A'ndranaris Tia

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 A'ndranaris Tia
A'ndranaris Tia 05 15 2015 23 07 14.jpg
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania
Age 16
Nameday 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, 19th Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon
Height/Weight 5 Fulms, 6 ilms; 115 ponz
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Profession Twin Adder
Server Balmung
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Nicknames: A'ndy, A'

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Goals: Locate members of his missing tribe, try to fit into Eorzean society.

Combat: Dual daggers are his main artillery but he is exceptionally proficient with a bow as well.

Until the age of eleven, A'ndranaris (Ahn-dra-nar-is) Tia lived the average like of a typical tribal seeker. After his tribe was destroyed he settled down along the outskirts of Gridania where he joined the ranks of the Twin Adders taking on jobs delivering goods between Gridania and Ul'dah. His combatant experience and familiarity with the roads led to his position.


A'ndranaris can be found clad in leather for it gives more protection than cloth and more mobility than plate mail. Daggers don his sides as his form of protection from bandits and any other mishaps along the roads.

  • Eyes: When the Sun lights his face just so, a well traveled adventurer would compare his eye color to that of a freshly frozen lake in the heart of Coerthas amidst the dead of winter.
  • Hair: If someone asked the color of his hair, all they would have to do is look towards the heavens over Eorzea during the hours of twilight. His midnight blue hair is well maintained and kept short to increase his visual proficiency and he finds it easier to keep up with.
  • Skin: Living outside and doing a fair amount of travels through Thanalan can do a lot to a person. A'ndranaris can thank that for his golden skin and rosy cheeks. Due to his young age, his face has not a single hair, save for his eyebrows. Tribal tattoos are worn proudly on his face to show his loyalty and longing for his clan.



To those who do not knwo him well, they would describe A'ndranaris as quiet and reserved. In fact, it is the opposite to those closer to him. His happy go lucky attitude is turned more melancholy every now and again when he finds himself thinking of his tribe.


Because of his young age, A'dnranaris is still an energetic and excitable person when he thinks no one is looking. Otherwise he portrays himself as a proud seeker and strides just the same. He finds social gathers queer and can be seen fidgeting if he feels overwhelmed in the crowds. A'ndranaris' patience is only second best to his mother due to their countless hours hunting and waiting for prey.



  • Costa Del Sol
  • Hunting
  • Chocobos
  • Fish


  • Cold Weather
  • Large Crowds
  • Primals
  • Drunkards


  • Hunting
  • Chocobo Racing
  • Traveling
  • Swimming


  • A'ndranaris can throw a knife faster than he can shoot a bow.



A'ndranaris assumes all of his family to be deceased or missing. He was separated from his tribe and his mother during the calamity. He has sought after them for years but in more recent moons he has given up the search for now.


The only two notable friends he has would be Ruddi, his chocobo and Mogdra, a moogle he rescued in the Black Shroud.


He considers all primals his enemies, as well as the Garlean Empire and any other enemies of Gridania.


Years 1562-1565 Infancy

Immagration map.jpg

Year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era on the 19th Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon A'ndranaris was born to his tribe that lies just to the southwest of Ala Mhigo. As any young seeker, A'ndranaris stayed within the walls of the village clinging to his mom. By the ripe age of three, A'ndranaris was a quick little devil able to achieve a full sprint. His speaking ability developed along with his energy.

Years 1566 and 1567 First Hunting Experience

Born to a huntress, A'ndranaris first left his village at the age of four to hunt with his mother. She carried him on her back their whole first hunting trip, but was unable to catch anything their first day. This new experience became a bonding time between mother and son. By five, he developed the art of stealth so he could travel along side his mother, enabling her to be more stealthy as well. A'ndranaris' mother taught him how to skin and clean their catches in case he was to ever become a hunter, this moment was the sealing moment for his want to become a hunter.

Years 1568-1570 Childhood

Age six, A'ndranaris has started his schooling with the other village youths under the elders in writing and arithmetic. Though he excelled through his lessons, A'ndranaris felt that he belonged out in the wilds hunting along with his mother. After his scholarly lessons were over, he often went to the practice field to hone his skills with his makeshift bow... with a little help from one of the hunters. On his eighth nameday, A'ndranaris was accepted among his people as a hunter, being one of the youngest to ever have been from his tribe. He wore the title proudly with bow on back and knives on hip.

Year 1571 Migration

One year after his placement, his village is forced to migrate west into The Black Shroud, coming close into contact with Gridanian territory. During this transition period, many of the youths abandoned the tribe or were capture by the Empire's forces reducing the size of A'ndranaris' tribe by nearly half. Now nine, he played guard of the village while they found a new home imperial and Gridanian free.

Year 1572 Nomadic Tribe

Finding no peace in The Black Shroud, A'ndranaris' tribe began to be more nomadic in their lifestyle. They spent the year traveling about the black shroud only moving when outsiders came their way. A'ndranaris became one of the head defenders of their diminishing numbers but held true to their way.

Year 00 of the Seventh Umbral Era

During the Battle of Carteneau and the destruction Bahamut wrought, A'ndranaris was separated from his mother and tribe deep in the Black Shroud. His first inclination was to search for his tribe members, spending several months by himself in the wilds of the Shroud. Only on a few occasions did he actually enter the city to see if any of his clan had turned up only to be disappointed.

Years 01 and 02 Solitude

A'ndranaris remained close to the boarders of Gridania and hunted under the Twin Adders radar. By his twelfth name day, A'ndranaris began to lose hope and became a citizen under the Gridanian flag. Heavy grief hit him, because he knew he would never see his clan again.

Years 03 and 04 La Noscea

A'ndranaris heard that someone from his tribe had ended up in Limsa Lominsa so he sought passage to the pirate city. He traveled himself south to Ul'dah fore it had the closest part. This pilgrimage took him two moons for him to reach the Jewel and another week to reach Limsa. Once there all rumors of his tribe members had disappeared leaving him once again in a foreign city. A'ndranaris trained for a year under the Rogue's Guild before he thought to return to Gridanian soil.

Year 05 Current

A'ndranaris Tia 06 09 2015 23 51 52.jpg

Now at the age of sixteen, A'ndranaris once again lives outside of city walls in the Black Shroud going to Gridania only on certain occasions. He has since laid down his bow and mainly uses his knives when asked to combat. He trades freely between Gridania and Ul'dah with more haste than his first trek now that his has acquired a Chocobo companion (Ruddi). The Twin Adders have asked on occasions for A'ndranaris to join their ranks as he knew the roads to Ul'dah better than any other Gridanian. He accepted the offer and finds himself calling Gridania his new home.


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