private performance as well... maybe.

    • Dark Matters

      As previously part of a syndicate, Zhai can get involved in some dirty work as well... Using his expertise with charimsa and deception, he can often get information others cannot. If you're looking for information or an item to be brought to you, look no further.

    • A Friendly Ear

      Zhai is caring and always willing to lend an ear, whether it be to a family member, a friend or even a stranger. He's happy to help people and look out for them, he goes well out of his way to show compassion and kindness. Yet, this goes both ways. More than anything, Zhai needs people who will provide that for himself, rather than him taking on everyone's problems.

    Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
    • Story/plot based
    • Dark/mature themes
    • Most things, with discussion and consent
    • Rape/extreme violence unless OOCly discussed
    • Lack of consent with injuries
    • Character death without consent

    Player Info

    Hi, I'm Astra! I'm a university student living in England, so please bare in mind timezones with me! I'm a huge roleplayer, yet also a raider, so split my time between both. If you want to contact me or just set something up, feel free to get in touch!

    My Policies

    • Communication, Communication, Communication!

      Believe it or not, I cannot read minds! Communication is a key aspect in roleplay to myself, I like to know if my partners are enjoying the scenes and what they would like to see. I wish for them to tell me if they feel uncomfortable in any way, or would like to discuss plots or change something. In addition to this, I love to be OOC friends with my partners too, so don't be afraid to talk to me!

    • Consent: Do it

      I do roleplay dark and mature themes, however this all comes upon the basis of consent. Please discuss with me any potential dark or mature scenes you would like to do. The likelihood is that I will say yes, perhaps with some minor adjustments so both of us are comfortable!

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    • Location: England
    • Timezone: GMT/BST (damn you DST!)
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